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May 5, 2009

New Discoveries
"The Age of Discovery"

Source: Adam Wills
Ahoy, mateys! Thar be Jewish pirates!

Source: Adam Kirsch
Edward Kritzler's history of Jewish pirates is uneven

Points to be made

  • Who were the Sephardi Jews, sandwiched between the 2nd and 3rd Diaspora?
  • What were the three real objectives of the Judeo-Muslim Crusades, between the 2nd and 3rd Diaspora?

  • The Age of Discovery begins the same day as the Third Jewish Diaspora -- What were the ramifications?

  • Trace the 1492 Jewish Diaspora into:
    • Muslim Morocco,
    • Catholic Portugal,
    • Calvinist Holland,
    • Puritan England and finally,
    • The New World

  • Trace mercantile power as it flowed from Portugal, to Spain, to Holland, to England and finally to America.

  • Why Jerusalem was freed of the Ottoman Empire, by England, for the Jews, but Constantinople was never freed for the Christians?

  • How did New York City really come under the English?

Note: 1st Diaspora : First destruction of the Temple in the Babylonian Capture
         2nd Diaspora: Second destruction of the Temple by Roman Emperor Titus
         3rd Diaspora: Expulsion from Spain in 1292 AD
         4th Diaspora: Voluntary Diaspora into America

How did Jews first come to Spain

(i.e. The Second Jewish Diaspora)

The old Jewish name for Spain is Sephard, and this is the story of the Sephardic Jews.

No sooner had the Roman Empire made the Mediterranean Sea a Roman lake, then the Israelites started revolting.

Judea was said to be God's Promised Land, and Emperor Titus was intent once and for all, upon putting an end to this meddlesome people and their silly superstition about land, over what he would consider a God-forsaken land, rather than a God-blessed Promised Land.

Emperor Titus not only leveled the Jewish Temple, but he rounded up all the Israelites he could find and moved them, from the furthest Eastern part of his empire, their homeland of Judea, to the furthest Western part of his Empire, the Iberian Peninsula, or what is Spain and Portugal today.

In this new land of Sephard, the Romans knew that these troublesome Jews would not be able to count on appealing to their next door neighbors, the Arabs and the Persians, to help them in their insurrections against Rome. And hopefully, over time, they would forget about their Promised Land.

Nice plan, but it only worked for a while.

How did the Sephardic Jews free themselves?

Romans would never have guessed that the Jews could secretly sabotage the world's greatest empire from within with deception and guile, much, much easier than they could resist Roman's might as a puny army on the battlefield.

Instead of recruiting and arming a legion of soldiers to fight Rome, it would make much better sense to Jews to simply get one Roman legion to fight another Roman legion. And that they started doing within 40-years of the Second Diaspora. Only needed to be "citizens of Rome", to become the Trojan Horse which would split Rome apart.

Rome had a decline and fall, finding themselves fighting each other, but to the Jews utter frustration, the Jewish Pharisees had only made a martyr of the Christian's leader, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and sooner than expected, Christianity came along to prop up the dying Roman carcass.

But still, by around 600 AD, the Jews who had escaped the Roman round-up of Emperor Titus, by escaping into the Persian Empire, joining their relatives already in Persia, were finally able to weaken Rome enough to risk a full scale invasion of the Holy Lands.

For 5 years, 614 AD to 619 AD, Jews lived relatively free in Israel, with Persia as their big-brother protector.

(This is all well documented by Jewish converts to Islam talking about the Jewish Exilarch in Persia)

But Rome regrouped and literally demolished the entire Persian Empire.

Defenseless, with a now dead Persian carcass, the situation for the Jews looked bleak.

But this feat of the Romans took all the remaining strength of the Byzantine Christians, so they went home to lick their wombs as well.

Other Jews who had escaped the Roman round-up of Jews went to Arabia.

Within 20 years of Jerusalem being freed for Christians again, Jerusalem would no longer be Christian.

These escaping Jews who had sided with the Persian Empire, now found a charismatic Arab leader they latched onto and made him into a local hero. His name was Mohammed.

Mohammed would become the Jewish Messiah, come to smite the enemies of the Jews -- the Christians.

