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May 26, 2009

The Jewish Century
Chilling Story of Churchill and the Jews

Source: Martin Gilbert
Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship

Source: Philip H. Gordon, Foreign Affairs (CFR)
Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship

Source: Dr. John Joseph Ray
Winston Churchill - A Good Friend of Jews and Zionism?

Source: Rabbi David Wolpe
Books: Too fond of Jews

Source: Dr. Daniel Mandel
Was Churchill a Friend of the Jews and Zionism?

Source: Amy K. Rosenthal
One of his finest hours.

From the first Karl Marx inspired Judeo-Communist Revolution in 1848 -- to the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel in 1948 -- these 100 historic years would see 50 years of preparation, followed by 50 years of execution, where the world would be brought to the brink of total annihilation, just to suit the selfish desires of one tiny but opportunistic group of people.

Born, raised and mentored for this grand historic task before reaching the midpoint of 1900, and first elected to Britian's Parliament in 1900, Winston Churchill would be the perfect man to execute the Twentieth Century agenda of the power and might behind The Jewish Century.

Churchill would bring the power and might of Great Britain and all her former children (Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and yes, AMERICA) fully to bear upon Germany in two World Wars, with a Great Depression in between -- the First World War with a pretence of morality -- the Second World War while Churchill was Prime Minister holding hands with the Devil himself -- Joseph Stalin.

Firmly set in motion by the March 13, 1881 assassination of the Russian Abraham Lincoln, Tsar Alexander II, who 20-years earlier, on March 3, 1861 had Emancipated the Serfs, to the conclusion of The Jewish Century, with plans contemplated in 1944, by a Jewish gang, to even assassinate the Emancipator of the Jews -- Winston Churchill.

This Protestant Moses, this Emancipator of the Jews, would lead the Israelites back to the Promised Land, and when the dust had settled on The Jewish Century -- which started with Jewish Terrorism against the "despotic regime" of the Russian Tsars and ended with Jewish Terrorism against the "despotic regime" of Winston Churchill -- would before the century closed see:

  • Great Britain's empire destroyed,
  • France's Empire destroyed,
  • Germany's Empire destroyed,
  • Ottoman Empire destroyed,
  • Russia'a Empire destroyed,
  • and all of Europe in rubble,

    With the results that Stalin controlled most of Europe in an atheistic, anti-Christian, Jewish-controlled, Judeo-Communist tyranny, China becoming a Judeo-Communist country grabbing for control of all of Asia, the United States herself taking great strides towards Judeo-Socialism, and the so-called poor, defenseless, powerless Israelites, for whom everyone said they were fighting for and for whom everyone said were largely exterminated in a Holocaust, would emerge from the debris of 128 million dead, with their own country for the first time in 2,000 years.

    At the end of The Jewish Century, the United Nations was born to create and defend Israel. Only, while both were and are still babies, the United States would become the surrogate mother and defender of the new State of Israel, until such time in the not that distant future where the United Nations could become Israel's sole protector and defender for all eternity, as Israel becomes the centally-located headquarters for a re-engergized Muslim world.


    In 1848, Grand-Pharisee Karl Marx established a radically new model of government which would render Europe into shreds over the next century.

    Casting aside the Christian model of moral government standing in fear of God, which had served Europe well for almost 2000 years, Marx sought to establish in its' place, a government "opiate of the people", centered around a government with no God -- to be sure -- with no Christian God.

    His Communist Manifesto was the marching orders for his Pharisee comrades to march across Europe in assassination, riot, strike, mayhem, turmoil, and coup d'etats against all forms of Christian rule.

    The spontaneous 1848 Revolutions over all of Europe were unsuccessful, but they set the wheels in motion for a more organized and structured "riot", sustained over a 100-year period of time.

    Russia Jews in Russia

    The Russian Tsar, by far having the lion's share of Jews under his authority, bore the massive brunt of the Pharisee terrorist attacks for the first 65 years, while his every attempt to maintain order and control in reacting to Pharisee terrorist attacks on his authority was deceptively used against him in the propaganda of the Sadducee-controlled media-Scribe press of many other countries such as Germany, England and America.

    Especially nasty were the propaganda over the pogroms instituted by frustrated Russian villages, resulting from the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, on March 13, 1881, savegely rendered by Jewish terrorists in order to overturn Christian rule in Russia.

    If the son of the slain Russian Tsar was slow to come to the defense of the Jewish minority to protect them from immoral Christian ruffians making reprisal raids against Jewish communities, one could hardly blame him.

    After all, his father was the Tsar who had freed all the Russian Serfs on March 3, 1861. America was freeing its slaves and Karl Marx was bitching about the treatment of the "masses", so he freed the Serfs living on aristocratic farms. How bad of a ruler could he have been?

      Alexander was carried by sleigh to the Winter Palace to his study where, twenty years before almost to the date, he had signed the Emancipation Edict freeing the serfs. Alexander was bleeding to death. Members of the Romanov family came rushing to the scene.

    It was like a Jew had decided to kill Abraham Lincoln.

    Nothing could have been more coldly calculated to push The Jewish Century along than this.

    To Russians inside, it was the ultimate betrayal of their country by Jews -- To unknowing outsiders in the West -- receiving news from Russia, solely from Jewish sources -- Russian Christians looked to be mean, vicious and vindictive.

    Even in this day and age, the play Fiddler on the Roof is still watched and loved by millions who are totally unaware of it being a purely propaganda piece. By only showing one totally sweet, innocent and lovable Jewish family, set against a whole backdrop of apparently irrational and hateful Christian Russians engaging in pogroms against their Jewish neighbors, the ordinary person is brought to tears over the senseless destruction and persecution of the Jews.

    Because of a constant barrage of radical Jewish terrorism inside Russia, beginning in March 1881, and running up to and including the Second World War, Christian Russia bled Israelite Jews to unsuspecting Christian America, Christian Britain and Christian Germany, who were brought to great pity over a false depiction of immoral Russian Jews being persecuted by a moral Russian Christian people.

    Russian Jews in Germany

    Many Jews were already in Germany from long before the 1848 Judeo-Communist Revolution and were quite assimulated into German society; however, with Germany having a long natural border with Russia, and being by far, the most hospitable place in Europe to receive Jews (prior to Hitler), Germany along with Poland bore the full brunt of the massive Jewish migration from out of Russia. Indeed, by the 1920's, and with Judeo-Communist Revolutionaries taking full advantage of the faltering post-WW1 hyper-inflation German economy, successfully taking Bavaria and the capital of Berlin in Judeo-Communist Coup d'etats, ordinary German Christians had reached a breaking point -- German citizens turned to Hitler as their savour.

