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August 14, 2009

Media Propaganda Warriors take no Prisoners

Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly Slams "Birther" Story Defends Lou Dobbs's Free-Speech Rights

David A. Patten
Obama-Linked Activists Targeting Glenn Beck in Boycott Campaign

It is rather interesting to me that two absolutely vile, hateful Talk Show hosts, both Jewish, are not targeted by the so-called "libs" more, but sweet, mild-mannered, all-American, and beloved reporters Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs are attacked, with people demanding they be fired from their jobs for simple news reporting, as you can read about below.

Are either Glen Beck or Lou Dobbs nearly as irresponsible and depraved as Jewish media-Scribes Mike Levine or Michael Savage or Neil Boortz?

Why do the most offensive Jewish media-Scribes get off the hook?

I have a theory -- They are Manchurian Candidates.

In fact, by stating that the Birth Certificate issues is a dead story, we are finding all kinds of Manchurian Candidates in our mist :

  • Ann Coulter (Tell me it isn't so -- hurts so bad!!)
  • Lou Dobbs (although, he may be playing the game, as he keeps reporting on it)
  • Bill O'Reilly (Never have been able to tell where he would come down on any issue)

    Again, the Jewish media-Scribe trio of Manchurian Candidates who pretend to be on our side are:

  • Mark Levine (Jewish Rude and crude - Never lets anyone finish before rudely cursing them)
  • Michael Savage (Also Jewish rude and totally crude)
  • Neal Boortz (If I remember right yet another Jewish rude and crude, but more polished than Levine or Savage)

    Propaganda War against Glenn Beck

      The campaign against [Glen] Beck stems from remarks he made on the July 28 Fox & Friends program, following Obama's assertion that the Cambridge Police Department had acted "stupidly" in its arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates.

      Obama later backed off from those words, and invited Gates and the arresting officer, Sgt. James Crowley, to join him at the White House for a beer.

      "This president I think has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again, who has a deep seated hatred for . . . white people? Or the white culture?" Beck asked. "I don't know what it is, but you can't sit in a pew with [former Obama pastor] Jeremiah Wright for 20 years and not hear some of that stuff, have it wash over."

      The show's co-host, Brian Kilmeade, replied to Beck: "But listen, you can't say he doesn't like white people.

      David Axelrod's white, Rahm Emanuel his chief of staff is white."

    WRONG!!! -- David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are NOT WHITE

    Brian Kilmeade just don't get it.

    David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel are both JEWISH whites.

    They don't count when you talk about whites and blacks!

    If you accused Axelrod or Emanuel of anything, you would be called an anti-Semite if you did so.

    When the Jewish media-Scribes talk about whites, they are ONLY talking about white CHRISTIANS!

    The ol' Double Standard

    Of course, there is a double standard.

      "If the left wants to clean up hate speech, they can start in their own ranks," Noyes says.

      "We had a syndicated radio host Mike Malloy go on the air after this, and say he hoped Glenn Beck would commit suicide on live TV.

      A few days later he said he hoped Rush Limbaugh choked to death on his own fat.

      There are hate-filled things coming out of the left-wing media all the time, but it doesn't seem to get the left riled up or upset."

    Propaganda War against Lou Dobbs

    As you know, many people are trying to get Lou Dobbs fired for simply reporting on a story - the story of Obama's birthplace.

    What is interesting and informative in all this is the propaganda of accusing others of propaganda.

    Bill O'Reilly interview with Richard Cohen,
    a Jewish Pharisee of the
    Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
    (video below)

    Bill O'Reilly talks to Pharisee Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center, while defending Lou Dobbs reporting on the Obama birth controversy.

    Pharisee Cohen wants Lou Dobbs fired, to which O'Reilly says:
      You know, I don't know why you guys are overreacting to this. I mean --come on -- it's not true -- Lou Dobbs is trying to get ratings -- trying to be provocative -- He says three times he believes President Obama is a U.S. Citizen -- He's just using this to stir the pot and get viewers, so why are you overreacting?"

      -- Bill O'Reilly talking to Richard Cohen

    Let's diagnose O'Reilly's statement.

    O'Reilly believes "Ratings" should triumph over "Truth"

    First off, it appears that O'Reilly is not interested in reporters reporting the truth, certainly not before checking for viewership.

    Lou Dobbs believes that Obama is a "citizen" (Irrelevant - The constitutional question is whether Obama is a "Natural Born Citizen")

    So, Lou Dobbs is reporting both sides of the disagreement.

    Seems like exactly what we would want our reporters to do in a free society, yet O'Reilly is not pushing that argument.

    O'Reilly is only pushing the point the CNN's rating are down (mainly from reporting only the socialist side of the equation) and are trying to get their ratings back up.

    O'Reilly defends his competitor, Lou Dobbs

    Second, Lou Dobbs works for the competition - CNN. O'Reilly works for Fox News.

    Why is O'Reilly coming to the defense of his main news competitor?

    O'Reilly was supposed to be "fair and balanced" news to CNN. Isn't Lou Dobbs, CNN's answer to O'Reilly?

    Hints of collusion going on here. Well, OK, O'Reilly does say that Dobbs is wrong about the birth certificate.