After Mohammed's death, while the followers may all have been formerly pagan Arabs and Christian converts, the leaders of Islam were all former Jews, and these leaders had a well-planned agenda.

First agenda, dead and defeated Persia was ripe for the picking. In no time, Persia was totally under the influence of Islam.

Second agenda, free Jerusalem. This too would be easy, as the Christians were too weak to resist.

Third agenda, free the land of Sephard.

This time, there would be no defensive position taken, waiting for the Christians to counter-strike and retake Jerusalem.

Islam was on a bloody Crusade! The Jews were on a bloody Crusade!

It took 100 years for Islam, religion of the Jewish Messiah, to march across the underbelly of the former Roman Empire, until they reached Morocco, the homeland of the Moors. From the conquest of Jerusalem in 638 AD, Judeo-Islam was at the front door of Paris by 732 AD.

Morocco had many Jews trading across the Straight of Gibraltar, with many more Jews in Sephard, the Iberian Peninsula.

Jews had lived in Sephard for over 600 years by this time -- Few if any Christians knew they still held a grudge!!!.

The Catholic Visigoths found themselves easily defeated.


Well, their cause was not helped when Sephardic Jews told Moorish Jews to tell the Judeo-Muslims where the weak points in the defenses were... when supplies were being delivered... and what road the Roman garrisons were on.

It would be like your son telling a crook that the key to the house was under a stone frog, that the security system number was #1324, that the dog would not bite, and that the Jewels were located in the bedroom on the left in the top drawer.

Sure, the Judeo-Muslims tried to push their luck by entering France, only to be defeated by Charles Martel in 732 AD. No big loss, the real agenda had already been achieved.

The Jewish Empire was now half the old Roman Empire and all the former Persian Empire.

Jews from every corner of the globe were once again united.

History settled down for a long while. For 800-years the Sephardic Jews lived side-by-side with their Muslim liberators.

This is commonly called the Jewish Golden Age but Jews.

Then in 1453 AD, the capital of the Eastern Orthodox Empire fell to the Muslims.

The fall of Constantinople would send shock waves through the spines of all Christians.

None more than the Spanish Christians, marginalized in mountain holdouts.

The Spanish Catholics began an decades long offensive and finally pushed out the Moors -- no thanks to the Jews!

This time it was the Christians who would remember their deceptive betrayal by the Jews -- both Jews and Muslims would have to convert or leave the country.

A "voluntary" forced conversion was the absolutely worst idea Spain could have done, since "infidels" outside the Church, were now "heretics" inside the Church.

On paper, I suppose it looked like the Christian thing to do.

Muslim converts were found to be praying with a rosary by day and beheading Christians by night.

Jewish converts were found to be lying about confessing their sins by day, while conspiring to defeat the Christians by moonlight.

In no time, the situation was so bad, that Spain's leaders found it needed to weed out the criminal heretics with the Church demanding "an Inquisition" to protect the innocent Christians who were just ordinary Christian opponents of the Spanish leaders..

Not the most Christian approach, but far nicer than what was being done to innocent priests and nuns y Jews and Muslims.

Where did the Jews expelled from Spain go?

(i.e. The Third Jewish Diaspora)

Diaspora to the Muslim Morocco

One of the first urges for Jews were to cross the Straight of Gibraltar to rejoin their Muslim brethren.

These Jews were to exact revenge by bringing with them all the military secrets of the Christians, from gunpowder to cannonballs, to military techniques.

Many Muslim ship captains raiding Spanish coastal cities were Jewish.

Sinan, the Great Jew, who would later be called the Muslim name of Kaptan Pasha, was the leader of Barbarossa's Muslim fleet. He captured Tunis from Spain in 1534 AD.

The following year, it took a combined force of Spaniards ,Germans, Italians, Genoese and Knights of Malta to free Tunis again.

Much of the Spanish fleet was destroyed by Sinan in 1538 and takes Tripoli in 1551. Portuguese Jews are rearming Turkish Muslims.

In one of the saddest days of Christianity, French Catholics, under French King Francis I, side with Jews and Muslim's Sulieman in 1534, to eventually have 20 French ships sail with 130 Muslim ships, under the command of Jewish Pharisee Sinan to ravage coastal Catholic districts of South Italy and Sicily in 1553 AD.