    Russian Jews in America

    Many Pharisee radicals from the failed 1848 Revolutions were exiled to America, where they immediately agitated America into a bloody Civil War over an issue where no other country had to resort to war to eliminate -- resulting over time in a media-Scribe-controlled press monopoly, a greatly expanded voting franchise of blacks, women and every derelict too poor to pay taxes, all democratically deemed to have a godly sense of good governance, better than anything they had ever had before. Already proven easily pushed into a Civil War, post-bellum America found herself tightly controlled by Pharisees, but totally ignorant of the fact. From the 1880's, America's economic Churchill, J.P. Morgan, would use Rothschild's money to buy up prominent American industry and all influential newspapers with his own editor at each newspaper to insure the correct talking points were propagandised to the American voting public.

    The over-sensitized and outrageously reported Russian pogroms against Jews, prompted Americans to allow millions of Jews to immigrate between the 1880's and the 1920's, who themselves also contributed to the Jewish coup d'etat against Christian rule in America.

    Russian Jews in England

    At the same time and for the same reasons, many 1848 Pharisee radicals were also exiled to Great Britain where a Jewish Sadducee Prime Minister named Benjamin Disraeli was instrumental in expanding the voting franchise to an uneducated working class in 1867, who at some time in the future, could also be counted on to be easily controlled and manipulated by Jewish media-Scribes -- or by Winston Churchill.

    We will later find that Sadducee Disraeli pushed the British Empire into creating the Suez Canal and troubles over the Suez Canal would later prove to be the British Waterloo, marking its official end as a world power.

    During the Jewish Century, the British Empire would become home to more Muslims than any other country in the world.

    As the nation with the most Muslims, we will find that the British Empire was the natural world power to re-introduce Jews back to their ancestral lands.

    Preparations for Churchill

    Martin Gilbert's book, Churchill and the Jews comes as close as we will ever get to being "a fly on the wall" when it comes to seeing all the ugliness involved in the creation and implementation of foreign policy. Although Gilbert writes with a staunchly pro-Churchill and pro-Jewish bias, if one looks with a Christian viewpoint to guide one's perceptions, it becomes easy to "read-between-the-lines" in Gilbert, thus exposing the conspiracies of the Sanhedrin.

    The major portion of this article will directly pull from the Gilbert book.

    Beginning in Gilbert, we first learn of Winston Churchill's pampered childhood...

      Churchill had no Jewish ancestry, but his father Lord Randolph Churchill was joked to have had only Jewish friends.

      The young Winston grew up with the children of "Natty" Rothschild, the head of the British branch of the Rothschild banking family, who in 1885 became the first Jew to become a member of the House of Lords.

      Another Jewish banker, Sir Ernest Cassel, a close friend of the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII. Sir Cassel would become Churchill's protege after his father passed away at an early age.

      --- Gilbert 1-3

    While Hitler appears to have been a self-made man, Churchill would appear to have been a Jewish-made man.

    While soldiering in India in 1897, Churchill wanted to be a war correspondent.

      "Lord Rothschild would be the person to arrange this for me," young Churchill wrote to his mother, "as he knows everyone". -- Gilbert 4

    And so, Churchill became a war correspondent.

    In 1899, preparing to travel to South Africa as a war correspondent, Lord Rothschild and Sir Cassel gave him money equivalent to the income of many middle-class families.

    In 1900, a nationally known war hero, thanks to his facilitator Lord Rothschild, Churchill decided at the age of 24 to enter politics. Not surprisingly, Churchill won.

    Rich Jewish friends lavish money on people they like. In Churchill's second year at Parliament, in 1902, Sir Cassel secured him a 10,000 pound loan. Three years later, Cassel furnished a library for Churchill's bachelor flat. In 1907, Cassel bought him bonds for the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe railway. When Churchill married in 1908, Cassel gave him a wedding present worth about 25,000 pounds today.

    More than money, with mentors such as these guiding his every move, Winston Churchill must have appeared to be a shear genius and his career sky-rocketed.

    Obviously, Churchill was being groomed for an extraordinary political career.

    Winston Churchill would serve in the House of Commons for 60 years, elected from 6 different districts (Oldham, Manchester North West, Dundee, Epping, and Woodford). He would serve Britain for an additional 20 years in ministerial positions and twice serve as Prime Minister.

    In 1900 at the age of 24, Churchill was deceptively elected to the House of Commons as a war hero conservative. In 1904, after his liberal stance on the Alien Bill exposed him as anti-British and pro-Jewish, he would be forced to switch to a predominately Jewish district and run as a liberal; in 1924 he would become a Neo-Conservative.

    1904 - The British Aliens Bill

    The 1904 Aliens Bill would help introduce Churchill to the Jewish community as their Protestant Spokesman -- Their Protestant Messiah.

    The Aliens Bill aimed to severely curtail the immigration into Britain of Jews from Eastern Europe, which brought 150,000 Jews to Britain between 1881 and 1914, thereby more than quadrupling the country's Jewish population.

    Churchill attacked the Alien Bill as heartless, racist and unbecoming of a GREAT Britain.

      "The whole bill", Churchill concluded, "looked like an attempt, on the part of the government, to gratify a small but noisy section of their own supporters and to purchase a little popularity in the constituencies by dealing harshly with a number of unfortunate aliens who have no votes...It is expected to appeal to insular prejudice against foreigners, to racial prejudice against Jews, and to labour prejudice against competition. English working men are not so selfish as to be unsympathetic towards the victims of circumstances or oppression. They do not respond in any marked degree to the anti-Semitism which has darkened recent Continental history, and I for one believe that they disavow an attempt to shut out the stranger from our land because he is poor or in trouble, and will resent a measure which, without any proved necessity, smirches those ancient traditions of freedom and hospitality for which Britain has been so long renowned." -- Gilbert 8-9

    The response from the proponents of restricting immigration was expected.

      The Sun newspaper alleged that Churchill's opposition to the Bill was on the direct order of Lord Rothschild.

    Of course, it was not on direct order from Lord Rothschilds. Churchill was practically family and protecting Jews was in his nature, so he got to rage more charges of anti-Semitism toward the opposition.

      Churchill told the committee that he 'regretted that so foul a slander should be repeated here.' -- Gilbert 10

    May have technically been a slander, but true of Churchill nonetheless.

