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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2013 CE (Christian Era)

December 2013 AD

NSA is in the Blackmail business

The NSA has disclosed that it uses usage of Internet pornography to discredit and destroy, by character assassination,  Muslims who are not even designated terrorists, but whose writings and speeches could be deemed to create terrorists.  Can this web site be far behind in being designated as creating Christian terrorists and patriots?  Yes: per DHS guidelines!  Obama can be counted on abusing, far more than Nixon, this incredible power to blackmail the members of the House of Representatives who oppose him, as well as State leaders, business leaders, journalists, editors, Christian leaders and of course, any and all foreign leaders who do not support Israel.

Hollywood TRAITORS and arms TRADERS

Many have pointed out the hypocrisy of Jewish Hollywood who wants all Americans dis-armed while they make the most violent movies blaring with smoking guns, explosives and bloody corpses. Now, in a plot only Hollywood Jews could conceive of, we learn that these Hollywood producers have used their most famous stars as "honey pots" to lure and ensnare America's top military scientists and military strategists. All in the name of consulting on a screenplay they were working on.  The military secrets discovered is then sent to what these Hollywood types self-describe as "their country" - Israel.  Even smuggling nuclear triggers called Krytrons into "their country" Israel was not beyond this treachery.

How to Solve "The Jewish Problem"

Realizing we have a Jewish Problem in the first place goes a long way in solving the problem. Once the problem is recognized, the solution is realizing that Jews take advantage of weak Christians much as Satan does and subverts their society from a saintly Christian society into a devilish Hellish society. This gives them the power to rule, which is their narcotic. Take away Jewish dominion and ability to bully a society and they will do as all bullies do, find another easy mark to prey upon.

Origins of Communist Red

The Judeo-Communist concept of The Reds and The Whites originated in Poland in 1863, where the Russian partition of Poland into Russia unleashed Jews into Russian society for the first time. A society just freed from serfdom and not yet mature enough to counter the Jewish propaganda saturating Russian society. Propaganda originating from the German-based Jewish propaganda of Karl Marx and others. All this just in time to counter the Russian wins against the Turks in 1871, eventually handing Palestine to the Jews, and keeping Palestine out of the hands of the wanna-be Neo-Byzantine Czar, eliminated for all time in front of a Jewish firing squad.

How will we define Neo-Revolutionary American Heroes?

Ron Paul was labeled a Neo-Hitler by our non-Christian enemies so Christians shunned him. We have allowed this to be done to Joe McCarthy, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, and many others. Mitt "RINOmoney" Romney was not labeled an anti-Semite, nor a Neo-Nazi, nor a Neo-Gestapo so Christians accepted him as their choice  in the Republican  primary.  Our enemies also picked John McCain for us before that. We are quickly reaching a breaking point and need to honestly decide whom will be heroes and whom will be the ones the heroes oppose, by saying "Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me".

November 2013 AD

Our Rich Jews want U.S. to do the Dirty Deed of Nuking Iran

No sooner than a Jew was appointed to command all our nuclear ICBM missiles, then a rich Neo-CON Jewish supporter of Mitt "RINOmoney" Romney, Sheldon Adelson, proposed that the United States should immediately cut off all diplomatic negotiations with Iran, as if America was a modern-day Neville Chamberlain, and just nuke Iran tomorrow.

Dual Citizen General takes command of all Nuclear ICBMs

The ninth General in a year has just been sacked for trivial matters, by an administration who is unable to fire others over all numbers of major corruptions.  Two days after the General commanding all our nuclear submarines was fired, then the general commanding all our nuclear ICBMs was fired and replaced by a dual citizen Jew named Jacob "Jack" Weinstein.

October 2013 AD

Jews are not united by a Love of Israel, but by a Hatred of Christians

Contrary to popular opinion, Michael Medved explodes the myth that Jews are united in support of Israel. Medved tells us instead that what really unites all Jews, whether atheist, secular, Orthodox or Zionist, is an intense hatred of Christianity.

Support for Israel is Unconstitutional

American leaders who support Israel because of Genesis 12:3 (God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel) are in violation of the Constitution's Establishment Clause.  Hence American support of Israel is both illegal and unconstitutional as it establishes a Jewish State Religion, with Christians as Jewish serfs.

September 2013 AD

Judeo-coup d'etat of America

The Ronald Reagan official who first predicted the demise of the Soviet Union has now been predicting an unopposed coup d'etat at our highest levels.  The unsustainable economy of the United States is mirroring the unsustainable economy of the Soviet Union before it fell. Ronald Reagan used this information to help push the Soviet Union over the cliff. Now, we have another President, an anti-Ronald Reagan, who is working feverishly to push our own country over the cliff.

