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May 13, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt - the First Neo-Con

Teddy Roosevelt -- Timeline

Teddy Roosevelt was the first to introduce America to the "Progressive" Movement.

Setting the Stage

In 1655, slave-trading Jews from the former Dutch colony of Recife arrived in New Amsterdam, disguised as poor religious Jewish refugees escaping Christian Catholic persecution, when in fact, they had been the ones directly persecuting their fellow man, the black man.

The governor of the colony, Peter Stuyvesant, representing the Christians of New Amsterdam, did not want the Jews living among them. As far as he was concerned, these Jews could continue on their way back to Holland and leave them alone.

But the Jewish owners of the Dutch West Indies company forced New Amsterdam to accept them and grant them permanent residency on the basis of "reason and equity".

Remember, the Calvinists of New Amsterdam would not allow Catholics to live among them either, and what Catholic would want to live where he is not wanted anyway.

For the next three hundred and fifty years, these Jewish party-crashers were allowed to live in New York City, but were not allowed to be public officials -- including not being allowed to be police officers.

This situation did not change much after the American Constitution was ratified in 1789. Even if the federal government had to treat each and every citizen as equals, the States did not.

New York was still free to have laws where only Calvinists could hold office. Maryland could have only Catholics. And so on. Rhode Island was actually tolerant towards Jews, but not so much New York.

Following the Civil War, the enactment of the 14th Amendment brought all laws of equality down upon the States, to be policed by the very Federal government the States wanted to police.

Now the Jews were free to immigrate enmass from Europe into America.

To set the stage, Herodian J.P. Morgan was assigned as the trusted true-blue Protestant secret agent for the Rothschild Dynasty, who would not arouse suspicion of European Jewish money pouring into American to buy up all critical American industries. The Sadducees know that total control of the money supply and critical infrastructure is very important in running a country.

Just as important as control of the money, is control of the nation's story-telling.

Herodian J.P. Morgan also bought up all the leading and influential newspapers of the day and installed his own editor into each one of them -- a Jewish media-Scribe editor in each paper.

The birth of the Progressive Movement

The constant propaganda of the J.P. Morgan newspaper monopoly, expounded year-in and year-out, began to have its effect upon the average American.

The Progressive Movement was the first mass brainwashing of the American public.

And one of the tenets of the Progressives was the "merit system".

The merit system was based on strict equality. That is, all citizens should have a chance at government jobs.

And yet, merit was more about simply letting the best man get the job -- even a Jew.

Who today would even question that Americans could have had anything but a merit system. It seems foreign to consider anything else. We all want "merit", don't we?

Media-Scribes are indeed word-smiths, are they not?

Before the Progressive Jewish media-Scribe propaganda, Americans believed that anyone could run for office, and that the man who won that office was the best man for the job. Being the best man, he was then entrusted to appoint all the jobs which needed filled, in which he was responsible for.

After the Progressive Jewish media-Scribe propaganda, this method was given horribly sounding name -- the "Spoils System".

Well, Well, what true-blue American would want a spoils system? -- "to the winner goes the spoils". As if the freely and democratically elected politician that the citizens had agreed upon to represent them was somehow an invading Viking, who plundered and raped the land.

The media-Scribe "Muckrackers" were showing politicians who hired their wives, sisters, nephews or friends instead of the best employee for the job.

The "politically correct" response to such abuse would be to not elect that abusive politician the next time around.

And the "politically correct" person to point out this fact would be his opponent in the next election.

A self-correcting mechanism you see.

Not good enough for our ruling media-Scribe class.

We had to institute civil-service tests, giving the job only to the guy who scored the highest -- the Jews.

Besides, working doubly in their favor, the propaganda machines of the media-Scribes were now having success getting their Herodian puppets into office who were ignoring the will of the people anyway once in office.

Now that is how to have your cake and eat it too -- Politicians stopped listening to the people, so get rid of the ugly sounding spoils system to fix it.

Only, it made both matters even worst.

Now, the people were brainwashed into accepting to directly elect Jesus-denying non-Christians into office who would not listen to them, all in place of the paid-off Herodian scoundrels that the rich Sadducees hired to run for office and promoted with their Jewish media-Scribe propaganda machine.