    The bill was defeated.

    With standard Churchillian oratory, Churchill more than any other man in history made patriotism and love of one's own land, people, culture and religion into a dirty word called anti-Semitism -- an unpardonable mortal sin used against anyone who stands in the way of Jews and what they want to achieve.

    Long before the Holocaust forever established the Jewish Golden Rule, Churchill already had it committed to heart:

    "Do onto Jews as you would have others do onto you."

    1905 - Birth of Zionism

    The debates of the 1904 Aliens Bill, led to the beginnings of the Zionism movement in England, with Winston Churchill and Chaim Weitzmann as its Moses and Aaron.

    Others perhaps saw Churchill as the Protestant Messiah, come to deliver the Jewish people from Christian persecution, leading to a country of their own.
      For the Jews of Britain in 1905 who were attracted to Zionism, the question was whether to press for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, then firmly under Turkish rule, or to seek some area of Jewish settlement, within the wide confines of the British Empire, where the persecuted Jews of Russia could find an immediate haven." -- Gilbert 11

      Zionists who wanted Palestine or nothing won the day within the Zionist movement. -- Gilbert 12

    One can already see in 1905 the need for a war with the Turks in order for the British to take over the Levant, giving the Russian Jews a place to live.

    To free the Russian Jews so they could emmigrate to the Promised Land, perhaps a couple of World Wars with Russia may also be needed to wrestle more Jews from under the control of the Tsar.

    Indeed, better yet, a Judeo-Communist Revolution to dispose of the Tsar forever would be helpful.

    1910 - British Pogrom

    Always mysteriously in the right place at the right time, Churchill became the Home Secretary in 1910, responsible for the preservation of public order at the exact time of Britain's only pogrom against Jews.

      In the mining town of Tredegar in South Wales, lived thirty Jewish families among a population of 20,000. (17 shopkeepers, 1 mineral water manufacturer, 1 Rabbi, 3 peddlers).

      During a strike at the mine, Jewish landlords began evicting miners from their homes on a large scale, for non-payments of rent. Furthermore, when non-evicted miners took the evicted miners into their homes, the Jewish landlords raised the rent. (Guessing here that the owner of the mine was Jewish as well.)

      The miners looted Jewish shops and attacked their homes.

      -- Gilbert 19-22

    In what would become a life-time trait of Churchill, he came down very hard on the ones harming the Jews, even though they were his own people. He sent 100 soldiers to Tredegar.

    Still, the attacks spread to other smalls towns in the valleys, but no Jews were killed.

    For conservatives and trade unionists, it was unacceptable militarism to use troops on British people.

    Churchill made sure that there was no leniency toward the rioters, arresting as many as possible for trial and three months' hard labour.

    The towns collected petitions and submitted a request for leniency. Churchill's response was hard-headed and cold, "after having given the evidence his careful and serious consideration, he cannot interfere with the decision of the local justices."

    And how could he not, when he was so vocal about condemning the Tsar for not harshly stomping on local Russian villagers engaging in pogroms against their Jewish neighbors.

    He had to treat his people harshly.

    For Jews though, Churchill would NEVER EVER treat any Jews harshly, even years later, after the British Empire exhausted itself in defeating the greatest enemy the Jews ever had, when the Jews in Palestine would show their total lack of appreciation by engaging in murderous terrorist acts against English authorities in Palestine.

    Harsh against Englishmen when not a single Jew was killed; but post WWII, turn the other cheek when the Jewish Irgun and the Jewish Stern Gang were terrorizing and killing hundreds of British soldiers, policemen and civilians, by saying that 'the Jews must not be provoked by harsh treatment'.

    1914 - Gallipoli

    Always at the right place at the right time, Churchill was the First Lord of the Admiralty at the start of WWI.

    If you remember, the Zionist plan was to create a Jewish homeland in Turkish controlled lands.

    First task was to get control of those lands.

      As 1914 came to an end, Churchill proposed an attack on Turkey, based on a naval attack at the Dardanelles that would push past the Gallipoli Peninsula and threaten the Turkish capital, Constantinople...The prospect of the defeat of Turkey stimulated British territorial ambitions. One of the two Jewish Cabinet Ministers, Sir Herbert Samuel -- President of the Local Government Board -- suggested that, once conquered, Palestine should be acquired by Britain as an eventual centre of Jewish self-government." -- Gilbert 25

    If Britain were a Christian country ran by Christians, its' territorial ambitions might have been to take the Holy Lands back from the Muslims, in order to give the Holy Lands to Christians, since the lands were Christian prior to the Muslim invasions.

    The secondary goal of a Christian nation ruled by Christians might have been the re-taking of Constantinople for Christians. Also a formerly revered Christian city.

    1916 - Balfour Declaration

    The Balfour Declaration would become Churchill's Constitution.

    For the next 50 years, Churchill would protect and defend the Balfour Declaration with greater vigor than he would defend his own country. He would defend it as if it were cast in stone, even when new declarations from later British governments would modify its terms.

    His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country."

    -- Balfour Declaration of 1916

    This Declaration was secretly presented to the Jewish world as a self-serving means of helping Britain win WWI, but of course, since the Jews started WWI in the first place, it was really a self-serving means for the Jews to get a homeland.

      The War Cabinet hoped that, inspired by the promise of a national home in Palestine, Russian Jews would encourage Russia -- then in the throes of revolution -- to stay in the war, and that American Jewry would be stimulated to accelerate the military participation of the United States -- already at war, but not yet active in the battlefield. -- Gilbert 27-28

    Arabs asked to dig their own Grave

    There can be no doubt that the Balfour Declaration was given to the Jews in Palestine with the strict instructions to "Keep it a secret from the Arabs".

    These Palestine Jews would help organize the Arabs into a fifth column, to revolt against the Ottoman Empire of the Turks.

    To be sure, the Arab Muslims would have beheaded British Lawrence of Arabia if they had the slightest hint of the existence of the Balfour Declaration, which would give their Muslims lands over to Jews, after they had helped Great Britain free Palestine from the Ottoman Turks.

    Americans asked to dig their own Grave

    American soldiers died in WWI.

    Pharisee Chaim Weitzmann became the conduit to secretly tell the Russia and American Jewish communities of the existance of the Balfour Declaration.

    To Americans, the Balfour Declaration is a great insult to our Sovereignty.

    For the price of a Jewish homeland, American Jews would create propaganda in America and work to bring American Christians into battle with a greater vigor of blood and treasure than otherwise would have happened.

