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May 15, 2009

__Florence Shapiro__

My Current State Senator

My Future Federal Senator

Source: WAYNE SLATER / The Dallas Morning News
Florence Shapiro weighs run for U.S. Senate

Source: NNDB
Republican Jewish Coalition

Source: W. Gardner Selby
Senators banter about monuments to white women, Holocaust

Source: WorldNetDaily
Pro-Khomeini imam to pray before Texas Senate

Source: Texas Legislature Bill
Senate Bill 482

For full disclosure, I have to say that I have met Florence Shapiro once.

I called to make an appointment to discuss an issue of great importance to me -- the repeal of the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Unlike the warm welcome I received from House 70 representative Ken Paxton, Mrs. Shapiro made it extremely difficult for me to book the appointment.

Perhaps I was not important enough, or perhaps she is just a lot more busy than Mr. Paxton is.

Neither one did a thing with my suggestion, but at least Paxton did the expected concerned politician act of "listening to his constituent".

Actually, I was made to wait for Florence outside her office and while waiting, there was a mother and daughter, also waiting.

The daughter was to receive a commendation from Florence for some little girl thing she had done and her proud mother was beaming.

The mother had told someone her name and just out of casual conversation, I mentioned something like the fact that her name sounded Jewish and wasn't it interesting that Florence was also Jewish. Not really important, but in the name of disclosure, you know.

Little did I know at the time that this would become my theme for Mrs. Shapiro.

First, that she mainly concerns herself with little school girls and second, that she mainly concerns herself with little Jewish school girls and third, because of the 17th Amendment, money from outside Texas will be buying her election to the U.S. Senate.

Concern for little girls are good for moms and school teachers I suppose, but neither are very relevant to the highly critical job she is about to apply for -- safeguarding America -- and Texas!

Florence Shapiro's Bio

Wikipedia says of Florence Shapiro,

"A first-generation American, Florence Shapiro was born in New York City, the daughter of two Holocaust survivors."

What in the heck is someone from


doing running the Great State of Texas?

(Compliments of the Pace Picante "Get a Rope" commecial.)

Actually, to be fair, we will not hold this against Senator Shapiro, as New York City has been a part of America longer than Texas has been in existence, and because this author had to swim the Red River to get to Texas from Oklahoma, so he has no room to talk!

To be sure, given no other concerns, anyone who freely moves to Texas and lives their entire life here is worthy of representing Texas.

In addition, no one can hold the fact that both her parents were foreigners, since Florence is "a first-generation American". -- Not even our own President can meet that lower-than-basement-low standard of citizenship.

What I found interesting was the reference to being "the daughter of two Holocaust survivors". Now, that means she might be Jewish, right?

Ah yes, it says so in the bio section. Florence Shapiro is indeed Jewish.

Now, anyone who knows this web site knows that this subject catches our attention. We will speak of that later.

Shapiro's Accomplishments in Wikipedia

Under the "Texas Senate" of the "Political Career" section of Wikipedia, there was this grand accomplishment:

Shapiro served as the Governor for a day, the sixth woman in Texas history to do so.

Does not say what she did for either Texas or her State Senate seat on her one day in office.

Well, she evidently is well liked, she was elected as the President Pro-tem.

In January 2005, she was elected President pro tempore of the State Senate, becoming second in the gubernatorial line of succession, behind the Lieutenant Governor of Texas. She was the first senator from Collin County to serve in that position in more than forty years.

Again, no indication of what she has done for Texas or her State Senate District 8.

For the accomplishments of Florence Shapiro, we will need to look on her own web page to see what she seems most proud of doing.

Meanwhile, we discover that Florence will be running for the Federal Senate seat of Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Due to her friendship with Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, it was widely speculated that Shapiro would run for Hutchison's seat upon her resignation for her own gubernatorial run against Rick Perry. On July 15, 2008, Shapiro announced the formation of an exploratory committee for U.S. Senate, the first candidate to do so. It is chaired by former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. Since the formation of the committee, Shapiro has begun heavy fund-raising, both in Texas and out-of-state...

Just as Illinois had to have a black man to replace Obama and New York had to have a woman to replace Hillary, now it appears that political correctness has hit Texas as well.

Texas will be told that they have to have a woman to replace a woman in the Federal Senate.

But this will also create yet another politically correct first for Texas. -- Texas's very first Jewish Senator.

