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Oct 6, 2009

Banned Books and real Banned Books

Chelsea Schilling
Perversion 101: Kids taught 'gay' sex, rape, bestiality

English teacher Kathleen Renard at William Byrd High School in Vinton, Va. provided her personal copy of a book called "Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky.

All done as part of the celebration of the American Library Association's "Banned Book Week."

Banned Books : Your ticket to Freedom!!!

If your ticket to freedom is pornography for your kid without your consent, then it's a ticket to a porn show.

Some freedom!

And J.K Rowling is listed on the ticket as a banned book???

I suppose all the Harry Potter movies are banned movies as well!

Harry Potter is your ticket to freedom?

Freedom from what? To enjoy light-hearted witchcraft?

I can picture the scene in my mind:
    "Parent burned at the stake
    for banning witchcraft for his kid!"

Banned is a twisted word

The problem is the same case as with all liberal thought -- the opposite of what they say is the real reality.

Liberals complained bitterly in the 1930's about having their freedom of speech rights trampled on -- get it? They were speaking about not being able to speak.

Likewise, banned books were never banned. If they were banned, then they would not exist.

One might as well say that x-rated porn is banned free speech.

The only part we want banned is what the government can show to our kids, whom we have entrusted them with in their government schools.

No porn is not appropriate to be show to our children, especially without our knowledge and consent.

And "Perks of Being a Wallflower" is literary porn.

Examples of real Banned Books

If you want real banned books, you can't have them -- they are not published.

The media-Scribe-controlled publishing houses won't publish them, nor would they promote them.

Examples would be:
  • A book written by this web site.

  • A book written to explain the German side of WW2

  • A book that documented the Holodomor

  • A book that explained the real Jewish influence in socialist movements

  • A book that explained the historical connection between Judaism and Islam

Examples of Banned Books IN SCHOOL

Since the real topic is banned book in government schools, once again we must set the record straight.

Examples of real banned books for school kids.
  • The Bible

  • Any book dealing with Christian spirituality

  • Any book which praises America as the greatest nation on Earth

  • Any book which praises the accomplishments of Europeans over all others

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