NSA -- Rank Amateurs compared to Israeli Intelligence

All our digital data in the hands of an administration renowned for using information  against its  enemies list is a national scandal, but far worst scandal is that this data is all FIRST fed through the hands of a foreign country. Whereas, our own federal government scrapes the table clean of our data, companies headquartered in IsraHell actually own the table and get to see what they want to devour and what they want to throw to Uncle Sam as table scrapes.  Companies like firewall specialists Checkpoint in both private and government computers parsing the data before it gets ported over to federal spy computers, billing company Amdocs who gets all the phone metadata and is trusted to send that reliably to the NSA, the makers of the NSA's own wiretapping equipment, Comverse Infosys -- with back doors to IsraHell included -- for "maintenance" purposes, and finally Odigo, which provides the core message passing system for all the "Instant Message" services -- spying --  and a bonus we now know -- advanced warning of police raids.  All based in IsraHell!

August 2013 AD

Judeo Trek Into Darkness

In the current Star Trek prequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, the old Cold War model of Romulans representing Communist Russians with Klingons representing Communist Chinese, is replaced by a new world paradigm -- The Klingons now represent Middle Eastern Muslims set to be exterminated in a provoked war by the American Federation's own Admiral Marcus, while a Judeo Khan is the leader of the clan of genetically created "Chosen People", dangerously entrusted by the highest leadership of the American Federation with our most vital military secrets. The burning question for Captain Kirk is "Whom can you Trust?"

Khadija: Mohammad's beloved First Wife was Jewish

The key to the entire story of Islam is found right here. As a young man, Mohammad had married a wealthy Jewish widow, which gave him instant respectability among the Jewish tribes in Arabia. Likewise, by having access to rich Jewish trade, Mohammad was the central Arab power-broker.  His power in both the Jewish and Arab tribes grew out of this unison of his marriage to Khadija - Arab to Jewess.  His power in both communities was so great, that the Jews started to look upon Mohammad as the Messiah who would free Jerusalem of Christian hands.

New York City: Peter Stuyvesant to Micheal Bloomberg

At the time Holland had its colony in New Amsterdam, Holland was the one Christian nation most open to Jewish immigration. Jews were allowed in Holland and in helping with the black slave sugar plantations in  Recife Brazil. When Portugal defeated Holland to gain control of Recife, these Jewish traders in black flesh attempted to enter New Amsterdam deceptively as religious refugees and lovers of liberty. The New Amsterdam Governor Peter Stuyvesant was onto their deception and tried to keep them from immigrating to his community. The Dutch East India Company, with its Jewish board members, threatened a disasterous economic boycott and Stuyvesant was blackmailed into accepting them into his community. Today, New York City is now in excess of 1 million Jews and their signature statement is whom they have voted into office as their version of Peter Stuyvesant. Micheal Bloomberg is their Jewish Peter Stuyvesant. And still today, the Jews are no more into following any rules which interfere with their selfish desires as they were when they were portraying themselves as victims of anti-Semitism. Michael Bloomberg is now on record as wanting to gut the Constitution to accommodate any existing circumstances he so desires for his Jewish constituents.

July 2013 AD

Jewish Mummy's Curse Verse and Christ's Blessing

Start talking about unbelieving Jews not being saved and you will get an army of "Christians" who cite Genesis 12:3, "God will bless those who bless IsraHell and God will Curse those who Curse IsraHell."  IsraHell of course is a nation filled with unsaved  Jews who deny God himself in the form of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The logic of this escapes me why Christians are so hoodwinked by these religious frauds. In fact, in every verse I have ever read in the New Testament, the summation could be, "God will bless those who Bless His Son, and God will Curse those who Curse his Son".  We need to bring back Brendan Fraser, for a really scary Jewish Mummy Series scaring the living daylights out of us in our Saturday afternoon trip to the movies.


Romans11: Root, Vine, Branch, Fruit

Romans 11 are used by many Judas "Christians" to try to convince Christians to worship those Jews who do not worship Christ.  They say that "You do not support the root, but the root supports you"  Indicating a serious lack of understanding of what a root is. Jesus says he is the Vine and His Father the husbandman. Before you can support a Vine, you must have established a firm Root. Well God planted the seed of Israel in Abraham and the Old Testament Root took form. Only then could Christ the Vine emerge from the soil. The parable continues. The only ones who can obtain any nurishment from the Vine of Christ are ones who bless and worship Christ. And the ones who obtain no nurishment from Christ wither and die. Now God the father, the husbandman, like all husbandmen, knows that branches growing on weak vines in poor soil can never bear fruit. So God has allowed these Gentile branches to be grafted to the Vine of Christ and to obtain the exact same nurishment from Christ as Paul talks of in Romans 11.