In all future elections in Texas, Texans will also have to re-elect a Jewish woman or Texas will be forevermore labeled anti-Semitic by the Jewish media-Scribes.

Shapiro to receive "out-of-state" Money ?

What really rattles me is the money Mrs. Shapiro is raising out-of-state.

Why stop there? Should Mrs. Shapiro also receive "out-of-country" money, as both Clinton and Bush have received?

Is this legal?

How exactly does out-of-state money help Texans obtain representation in the U.S. Senate?

This smacks more of the tactics of Al Frankenstein Franken of Minnesota.

Al Franken, also a Jewish Pharisee, received millions of Jewish dollars from his years joking around with the Jewish Hollywood media-Scribe set, then he received more millions of dollars from the Jewish New York City TV media-Scribe set from his Saturday Night Live days.

  • Jews may be represented:
  • California may be represented;
  • New York may be represented;
  • But certainly, Minnesota will NOT be represented.

And Christians in America wonder why our politicians don't listen to us?

Mrs. Shapiro can probably be counted on to represent Jewish Pharisee interests in New York City, before representing Christians from Lubbock or Sherman, Texas.

Since Florence Shapiro is on the Board of Directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition, I expect she will receive quite a lot of her money from this Jewish Neo-Con group, and will show her appreciation appropriately once elected.

I would feel much better if Mrs. Shapiro was on the Board of Directors of the Texas Angus Association, got them to give her campaign contributions, thus making her beholding to their interests.

That is the way the game is played, isn't it?

It also doesn't help matters that Florence Shapiro was on the George W. Bush for President Association.

Right up there alongside Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Sort of makes Florence Shapiro a Neo-Con globalist con artist, doesn't it?

With Mrs. Shapiro being in the Texas State Senate the entire time George Bush was Governor of Texas, and being President Pro tem of the Senate, she should have gotten to know Bush well enough to have not put her reputation on the line in supporting him for President.

Yet, once again, the American voters will have been suckered.

Florence Shapiro, yet another Education Senator

Didn't Texas already send a "No child left behind" politician up to Washington?

Shapiro began her professional career as a public school English and speech teacher for the Richardson Independent School District in Richardson, Texas.

Education laws has become her niche in the State Senate.

Sam Merten in It's Gettin' All Political Up in This Piece, describes Mrs. Shapiro:

Senator Florence Shapiro -- she is the go-to gal for all things education in the state as the chair of the Senate Education Committee.

Naturally, when asked about Florence's U.S. Senate bid, her political consultant, Bryan Eppstein, states for the record:

"If she did run [for the U.S. Senate]," said Mr. Eppstein, "I think public education would be a strong plank in her platform."

There is plenty of room to read that statement either way.

Mrs. Shapiro, the school teacher, could be a good Republican and submit a bill to abolish the Department of Education, leaving education in local hands, or she could go "bi-partisan" and expand federal control over education even more than it is now.

Knowing main-stream politicians fairly well, I'll place all my bets with the latter scenario.

So let me get this straight. Texans will select Florence Shapiro to represent Texas in the United States Senate, because she is our top expert on kindergarten?

Asking a U.S. Senator to stick her nose into local education is like having a Vice-President of Texas Instruments stick his nose into the procedure on how to best dip wafers into a DI water bath. It's just not the most efficient way to run a place.

It is equivalent to sending a fab operator to the Texas Instruments executive suite, in order to run financials on the last quarterly sales of OMAP chips to Nokia.

The concerns of the federal government should be national security; insuring that there are no roadblocks in commerce to American industries becoming predominate in nanotechnology and genetics; stopping piracy on the high seas; confirming Constitutional judges; giving consent to Constitutional international treaties; and all those other Constitutional responsibilities of a U.S. Senator?

Let me ask a question: Is sending a former school teacher and current school teacher promoter to Congress the best Texas can do?

Shapiro's Monument to White Women

Senate Administration Committee members advanced proposals related to ensuring a Juneteenth monument, honoring the day Texas slaves learned of the Emancipation Proclamation and the placement of a monument dedicated to Tejanos, both of them on the Capitol grounds.

To which Florence Shapiro joked --

"I just told you; I want a white women's monument."

--State Senator Florence Shapiro

If Florence wanted to be serious, she should have said --

"I just told you; I want a white SINGLE MOTHER women's monument."

