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Oct 7, 2009

A Jewish Secret-Agent?

MI6 confirms Ahmadinejad's Jewish roots

Iran's Ahmadinejad - a self-hating Jew?

The latest rumor is that
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
is actually Jewish.

When they heard this,
millions of Jewish women
immediately asked,

"Is he single?"

-- Conan O'Brien

Wow, the worms are really turning in their can of worms!!

The rumors have now been confirmed that Ahmadinejad is in fact Jewish.

You know what that means don't you?

The Semites are Anti-Semites!!!

That means that the entire Jewish media-Scribe industry who has been calling Ahmadinejad the next Hitler -- the greatest anti-Semite in the entire world -- the greatest "hater" in existence -- can now all call themselves anti-Semites!!!

Think about that for a second!

Oh sure, Ahmadinejad will never be called anti-semitic anymore after this revelation.

The new expression for Ahmadinejad will be a "self-hating" Jew.

But we do need to try to make some sense out of all of this.

After all, Israel is threatening to disrupt the world's oil supplies with a raid on several nuclear power plants in Iran, having gotten tacit approval from our country to do so, and having our ultimate backing if they have bite off more than they could chew and we have to come in to bail them out.

Really, Israel is like one of those yapping lap dogs you see fat women carry around with them in their purse. As long as they have their fat owner around, these yap dogs are not afraid at all to snap at a German Shepard, who in turn could eat them alive anytime they felt like it. (Yes, I did pick the dog breed of GERMAN Shepard for a purpose)

Ahmadinejad was an American Embassy Hostage Taker

Well you can predict the headlines now that Ahmadinejad has been discovered to be Jewish. (After a respectable period for us to forget the past)

Now, instead of being the next Hitler or being portrayed as copulating with sheep, the Jewish media-Scribes will have Pharisee Ahmadinejad proclaimed to be the saviour of the American Embassy hostages.

But the reality of it all now makes sense.

Ahmadinejad and his Iranian Jewish gang was a long time "sleeper cell" in Muslim Iran.

The American Embassy is secretly told to "surrender" to Ahmadinejad and his Iranian Jewish gang, sticking it to the "Great Satan" for all the world to see, and making himself into a national hero in Iran.

Years later, he is elected president of Iran and secretly serves Israel's agenda.


And our President at the time? -- Jimmy Carter!!!

Jimmy Carter -- the man who the Jewish media-Scribes decries as anti-Semitic was most likely in on the Ahmadinejad hostage taking from the beginning.

What a fraud that man is!!!

I have often pointed out how fraudulent it is to portray Obama as anti-Israel when his chief of staff is Jewish Rahm Emanuel and his chief adviser is Jewish David Axelrod.

But Jimmy Carter takes the cake!

All misdirection of the American Public.

Lies, lies and packs of lies!!!!

Our History with Iran

Babylonian Captivity

In the Jewish History of the World - The Greek Era, we see that the Babylonian Captivity had absorbed a permanent Jewish ruling minority into Babylon, which quickly disintegrated and was absorbed by a new Judeo-Persian Empire, or what we know today as Iran.

For this historic event alone, it should surprise no one that an Iranian leader could be Jewish.

Iranian Independence and oil

Much nearer to our day, Winston Churchill completely devastated the British Empire for Zionist interests. After WW1, with the Tzar's fall, the Zionists were in charge of Russia and after British liberation, the Zionists were in charge of Palestine. Another World War was necessary to take care of the "blow-back" of the first World War wherein that dunce, backwoods Hitler ignorantly blamed all of Germany's problems on the Zionists. Then it was clear sailing for the birth of Israel three years after the war, once the next door neighbor Saudi Arabian princes were paid off with huge oil royalty profit-sharing.

Iran saw and wanted the same deal Israel and Saudi Arabia got -- that is, they wanted colonial Independence from a now weak British Empire and a honest royalty from British oil production.

They received neither.

Instead Mohammad Mosaddeq received an Act of War British naval blockade of its oil shipments, with Sunni-Muslim Saudi Arabia generously increasing its oil production to accommodate the shortfall.

While the Islamists terrorists were the ones assassinating Iranian leaders who backed Britain, it was the communists coming to Mohammad Mosaddeq's side which caught America's attention. In a covert CIA operation, Mosaddeq, "the communist", was deposed and the Shah returned. The people of Tehran were happy to feed their families once again, after the naval blockade was lifted and life went on.

Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty

Iran signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, Israel did not.

This two-way treaty requires nuclear countries to provide peaceful nuclear power plants in exchange for non-nuclear countries to remain nuclear-free.

Everyone agrees that at the moment, Iran does not have a nuclear weapon, fulfilling its agreement to not make any.

Since it never agreed not to make any, Israel built around 200 nuclear weapons -- perhaps for use against Iran.

Iranian Revolution and Iranian Hostage Situation

Since Iran's Muslim revolution, America imposed yet another blockade upon Iran, thus violating our side of the agreement on the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

I understand that the UN does inspections in Iran and has never indicated as of yet that Iran is in violation of their side of the agreement.

The Iranians call Israel Satan and calls America the Great Satan.

Can't figure out why?

Case 1
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
did NOT know he was Jewish

If Ahmadinejad did not know he was Jewish, the only implication of his being the leader of Iran is to showcase the natural propensity of the Jewish population to "rise the the top" where ever they are under any circumstance.

These "Crypto-Jews" would be innocent then of any Jewish hidden agendas and they would be of great service to their adoptive country.

Obviously though, someone was keeping track, because we all now know about it.

So it sort of goes against common sense to believe Ahmadinejad did not know he was Jewish all the times he was ranting against Israel.

For two thousand years, Jews have failed to assimilate anywhere they have gone.

Are we to believe that Ahmadinejad's family finally assimilated after hundreds of generations? -- When in fact they were still keeping track.

Perhaps caution should warn us against this case being true.

Case 2
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
knew he was Jewish all along

This case can generate some real "conspiracy theory" tongue wagging.

If Ahmadinejad knew all along he was Jewish and never came clean about it the entire time he was leading the world in anti-Semitic speech, then we have good cause to believe we are once again being bamboozled by the crafty Pharisees.

The crafty Pharisees never engage in a tug of war unless they have some of their people on both sides of the rope.

Ahmadinejad was the designated man to be the rabble raiser in Iran, which clearly gives Iran the "bad boy" designation allowing Israel to attack it without concern for world opinion getting in the way.

Ahmadinejad is simply an agent provocateur placed behind enemy lines to confuse and obstruct Muslims, disorienting them and thus allowing Israel to control them.

Once Israel does attack, Ahmadinejad could have been counted on to contain the anger of Iranians to an acceptable level.

Hard to know how effective Ahmadinejad will be now that he has been exposed as Jewish.

And a Jewish dictator at that -- a Jewish Shah so to speak.

If I were him, I would double up on my guards and watch my back!

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