    If the Arabs could not know of the Balfour Declaration, then certainly ordinary American citizens and perhaps even America's own government may not have known of its existence during the war.

    I for one would have never sent my sons into battle knowing of such a pact with the devil and I would have been furious to have learned of the pact after losing a son in battle.

    A representative Republic must be built upon truth for trust to exist.

    Adding additional insult, the Russian Bolshevik Jews responsible for the Judeo-Communist Revolution declared the war over for them, thus freeing up the German military to bring its full might against Christian American troops.

    Most American troop never knew what they were really fighting for. They thought they were defending their British cousins.

    English asked to dig their own grave

    It goes without saying that Churchill never told English Christians about his Balfour Declaration.

    Even after the war, Churchill knew to be cautious about appearances when forming the post-WWI Cabinet.

      On December 26, 1918, while Lloyd George was forming his Cabinet, Churchill wrote to him by hand, about his proposed composition: "There is a point about Jews which occurs to me -- you must not have too many of them...Three Jews among only seven Liberal Cabinet Ministers might I fear give rise to comment." -- Gilbert 29

    Evidently, it was important to Churchill that neither the common American citizen nor the common British subject knew the extent of Jewish political control over their countries.

    We commoners are not as enlightened as Mr. Churchill was and could not have been expected to understand the complicated world of foreign policy or, for that matter, what was in our best interests.

    1919 - The Red Terror

    In November of 1917, the Judeo-Communists pulled off a bloody coup d'etat in Russia.

    The Jewish minority were now forcibly controlling the Christian majority.

    Given the slightest provocation otherwise, Churchill was never shy in evoking the fire-power of the entire British Empire along with that of America, to go to war against his fellow Protestants over in Germany.

    Indeed, in his upcoming fight against Hitler, standing morally straight to fight racism against Jews, Churchill would not hesitate to fire-bomb civilians in Dresden, killing tens of thousands of innocent Christians, and he would reduce Berlin to rubble.

    But when dealing with the racist and anti-Christian Red Terror of the Judeo-Communists between the World Wars, Churchill had a much gentler tone, which helps to illustrate his singular support for the Jews.

    His concerns appear to be defeating anti-Semitism more than defeating the rampant anti-Christianism of the Jewish Commissars.

    At this point in time, Churchill was Secretary of State for War and was responsible for sending British war supplies to the Russian anti-Bolshevik armies.

    One does not sense here that Churchill has his heart into defending Christians, nor does he seem to care if the anti-Bolsheviks defeat the Judeo-Bolsheviks.

    In fact, given Churchill's history, one wonders how many British military supply shipments were diverted to the side of the Judeo-Bolshevik forces.

    In a telegram sent to the general commanding the British troops in North Russia, Churchill wrote:

      "In view of prominent part taken by Jews in Red Terror and regime, there is special danger of Jew pogroms and this danger must be combated strongly." -- Gilbert 31

    Churchill knew the following was true:

      After the Bolshevik revolutions in November 1917, many Jews, hoping for better times, had thrown in their lot with the Bolsheviks. A few Jews, whose deeds were much publicised and greatly feared, became political commissars, charged with the imposition of Bolshevik rule in southern Russia, and carrying out their tasks with cruelty and zeal. -- Gilbert 31

    By October of 1919, British troops were pulled out but British war material would continue to be sent.

      One result of continuing British aid, Churchill stated, will be "of mitigating the anti-Semitism which the crimes of the Jewish Commissaries have so fearfully excited and which [Russian] General Denikin has laboured faithfully to restrain." -- Gilbert 31

    In a letter to Lloyd George, Churchill writes:

      "there was a very bitter feeling throughout Russia against the Jews, who are regarded as being the main instigators of the ruin of the Empire, and who, certainly, have played a leading part in Bolshevik atrocities" -- Gilbert 32-33

    By February 1920, Churchill was publishing his infamous "International Jew" letter, where he compared the evil Judeo-Communist "International Jew" against the "National Jews" of many lands and against again the "Zionist Jew" wanting to live in Palestine.

      The conflict between good and evil which proceeds unceasingly in the breast of man nowhere reaches such intensity as in the Jewish race. The dual nature of mankind is nowhere more strongly or more terribly exemplified.

      It may well be that this same astounding race may at the present time be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. This is Bolshevism. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Anti-Christ were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical.

      First there were the Jews who, 'dwelling in every country throughout the world, identify themselves with that country, enter into its national life, and, while adhering faithfully to their own religion, regard themselves as citizens in the fullest sense of the State which has received them.' Churchill noted that such a Jew living in England would say, "I am an Englishman practising the Jewish faith." These would be called "National Jews".

      Turning now to what he called "International Jews", Churchill wrote a section he titled 'Terrorist Jews' -- 'no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution. by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews', but he went on to write that the part they played 'is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others. The majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principle inspiration and driving force comes from the Jewish leaders.'

      Churchill noted that 'the fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies which are now being perpetrated.

      "Zionism offers the third sphere to the political conceptions of the Jewish race", Churchill wrote, "In violent contrast to international communism, it presents to the Jew a national idea of a commanding character."

      -- Gilbert 38

    Acknowledging that he was facing a Jewish Anti-Christ, Churchill did little but complain about the problem, and at that point, he turned his back and walked away from the 20 million Christian deaths of all strips, and turned his back on the Holodomor genocide about to be perpetrated upon 7 million Ukrainian Christians. soon to die in the hands of his "International Jews".

    Churchill had more important matters to tend to, such as his focus in helping the Palestinian Jews form a homeland.

    Of course, in the final analysis, when Hitler came along to fight the Anti-Christ, Churchill sided with the Anti-Christ -- Stalin.

    1921 - Racism against Arabs

    For a man who lectured his own mother to watch her tongue least she sound anti-Semitic, Winston Churchill had no such reservations about that other Semitic peoples, the Arabs.

      In Churchill's book The River War published in 1899, Churchill believes that "improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live... The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men...No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome. -- Gilbert 54

    This racism in favor of the Jews and against the Arabs would manifest itself in Churchill getting caught arguing against his own previous statements about the "National Jew" of England, such as his close friends Rothschild and Cassel.

    Contrary to our modern propaganda that Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East and so a natural friend of America, the Arabs were always stifled in having Democracies. Ibn Saud was placed upon the throne of Saudi Arabia, only after he pledged to accept the Jewish Home in Palestine. Likewise for each and every other Arab leader in the region.