--State Senator Florence Shapiro, what she really should have said

For spending state funds, I would tend to go along with the quote from someone named "sebo".
By sebo

May 12, 2009

As a taxpayer... I want the following tribute statutes on the capital ground:

  • A statute commemorating the Battle of Medina of 1812... more texicans, native texans and other freedom fighters died in this battle "here in Texas" than the whole Texas revolution combined.

  • A statute commemorating the Battle of Conception... the battle that led to the battle at the Alamo...

  • A statute commemorating the Battle of Alazan Creek... also a battle demonstrating the quest for freedom from tyranny and despotic government here in Texas...

    Ok... get the drift?... we need to celebrate the elements of what makes Texas great...

  • Florence Shapiro does get the last laugh.

    She goes beyond spending Texas tax dollars commemorating important dates in Texas History, for all Texans, as Sebo suggests.

    She goes beyond special awareness for Texas groups; for blacks with a Juneteenth monument and one for Hispanics with a Tejanos monument.

    She even goes beyond the shores of America, across the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to Germany, our enemy during World War II, in order to commemorate what our sworn enemies did to their own citizens in their own country.

    She wants to establish a Holocaust commission.

    On April 23, 2009 the bill was considered in formal meeting and reported favorably without amendment(s)

    In the first paragraph of the bill, the reason is given for the bill:

    Approximately 15 million people died in the Holocaust and other genocides in the 20th century.

    The purpose of creating the Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission (commission) is to ensure that the Holocaust and other genocide incidents will never occur again and that schools and organizations in smaller communities have access to Holocaust and genocide information that is available in larger cities.

    Texas Senate Bill 482

    Frankly, I have always been more than offended by the implication that the same American Christians who overthrew the Nazi Regime are in need of having their noses rubbed in the Holocaust.

    And I have since become even more enraged that Jewish Pharisees like Florence Shapiro never wish to commemorate the Jewish Holodomor of 7 million Ukrainians of which their Jewish relatives were a party, taking place only a few years before Hitler came to power.

    It is almost as if Mrs. Shapiro was a Holodomor denier!

    Since my family has been peacefully living in America for many generations, and since Mrs. Shapiro's parents are recently arrived from Europe, perhaps Florence's family has more to answer for the Judeo-Communist savagery they have invoked on Russia's Christians, and almost did the same to German, BEFORE Hitler was first elected into office, than my family has to answer for the Jewish Holocaust.

    Perhaps Mrs. Shapiro can explain why Judeo-Communist Russia, where 80% of the commisars were Jewish, was our ally during WWII, after they too had invaded and occupied Poland in a secret pact with Hitler?

    While explaining that, she can explain why the Judeo-Communists took the added pleasure of carting off all Polish Christian intelectuals to Siberian Gulag Concentration Camps where they all perished. Poland was also our ally against Germany!

    Mrs. Shapiro needs to explain how top Jewish government officials here in America, knew that the Russians had rounded up all Polish military officers and slaughtered them at Katyn Forest, following their first invasion, only to be later discovered by the Germans, and then explain why no one objected to the lies when the Judeo-Communists doctored the Massacre graves upon the second invasion, blaming all the atrocities on the Germans.

    How can we have government officials like Mrs. Shapiro force our children to hear stories that the Germans performed a Holocaust against Jews, when our own officials will not come clean about Germans being blamed for the Katyn Forest Massacre?

    The Muslims commited genocide against the 2 million Armenian Christians living in Turkey toward the end of the First World War. Why cannot Mrs. Shapiro, good friend of Muslim Iman Kavakci, find the same moral fortitude to force our the government schools into having our children learn about that sad affair?

    By the way, Florence, thank God your family survived the Holocaust, because my uncle fought Hitler to save your parents and he never came home.

    The bill requires the commission to provide advice and assistance to Texas primary and secondary schools and institutions of higher education regarding implementation of Holocaust and genocide courses of study and awareness programs; meet with appropriate public and private organization representatives to provide information on and to assist in planning, coordinating, or modifying Holocaust and genocide courses of study and awareness programs;

    Texas Senate Bill 482

    The blacks and the Hispanics were happy to have a monument on the Capitol grounds which few Texas children will ever see.

    Mrs. Shapiro on the other hand wants total immersion of the minds of our children in all the "feel my pain" Jewish experience.

    Holocaust Awareness programs needed? Give me a break!

    We have Hollywood for our Holocaust Awareness programs.

