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July 27, 2008
Controlled -- Free Speech

Source: World New Daily
July 15, 2008
Mainstreaming blasphemy -- Jonathan Falwell

I point out the hypocrisy of the Jewish media-Scribes not protesting non-Christian businessmen fraudulently using Christianity to obtain more business in a very Christian part of America, Oklahoma, in my article, Indians in "The Land of the Red Man".

But the Jewish media-Scribes are hypocritically all over any hint of real Christians expressing their heartfelt Christian beliefs in any area the media-Scribes deem to be "public". The definition of "public" to the Jewish media-Scribes is any area owned and operated by a private citizen, but open, by permission of that same private owner, to anyone to enter in order to purchase goods and services.

Only the media-Scribes are allowed to express their viewpoints to the public, it would appear.

There is a second hypocrisy that Jonathan Falwell alludes to in his article, Mainstreaming blasphemy.

Mr. Falwell points out the typical double-standard hypocrisy of the "mainstream" media in allowing non-Christians to this time abuse Christianity in public, rather than to butter them up for greater sales in public to Christians as the non-Christian Hindu Indians are doing in Oklahoma; whereas, Christian businessmen are not ever allowed to profess their own faith or beliefs in public.

On top of that, the "mainstream" media insists that non-Christians must be allowed to express their non-Christian faith in public; while Christians cannot confront their false faith in the least, ever; not even in the pulpit, when it comes to homosexuals and others deemed by the MSM as hate speech.

All this persecution is well known to Christians by now thanks to men like Mr. Falwell and his revered father.

However, it pains me greatly to see Christian men like Mr. Falwell go through so much trouble to point out a serious problem, without pointing out the source of the problem.

What is NOT the root cause source of our problems?

The non-Christians who are persecuting Christians in America are not atheists; although atheists are used to misdirect our anger toward them. They are working with the powerful persecutors of Christians, but they are not at all powerful by themselves.

The ones persecuting Christians are not the homosexuals who are paraded in front of our TVs day in and day out, for they too are just pawns used by the real power brokers. They are wrong in their beliefs, but they are also being used by the powerful to misdirect our anger.

The ones persecuting American Christians are not the Muslims allowed to enter into our country to fly planes into our skyscrapers, filled with innocent men women and children in both the plan and the buildings. Islam is a real threat to Christianity around the world, no doubt, but in America, they have no real power -- yet.

Why the hesitation to identify the root cause of our problems?

So why is Mr. Falwell so hesitant about identifying the real root cause of the problem -- The Pharisees, Sadducees and media-Scribes that Jesus warned Christians so much about?

Why does Mr. Falwell not point out that the ownership of ESPN and all the other "mainstream" media are owned, operated and controlled by Jewish Sadducees?

Why does Mr. Falwell not point out that the pornography industry is owned, operated and controlled by Jewish Sadducees?

Why does Mr. Falwell lie to us, telling us to support Israel because today's Jews are God's Chosen People, and not tell us the truth by pointing out that Christians are the true Jews today, that Christians are the true Chosen Ones, not the former Jews who have rejected God's Son, Jesus?

What is the real root of our problems?

Is it because Mr. Falwell could not get any message across to us, by accusing the people who bring us his message of being the root cause of all our problems?

Is this not the most heinous of crimes against free speech to a free people?

If you cannot criticize the bringers of the speech, then you do not have free speech.

And if you do not have free speech, then you cannot have freedom.

Mr. Falwell's speechs are not examples of free speech, but examples of tightly-controlled speech. If he does not follow the rules of the Jewish media-Scribe censors, they will not publish his works. I can tell you that these articles of mine are certainly not being picked up on by anyone.

Even attempts to portray fairness are tightly-controlled. The arguments coming from the Christian side are mostly from nutcases. (Trust me, I know what you are thinking -- but if I were deemed to be a nutcase, then they would be publishing what I am writing!)

This is America's real root problem. The First Amendment has been used over and over to justify this monopoly of free speech in America. Any attempt by Christians to rectify this problem is thrown back as a violation of "their" free speech rights. On the other hand, Christians have no free speech rights.

Is there a Christian Solution?

Thankfully yes!

The First Amendment only prohibits "CONGRESS" from making laws restricting free speech. States are still allowed to referee free speech in their own States. And a referee is sorely needed, because Christians have been getting the raw end of the deal. Christians are not allowed free speech to either promote their own religion or to confront the errors of other religions; whereas, non-Christians have free reign.

And as the Jewish media-Scribes are fond of saying, "The Constitution is a living breathing document." So let's take advantage of that. The Founding Fathers never in their wildest imaginations could have known that one man at CBS, or NBC, or ABC could hold a "one-way" conversation with 300 million Americans every night of the week in the nightly news. Is this not the very definition of controlled speech? And who gave the federal government permission to regulate it? Certainly NOT the First Amendment of the Constitution.

This country was founded on Christian beliefs. Our Founding Fathers told us so. The one and true Constitution is what God laid out for men.

All Christians of all sects must join together to defeat this bitter foe.

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