    Having just fought the First World War to save the world for Democracy, Churchill knew that if the Muslims were to be allowed to have democracies, they would vote in Sharia Law.

    No people were denied Democracy more than the Palestinians. Should the Palestinians have a self-ruling Democracy, Churchill knew that the Arabs would vote to stop Jewish immigration.

    And did the Palestinian Jews really have democracy? No, not one bit. Most of Jewish Palestine was split into Judeo-Communist collective farms called a kibbutz.

    But the Arabs wanted to be like us -- they wanted Democracy -- at a time that the Jews wanted to be our polar opposite -- collectivist commies.

    On March 30, 1921, the Executive Committee of the Haifa Congress of Palestinian Arabs met Churchill and had some very Churchillian arguments about Jews, suggesting back to Churchill's characterization of "National Jews" vs "International Jews":

      "In Germany they are German, in France Frenchmen, and in England Englishmen. Religion and language are not their only tie. But Hebrew is a dead language and might be discarded. How then could England conclude a treaty with a religion and register it in the League of Nations?"

      "Jews have been amongst the most active advocates of destruction in many lands, especially where their influential positions have enabled them to do more harm. It is well known that the disintegration of Russia was wholly or in great part brought about by the Jews, and a large proportion of the defeat of Germany and Austria must also be put at their door. When the star of the Central Powers was in the ascendant Jews flattered them, but the moment the scale turned in favour of the Allies Jews withdrew their support from Germany, opened their coffers to the Allies, and received in return that most uncommon promise, -- The Balfour Declaration."

      "The Jew moreover" Churchill was told, "is clannish and unneighbourly, and cannot mix with those who live about him. He will enjoy the privileges and benefits of a country, but will give nothing in return. The Jew is a Jew the world over. He amasses the wealth of a country and then leads its people, whom he had already impoverished, where he chooses. He encourages wars when self interest dictates, and thus uses the armies of the nations to do his bidding."

      -- Gilbert 58-59

    The memorandum concluded with 5 specific Palestinian Arab requests.

  • The principle of a National Home for the Jews be abolished.

  • A National Government be created, which shall be responsible to a Parliament elected by the Palestinian people who existed in Palestine before the war.

  • A stop be put to Jewish immigration until such a time as a National Government is formed.

  • Laws and Regulations before the war be still carried out and no new laws until the National Government is formed.

  • Palestine should not be separated from her sister States.

    -- Gilbert 59

    Churchill's responded in his typical unyielding and uncompromising way,

      You have asked me in the first place to repudiate the Balfour Declaration and to veto immigration of Jews into Palestine. It is not in my power to do so nor, if it were in my power, would it be my wish. -- Gilbert 59

    Time and time again, Churchill would invite an invasion of Jews into lands owned by Arabs, justifying his decision against all logic, because of a two thousand year exile.

      On June 18, 1921, Churchill informed his officials at the Colonial Office that he believed it was impossible for Britain to grant any form of government to the Arabs that would give them the power to halt Jewish immigration.

    The Arabs really shouldn't complain, Churchill would not allow his own British subjects a representative form of government that would prevent Russian Jews from entering Great Britain.

    World War I
    "The Great War"
    was fought to make the world
    "Safe for Democracy"

    Nothing could be further from the truth!

    After the war, if the peoples of any countries did anything that Jews would consider to be anti-Semitic, they would be forbidden to have a democracy.

    Some thought they still had Democracy.

    The Arabs certainly knew they could not have democracy -- Great Britain could not have Democracy, because it needed to defend Israel. -- Later, America could not have Democracy, because America took over the defense of Israel.

    The only peoples who could enjoy a real Democracy, where the people decide their own destiny, are the Jews in Israel -- that is real freedom, for -- they do not have to fear being called anti-Christian -- they will not be called racists -- their religion will not be ridiculed.

    And they rejected Democracy for the kibbutz system of Judeo-Communist collective farms where no one owned anything, but all owned all.

    Jews incite Arab riots

    It was standard practice for many Arabs to riot over the undemocratic, tyrannical tactics of Churchill in his love-fest with the Jews.

    To those Arabs, Churchill would condemn them as barbaric.

    But evidentially, there were cases where the Jews provoked the Arabs to even greater riot, if the situation profited them.

      Churchill was surprised and shocked when Samuel informed him that the Arabs had been provoked to riot by a hard core of Jewish Communists. -- Gilbert 73

    From this, could we have gone back a few years in Russian history, to the time that the Tsar was still in power, to discount 90% of the propaganda about Russian pogroms being inflicted upon innocent Jews who were simply minding their own business?

    Perhaps the truth was closer to saying that hard core Jewish Communists were provoking pogroms in Russia to obtain Western sympathy.

    Would not have bothered Churchill anyway, he would still place all blame on the Arabs in Palestine and he would still have placed all the blame on Russian Christians.

      Whatever part Jewish Communists had played in the Jaffa riots, Churchill told Samuel, he was even more angered by the Arab attempt to use violence throughout Palestine 'in the hope of frightening us out of our Zionist policy'. -- Gilbert 73

    The punishment would be upon all Arabs.

      In response, the British administration imposed a collective fine on the Arabs of Jaffa, and on the Arab villages from which some of the attackers had come. -- Gilbert 73

    Like giving a Lolipop to a Child

    To hear Churchill say it, Middle Eastern policy could be understood in terms of how spoiled children behave.

      The Arabs have no reason to be against the Jews.

      The Arabs are much better off now than before the Jews came...Arab villages near Jewish villages benefited considerably from the installation of water and electricity.

      "To Jewish enterprise," Churchill stressed, "the Arab owes nearly everything he has. Fanaticism and a sort of envy have driven the Arab to violence, and for the present the problem is one of proper policing until harmony has been restored."

      -- Churchill Gilbert 91-92

    Spank the naughty kids and send them to bed under a police curfew, until they understand who has given them life.

    The Balfour Declaration was just as much a demonstration of who ruled Britain, as it was a demonstration of who would rule Palestine.

    1922 - Battle of Jutland

    This is totally unrelated to the theme of this article, but explains how money is made by well connected individuals.

    Remember as you read this story, that the truth of a libel lawsuit was upheld in a civil libel suit brought between private individuals implicating a set of individuals as corrupt.

    Without freedom of speech protections in Britain, the Churchill national government brought criminal libel over the fact that the story implicated the entire national government as corrupt.

