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August 2, 2009

Blood Diamonds don't kill Black People:

Diamond Merchants kill Black people

Blood diamond
Wikipedia -- Blood diamond

Blood diamond
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Blood diamond
The History Channel -- Blood diamond

Greg Campbell
Blood diamond

The moral of the story behind the movie Hotel Rwanda was that the world sat back and did nothing as Hutu tribe members slashed up millions of Tutsi tribe members.

At least the West could say it was not our fault.

Not so with the genocides associated with blood diamonds.

Watch the History Channel video of Blood Diamonds -- > here

like guns,
don't kill People

This is the liberal Jewish media-Scribe's worst nightmare.

If the Jewish media-Scribes can instill guilt on middle America over illegal Mexicans getting easy access to guns with our Second Amendment protections.

If the Jewish media-Scribes can complain about American guns crossing the borders into Canada and Mexico, and into the hands of criminals.

If the Jewish media-Scribes can get away with implicating middle-class fly-over America for buying their loved one a diamond ring.

Then the Jewish media-Scribes have a lot of explaining to do over the trade of diamonds.

The civil wars of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Angola and others, with the worst kinds of weapons crossing their borders, has been traced by researcher Glen Campbell to the trade in diamonds and documented in his book Blood Diamonds.

Campbell documents modern-day pirates confiscating entire diamond-mining regions, using machine guns, RPG grenade and land mines, forcing the locals to pan for diamonds as slaves and using machetes to cut the arms off all potential competitors, so that they cannot pan for diamonds all while running off thousands of others from their towns and villages.

If Middle America owns the 2nd Amendment,
then Jews own the diamond trade.

In the History Channel presentation, ordinary [Christian] Americans are interviewed to see if they knew where the diamonds in their wedding ring had came from. All of them told the interviewer that the diamonds had come from their local jeweler.

Not asked, but implied in the documentary would have been the question, "And do you know how many people died, how many lost their homes and communities, how many lost their hands to get you your diamond?

The implication for the ordinary Christian viewer was that they were an accomplice to these genocides, albeit, an unknowing accomplice.

Next on the interview list were men with last names of Goldberg, President of Goldberg Diamond Corporation, without bothering to get into the details of his ethnicity or religion.

Diamonds are shown in the documentary being cleaved and polished by men with yarmulkes (skullcaps), on their heads, evidence of a fervent Jew to anyone who noticed.

Now if asked where I got my diamonds, I can say I got them from my local Jewish diamond reseller, who got it from a large Jewish-owned diamond corporation.

Who got them from Muslim thugs, who slaughter Christians

The documentary interviews a RUF member with the Muslim name of Mohammad, who personally knew the leader of the RUF and was apparently very close to this butcher.

The documentary also interviews several of their victims with no hands having the names of Usman Conteh and Ma Musu Thoronka. I do not recognize them as Muslim names.

Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, and occupied several times by RUF armies, is composed almost entirely of freed American and British slaves returned to their ancestral homes, as the practice of slavery was being shut down by good Christians.

One would expect these descendants of American slaves to be Christian.

Could my stereotype be yet again confirmed that Muslims attack Christians and not the other way around?

Black Africans are once again slaughtering each other, Muslims dominating Christians, over a few trinkets the Jewish diamond traders give them or more to the point, over the guns, RPG launchers and land mines that the Jewish diamond traders give them in exchange for the diamonds they sell us to put in our rings we use in our marriage proposals.

In Muslim tradition, if someone steal what belongs to you, then you have legal recourse to cut their hands off, so they can steal no longer.

Cruelly, these Muslims were cutting off the hands of the same people they had stolen the diamond lands from.

The RUF members were telling them that the hands were cut off to keep them out of politics.

    Now I have to clear up one item which does not fit the stereotype of bloody Muslims against innocent Christians. -- One of the interviewees had a Muslim name of Ibrahim.

    Ibrahim had both hands cut off as his wife and children were being burned to death in a building along with 50 others.

    Here is my theory to explain this.

    Religions are not always the determining factor.

    Ibrahim could have simply been, in the wrong tribe, at the wrong time.

    His wife could have been a Christian, which would explain why they burned her and spared his life.

    Muslims have been known to kill their own co-religionists for such acts as marrying outside of their religion.

    Weak argument, but so much of this is speculation anyway, born out of experience, agreed?

Greedy Jewish Diamond Traders
are Responsible for this Misery

Because of its riches in diamonds, black Sierra Leone should have a good life for all its citizens.

Instead, it has more far misery than if it had no diamonds at all.

Don't believe me? Watch the History Channel presentation on the web.

Freed American Slaves
by uncaring Jewish insensitivity

Greg Campbell focused the lights on blood diamonds, again without mentioning who was funding the cruel Muslim militias.

The implication was that it was the diamonds who were killing -- maiming -- raping.

Like NBC News implies that a gun picked itself up and shot a young child.

Ever since Campbell focused the world's spotlight on the diamond trade, the Jewish diamond industry has had to clean up its act.

But all the while no one was looking, for two decades, when tens of thousands of poor black freed Christian American and British slaves were being mutilated by heartless Muslim blacks, the Jewish diamond merchants of death were making themselves fabulously wealth on diamonds they received from slave death camps.

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