    Pharisee Cohen responds

    Pharisee Richard Cohen responds:
      Well I'm not sure how innocent that is Bill. Lou Dobbs has been trading in these right-wing, baseless conspiracies for years, and the idea that it is OK just because he is trying to get ratings -- that seem like a poor excuse -- I wouldn't think that you would do the same thing just to get ratings."

      -- Richard Cohen

    And O'Reilly responds:

      Well some people would accuse me [of trying to get ratings] ... sure they would... you know what they do here.

      It is not an excuse Mr. Cohen, it's an explanation.

      If you want to watch Lou Dobbs -- watch him... If you don't -- don't. -- No ones forcing anyone to watch him....

      -- Bill O'Reilly

    O'Reilly is back on sound footing again -- Let the free market of ideas decide winners and losers.

    Let a low rating for Lou Dobbs be the excuse to fire him -- that is, let the viewing customers of CNN not wanting to watch Lou Dobbs be the reason that he is no good.

    But Americans do want to watch Lou Dobbs -- hence the anger from Pharisee Cohen.

    Again, O'Reilly asks why Cohen "wants his head", to which Pharisee Cohen responds

      Well, you know, we have a right to call for CNN to get him off the air -- He has no right to be on CNN -- CNN is being irresponsible about having him on the air.

      You know Bill, there is a big segment in our population that is not ready to accept a black president -- we have dead police officers in Pittsburgh -- we have dead police officers in Florida, who are upset over the Obama presidency -- and for Lou to add to this air of illegitimacy about him is really playing quite, quite a dangerous game, and I think if he's trying to get ratings that is not a very legitimate way of doing it, and CNN should do something about it.

      -- Richard Cohen

    Thankfully, O'Reilly correctly defends Lou Dobbs from this outrageous and baseless accusation of racism. From this man who conclusively proves that the charge of racism should be applied to himself as he looks himself in the mirror!

    I was laughing at Pharisee Cohen saying that dead policemen were upset over a Obama presidency. How would he know how dead policemen feel.

    Until I realized that he was referring to "a big segment in our population" who is racist.

    Does not matter to Pharisee Cohen that white Christians freed the black man that Jewish slave traders talked white Christians into using long ago. Does not matter that we gave them all the civil rights we have -- and then some. It just doesn't matter to Pharisee Cohen, white Christians are still racists.

    White Jews are not racists, from what I can infer from Jewish Pharisee Richard Cohen.

    Thankfully for America, many Christians are waking up to the fact that Jewish Pharisee leaders will accuse them of racism for anything they do.

    Taken to the extreme, hypothetically that is, I would love to hear this Jewish Pharisee Cohen accuse Ron Paul of being a racist for opposing our black President for wanting to re institute black slavery!

    Do not forget that Pharisee Cohen makes his living off at the Southern Poverty Law Center by accusing white Christians of being racists against blacks.

    One of my main themes in my web site -- Jews dividing blacks against whites, by a continued agitation between the races.

    Pharisee Cohen is one of these racist radical antagonists.

    News Reporting versus Propaganda

    Now we come to the heart of the argument of Cohen. He accuses Lou Dobbs of propaganda.

    "Jewish Pot calling the Kettle white?"

      Well there's a difference between you and Lou, Bill. You don't pretend to be a newscaster, your an opinion person. Lou wants it both ways. He wants to pretend he's a newscaster and the reality is that he is a propagandist. And we are not telling the government that they have got to fire Lou Dobbs. We are telling CNN that they should exercise some editorial judgement, and take off an irresponsible voice.

      -- Richard Cohen

    And there is the laughingly absurd statement.

    If propaganda hiding as legitimate news is grounds for removal, then pretty much all newscasters on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox needs to be taken off the air.

    Would be funny if not the double standard that Jewish media-Scribes hold against Christians.

    Change of subject

    Pharisee Cohen does not let up as he trots out an honest mistake Lou Dobbs made when reporting erroneous leprosy numbers he was given.

    Thankfully again O'Reilly is on top of things, by stating to obvious fact that we all make mistakes -- we're human.

      OK, Mr. Cohen, if you are going to ask for the firing of every irresponsible commentator -- it never ends -- you can parade them out -- any mistake, any opinion you don't like -- they should be fired -- they should be fired

      The marketplace takes care of it.

      Lou Dobbs' ratings are not very good. CNNs having a very hard time -- the folks are deciding -- you know -- and for you to get on there and demand CNN fire him -- Number 1, you help Lou Dobbs, because the people who don't like you and don't like that approach, will probably go watch him and see how he responds and CNNs never going to fire him - you know that. You would be better off, in my humble opinion, to make your case -- you don't believe its fair -- you believe it exploitative -- possibly dangerous -- and then walk away.

      Its the marketplace of ideas, Mr. Cohen. I will give you the last word.

      -- Bill O'Reilly

    And Pharisee Cohen gets the last word

      I'm not quite as cynical as you are Bill. I think if enough people speak out, CNN will listen and be more responsible in the future.

      -- Richard Cohen

    Very weak argument from Pharisee Cohen.

    Calls for censorship from the same group of guys who own the presses, are indeed dangerous.

    Bill O'Reilly Slams "Birther" Story
    Defends Lou Dobbs's Free-Speech Rights

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