      Lord Alfred Douglas... alleged that immediately after the Battle of Jutland (the largest Naval Battle of WW1) in 1916, as part of a plot engineered by wealthy British Jews headed by Sir Ernest Cassel (if you remember, he was Churchill's mentor after his father died), an official communique was issued by the Admiralty -- then headed by Arthur Balfour (a staunch pro-Zionist) -- to 'falsely' report that the battle had been a heavy setback for Britain. As a result of the dispiriting tone of this communique, British stocks had plummeted on the New York Stock Exchange. The Jewish conspirators then bought these stocks at the knock-down price, whereupon Churchill, in return for money from these same Jews, and in connivance with Balfour, issued a second Jutland communique. This stated that the battle had been much more favorable to Britain than had earlier been realized. The stocks rose to new heights. The conspirators then sold, making enormous profits. -- Gilbert 86-87

    Examples like this show how Jews often end up extremely rich in only a few short years, in terms that natural profits and stock evaluations cannot explain, no matter how much financial genius is involved.

    Bernie Madoff was a Sadducee who everyone assumed was like Sir Ernest Cassel, since there was no way he could have honestly had the returns he had gotten. -- And we found he had indeed been dishonest, but not this time to the benefit of the stockholders.

    1932 - Hitler Won Nationwide German Elections

    Hitler was to be appointed Chancellor of Germany on Jan. 30, 1933 and Churchill had already taken an interest.

      Meeting with a friend of Hitler, Hanfstaengel recalled, "Mr. Churchill taxed me about Hitler's anti-Semitic views. I tried to give as mild an account of the subject as I could, saying that the real problem was the influx of eastern European Jews and the excessive representation of their co-religionists in the professions. -- Gilbert 98

  • Churchill knew from debate on the British Aliens Bill, that even native citizens in his own country were deeply concerned about the massive influx of Jews leaving Russia and entering England, and were concerned about the long term consequences of allowing a quadrupling of the Jewish population.

  • Churchill knew that the influx of Jews into Germany from Russia, which had a long border with Russia, should have far outstripped his own influx into Britain, an island protected from Jewish immigration by a sea separating it from Europe, and so should have created a proportionately far greater concern among German citizens.

  • Churchill knew that Germany had been suffering through massive hyper-inflation and unemployment, and that as a result of the breakdown of the economy, Judeo-Communism started to look really good to a lot of poor Germans.

  • Churchill had written a warning of the dangers of the "international Jew" from Russia, who was using Judeo-Communism to enslave entire populations, and he would have known of the capture of Bavaria by Russian Judeo-Communist immigrant Jews, and he would have known about the capture of Germany's capital during the Spartacus Uprising of Judeo-Communist immigrant Jews.

  • Churchill would have known that European borders have changed often throughout history, especially with his participation in splicing slivers of Germany into so many other countries after WW1, and so he would have know that Germans have traditionally determined who a German is by blood, not by soil as is done in England, an island whose borders with the sea never change. To a German, a German is a German in whatever country he is in.

  • Churchill would also have known that Jews had no borders whatsoever at the time, so more than anyone else in the world, Jews believed more than Germans that a Jew was a Jew by blood and by religion, not by soil -- that is, not by any country but Israel.

    Yet, Churchill offered little public comment or sympathy for the plight of Germans during their hyper-inflation, unemployment, Spartacus Uprising, murder of the Bavarian Royal family, and later Great Depression -- and why would he? To Churchill, Germans were the enemy of Britain from WW1.

    But as Churchill was never one to condemn Jews, he would also never praise Germans.

    Definition of racist is what?

      Churchill to Hanfstaengel:

      "Why is your chief so violent about the Jews? I can quite understand being angry with Jews who have done wrong or are against the country, and I understand resisting them if they try to monopolise power in any walk of life; but what is the sense of being against a man simply because of his birth? How can any man help how he is born? -- Gilbert 98-99

    All so innocent and naive, that poor Churchill !!

    And what an actor !!

    If I were Hitler's speech writer I might have said something like,

    "Churchill, you know very well that Germans want Germany for Germans. They do not want, and are not legally or morally required to accept millions of non-Germans, who just happen to be Jews, to enter Germany.

    In contrast to what you have depicted, of all the peoples of the world, the Pharisees are the most famous and renowned in judging a man simply because of his birth -- A Jew will closely bond with a man simply because he is a Jew and have done so for over 3,000 years.

    And you are wrong -- It is not a matter of "if they try to monopolize power", but if left unrestricted, Pharisees have proven time and time again that they will monopolize power in all walks of life.

    Of all the peoples of the world, the Pharisees have come the closest to defeating Germans -- not by tank or machine gun, but by internal agitation, assassination, abuse of power, financial manipulation, and all other means of internal subversion used during the hyper-inflation and during the Great Depression, when Bavaria and Berlin were actually subverted for a while by the Pharisees.

    And, since you have so much free time on your hands, go attack Russia for the on-going Holodomor slaughter of 7 million Ukrainians, happening as we speak, real time, where the Jewish Commissars are committing genocide against Ukrainian women and children who just happened to be born in the Ukraine. How can a Ukrainian child help how he is born?

    And also, an Arab cannot help that he was born in Palestine, so what God-given right do you have to displace an entire country of Arab women and children just because the Jews have decided that they want Palestine? That too is happening now in real time and you are the main cheerleader for abusing these Arab children.

    Anyway, all this just goes to show that the Jews have already monopolized power in Great Britain, for what British Christian would want to ignore the deaths of 7 million Christians in the Ukraine? What British Christian would want another Crusade into the Holy Lands, especially if done just for the Jews?"

    Of course, these arguments would have fallen on tone deaf ears to Churchill, for he was one uncaring Jewish-bought-and-sold Herodian.

    Churchill, with the blood of Arab and Ukrainian children on his hands, continues his diatribe about the treatment of Jews in Germany.

    1933 - Jewish Lebensraum

      With extraordinary prescience, Churchill then made another point. full of foreboding, "There is a danger." he warned, "of the odious conditions now ruling in Germany being extended by conquest to Poland, and another persecution and pogrom of Jews being begun in this new area." -- Gilbert 100
    What foreboding?

    Hitler clearly spoke of Lebensraum (German living space).

      Hitler had long demanded 'living space' for the German people. It was one of his most strident demands, self-serving and threatening at the same time. -- Gilbert 162

    But let us not forget that long before Hitler was ever in political office, the Jews were already looking for their own 'living space', and the head of the Jewish 'living space' committee was Winston Churchill.

