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May 2013 AD

The Parable of Judas

Have you really given much thought to what it means to be called a Judas?

I mean, is informing for the authorities a truly heinous crime?

Is not giving an accused criminal over to the authorities for trial and judgment the height of giving onto Caesar?

Is that not what Christ would want us to do?

Is merely reporting on the whereabouts of Christ to Jewish religious leaders on the same level of sinfulness as actually engaging in wanton rape and murder?

Absolutely not!

Then why is the story of Judas so fundamentally important in the teaching of our Christian religion?

Traditional beliefs about Judas

Perhaps you feel the story of Judas to be the ultimate act of betrayal of unending love and trust?

Sounds good, but not good enough.

Betrayal of love and trust is a sin against the human experience, but does not speak of religious faith in God.

Most if asked point blank will mindlessly focus on the money aspect. "Money is the root of evil", many will say.

Again, sounds good, but money has even less to do with faith?

So if the human vices of betrayal of love and greed of money are not the fundamental reason of why the story of Judas is so germane to Christianity, nor is a mere whisper in the ear for the benefit of the authorities is no big deal, then what is the real parable of Judas?

The Parable of Judas

Judas is appropriately derived from the word Judaism.

The deadly sin of Judas was in his not having an unwavering trust, belief and undying faith in the Salvation of Christ?

And this weak Christian faith is what compelled Judas to deliver Christ back to the  Pharisees of the unbelieving Jews.

The unbelieving Jews had faith, but that faith was far from sustaining, for the only Salvation was through an unquestioned faith in Jesus Christ and Judas returning to his roots of Judaism, so to speak, was the unpardonable sin of all time.

In the end, the story of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ for the incredibly naive belief of  God himself being an Apostate to Judaism, itself parallels upon Judas being a weak apostate to his new born belief in Christ and Christ's Christian Church, coming full circle back to Old Testament Judaism.

Being a Judas means you have abandoned the New Testament for the Old Testament.

Being a Judas means you have abandoned a deeply fundamental belief in Christ and have given yourself over to the disbelief of the Jews.

A Parable for our Times

Compare how surrounded we are in our every day lives of people who confess to being born-again Christians, of being evangelical Christians, of being non-denominational Christians, but whom in the end, trust more the unbelieving Jewish nation of IsraHell over their own Christian nation, over their own Christian brethren and indeed, over their own Christian belief.

Like Judas, they fall back to Judaism as their fundamental belief, and do not remain believers in Christ as their one true faith.

They are a modern-day Judas.

How many countless Christians are really walking in the footsteps of Judas, by their actions of condemning sects of their own Christian faith, such as Protestants condemning Catholics, or Catholics condemning Protestants, but reel in horror if anyone dare question the motives of followers of the unbelieving religion of Judaism?

Judas would call a fellow Christian an anti-Semite.

Judas would call a fellow Christian a Nazi.

Judas would fight every battle for Jews, even if it meant killing fellow Christians (and certainly in killing Muslims to protect IsraHell at all costs).

Judas, a vile betrayer of Christianity, was an accomplice of Jews, as are too many of our own members in the body of Christ.

And that is why the story of the parable of Judas has turned out to be so prophetic to our times.

In fact, our American Christian Judas' are far worst than Christ's Judas, for Christ's Judas felt deep remorse for having betrayed Christ to the Jews.

SOURCE: The Bible

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