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May 2013 AD

"Jesus was a Jew!"


One of the most repeated lines I get from my fellow Christians trying to explain to me why I should open my arms to unbelieving Jews is the line:

"Jesus was a Jew"

Of course, the retort back which does not ever seem to work is that George Soros is a Jew, Al Franken is a Jew, Michael Bloomberg is a Jew, Diane Feinstein is a Jew.  The Jewish authorities who tried to kill Christ as a child and did so as an adult were Jews. So I tell them that their singular statement proves nothing.

I certainly do not want my Savior associated with the likes of these thieves and swindlers.

But when they are saying this, how can we define the characteristics which would allow someone be able to state that Christ was a Jew?

There are three basic tenets of how most people would ascribe someone to be considered a Jew.

Ethnic "Chosen People" Jew

Jesus was born of Mary, a nice Jewish lady. So there -- "This is proof that Jesus was a Jew!"

But wait one minute!  In the world of politics, Barrack Obama is never mentioned as being a white man.

Even with a white mother, Barack Obama is identified as being a black man due to his black father, with both both black men and white men agreeing to view Obama this light.

No one sees Barack Obama as a white man.  Barack has a black father and his black father has given him so much blackness, that to one and all, he is a black man.

So I was thinking.

Who was Jesus Christ's father?

That's right!  God!

So Jesus is the Son of God and who cares what is mother is?

Not only that, but in this day and age, it is not politically correct to identify people in terms of their ethnicity, so, how can I possibly think of Jesus as a man of Jewish ethnicity?

The identity of Jesus as the Son of God forbids me to think of him primarily in terms of him being the son of a Jewish lady or that of being an ethnic.

Finally, looking at this in a different vein. What Do Protestant Christians always moan to Catholic Christians all the time?  "You WORSHIP Mary!", they say.  Well, seems that anyone saying that Jesus was born of a Jewish mother is then WORSHIPPING not Mary as God's chosen vessel, but worst -- they are WORSHIPPING the Jewishness of Mary and nothing more. If we cannot respect Mary in all her grace given by God, then we certainly cannot respect just a small portion of what Mary represents, right?

So, ethnically, Jesus being born of a Jewish lady can be pointed out as evidence, but for practical matters, it does not cut the mustard, so to speak.

We cannot speak of Jesus as being an ethnic Jew.

Nationalistic "Promised Land" Jew

The nation of IsraHell is often a topic Christians are deeply divided on.

Should we give our lives and treasure to protect and defend IsraHell, since it is as they describe,  "The Promised Land" filled with "The Chosen People", who will one day wake up and become Christians.

So is Jesus a Jew citizen because he was born in Israel, in Bethlehem? 

In a word, "Is Jesus a natural-born Jewish citizen?"

Well, in order to be considered a Jewish citizen of Israel, his country would have to legally agree that he was legal and not an illegal.

The facts of the case point in the direction that Israel did not consider Jesus to be a citizen of Israel. From the moment Jesus was born, His nation wanted him dead. They did not recognize His rights to citizenship. In fact, they killed all the first born trying to insure that Jesus Christ was executed at birth.

And in later adult life, his nation declared again that he had no right to live in the nation of Israel -- in fact, had no right to live at all -- and he was crucified.

As of today, I don't think Jesus would have associated with the current nation of IsraHell filled with deniers of Christ.

In fact, even then, Jesus seems he renounced his Israeli citizenship by constantly saying that his kingdom is not of this world.

The Kingdom of Heaven Jesus often talked about does not resemble the modern nation of IsraHell in any way I can determine.

So I cannot believe him to be a natural-born citizen of the Nation of IsraHell. And if not, then that definition of Jesus being a Jew also has to get thrown out the window.

Jesus was never a natural-born Jewish citizen.

Religious "Judaic" Jew

Do I really need to go here? 

Mary and Joseph had the archangel Gabriel come to them and enlightened them to the fact that they were to bear the Son of God. Christ was born, therefore, into a devout Christian home.

Since the Bible appeared to Mary and not to Christ  as a child or young man, we can only conclude that the Angel Gabriel revealed all of Christianity to Mary and that she "home-schooled" Christ's human mind in Christian beliefs.

For Jesus to be an unbelieving Jew, Jesus would have to absolutely deny his own existence and the role model he left for the world, even deny his Word, in order to be equated to the modern unbelieving Jew.

In fact, he would have to throw away the entire New Testament, reputing his own words, and turn instead to embrace the Talmud as Gospel.

I certainly do not see this happening.

Jesus never belonged to the Judaic faith.

So was Jesus a Jew or Not"

The Gospel of John is quite explicit that the Jews who were to host Christ all had a personal decision to make. They were to both A) do as the children of Abraham would do as well as B) follow the law of Moses, by accepting Christ, or in their rejection of Christ, they also rejected both Moses and Abraham, and in its place became seduced by the devil to become members of the Synagogue of Satan.

In this context, WAS Jesus a Jew? 

That is a history question and the answer is yes at first before Christ announced the Good News and no at the end after the Good News had been delivered for after the delivery of the Good News, the meaning of Jew was transformed to mean "someone from the Chosen People who has rejected Christ".

A better and more pertinent question would be,

"Is Jesus TODAY a Jew?"

So the question becomes, "Is Jesus sitting at the right hand of God today as a Christian or as a member of the Jewish faith?"

And the answer to that question can only be a profound and emphatic NO!


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