    We had five movies all running over the last "Christian" Holy-days, giving us an awareness of the Jewish Holocaust.
      The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
      Valkyrie (Stauffenberg portrayed as driven to save Jews and not Christianity)
      The Reader

    There has been over 254 Holocaust movies to date.

    I think we have Holocaust saturation already, but Florence wants to ram just a little more down the throats of our children in those public schools she is so proud of.

    Now I know why she is so keen on "education".

    Lastly, Mrs. Shapiro adds words that should send shivers up the spine of any red-blooded American -- Texas laws reflecting and bowing down to United Nations laws.

    The definition of genocide included in the bill is the legal definition of genocide provided by Article 2 of the 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    Texas Senate Bill 482

    Florence Shapiro's bestest friend, Imam Yusuf Kavakci

    On April 5th , 2007, with a slap to the face to all Christians, Jewish Texas Senator Florence Shapiro invited Imam Yusuf Kavakci from the Dallas Central Mosque to open the Texas Senate for prayer on the last day of the State Senate, before closing on Good Friday.

    "In the name of god, Allah, the beneficent, the merciful. All praise is for Allah, our lord, the lord of the worlds, the compassionate, the merciful, master of the day of judgements. Oh, god, Allah, you alone we worship, and you alone we call on for help. Oh, Allah, guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not of those who have earned your wrath or of those who have lost the way. Our lord, have mercy on us from yourself and guide us in our efforts, strivings, and works.""

    -- Speech before the Texas Legislature
    --by Imam Yusef Kavakci
    --on April 5, 2007

    This bears repeating:

      Oh, Allah, guide us to the straight path, the path of those whom you have favored, not of those who have earned your wrath or of those who have lost the way.

    In the Iman's carefully prepared speech, he was actually praying to his God to guide Jews and Christians onto the wrong path, since they had earned Allah's wrath.

    And this guy was touted by Mrs. Shapiro as a moderate!

    At a time when one would hope a Jewish politician would be inviting Muslims to leave America and go home, Florence Shapiro instead is inviting them to invoke prayers for our State representatives in the name of Allah just before the greatest of all Christian "holy-days".

    Typical, it was Jewish leaders like Florence Shapiro who knew full well the dangers of Islam, before innocent American Christians did, and whom still opened wide America's doors to them.

    Nice that she is so tolerant of Muslims in my homeland, since the Jewish lobby has American Christian soldiers over in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon both Pakistan and Iran protecting her homeland, along with giving billions of American dollars of military aid to Israel and billions of dollars of dhimmitude paid every year to Egypt in order to keep the Egyptians from invading her homeland.

    I feel a sense that American Christian noses are once again being rubbed in the manure by Mrs. Shapiro.


    Yes indeed, Jewish Pharisee Florence Shapiro looks to be the unstoppable next U.S. Senator from Texas.

    Here though is what I submit that Texans, Christians and Americans should be concerned about.

    On the one hand, the fact that the family of Florence Shariro felt the need and urge to travel to Texas to raise their family, and the fact that Florence has freely choosen to remain a Texan, to live in Texas, and to raise her family in Texas, proves beyond a shadow of a fact that she can represent Texas.

    On the other hand, the fact that her family was Jewish and that she freely chose to remain Jewish, that she seems to favor Islam over Christianity, that she is most likely getting more political funding from Jewish organizations than Texas organizations, that she is on the board of the Jewish Republican Coalition, and that she has never felt the need or the urge to convert to Christianity, implies to me that she would not represent Christianity well.

    And if you do not represent the majority of Christians in a country founded by Christians, then what is Texas but just a big piece of land.

    America was not founded solely upon Jewish morals, it was founded upon Christian morals, which extend the morals of its Judaic bedrock.

    Can a school teacher who became a glorified school superintentant in the Texas Senate, once she gets elected to the U.S. Senate, decide to go against Israel, if that was not in the best interests of America?

    No Jewish media-Scribe reporter would care to ask and no other reporter would dare to ask Florence Shapiro if, once elected to the United States Senate, would she represent the interests of the United States, or would she serve the interests of her Judaic faith and ethnic background.

    The reverse of that question was placed to JFK when he ran for President of the United States.

    To rephrase the questions that were asked by the Jewish media-Scribes: "Would you Senator Kennedy, go against the morality of your Catholic and Christian faith, if that Christian morality violated the public interests of the United States."

    Right then, at that very moment in 1960, Americans should have known and realized that they were about to be led into hell, for America is not America if she does not have a Christian morality as its foundation.

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