Soon, Sulieman the Magnificent was in control of Hungary and ruled the Mediterranean. He was made magnificent with the priceless support of the Jews, along with a tiny help from France.

Diaspora to Calvinist Holland

Holland was under control of Spain during this time period. Many Jews traveled to Amsterdam and strangely enough, Calvinism was started almost immediately, with Holland succeeding from Spain shortly afterwards.

The Dutch Jewish traders would eventually make Holland the most powerful country in the world.

The first Jews came to Antwerp in 1535 and were tolerated. Later after the Calvinist were magically created, Dutch boys were agreeing with Jewish merchants that the Catholics believed Muslims, Jews and Calvinists were all Heretics, making them all blood brothers, joined a best buds to fight the mean and evil Catholic Papists.

Samuel Pallache

Samuel Palache was born in Spain to a Rabbi father. Forced to leave Spain as a small boy, Samuel's father chose to settle in Morroco under the Moorish Muslims.

Raised in Fez, when coming of age, Pallache and his younger brother Joseph, would slip out of Tetuan, a pirate port astride the Strait of Gibralter, capture a Spanish ship, then take the goods into a Spanish port to sell the ill-gotton booty back to Spainish subjects.

Jewish Pirates of the Carribean calls Samuel and Joseph "Pirate Merchants".

To make a long story of double dealing and lying short, Palache ended up in Holland in 1608 planning for Holland and Morocco to team up against Spain.

William of Orange had declared Holland's independance from Spain in 1579, and affirmed religious tolerance.

With the backing of the Jews, naturally. They love any religious tolerance come their way.

Which set off another round of Inquisitions when Spain and Portugal unite the next year, of course.

The dust having settled, in 1591, Samuel Palache decides to try to settle in Amsterdam as a Jew so that he can test the proported religious tolerance.

Having done so, he further pushes the envelope by asking if he can settle more Jews in Amsterdam.

By 1603, they had all the proof they needed to know that the welcome mat was open to Jewish settlement in Holland. Jews were any enemy of Spain and so a friend of Holland Calvinists. You see, Calvinists hate Jesus-loving Catholic Christians more than they hate Jesus-denying Jews.

Besides, the Jews promised to make them greedy filthy rich, which I suppose is a tenet of the Calvinist religion.

Everything was finally in place by 1608 when Samuel Palache makes his grand proposal:

    Since both peoples, Calvinists and Muslims [and Jews], were viewed as heretics by Spain, it was natural that these nations should ally against their common enemy. Sultan Sidan and his father had fought Spain most of their lives, as had Holland's Prince Maurice and his father, William of Orange. As Dutch privateers, known as Sea Beggars, defeated Spanish attempts to crush their rebellion and funded the war with plunder, so too had Morocco's corsairs crippled Spanish shipping.

    -- Jewish Pirates of e Carribean, pg 80

Long story short again, Jews, Calvinists and Muslims were all blood brothers. The Three Muskateers -- All for one and one for all!!!

Now, to be fair, the average Calvinist man and woman on the street did not see the need to allow Jews into Holland, yet their leaders listen to them about as well as our leaders do. While, Sultan Sidan had to put down uprisings by radical Islamacists who wanted to purify Islam of Jews.

Regardless, by 1611, Jewish Samuel Palache, the Rabbi Pirate, was leading Dutch low-life pirates called the Sea Beggars, on looting and raping sorties against the Spanish.

Later we will find that the Dutch had conquests in 1623 and 1630 for colonies, at the expense of Spain, namely Recife, with the end result of Jews immigrating to what would become New York city.

Diaspora to Anglican and Puritan England

England had kicked all Jews out of their country hundreds of years earlier, 1290 AD to be exact, and so the Jews who entered England came in secret as Spanish Catholics.

Strangely, like in Holland's Catholics, soon English Catholics decided they also hated the Catholic religion of their ancestors.

Their King decided to make himself the Pope so that he could marry 6 wives, imprison a few of them and cut off a few heads.

Because the Catholic Church was corrupt, you know.