    Was it not Hitler, er Churchill, who created and pushed the Balfour Declaration, and who forcibly took Palestine from the Ottoman Turks during WW1, so as to create a Jewish Lebensraum? -- A Jewish 'living space'?

    By what moral right did Churchill condemn Hitler?

    Besides, Churchill got it massively wrong. Hitler took only from Poland what was taken from Germany - German-speaking Danzig and surrounding areas.

    And where he got it so wrong, it was actually the "international Jews" of the Judeo-Communist Russia who invaded the Polish-speaking, non-Russian-speaking part of Poland and took control of all three million Polish Jews.

    And he got it wrong to declare war with Germany over what he did, for Churchill's entire purpose was to defend the Polish Jews from Hitler. That was all taken care of with the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which Churchill pretended to not get a copy of.

    Churchill was spoiling for a fight and it was Churchill who provoked the fight.

    Hitler knew that the Pharisees controlled both the British Empire, as well as the Judeo-Communist Russian Empire.

    He knew he was surrounded and had a big target painted on his back.

    As proof, Germany was also stating as far back as 1935 the dangers of Churchill, as reported in the official Nazi Volkischer Beobachter:

      As soon as Churchill opens his mouth, it is safe to bet that an attack on Germany will emerge. He is one of the most unscrupulous political intriguers in England. His friendship with the American Jewish millionaire Baruch leads him to expend all his remaining force and authority in directing England's action against Germany. -- Gilbert 103

    The reference to Baruch was reference to a secret plan to get America into a war with Germany as well.

    1936 - Holodomor, but no Holocaust

    To judge the evil and vile misleading of his own Christian people, while always knowing of the atrocities being committed against Christians by Judeo-Communist Jewish Commissars in Russia, Churchill cites not one atrocity Hitler commits in his hatred of Hitler.

      The Jewish race in a great country is being subjected to most horrible, cold, scientific persecution, brutal persecution, a "cold" pogrom as it has been called -- people reduced from affluence to ruin, and then, even in that position, denied the opportunity of earning their daily bread, and cut out even from relief by grants to tide the destitute through the winter; their little children pilloried in the schools to which they have to go; their race declared defiling and accursed; every form of concentrated human wickedness cast upon these people by overwhelming power, by vile tyranny. -- Gilbert 109

    Even without assuming that Churchill is overstating the suffering of German Jews, this was nothing to the persecution that the Jewish Commissars were inflicting upon the Ukrainians at the same time with their genocide of 7 million Holodomor victims.

      Churchill was shocked about the new anti-Jewish legislation, the Nuremberg Laws, that deemed the Jews to be second class citizens. -- Gilbert 106

    What was there to be shocked about. Again, German citizenship is determined by blood. The Jews were now akin to what we call a permanent resident.

    Again, Churchill has not one moral leg to stand on.

    He would not allow Arabs to have self-government in Palestine, where they were in the majority, and thus Churchill had created an Arab version of second class citizens.

      Debates in the 1937 Peel Commission debates to Churchill: "That is a very odd self-government: it is only when the Jews are in a majority that we can have it." -- Gilbert 117

    No, there was no Holocaust for Churchill to justify declaring WWII. Whatever permanent evil Hitler did was after Churchill and Stalin, both rabid defenders and promoters of the Pharisees, were deep into war against Hitler.

    Not a defense of Hitler, by no means, as Hitler was no Christian. This is only a comparative study in evil -- that of Churchill and Stalin on one side and Hitler on the other side.

    1937 - Churchill cons the Yanks

    Churchill knew that he could not sell American Christians on another World War.

    One this time that was clearly to protect and defend Jews, at a time when Jews were invading Arab lands as immigrants, were invading America as immigrants and in Russia, where they had power, were engaged in genocide against Ukrainian Christians.

    That would be a hard sell indeed to talk an American mother into sending her son to a battle trying to defeat the only man in Europe who was trying to prevent Jews from doing evil.

    So, Churchill secretly turned to American Jews to sell America on a World War, just as was done after England signed the Balfour Declaration that got America's Jews to talk America into the First World War.

      "I insist" Churchill said, "upon loyalty and upon the good faith of England to the Jews, to which I attach the most enormous importance, because we gained great advantages in the War. We did not adopt Zionism entirely out of altruistic love of starting a Zionist colony; it was a matter of great importance to this country. It was a potent factor on public opinion in America and we are bound by honor, and I think upon the merits, to push this thing as far as we can." -- Gilbert 112
    Again after the start of WWII, in discussing the need to get American Jews to help once again, Churchill would write:

      The influence of American Jewry was rated then as a factor of the highest importance, and we did not feel ourselves in such a strong position as to be able to treat it with indifference. With a presidential election only a year away and when the future is full of measureless uncertainties, I should have thought it was more necessary, even than in November 1917, to conciliate American Jewry and enlist their aid in combating isolationist and indeed anti-British tendencies in the United States." -- Gilbert 165

    And who moulds public opinion in America?

    There is Churchill's trust in government "of the people, by the people, and for the people".

    As long as they are Jewish people, then democracy is a fine idea to Churchill.

    America citizens were conned into hating the Germans once again and into helping Great Britain, all because American Jews were told by British Jews to get America into WW1, so that Churchill would then push the British agreement in the Balfour Declaration of establishing a Jewish Homeland. Later, American Jews got us into WWII, no matter what anyone thinks about Japan striking America at Pearl Harbour, to defend Jews in Europe who were making a mess of all European civilization.

    Make the world safe for Democracy. Defeat tyranny!

    I thought America fought England to gain our independence?

    1937 - Arabs a lower manifestation of mankind

    A Professor Coupland had characterized the Jewish settlements in Palestine as a "creeping invasion and conquest of Palestine spread over half a century." Then he questioned Britain's role in maintaining the peace.

      Every few years you go shooting Arabs down because they dislike the Jews coming in? to which Churchill accurately replied, "Have there not been many more Jews murdered than Arabs? When Coupland noted that Arabs were killed 'in the end' -- mostly shot by British troops -- Churchill indignant, told his interlocutor: 'You cannot say we go on shooting down the Arabs,' If more Arabs were killed than Jews, they were being killed by the British 'because we are the stronger power.' -- Gilbert 115

    Old fashioned "Might, makes Right."

    Hitler never got away with killing anyone and then justifying his actions because he was stronger. In fact, he was condemned for using his overwhelming powers against a Jewish people specifically characterized by propaganda as weak, defenseless and innocent.