Like any idea from the Jewish media-Scribes, the idea of "merit" in practice was far worst than the original problem.

Today, any politician who even hints about the fact that he wants to clean out lazy, good-for-nothing, incompetent government workers is hung with the label of spoils system, and he is always forced to back off.

Powerful government monopoly labor unions now "protect" government employees from "politics".

Isn't protecting them from politics, also politics?

And since the politician has no real control over the very people who work for him, he becomes powerless to get anything done. The Bureaucracy runs the joint now, not freely elected representatives of the people. And he has a perfectly good excuse for not getting anything done, the next time he runs for election.

Imagine if Steven Jobs was so constrained at Apple Computer!

As a side thought. It helped the Progressive Movement of the Pharisees to also characterize U.S. Senators appointed by State legislatures as a "spoils system" of vile Vikings, and that is exactly how we got the 17th Amendment, which emasculated the State's checks and balances with the federal government, yet ever since, we have really been raped and pillaged by U.S. Senators, but that is another story...

Teddy breaks the glass ceiling

Little did Americans know in out-of-the-way places like Kansas or California, that Teddy Roosevelt would be the Herodian who first broke the glass ceiling in what was then affectionately called "Jew York City", allowing the Jewish class to quickly become the ruling class.

During his term as President of the Board of Police Commissioners, between May 6, 1895 and April 19, 1897, Herodian Teddy Roosevelt, strongly believing in the Progressive ideals of "merit" over all other considerations, such as family, ancestry, cultural, ethnicity, or religious considerations, finally allowed NT Jews to become police officers.

The Jewish media-scribes of New York City were ecstatic -- the glass ceiling for them had been permanently broken.

The facts are that if merit were the sole consideration in promotions in government, then the NT Jews were bound to rise to the top of the heap of American society and take control of the country's government bureaucracy.

The media-scribes were well aware of this potential; hence, any person advocating "merit" over "spoils" were lionized by them; whereas, everyone else was just a racist or anti-Semitic or both.

And Herodian Teddy Roosevelt -- the new Jewish Messiah -- was destined to greatness.

Teddy the Messiah goes National

Having advanced the cause of Judaism, Teddy was now perfectly qualified don't you know to be appointed as the assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1897.

Because the real Secretary of the Navy was sick a lot, Roosevelt was in charge more than not and started to build up a navy to match the European navies.

After all, we were the most powerful economy in the world, so we needed a navy to match, was his reasoning.

No sooner than he was in the navy, then the media-scribes started saying truly horrid things about Spain's colony of Cuba.

In actually, Spain loved Cuba so much that they considered Cuba another Spanish province. But unrest was being provoked inside Cuba and Spain had to do something about it.

Judeo-Anarchists would blow something up in Cuba, Spainish authorities would investigate and presto! -- It was the Spanish Inquisition against Jews all over again in the newspapers!

Who hates Spain more than any other?

Answer -- The descendents of the Sephardic Jews kicked out of Spain in 1492. -- They really hold a grudge!!!

Fathers are constantly accused of beating wives, abusing their own chidren, discriminating against blacks and homosexuals, while 32 million Veterans of American Foreign Wars stand accused by the Obama Department of Homeland Security of being suspected terrorists, all because of one so-called "bad" veteran -- Timothy McVeigh.

How does one defend his reputaion and honor against such propaganda?

Were media-scribes in America stirring the pot and provoking the unrest in Cuba? -- Without a doubt!

Yellow Journalism -- Kosher Style

This was the era of Yellow Journalism by the Sadducee owners of the Jewish media-scribe media monopoly.

Joseph Pulitzer ran the newspaper New York World and William Randolph Hearst ran the newspaper New York Journal.

The yellow journalism ran from 1895, when Teddy Roosevelt first became police commissioner in their city, to 1898 with the Spanish-American War.

By the way, Hearst was the template for the editor in Spiderman who always saw nothing but evil in Spiderman, even when he was presented with plain facts that Spiderman was doing good deeds. Likewise, when someone told Hearst that conditions were not that bad in Cuba, Hearst was famously quoted as saying,

"You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war".

