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May 2013 AD

Iowa's Drugged Mind

Note in the list of States, sorted by Jewish percentage of population below, that lonely "liberal blue State" Iowa is all by itself nestled between 18 rock-solid conservative red States.

Why do you think that is?

Ordinarily, as in the other 18 States which have a Jewish population below half a percent, the State consistently votes conservative.

So why then does Iowa, with but a 0.2% Jewish population, smack in the heart of the mid-west plains States, the very definition of a farm State, vote liberal?

If 5 miles of the California coastline washed into the ocean, California would all of a sudden become a Red State.

If O'Leary's cow were to burn Chicago to the ground again, Illinois would be a Red State, not just in flame red.

Then there is Texas. Even with Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and "The Valley" of the Rio Grand pulling Texas down, there is still enough conservative suburbs in Houston and Dallas to join with conservative Ft. Worth and the Texas rural sections to keep Texas a Red State.

But Iowa has no Austins or Chicagos or San Franciscos. It has no coastline. It has no Jews EVEN!

It only has rural Christian farms.  Hardly hotbeds of liberal activism!!!

How could it be then that rural Iowa votes any differently than voters in rural Kansas or Nebraska?

Indeed, Iowa can be staunchly conservative, as it was in 1984 with Ronald Reagan.

1984 Electon of Reagan

For the answer to the riddle of why Iowa cannot maintain sanity,
look below this list of States sorted by Jewish population.

State Jewish
New York 8.40%
New Jersey 5.70%
DC 4.70%
Massachusetts 4.20%
Maryland 4.10%
Florida 3.40%
California 3.30%
Connecticut 3.20%
Nevada 2.80%
Illinois 2.30%
Pennsylvania 2.30%
Colorado 1.80%
Rhode Island 1.80%
Arizona 1.70%
Delaware 1.70%
Ohio 1.30%
Georgia 1.30%
Virginia 1.20%
Oregon 1.10%
Missouri 1.00%
Maine 1.00%
Minnesota 0.90%
Alaska 0.90%
Vermont 0.90%
Michigan 0.80%
New Hampshire 0.80%
Washington 0.70%
Texas 0.60%
Kansas 0.60%
New Mexico 0.60%
Wisconsin 0.50%
Hawaii 0.50%
North Carolina 0.30%
Tennessee 0.30%
Indiana 0.30%
South Carolina 0.30%
Kentucky 0.30%
Nebraska 0.30%
Louisiana 0.20%
Alabama 0.20%
Iowa 0.20%
Utah 0.20%
Wyoming 0.20%
Oklahoma 0.10%
West Virginia 0.10%
Arkansas 0.10%
Mississippi 0.10%
Idaho 0.10%
Montana 0.10%
North Dakota 0.10%
South Dakota 0.00%

Judeo-Propaganda Machine

Could it be the reason Iowa Christians vote liberal is because in the Iowa caucus, Iowa is ground-central for a pummeling of national Judeo-Matrix-MSM propaganda every election year? 

Could it be that the good Christian people of Iowa are totally brainwashed after thousands of Judeo-campaign commercials?

Could it be that Iowa is the poster-child State to show what Jewish propaganda is capable of doing to otherwise fine Christian people?

This is exactly what we must fight against.

SOURCE: The Jewish Virtual Library

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