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January 28, 2009

Exxon Employees Poor Compared to Rich Lawyers

Exxon Mobil posts largest annual profit ever, U.S. economy sees largest decline in 26 years

Source: Jerome R. Corsi of WorldNetDaily
What critics missed about treasury chief

Source: MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN and LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press
Official: Performance czar withdraws candidacy

Source: Milton Moskowitz of CNN Money
25 top-paying companies

Source: AP
Biden calls paying higher taxes a patriotic act

Source: WorldNetDaily
Promote tax cheats? Yes we can!

    "It's time to be patriotic ... time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut."

    -- VP Joe Biden explaining how the rich were going to help America by paying more taxes.

Unpatriotic Rich "Fat Cats" cheats on taxes

Joe Biden should get permission from his boss, Obama, before dumping on Obama's entire cabinet.

Our new Treasury Secretary Timothy Geitner not only cheated on his taxes, for five years, to the tune of $34,000, but will now be insisting that each of us fully pay our taxes.

Nancy Killefer, who failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help, has withdrawn her candidacy to be the first chief performance officer for the federal government, the White House said.

Tom Daschle, our Secretary of Health and Human Services, has cheated on his taxes to the tune of $128,000. More than most Americans make in a year...or two...or three...or four even.

Least we all forget, has anyone asked Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, whether or not she has paid all her fair share of taxes on her Cattle Future sweetheart deals where "her special friend in the business" placed two cattle calls, one up and one down, wherein each time she was only attributed the win to her account, but never the loss, until she had earned $100,000. I bet her Attorney General husband was very appreciative of him for that. Or for that matter, has Hillary paid all her taxes on her Whitewater profits from selling and reselling land each time her poor clients missed just one payment on their loan, keeping for themselves every dime their poor clients had paid in?

Isn't Timothy Geitner, Tom Dashchle, Nancy Killefer and Hillary Clinton those rich "fat cats" that Obama detests so much as not paying their fair share?

Not only was Sadducee Timothy Geitner not paying his LEGAL fair share of taxes (Obama wants Bushes tax cuts repealed for "rich" Americans like Geitner), but Sadducee Geitner was ILLEGALLY not even paying this small amount of taxes.

Same with Hillary and Daschle.

Will the hypocrisy of our Herodian leaders never end!

Not only should we get these "Biden traitors" to pay all their current taxes, but we should "Spread Their Wealth" around to the rest of us with lots and lots more taxes on them, right?

Rich "Fat Cat" protects his rich "Fat Cat" friends

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner also was the former head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York since November 17, 2003. As the chief federal watchdog of New York City Wall Street firms, Sadducee Geitner's main job was to insure that the banking industry was financially sound.

Here are a few of the major developments Sadducee Geitner allowed to fester and finally blow up in our faces while he ran the New York Fed for the last 5 years:
  • March 2008 -- NY City firm Bear Stearns collapse from risky subprime lending. The Fed guaranteed J.P. Morgan $30 billion in Bear Stearns asset losses when it bought the Bear.

  • Sept 2008 -- NY City firm Lehman Brothers collapses from risky subprime loans

  • Sept 2008 -- NY City firm Merrill Lynch collapses from risky subprime loans and is bought by Bank of America

  • Sept 2008 -- NY City firm AIG nearly collapses from derivative losses in a $441 billion exposure to credit default swaps. The Fed saves it with a $85 billion loan.

  • Nov 2008 -- NY City firm Citibank nearly collapses and is saved by $45 billion from TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), plus Treasury, Fed and FDIC guarantees on $306 billion in troubled assets

Well he pretty much failed on keeping the financial industry sound -- So let's make him our Treasury Secretary!!

Forget Geithner's FAILURE -- Let's criticize Exxon's SUCCESS !!

The financial reports are in for last year. And the typical unthinking knuckle-heads, who get their news from the Jewish media-Scribes and believe everything they read of their propaganda, are MAD AS HELL !!!