June 2013 AD

"Jesus was a Jew" Really?

Can you argue that Jesus was a Jew? In what respect would you make that determination?  Ethnicity? Religion" Nationality?  We have looked into this and cannot make a case that Jesus would have been a Jew in any of the three categories.


50 Racist Rabbis

Imagine if 50 Christian ministers in America said that you shall not rent to Jews for fear of intermarriage, that it would lower your property value, and that it may even be dangerous. There would be churches being torched all across the country. Well over in our friendly country of IsraHell, 50 racist rabbis are saying just that , not about Muslims, but about Gentiles.

May 2013 AD

The Jewish States of America

    What would a graph of the Red-Blue States look like when plotted against the percentage of Jews occupying each State? We wanted to find out. And would it be of any surprise anyone to note a strong correlation between the number of Jews occupying your State and the likelihood that your State would vote for Obama in the 2012 Presidential election, thereby making your State a Blue State? In fact, there is a correlation to the amount of freedoms you enjoy in your State to the amount your State is free of Jews living within it.

Iowa's Drugged Mind

    The State of Iowa is pure farmland. The grain belt of America. So how could a State filled with rugged independent farmers vote for Obama? In fact, on a chart of the percentage of Jewish occupiers in the State of Iowa, the predictions from 18 out of 18 other States with as low a percentage of Jews in their State is that Iowa should be a rock-solid  Red State. There must be something else going on here and I think I know what it is.

Minnesota Twins: Michele Bachmann and their Jewish New York City Senators

    The State of Minnesota appears to have a split personality. They elect two New York Jews, both liberal Jews, to represent them in the United States Senate, Norm Coleman and not-so-funnyman Al Franken.  Then they produce one of the most profoundly conservative Christian-Americans to ever come along outside the South with Michele Bachmann. Can this be explained?

The Parable of Judas

    The story of Judas is well known to all Christians, but the base religious motives of Judas remain a mystery. Many feel the story of Judas to be one of greed for 30 shekels of silver. Some get much closer to the point by saying that the story of Judas is one of the ultimate betrayal. But none really grasp that the fundamental story of Judas was the parable of a man who lost and betrayed his faith in Christ and who then reverted back to his former belief in Judaism. Today, the Christian world is filled with the spirit of Judas, who look to the modern State of IsraHell for a fundamental grounding of their religious beliefs.

April 2013 AD

American Expulsion of the Jews
    Jewish traders tried to corrupt Ulysses S. Grant, the future President of the United States, by using his father to help secure an underground trade monopoly on trade in cotton between the North and the Southern-held territory which Grant commanded. In dealing decisively with this Jewish corruption, instead of being praised for his unwavering integrity, Grant was labeled an anti-Sea-Mite. In a word, it was OK for Grant to engage in a Civil War where 750,000 Christians laid slain over the sin of slavery, but how dare he engage in a war against Jewish corruption. How dare Grant condemn Jews, who were using the cause celebre of slavery - cotton - to enright themselves while Grant was trying to fight a war over cotton's need for slavery. Grant fought his own Christian brothers, but in the end, he would not fight the real power of the Jews. And even way back then, Democrats proved how much they were in the same camp as the Jews.

The Mental Cause of the Civil War
    You may think of John Brown as a terrorist and indeed, he was. But more rightfully, he was a fire and brimstone Christian, being far more Old Testament Jewish, ready with his Jewish gang members, to sneak attack his enemies Gideon-style, than a New Testament Christian, who converts his enemies through love and compassion. In stark contrast was New Testament Christian William Lloyd Garrison, who for 30 years relentlessly resisted the institution of slavery through moral persuasion. Whom do you think the Jews of the day rallied behind?

March 2013 AD

Dr. Ben Carson lights political fires!
    It has been politically correct for decades to say that lawyers are indispensable in writing good law, yet, Dr. Ben Carson points out that five of the writers of the Constitution were doctors. We question doctors in politics but not lawyers, he says. Dr. Benjamin Carson failed to point out that lawyers should be questioned and lawyers should be recused from the other two branches of government. It has also been politically correct to say since the Income Tax Amendment of 1913 that the rich should pay more. Again Dr. Carson comes to our rescue by agreeing that indeed the rich should pay more, but not more than the 10% required of God; and conversely, Dr. Carson implies that the poor should pay the same Godly expectation of 10%.

Chinese Hukou with a Communist Flair
    Hukou is a traditional Chinese system of systematic class segregation and discrimination which was all but eliminated during the Christian colonization of China, where Christian rulers implemented Christian principles of love and compassion for all men. So of course the Communists would reimpose class warfare after WW2 and have its cruel impact hit the rural poor masses the most!