Nevertheless, in 1898, Teddy Roosevelt ordered the USS Maine into the port of Havana the year after he became navy secretary in order to "protect American citizens" from riots in the city.

Not that sending a navy warship into another country's Capital port is sometimes construed as a "act of war", but Teddy Roosevelt couldn't even protect his own ship, let alone any supposedly desperate American citizens wanting to get out; the USS Maine was mysteriously sunk.

You see, Teddy is what we would call a war hawk today -- a Neo-Con.

Teddy went to Congress demanding Congress to declare war against Spain, in order to avenge our ship that was sunk, after he had already invaded Spanish territory with the ship.

Congress obliged and declared war, thus starting the Spanish-American War.

I suppose Teddy Roosevelt also wanted to personally avenge the sinking of his ship, because he resigned from the navy and was appointed to help lead the American marine landing in Cuba.

So the man famously known for wanting government employees to have "merit", irresponsibly getting America into this mess, left a top position in the navy, having had no navy experience and joined the army, having had no army experience.

His group of cowboys mixed with progressive types was called the "Rough Riders". (Today, that may be taken as a derogatory name.)

Roosevelt was criticized for having "embedded reporters" from the newspapers and wouldn't you know it, Teddy Roosevelt was made into a true-blue American war hero by the media-scribes with his charge up San Juan Hill.

1898 was a busy year for Teddy. He illegally started a war, fought the war and was elected to office as a war hero, all in the same year.

That year, Teddy Roosevelt became the governor of New York.

Two years later, Teddy was the running mate to President William McKinley in the election of 1900.

Teddy had turned down the position at first because he knew the Vice-President position was a thankless powerless position. After being talked into it and becoming Vice-President, he again said it was as bad as he had thought.

The McKinley Assassination

One shining moment was for Teddy in his boring position as Vice-President was to organize the Pan-American Exposition in his home state of New York.

Nine months after McKinley started his second term with Teddy as Vice-President, and during Teddy's Pan American Exposition, in Teddy’s home state, a anarchist named Leon Czolgosz, under the influence of Jewish political radical Emma Goldman, assassinated President McKinley, when McKinley visited the Exposition.

I guess Presidential security was not a big part of the organizing effort for Teddy in his duties as Vice-President when setting up the Exposition.

And so, Teddy Roosevelt, the man who had single handily created the American empire, would now become President.

Good job, Judeo-Anarchists!

A little side note, on Leon, the anarchist. At his execution, he said, "I killed the President because he was the enemy of the good people — the good working people. I am not sorry for my crime." Therefore, if McKinley was NOT a friend of the working people, then Teddy Roosevelt was a friend of the working people?

Well, I do know, that Teddy was a very good friend of the media-scribe working people in New York who generated most of the news the rest of the country read.

Leon the anarchist told us that Emma Goldman influenced him the most. Leon's parents were Catholic, but his mentor, Emma, was a full pledged liberal NT Jewish Pharisee. She had emigrated from Russia at 17 years of age. She had met with Leon several weeks before the assassination. Emma was taken into custody as a suspected accomplice of Leon, but released, as she could not be connected to the case; one of many such close encounters in her life that the authorities could never seem to do anything about resolving.

She was quite the gal.

She is everywhere in socialist and anarchist American political movements, her third arrest was her last; she was deported to Russia just as the Bolsheviks were ruthlessly gaining power. She did not particularly like the results of communism and left Russia in 1921, gaining entry to England.

Peggy Guggenheim raised funds to give her a cottage in Saint-Tropez.

Nice to have friends in high places! Almost like she was working for the Guggenheims for her entire life!

Not stopped yet, and always on the wrong side, Emma went to Spain to fight against Christian Franco as a Jewish anarchist.

Did we mention that Sephardic Jews really hold a grudge against Spain?

She died in Canada and her body was allowed to be buried, yes, back here in our own beloved America.

Meanwhile, back to Teddy Roosevelt.

Teddy was re-elected in 1904, taking a very paternalistic stand of having government break up business monopolies, hence starting the long road to our government regulating even the amount of water our toilets flush.

Yet, today, we still have companies who are too large to fail.