Exxon had its BEST year in history -- And as expected -- The comments attached to the article about Exxon show the typical American is MAD AS HELL!!

The idiots say, "Anyone wishing for these greedy jerks to run the country, only need to look at the crisis we're in." -- Actually, we should be so lucky!! We would be better off having our country ran by people from Exxon, who know how to manage fiances, than we are right now in being run by Sadducee Wall Street types like Geitner, who are destroying everything ever built in this country. (See Joke Above)

The morons say, "Of course those slippery oil companies will continue to be richer, because we are still dependent on their d*amn oil. Hurry up and get those electric cars going, so we will finally see who will laugh last." -- They can't wait for Obama to fix everything with his selection of Jewish Sadducee Geitner and friends. The last laugh will be them seeing us freezing in our unheated homes. -- For anyone left in a home that is! (See Joke Above)

Yet, Americans should be MAD AS HELL that the paychecks for the world's best producer of energy, a shining example of an American success story, did not even make the top 25 list on Fortune's list of best paid employees. (See Table Below)

Talking Truth to Knuckleheads: Financial Sector beat Exxon AGAIN

Even a Wall Street firm, full of Jewish Sadducee financial analysts, having its WORST year on record, beat out Exxon. Goldman Sachs came in at # 12. (See table below and then the joke above)

Talking Truth to Knuckleheads: Horror-Story Hollywood beat Exxon

Jewish media-Scribe infested Hollywood is not on the list. Surely this report cannot be accurate -- Where are the rankings of the over-paid and over-praised Jewish-bloated actors guild of media-Scribe Hollywood and TV land? Surely these whining prima-donnas are paid more to memorize a few lines, than men who get oil on their hands day in and day out are paid.

Talking Truth to Knuckleheads: Lawyers Rule

For my point though, I wish to point out that 4 of the top 5 best paying firms primarily hire over-paid LAWYERS.
  • Lawyers who always want to help the poor (But somehow end up with all the cash for themselves).

  • Lawyers who always want to right injustices. (They can always be counted on to find another injustice somewhere)

  • Lawyers who build NOTHING! (Like vampires, they live off people who do build things)

  • Lawyers who make up the vast majority of Congress. (See previous point about Vampires)

  • Lawyers who make up the vast majority of the Executive Branch.

  • Lawyers who make up 100% of the Supreme Court and the Federal Courts.

  • Lawyers in Congress who are always on Exxon's case about daring to make money!!!

  • Lawyers who are predominantly Pharisees and Sadducees!!

Fortune Report for 2008

Bingham McCutchen
Lehigh Valley Hospital
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
Alston & Bird
Perkins Coie
Devon Energy
Chesapeake Energy
Arnold & Porter
Adobe Systems
EOG Resources
Goldman Sachs
Boston Consulting
Kimpton Hotels
Cisco Systems
Robert W. Baird
Texas Instruments
Shared Technologies
Juniper Networks
Scripps Health
Nugget Market
Average Pay
Sales Engineer
Computer Science
Financial Analyst
General Manager
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Financial Analyst
Design Engineer
Sales Rep
Software Engineer
Systems Engineer
Store Director

Talking Truth to Knuckleheads: Solution to Lawyers Rule

Part of The Christian Solution would help reduce the power of this monopolistic Lawyers cartel, which controls all three branches of government, by creating a Constitutional Amendment that would insure there was a "Checks and Balances" between A) the Lawyers in the Judicial Branch and B) all the rest of America.

In other words, Lawyers would be just as ineligible to be at top posts in Congress and the Executive, -- as today, non-lawyers (you and me) are ineligible to be in the Judiciary.

Plus it would help if the majority of these Judges were true Christians.

Jewish media-Scribes always have an angle

And on whose side is the entire Jewish media-Scribes on, when it comes to who is making money?

Well, the Jewish media-Scribes are NEVER on Exxon's side. -- Exxon is ran by Christians and they MAKE A PRODUCT WE DESPERATELY NEED.

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