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May 18, 2008
America Should Choose Better Friends

Germans were starving after WW1. Many have asked if the Pharisees pushed Germans to the brink of starvation though an engineered 1920's/1930's financial collapse? Many others have said that this was the plan all along --to push anti-Semitism so as to gain the sympathy needed to create Israel.

But today, I wish to admonish America to choose better friends. We could have done worst by siding with Hitler. -- OK, we did worst -- We sided with Stalin!

Let this side-by-side comparison between Hitler and Stalin sink in and you will realize how totally duped we have all been. To a Jew, Hitler may indeed have been bad news, but you are a Christian. To you as a Christian, which man would you have chosen as America's friend and which one as America's moral enemy?

  • Hitler was anti-Jewish
    (Everyone has been trained to agree with this by now, right?)
  • Stalin was pro-Jewish
    (Stalin's communist country was founded and controlled by Jews -- Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Lev Rosenfeld, Solomon Lozovsky, etc. Stalin could not have gained power in post-Christian, post-Czarist Russia without having had a pro-Jewish, John-Hagee-style, love affair with Judaism)
  • Hitler was a National Socialist
  • Stalin was a National Socialist
    (as opposed to Trotsky, who favored an international struggle for communism)
  • Hitler was born Catholic
  • Stalin was born Catholic
    (Can a moral story be made of Russian Orthodox Catholicism vs Roman Catholicism?  Catholic means universal -- which really means the Christian Church opened to all peoples of all nations, instead of Judaism only open to one people of one nation)
  • Hitler, born Catholic, helped Franco in the Spanish Civil War, where communists slaughtered 10,000 Catholic priests and nuns, in trying to overthrow Franco
  • Stalin, born Catholic, on his orders, had over 100,000 Catholic priests, nuns and monks shot during the Stalinist purges of 1937-1938, in trying to overthrow Christianity.
  • Hitler was a soldier during WW1, receiving the Iron Cross, Second Class, in 1914 for bravery
  • Stalin was a bank robber before WW1 (To support the communist cause, of course)
  • Hitler was a soldier during WW1, where in 1916, he was wounded in the leg during the Battle of the Somme, but returned to the front in March 1917. For this, he received the Wound Badge later that year.
  • Stalin led an extortion ring before WW1 (A protection racket to gain money for revolutionary activities). (To support the communist cause, of course)
  • Hitler was a soldier during WW1, where in 1918, he received the Iron Cross, First Class, an honour rarely given to a lance corporal (Gefreiter)
  • Stalin engaged in kidnappings of oil tycoons in the oil-rich Baku region for ransom money before WW1. (To support the communist cause, of course)
  • Hitler was never married
  • Stalin was a pedophile who while a prisoner in 1913 , at the age of 35, fathered two children to under-aged 13-year-old Lidia Pereprygina
  • Hitler engineered the Beer Hall Putsch on November 8, 1923 (See Hitler's reasons at the end of this article when discussing Germany's history just prior to Hitler)
  • Stalin engineered the 1921 Red Army invasion of Georgia and took harsh measures to subdue any resistance, two years before Hitler's first use of power
  • Hitler led the patriotic civilian militia called the Brown Shirts (former decorated soldiers in defense of Germany. Associated with the Freikorps)
  • Stalin organized assassinations of the Black Hundreds (A civilian militia of supporters for the Tsar before WW1
  • Hitler, born Catholic, was elected by a majority of "The Pope Does Not Speak For Me" Lutherans, to be their moral leader
  • Stalin, born Catholic, having never been elected, outlawed his own Russian Orthodox Catholic religion
  • Hitler's military took the historic German Sudetenland, liberating 3.2 million Germans, prior to invading Poland
  • Stalin's communist thugs took Christian Czarist Russia, and the non-Russian lands of Mongolia, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Moldavia, Latvia, Estonia, and Albania, prior to invading Poland
  • Hitler invades Poland, on September 1, 1939
  • Stalin invades Poland, on September 15, 1939.
  • Hitler frees German citizens whose lands around Gdansk had been given to Poland as WW1 punishment for Germany
  • Stalin enslaves all non-German Poles, and on March 5, 1940, executes 25,700 Polish military leaders, in the Katyn Forest Massacre
  • Hitler, when freeing Germans and German lands in Poland, had not yet killed a single Jew, but accused Jews of being the instigators of their problems. France and England declared war on Hitler
  • Stalin, when enslaving Poland, accused Christianity of being the "Opiate of the Masses" instigator of their problems AND had already slaughtered roughly 40 million devout Christians. France and England did not declare war on Stalin.
  • Hitler did later become famous for his round-up of the Jews, where he sent them to concentration camps.
  • Stalin was already famous for his "show trials", where men were convicted with no evidence against them as being "enemies of the people" and sent to the Gulag in Siberia.
  • Hitler was defeated. Germany had to give up all claims to other lands.
  • Stalin was victorious. Russia was busy occupying Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, East Germany, Yugoslavia AND Poland, the country France and England went to war to protect its freedom.
  • Hitler's friends were tried and executed at Nuremberg for "crimes against humanity".
  • Stalin's friend Mao thanked Stalin for helping him take control of China, allowing him to slaughter 60 million Chinese "enemies of the people".
  • Hitler, we are told by the media-Scribes, was the most vile and evil man who has ever walked the face of the Earth.
  • Stalin, we are told by President Roosevelt, was America's "Uncle Joe", standing side-by-side with "Uncle Sam".

The moral of the story?

America needs to pick better friends as Stalin was the worst choice America could have made for a friend, at a time when America was trying so hard to be morally superior to Hitler.

A little extra German history is of order outlining the treasonous revolutions instigated by the Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees just preceding Hitler's rise to power in Germany.

November 7, 1918, the first anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, Jewish Pharisee Kurt Eisner, a socialist, takes advantage of chaos in post-war Germany to instigate a successful coup in Bavaria.

On January 1, 1919, the communists under Jewish Pharisee Rosa Luxemburg and others takes control of Berlin, the capital of Germany, in the Spartacus Uprising (named after a famous Roman gladiator revolt).

Meanwhile, back in Bavaria, on February 21, 1919, a Jewish Pharisee, Anton Graf Arco-Valley, had just assassinated the socialist Jewish Pharisee Kurt Eisner. This cleared the way for hard-line Communist and Jewish Pharisee Eugene Levine to declare the entire German Bavarian region to be the Bavarian Soviet Republic, murdering among others, the well-connected Christian Prince Gustav von Thurn, Taxis and the Countess Hella von Westarp.

Coming to the rescue, the Freikorps, (Freedom Corps) a patriotic civilian militia, re-captured Berlin on January 12, 1919, executing Jewish Pharisee ringleaders Luxemburg and Liebknecht, while on May 3, the Freikorps militia had re-captured Bavaria, sending Jewish Pharisee Levine to the firing squad.

    The "Big Picture" Moral of the Story
    Normal Patriotic Germans were not at all paranoid about the Jewish Pharisees. In fact, they had well-founded reasons to fear them, to fear for their freedom, and to fear for their lives. In sum, to the average German, Hitler seemed like their savior.

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