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April 23, 2009

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

Source: Edward Kritzler
Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

President Jefferson sent marines to the "shores of Tripoli" because Muslims felt it was their moral right to pirate Christian ships in the Mediterranean.

    Thomas Jefferson went with John Adams to wait upon Tripoli's ambassador to London in March 1785. When they inquired by what right the Barbary states preyed upon American shipping, enslaving both crews and passengers, America's two foremost envoys were informed that:

    "It was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman (Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise."

Now, Thomas Jefferson did not see the battle as one between Christians and Muslims, but rather as a second War of American Independance. He was not about to be enslaved to these Muslim pirates, any more than being enslaved to Great Britain.

Today, we have Somali pirates, who while not pointed out by the Jewish media-Scribes, are also Muslim and who also feel it is their moral right to pirate ships and hold them for ransom.

Jewish Pirates

Would it surprise you to know Jews also thought it was their moral right to pirate Christian ships from Spain, stealing their gold and silver?

How did Jews get into Spain?

The main part of the Jews had been relocated to Spain from Judea by Emporer Titus following the Jewish rebellions of his day. He sent them as far away from Judea as he could. Spain on the western part of the Mediterraneam would becom their "home away from home" for the next 1,500 years.

In our study of Jewish History, we have discovered that the Jewish Pharisees had plotted from 632 AD to invade and conquer Christian lands using the strength of the hijacked Muslim faith of their deceased Messiah -- Mohammad.

For almost 800 years after helping Muslims conquer Spain from the Christians, the Pharisees and their families lived safely in comfort and luxury among the Muslims of Andalusia in Spain.

In a Christian resurgence following the capture of Constantinople in 1453 AD, the Roman Catholic Christians of Spain were finally able to dislodge the Moorish Muslims of Andalusia.

Shortly after the Muslims left, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella also kicked out the Jews in 1492 AD.

How did the Jews get themselves kicked out of Spain?

The Jews who would not convert to Christianity were found to be seducing the Jews, who did convert to Christianity, into doing un-Christian acts.

Actually, the Jewish Pharisees and media-Scribes do a darn good job of seducing Christians into doing un-Christian acts, even with Christians who were born and raised as Christians!

This new fragile Christian country did not need to be underminded from within once again by Jewish traitors.

    Jewish Expulsion Decree of 1492

    "According to the report of the Inquisitioner, there has come to light the great harm to new Christians (converts to Christianity) due to their contact with Jews (not-converted).

    Therefore, we have decided to order all Jewish men and woman to leave our kingdom, and they shall not dare to come back to reside, to pass through, nor for any reason whatsoever"

    -- King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella expulsion decree of 150,000 Jews

Effects of the Third Diaspora

Naturally, this third Diaspora of Jews upon the world would have far reaching effects.

One natural effect was an extreme vengeful hatred by Jews toward Christian Spain.

Many Pharisees took it upon themselves to violate the commandments of Moses, by first coveting the success of Spain, and then by stealing their riches.

The easiest and most vulnerable place to steal the silver and gold of Spain was on the high seas, and Jewish Pirates were among the most cunning and the most blood-thirsty.

It was an Inside Job!

It takes a lot of money to buy a sailing ship. It takes even more money to maintain a sailing ship and to pay its crew. Even if the ship was stolen, it takes a lot of effort to avoid the owner coming after you to get this outrageously expensive ship returned to his custody. (Think of sailing ships in those days, as the equivalent of a space ship to our modern days.)

I know of only one group who could pull off such a feat.

The Jewish Pharisee Pirates were fluent in Spainish and had many Jewish clerks in the Carribean hiding as Christians, who were responsible for filling out the bills of lading.

These "Jewish spies" knew the contents of the Spainish ships, the sail dates, the military protection available, route to be taken back to Spain, and were instrumental in helping the pirate ships succeed.

Edward Kritzler has documented the Jewish roots to many pirates who took non-Jewish names in order to hide among the Christians, in order to steal and plunder from Christians.

But they never stole from the English Protestants, who were their allies.

In fact, the Protestant English the Jewish Pharisees had so effectively manipulated after the Protesant Reformation, praised pirates for their harming the interests of their "enemy" Spain.

Queen Elizabeth even knighted Sir Francis Drake (a Protestant) for essentially being a pirate against Spain and for stealing her treasures.

Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

At the end of the fifteenth century, the Spanish Inquisition forced many Jews to flee the country.

The most adventurous among them took to the high seas as freewheeling outlaws.

In ships bearing names such as the "Prophet Samuel, Queen Esther," and "Shield of Abraham," they attacked and plundered the Spanish fleet while forming alliances with other European powers to ensure the safety of Jews living in hiding.

JEWISH PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN is the entertaining saga of a hidden chapter in Jewish history and of the cruelty, terror, and greed that flourished during the Age of Discovery.

Readers will meet such daring figures as "the Great Jewish Pirate" Sinan, Barbarossa's second-in-command; the pirate rabbi Samuel Palache, who founded Holland's Jewish community; Abraham Cohen Henriques, an arms dealer who used his cunning and economic muscle to find safe havens for other Jews; and his pirate brother Moses, who is credited with the capture of the Spanish silver fleet in 1628--the largest heist in pirate history.

Filled with high-sea adventures--including encounters with Captain Morgan and other legendary pirates--and detailed portraits of cities stacked high with plunder, such as Port Royal, Jamaica, JEWISH PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN captures a gritty and glorious era of history from an unusual and eye-opening perspective.

-- Edward Kritzler, synopsis of Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean


Swashbuckling Jewish buccaneers, roaming the Caribbean, plundering the Spanish Main?

But seriously folks: Here's the little-known history of some unintended consequences of the Spanish Inquisition.

At the dawn of the Age of Discovery, writes Jamaica-based historian Kritzler in his debut, Jews had been compelled by the Inquisition to convert to Christianity or suffer the auto-da-f, but many of these conversos secretly maintained their ancient faith.

By the 17th century, some headstrong descendants of the Jews banished by Spain in 1492 emerged as navigators, corsairs and pirates.

These adventuresome Hebrews were an interesting lot. They were politicians, international adventurers and licensed privateers in geopolitical competition as much as mere robbers on the high seas.

Covert Jews who never really converted, code-named "Portugals" by those with whom they dealt, sailed with Columbus and da Gama and plundered with Corts and Pizarro.

Under Barbarossa, a Portugal named Sinan commanded a fleet of 100 ships.

Rabbi Palache kept a kosher cuisine aboard his privateer.

Seafaring Jews operated from Holland in its Golden Age and practiced international intrigue from Jamaica, where religion was of no consequence.

They settled in Curacao and New Amsterdam (to the consternation of Peter Stuyvesant).

Portugal conquistadores looted Mexico, and converso traders connived with Cromwell and the King of Spain at the same time.

Cutlasses at the ready together with the occasional holy text, they traded in the sugar of Brazil and the silver of Peru, with some intentions noble and other motives base.

Kritzler supplies squalls of detail, occasionally at the risk of distracting attention from the overarching narrative.

He believes that the fabled gold mine of Columbus is actually on the island of Jamaica, and he and a sponsor have already staked a preemptive mining claim.Surprising adventures on the high seas with some rogues of the Diaspora.

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