And the first to divorce, was the daughter of the Spanish King and Queen.

After Spain and Holland was exhausted, England too had sold her soul and would become the master of the Earth.

Diaspora to Catholic Portugal

Portugal got a head jump on Spain in world trade. Unknowing to all, Christopher Columbus had ran into an unexpected obsticle on his way to find the treasures of the far East.

Portugal tried a more conventional route - sailing South until he could find a way to travel East, De Gama arrives in Calicut in 1497. He was met in Calicut by the leader of lord Rajah Samorin's navy. Turns out that that man was really Alonso Perez, a Spanish Jew from Castille.

After a few shady dealings, he agreed to join the Portuguese expedition as Gaspar, the Jewish Pilot.

When faced with the 1492 expulsion order, some Spanish Jews had crossed the mountains separating Spain and Portugal.

The only competitor of Spain in the New World at first was Portugal.

The Pope had divided the New World into two hemispheres, Spain would receive half for her discoveries and Portugal would receive the other half.

Both agreed and the New World development began in earnest.

Portuguese Jews would develop the Portugal trade with India and they would become very powerful at the start of the Age of Discovery.

The main importance, was that Spain forbade any but old Christians, able to trace back four generations to enter the New World. Yet, since Spain had no way of verifying the Christianity of "Christians" from Portugal, many Jewish pretend-Christian "conversos" from Portugal were given a pass to travel to the New World as a "Portugal".

Diaspora to the New World

The final group of Jews to leave Spain headed illegally into the Spanish New World as "Portugals".

These Jews would run most trade secretly as conversos, making sure to skim off up to half of all shipments back to Spain, to be traded to their Jewish relatives in first Amsterdam and then later to England.

The pirate industry was a largely Jewish operation. Low-life Christians could be bought by Jewish pirate captains with the promise of booty. The Jewish Pirate captains were always in touch with the secret conversos who kept them informed of both Spanish Armadas and Spanish treasure flotillas.

What Conspiracy?

Yes, the Spaniards did suspect a conspiracy against them and tried to root it out with a "law and order" Inquisition.

Then the Inquisition itself became an excuse to fight the Spanish, using any evil means available.

How did New York City come into existence?

The short answer -- Jewish slave merchants thrown out of New Holland (Recife, Brazil), came to settle New Amsterdam (New York) at the gracious invitation of Holland's tolerant leaders, but really as a double-cross against Holland, working with Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell of England, in order to unite the two English colonies, the English plantations of the South, with the Puritan settlements of the North, making the soon-to-be British New York into the mercantile powerhouse of America trading between both North and South and the rest of Europe.

The long answer -- Spain was the only country who made the gamble with Christopher Columbus. -- Out of necessity of course, after freeing the only Muslim lands ever freed, but over time, Spain began to show the rewards of her pioneering work.

Spain and Portugal united in 1580, so the old divisions of the New World also united. They would split apart again in 1640, but for now, the entire New World was in the hands of only one European country. The rest of Europe were jealous.

Persuaded by their Holland Jews of the injustice of Spain having the entire fiesta cake, Holland made plans to take the best parts of the New World away from the Spain/Portugal merge. The target was the massive silver mine in Peru at Potosi and the Brazilian sugar plantations.

Reason for optimism, a fifth column of Jews in Recife, united under the "Brotherhood of the Jews".

In 1623, Holland launches ships to capture Bahia and Peru's Port Callao at the same time. The plan fails, leaving Holland bankrupt.

Holland's plans change as Jewish pirates Heyn and Moses Cohen Henriques capture the Spanish flotilla and bring it to Holland in 1628.

The plan was achieved when Bento Osorio of the Brotherhood of the Jews find from Jewish spies that a Spanish flotilla was setting sail. Henriques had 25 ships sail to Cuba to ambush the flotilla.

Flush with $1 billion of today's dollars, the Dutch try again in 1630, but this time take a smaller target along the Brazilian coast, the city of Recife.

The Jews of Amsterdam were responsible for the capture of Pernambuco (Brazil district with Recife as the capital) and the principle one was Moses Cohen Henriques who went with the Hollanders and instructed them and gave them plans showing how to take the place, for he had spent many days in Pernambuco and was well acquainted with the entrances and the exits. The Hollanders did this by his secret counsel.