February 2013 AD

To become Christian, Go to Israel
    Have you heard the joke about the Jewish businessman, the Jewish friend and the Jewish rabbi who sent their sons to Israel?

The 17th Amendment is Unconstitutional
    We all know that the Constitution can be amended, but few know there is one critical exception where the Constitution can never be amended. There is no majority of Congress or majority of States who can deny any State of its right to be represented equally in the Senate. The States insisted upon this when they ratified the Constitution. If the State does not give its consent, then the 17th Amendment is null and void upon that State. And as it turns out, there are seven States who have never given this vital consent, even in regards to consenting to the 17th Amendment.

The Crime of Slavery
    Time to stop dividing Americans along racial lines. It is a crime to accuse someone of a crime who has not committed a crime. Yet that is what we do in Affirmative Action programs every day. Every single kid, black or white, who is just entering college, who is just entering the work force, or is just getting his first promotion was born long after the death of Jim Crow. It is impossible that they are guilty of the crime of racial discrimination -- and yet -- they are being judicially punished by a host of federal judges in affirmative action settlements if they are white. On the flip side, there are no African Americans who are paying whites for the wealth of culture and industry their white ancestors have given to them. Seems that far too many blacks are having their cake and eating it too.

Gun-Free Journalist Homes
    To create GUN-CONTROL laws, you have to violate higher-level GOVERNMENT-CONTROL laws built into our Constitution. We live in a country where a Christian can be condemned for making a movie which induces Muslims to kill our ambassador, but a Christian will also be condemned for condemning countless Jewish movies about blood and gore being a bad influence upon a young boy with mental heath issues.
    We live in a country where our children sit each day as sitting ducks in a school having a 'gun-free' sign in front of their school, but the journalists who advocated for this refuse to have a 'gun-free' sign placed in their front yard.
    We live in a country where it is crime to own a gun, but it is not a crime to violate the Constitution saying that there will be not law infringing the right to bear arms.
    We live in a country where the Jewish minority claims endless persecutions, but this Jewish minority wants guns taken away so everyone can be persecuted.

The Jewish Iron Curtain
    The Iron Curtain began for Russian Christians after World War 1 following the Judeo-Bolshevik Revolution. The Iron Curtain for Western Christians began with Winston Churchill's 1946 'Iron Curtain' speech after World War 2 and the occupation of half of Europe by Judeo-Stalinist forces. But the Iron Curtain for Jews did not happen until after IsraHell was formed in 1948. And it was tough love for them -- their cultural centers were shut down! For Jews there never was any gulag starvation death camps, no genocidal Holodomor, but instead, in the 'atheistic' Judeo-Soviet Union, Jewish children still enjoyed their religious freedom , as their Jewish schools were not shut down until the 31st year of Communism, in 1948, the beginning of the Jewish Iron Curtain.

January 2013 AD

The Jewish Final Solution
    In 1917, the Communist-believing Jews were successful in their coup d'etat over Russia and promised all the military officers in Moscow safety when handing in their guns. One by one though, as the guns were handed in, the military officer was shot. There would be no concerns that the former Czarist Christian military would interfere with their total and absolute control over the country. In fact, there would be no Nuremberg trials for these monsters and their grandchildren would become our 'esteemed' Mayor of Chicago, Ralm Emanuel, our 'esteemed' mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, and our 'esteemed' Senator from California, Diane Feinstein. All calling for the confiscation of our guns.

Martin Luther: Prophet on Catholics or Satan on Jews?
    As part of my 'You are no Christian' series, special note is made of Martin Luther being worshiped as a prophet for denouncing his own Christian faith and thus starting another vast Christian sect, the Protestant Reformation, while making a note of how Satanically reviled Martin Luther is for denouncing the foreign faith of the unbelieving Jews who denounce every word of the New Testament.

Early Christians and Early Mormons
    Pat Buchanan has long preached about the death of Western Civilization. But it is interesting to compare the rise of Early Christianity to the rise of Early Mormonism. While your child is in Guatemala this summer trying to convert Mayans from Catholicism to Evangelicalism, young handsome and well dressed Mormon teenagers on bicycles will be plying your suburban neighborhood for their own form of converts.

"You Are No Christian"
    I get this a lot. 'I am no Christian, because I am sooooo Anti-SeaMite!' My response is a question back to the accuser. 'Yes, I use my freedom of speech to identify multiple factual instances where a Jew, or more likely, a consortium of Jews are conspiring against Christians, telling of the Who, What, Where, When and Why; but then I ask of them 'Why do you not tell people they are not Christians who actually kill other Christians in our many wars?'

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