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October 24, 2008

Kristallnacht - A Lesson for Today

The Makings of History / Hitler gave the order

An appropriate title -- "The Makings of History".

Since the media-Scribes report our history and thus document our history, so many times the history lesson begins at the exact moment that Jews start to suffer. For their morality play, many Hollywood movies go straight to the Holocaust.

The movie Fiddler on the Roof has our innocent friendly Jewish family soon facing Russian Pogroms. No mention that the Czar had just been assassinated by a cowardly Jewish terrorist team.

Now, here is an interesting take.

Told to a strictly Jewish audience, not to a Christian audience, Haaretz is honest enough to tell us that Kristallnacht was a reaction to the terrorist assassination of a German diplomat Ernst Vom Rath who had died of his wounds from a gunshot two days earlier in Paris, by a young Jewish terrorist named Herschel Grynszpan.

As I am want to do, must I point out what happens anytime a Palestinian youth guns down an Israeli policeman, or launches a rocket into an Israeli border town?

Come on, do I have to tell you?

They have massive retaliation. In effect, they have a Palestinian Kristallnacht pretty much weekly over there in Israel. They bulldoze down some poor Palestinian woman's home. They launch fighter jets to bomb villages. They send tanks through the Arab street and crush anything that gets in their way. They ask for papers at all border crossings, many entirely within the Arab West Bank. Many Palestinians live in what can only be little more than a concentration camp, unable to return to their homes that the Israelis have occupied. The Palestinians live under an Apartheid system.

Kristallnacht by Jewish storm troopers against innocent Palestinian women and children just nevers gets the same coverage by the media-Scribes.

After a Palestinian terror attack, the Israelis do to innocent civilian Palestinians pretty much everything that the media-Scribes constantly moan that the German Christians did to innoncent Jews after a Jewish terror attack.

Except that the media-Scribes never bother to tell us that the attack by Christians on Jews was first provoked by Jews attacking Christians. They just start at the point that Jews suffer, never the point where Christians first suffered.

You know what they say, "History is written by the Victors!"

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