-- Transcript of a turncoat who sailed with the Dutch, during a Madrid tribunal
-- Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

The results of this betrayal of Jews against Catholics was witnessed by Father Calado

The Jews who had come from Holland had many relatives in Pernambuco who had lived in conformity with the law of Christ.

However, after the Dutch had conquered the country, they lifted the mask which had disguised them and circumcised themselves, and declared themselves publicly as Jews...

I heard it said many a time by the Jews that there was no man of their nation in Pernambuco who was not a Jew, and if they did not declare themselves as Jews it was because of the fear that the world might turn and Brazil might return to Portugal, otherwise all of them would have already publicly declared themselves Jews.

---Father Calado, Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean

Calvinist Work Ethic

Between 1623 and 1636, the Dutch capture 547 Iberian ships.

Calvinist version of Christianity

Steal and covet other people's gold, silver, and land from hard-working Spanish Christians.

For stolen land, bring in black slaves to work the land.

New Holland was a black slave concentration camp ran by Jews

But looking at the figures, New Holland was a Jewish colony. Amsterdam had only 1,200 Jews; whereas New Holland had 1,500 Jews. But the real figures are in the percentage. Amsterdam had a lot of Calvinists. Jews were only 2% of the population. In New Holland, Jews were between 30 to 40% of the non-slave population, with the Jews calling all the shots.

Any talk of slavery in New Holland cannot exclude the Jews who would eventually end up in New York.

By 1636, contraband trade to the rest of Europe from Peru was greater than the legal trade to Spain. Dutch invasions, conspiracy with the Dutch, thievery and pirating was such that the Spanish Inquisition was called into the New World to uncover the Jewish-Protestant Grand Conspiracy.

The main target was the Jewish Mafia Don, Manuel Batista Perez (the Great Captain). This Jew would not allow any Christian to do business in Peru without a Jew to partner with him. He would burn for his many devilish schemes.

By 1640, Portugal had split with Spain and now wanted Recife back from Holland.

By now Recife was being called New Holland, and Holland's Prince Maurice negotiated to keep it, if Holland would help Portugal fight Spain.

But as Holland was negotiating, New Holland was taking more Portuguese territory.

But Portuguese rebels finally started retaking New Holland in 1644.

Since 50% of the whites in New Holland were Jewish, the Jews were afraid of meeting the Inquisition. In order to protect them, Jews in Holland talked the States General into grating Dutch citizenship upon the Jews in New Holland only. This Patenta Onrossa was one of the first steps in gaining Jews rights.

As the Portuguese Armada enters the port of Recife in 1653, the leader of the Jews, Abraham Cohen overhears Dutch soldiers say that they would rather sack rich Jews, than defend them.

And 1654 marks the end of the first open Jewish settlement in the New World.

Business practices of future American immigrants

Jews bought slaves at company (The Dutch West India Company) auction and sold to farmers on the instalment plan -- no money down, 3 years to pay at interest rates of 40 to 50%.

Since debts were paid in sugar, the Jews became sugar brokers as well.

Slaves were marked up 300% and dry goods 700%

---Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean, pg 135

Forced now to leave New Holland, Abraham Cohen and followers leave on the Falcon, but land in Jamaica that year of 1654, after being forced off course.

Now Jamaica was also a Jewish secret hiding place, as the heirs of Christopher Columbus owned Jamaica and was tolerant of Jews.

But the Spanish farmers in Jamaica objected to a Heretic ship landing on Heretic Island. This was an open invitation to the Inquisition.

There was no fear that the Dutch would come to the rescue. From 1651 to 1653, the 1st Anglo-Dutch War cost Holland 1,500 ships. In this weakened condition, it was no problem for the Portuguese to overrun New Holland.

The Dutch was spent and on the retreat. They would not be a Calvary coming to the rescue.

The Jews were ready to jump off the Dutch dog and jump onto the back of the English dog.

Lucky for the Jews (or perhaps the Jews made their own luck), Oliver Cromwell had his Puritan revolution in England the at the end of the 1st Anglo-Dutch War.

