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Nov 3, 2009

Move over, KKK

Peter Heck
Move over, KKK

This excellent article by Peter Heck once again proves my point that the ones calling others names are often in far worst need of being called a bad name.

  • Exxon is called greedy, but Jewish Law firms are far greedier, the best paid employees in the country.[1A][1B]

  • German Nazi were called bloody, but Russian communist Jews with their Holodomor genocide and Gulag Death Camps were far bloodier and far more ruthless.[2]

  • Hitler was called a bad man, but Stalin, loved for all time by the Jews, was far, far worst. [3]

  • Insurance companies are said to take the money and deny coverage when needed, but Jewish bankers are greedier at taking money, deceiving others to steal all their stolen loot, without delivering anything.[4]

  • Whites in the South are called racist, but Jews, in the way they created Israel, redefined racism.[5A][5B]

  • Christians are called intolerant, but Jews will tolerate nothing that will hurt the interests of Jews.[6]

  • Judges who rule against a Jew are called unjust, but Jews are not the least embarassed to openly demand the release of Roman Polanski or Jonathan Pollard.[7A][7B]

  • Christians were called evil over the Crusades to retake The Holy Lands from Islam, but the Jews created Islam to take all Christian lands.[8A][8B]

  • Catholic priests are called child molesters, but we will never hear the stories of abusing Jewish Rabbis abusing Jewish children, from a compliant Jewish press who spikes every Rabbi abuse story.[9A][9B]

  • Spain is demonized over the Spanish Inquisition, but Jews are not held accountable for living in luxery with Muslims in those stolen Spain lands for the 800 previous years, nor are they held accountable for the "Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean" plundering they committed in the Spanish New World, nor held accountable for conspiring with the Protestants, they created, in Holland and England to help them defeat Spain, nor held accountable for conspiring with the Moorish Muslims in Morrocco to defeat Spain.[10A][10B][10C]

  • Churches that denounce homosexuality are said to be abusing their free speach rights, so say the Jews who own a monopoly on most printing press and electronic news.[11A][11B][11C]

  • Iraq and Iran were called evil to create WMDs, says Israel with every conceivable WMD, including 300 nuclear bombs.[12]

  • Amadinijad is called anti-Semitic, a man who is secretly Semitic.[13]

  • Dallas was called a hateful city to dislike JFK, as Jews conspired to sucessfully assasinate him in Dallas.[14]

  • Ronald Reagon was characterized as bringing the world to the verge of nuclear war, but American Jewish spies were the ones that gave the Soviets that capability.[15]

  • Richard Nixon was called the "dirty tricks" guy, but Israel employes every dirty trick in the book.[16]

  • Churchgoers are called "book burners", but the Jewish book publishing industry will not even bother to publish a book if it offends them too much.[17A][17B]

  • GM stood accused of making unsafe cars to save a few bucks, but at least one Jewish dominated industry created BLoody Civil Wars to help it (And I'm not talking about Jewish bankers).[18]

  • Whites in South Africa were demonized for an Apartheid system, as Jews in Israel setup an apartheid system from stolen lands.[19]

  • Spanish Cuba was called bad and Teddy Roosevelt fixed it; US-supported Batista was called a bad man and we helped Castro overthrow him, but Castro, the most powerful communist ever, idolized by the Hollywood Jews, we could never overthrow [20A][20B]

  • Eric Rudolph was called a killer, when the real killers he killed were committing racist genocide. [21][See story below]

    Move Over, KKK -- Peter Heck

    Back in February, Eric Holder -- the country's first black Attorney General -- announced that we were a nation of cowards because, "we, as average Americans, simply do not talk enough to each other about race." Holder is right.

    That there are still organizations operating in this country that demonize, target, and victimize innocent people simply because of the color of their skin is unconscionable. That there are still hate groups in our midst whose very foundation is rooted in a malevolent contempt for minorities is disgusting. That, while we stand quietly, there are those working daily inside this country to commit genocide against blacks is an abomination. And worse, still others go beyond complicit silence and actually attempt to give legitimacy and offer defense for such institutions perpetrating these atrocities.

    These devastating realities only prove Holder's assertion to be accurate. It is long as Planned Parenthood continues to operate in this country, we are a nation of cowards.

    In her book "The Pivot of Civilization", Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger wrote that unless something was done to stop them, those living in the slums (blacks, Hispanics, and Jews) would eventually leave the boundaries of their neighborhoods and mix with the better parts of society (whites). Their inferior genes, she argued, would then infect the rest of us. Therefore, she suggested we cease all charitable giving to the inner-city poor, segregate these "morons, misfits, and maladjusted," sterilize these "genetically inferior races," and begin a process of eliminating such "human weeds."

    And her organization, Planned Parenthood, has done just that. In the 1980s, the organization began intentionally targeting black inner-city neighborhoods for their clinics. Author George Grant pointed out that, "of the more than 100 school-based clinics that have opened nationwide in the [1980s]...all have been at black, minority, or ethnic schools." By 1991, Planned Parenthood was reporting that 43 percent of all its abortions were performed on minorities -- a time when the minorities accounted for only 19 percent of the total population. And in a comparative analysis between the 2000 U.S. Census data and the location of Planned Parenthood clinics, Cybercast News Service concluded, "The results appear to bolster the charge that the organization targets black communities."

    Consider also a recent sting operation conducted by The Advocate, a student magazine at UCLA. In the sting, an actor posed as a potential donor to Planned Parenthood wanting to contribute his money to help "lower the number of black people." In the seven states where the sting took place, each clinic agreed to take the racially earmarked contribution, with none of them expressing concern over the motivation. In one exchange, the actor said, "the less black kids out there, the better." The Planned Parenthood director responded by saying such sentiments were "understandable."

    Combine those grim realities and you begin to see that Planned Parenthood is doing its part to carry on the eugenic and racist policies of its founder. But don't take my word for it. Alan Guttmacher, who led Planned Parenthood for 12 years, stated, "We are merely walking down the path that Ms. Sanger has carved out for us." And recent Planned Parenthood President Faye Wattleton stated she was "proud" to be "walking in the footsteps" of Sanger. When you consider that Wattleton is black, it is difficult to know whether to be outraged or just cry at such a statement.

    As a leftist himself -- whose boss got elected to the White House thanks in no small part to contributions from Planned Parenthood and its allies -- I recognize that Eric Holder certainly wasn't calling for an open discussion about the abortion mills' racial genocide. This only proves that while preaching against racial cowardice, Holder is ignoring his own. You simply can't be taken seriously when discussing America's racism problems if you are willing to ignore the greatest perpetrators of racial injustice in our midst.

    Talk to me all you want about Rush Limbaugh and his comments regarding Donovan McNabb. If you are not simultaneously sickened by the revolting racism of Planned Parenthood...if you are not demanding that immediate action be taken against it and the evil it encourages...if you are not ashamed that such a group continues to operate with a third of its budget financed with your tax are a coward with absolutely no credibility to ever be taken seriously on this issue.

    And worse, you are a willful accomplice to the racist violence of a group that, as Dr. Alveda King (the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) points out, "has done what the Klan only dreamed of."

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