Teddy stepped aside for the 1908 elections, but was back for the 1912 elections.

The Progressive Movement took away the power of the party's back-room dealing to decide who would be placed on the ballot in the general elections, by calling for primaries where the party faithful could vote for who would represent their party in the general election. But this was not widespread yet among all the states.

Teddy Roosevelt was the favorite of the brainwashed people, but the not-so-brainwashed party insiders sided with Taft for the Republican Party nominee.

Teddy took his marbles and founded The Progressive Party.

The media-scribes would always call it the Bull Moose Party.

While the media-scribes certainly liked the idea of a Progressive Party, the Democrats would entice them away with an even more Progressive man, Woodrow Wilson.

Wilson's more individualistic progressivism won the day.

This is the conspiracy section, so what was the conspiracy in Teddy Roosevelt?

Most of Teddy's part has been pointed out already;

  • European Rothschilds find a Herodian by the name of J.P. Morgan to front all their Jewish Mafia money used to purchase major American businesses
  • Herodian J.P. Morgan gains a news monopoly by buying up all the influential newspapers
  • Herodian Teddy befriends the powerful media-scribes by advancing their ethnicity in New York City;
  • The media-scribes return the favor by making Teddy nationally known and appointed to a prominent naval position.
  • Herodian Teddy returns the returned favor by using his Navy office to help strip Cuba from their hated enemy Spain.
  • The media-Scribes make Teddy even more famous and President after a suspicious assassination.
  • The Herodian J.P. Morgan business monopolies, would be the excuse the J.P. Morgan media-scribes would give to have government take control of business.
  • But in the grand scheme of things, Woodrow Wilson was the crowning achievement to all their hard fought years to take power away from Protestants and Catholics in order to hand power over to the Sadducee and Pharisees.
  • Woodrow Wilson would help pass the Income Tax Amendment (16th) giving the federal government power over individual American taxpayers.
  • Woodrow Wilson would help strip the states of their checks and balances of power, by calling for direct election of Senators (17th), thus bypassing the states.
  • Woodrow Wilson would help the Sadducee fulfil their dream of a central bank which they could directly control with the creation of the Federal Reserve.
  • Woodrow Wilson would appoint the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice -- Louis Brandeis.
  • Woodrow Wilson would propose the World's first World Government, the League of Nations.

Louis Brandeis

It is not surprising that Brandeis was a flaming Zionist, who thought of forming another country, more than he thought about protecting the one he was given the privilege to protect.

For instance, during the trial of tried and convicted anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, Justice Brandeis would have Sacco’s wife and children as guests at his home.

How's that for a conflict of interest. -- hosting the criminal's family.

Louis Brandeis's Jewish family came to America from Prague after the failed Judeo-Communist revolutions of 1848. Brandeis attended Harvard Law School.

Isn't America great!

Instigate a Judeo-Communist revolution in your home country, making your neighbors hateful toward the Jews who plotted and supported it, kicked out after the plan fails, leave to come to America falsely claiming religious persecution, and then, have your children attend America's greatest university and finally have that son appointed to the United States Supreme Court to decide cases for or against American Christians whose ancestors settled this land generations ago.

As we already alluded to, Pharisee Brandeis was quite the Zionist.

He personally pushed hard to have the Balfour Declaration of 1917 written.

U.K's foreign minister to Pharisee Lord Rothschild was Arthur Balfour; wherein the creation of a NT Jewish state was promised by stating that Britain

"viewed with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object".

-- Balfour Declaration

In fact, Pharisee Brandeis was the head of the Zionist Movement from 1914 to 1918.

This was the best man Woodrow Wilson could offer to decide American law for native-born American citizens, who are mainly Christian.

By the way, Britain's Pharisees got our American Pharisees to turn against Germany in WW1, because for one, the Russian Judeo-Communist Revolution was a smashing success and they didn't want Germany to overthrow their newly formed Judeo-Communist country. And the second reason was because Britain had taken Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire, so Britain needed to win as well.

The Balfour Declaration was a promise to the Pharisees that Britain would give the Jews Jerusalem, if they got America into the World War.

America indeed went to war with Germany after Germans sunk an English ship, AND carrying American human shields.

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