At this point,
England would become
the protector
of the nation of Israel.

Jews arranged a meeting with Cromwell and promised a Jewish Fifth Column in Jamaica to help Britain take Jamaica away from the Christopher Columbus family who have graciously given Jews a safe home for over a hundred years. (Nice guys that Jews are!)

"In addition to that, in your Grand Western Design, Mr. Cromwell, we will send our agents to New Amsterdam to help you take it away from Holland, another one of our good buddies and pals". (Getting the felling that these Jewish guys are really nice guys, right?)

"For you see, your Puritan cousins in New England are isolated from Britain's Southern plantations. Wouldn't it be nice, if you could have a secret coup d'etat to bring New Amsterdam into the English realm, uniting the Atlantic seaboard?

The Falcon was then allowed to sail from Jamaica to Cuba where they finish the trip on a French frigate, the St. Catherine, arriving in New Amsterdam in 1654.

The Dutch governor Peter Stuyvesant refuses to let them into New Amsterdam by calling them the hate-speech and racist "deceitful race".

Stuyvesant never knew how right he was.

Meanwhile, William of Orange finally realized that his Jewish Fifth Column had abandoned him for England, so he did so as well. In 1688, William and Mary self-deported themselves as Holland's leaders and entered England under the guise of the Glorious Revolution.

England was now established as a Judeo-Protestant powerhouse.

England would rule the seven seas, preventing any Catholics or Orthodox Christians from gaining dominance.

Why Constantinople is still Muslim,
but Jerusalem is now Jewish?

To end this story as we started -- the Fall of Constantinople in 1492 -- it is interesting to see a Christian country like England thwart every effort of another Christian country in their attempt to liberate Constantinople from the Muslims.

Yet, Great Britain has protected The Ottoman Turks from Russia for centuries.

The most notable example was when the Jewish Prime Minister Disraeli fought Russia in Afghanistan and in the under-reported aspect of this, provided British Royal Navy protection of Constantinople against Russian Orthodox Christian army sent to free the historical capital of their religion and empire.

For a further example, in fighting the Ottoman Empire during WWI, Great Britain, and Russia fought together as allies against the Ottoman Empire.

The Christian nation of England gave its treasure and its blood to defeat the Ottomans and give back the center of the Jewish homeland -- Jerusalem to the Jews.

On the other hand, the Christian nation of England forbid its Christian ally, Russia, from taking back the center of their Christian homeland -- Constantinople for the Orthodox Catholic Church.

Probably helped that the Russian Jews had overthrown the Russian Tsar and his Russian Orthodox Church, freeing the Ottoman Turks to safely slaughter 2 million Armenian Christians at the end of the war, thus freeing themselves from any outside Christian meddling, and insuring that the inside Christians would never take advantage of a weakened Turkish Empire in order to take control of Constantinople themselves.

America is no better than Britain

Bill Clinton bombed Serbian Orthodox Catholic Christians to help Kosovo Muslims free themselves of Christian control.

Bush overthrew a secular leader in Iraq holding down radical Islam. Then he was trying to rebuild Muslim Iraq better than what it was before. When we leave Iraq, first thing they will do is install a more Islamacist leader.

Ronald Reagan sent stinger missiles to the Taliban when Russian Orthodox Christians invaded Muslim Afghanistan.

9/11 forced Bush to "do something" about all the Muslims America was letting into our country, so he overthrew the Taliban. Now they are killing as many of our Christian soldiers as they can get at.

If there is one thing that Bill Maher gets right in his movie "Religuous" it's that in Islam, the women are totally segregated and hidden behind black robes and veils.

The only way for a young man to get them is through warfare.

If you live, you carry off the women you capture for your harem. If you die, no problem there either because there are 77 virgins waiting for you in heaven. It's a win-win situation either way. What a reward to motivate the troops!

Really, is there any Americans around who would have cared a whit if Russia had done to the Afghanistan as Ann Coulter suggested after 9/11, "Killed their leaders and convert the rest to a more peaceful religion.

What would America's leaders do if Russia decided to recapture Constantinople from the Muslims? Why they would threaten a nuclear war upon Russia.

Can our foreign policy be any more screwed up?

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