    In fact, in today's world, Churchill would be lambasted by the Jewish media-Scribes for racism against Arabs.

      "Where the Arab goes it is often desert," Churchill said. When Rumbold said that the Arabs had created 'a good deal of civilization in Spain.' Churchill answered: "I am glad they were thrown out.' Rumbold was indignant: 'They were there six or seven hundred years and they did a great deal there,' he said. To which Churchill remarked, 'It is a lower manifestation, the Arab.' Churchill was not prepared to accept that the Arabs were capable of creating a vibrant culture. -- Gilbert 116

    If Churchill would have given it much more thought, he would have known that Moorish Spain was vibrant, not because of the Arabs, but because all the Sephardic Jews were in Spain. -- (And he would have loved me for saying that!)

    Still it strikes you hard to hear Churchill call Arabs a lower manifestation of mankind, at the exact same time he was getting everyone else worked up over the fact that Hitler was calling Jews a lower manifestation of mankind.

    1937 - Battle over the Airwaves

    Everyone knows Hitler engaged in hate speech.

      "The hate-culture continues," Churchill points out, "fostered by printing press and broadcast -- the very instruments, in fact, which philosophers might have hoped would liberate mankind from such perils." -- Gilbert 138

    And everyone also knows that anything Churchill says is gospel truth and proves the power of freedom of the press.

      Emery Reves, a Hungarian Jew, would arrange for the [Churchill] translations and, where possible, for simultaneous publications in all European countries, including 25 European cities and 17 capitals. --Gilbert 139

    Do not believe any propaganda Hitler says, but if a Jew gets a copy of one of Churchill's speech pleading with you to help the Jews, then thank God that we enjoy freedom of the press where one Jew can bring news to 17 governments at once. -- Nope, not a monopoly of the news -- No propaganda going on here!

      "It is easy to ruin and persecute the Jews," Churchill wrote, "to steal their property' to drive them out of every profession and employment; to fling a Rothschild into a prison or a sponging house; to compel Jewish ladies to scrub the pavements; and to maroon clusters of helpless refugees on islands in the Danube; and these sports continue to give satisfaction." -- Gilbert 145

    This was the absolute worst Churchill could say against Hitler in March 1938 after Germany and Austria merged?

    Gee, that was nothing compared to the Judeo-Communist Red Scare or the 1932-1933 Ukrainian Judeo-Holodomor, or even the hundreds of Arab boys slain by Churchill's goons protecting Jewish Crusader invaders in Palestine.

    1938 - Jews in Danzig Prepare

    Hitler made no secret of wanting all German lands back which had been stolen.

    One of those places was the German Baltic town of Danzig, an important seaport for trade.

      Before Hitler, Danzig had 4,000 Jewish inhabitants. By the time of Hitler's invasion, all but 600 had left. -- Gilbert 146

    Contrary to popular propaganda, Hitler did not come into control of millions of Polish Jews at the start of WWII when he was retaking German territory and before Churchill had declared war on Hitler for being a Jew-hater.

    That would come later after Hitler declares war on the Russian Judeo-Communists, who had illegally taken over the rest of Poland and who had in cold-blood killed off all Christian intellectual Bourgeois and Polish officers.

    1938 - Kristallnacht

    The Kristallnacht (Glass-Night) of November 9-10, 1938 was a notorious anti-Jewish pogrom in Germany.

    Often one has heard of all the damage and destruction caused to Jews on this fateful night.

      More than a thousand synagogues and places of worship were set in fire, several thousand homes ransacked, hundreds of Jews savagly beaten, and more than 90 murdered. Within a few days, 30,000 Jews were arrested: scholars, doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers, shopkeepers, teachers, men who had played a leading part in German national and civic life, and former front-line soldiers who had fought in the German army in the First World War...A massive fine was then imposed on the whole Jewish community of Germany. -- Gilbert 147-148

    Here is what you will rarely hear in comparison and perspective.

    Jewish Assassin: Herschel Grynszpan ("Herschel Greenspan") was a German political assassin, who on November 7, 1938 assassinated the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris. This led to the Kristallnacht. (Gilbert 147) In other prominent assassinations, there was the Jewish assassins of Tsar Alexander II, beloved by his countrymen for freeing the Russian Serfs -- Jewish terrorist assassins which also led to pogroms against the Jews, but eventually led to the Pharisees ultimate success -- the Judeo-Communist Revolution.

    Jewish many-eyes-for-an-eye: We will find in 1953, that Ariel Sharon will lead Israeli military force -- Unit 101 -- into a reverse pogrom against the Arab village of Kibya to slaughter 69 Arabs, mostly women and children in a Jewish Kristallnacht pogrom against Arabs, in retaliation for one Jewish family being slaughtered. (Gilbert 286)

    Christian churches burned: In Judeo-Communist Russia, the Red Terror would see pretty much all Russian Orthodox churches burned. Priests and nuns murdered. Christianity brutally suppressed by a supposed "Atheist" government.

    Genocide of the Christian Bourgeois Class: In the Red Scare, Judeo-Communists carried off all Christian intellectuals (bourgeois class) to Gulags in Siberia, never to return. This would be repeated again in the Ukraine Holodomor, Poland after the Judeo-Communist invasion, Communist China, Cuba, among others. Twenty million Russians would perish under Stalin alone.

    Polish Officers at Katyn Forest: The Judeo-Communists would round up all Polish officers and commit mass murder under Stalin's direct orders, just in case any Polish officers get the feeling they could rescue their country. Then Stalin would try to place the blame on Hitler for the mass murders.

    All in all, the Kristallnacht was just a minor atrocity or a typical one compared to activities that Churchill was either directly involved in or activities he chose to ignore.

    1938 -- Churchill beats the War Drums

    Immediately after Kristallnacht, on December 9, 1938, Churchill expresses his "I told you so" speach. Churchill had wanted the Royal Air Force doubled and doubled again.

    Meanwhile, the Jewish media-Scribes were swinging public opinion into battle mode.

      While Chamberlain and his Cabinet did not want Churchill in their inner circle, a larger and larger segment of the British public was calling for him to be given a place.

      This demand found strong expression in February and March 1939 in the illustrated magazine Picture Post, which in two successive issues called for Churchill to be brought back into government.

      The editor and designer of Picture Post was Stefan Lorant, a Hungarian Jew.

      -- Gilbert 155

    Hitler was not an idiot.

    He saw the Jewish media-Scribe propaganda push English Christians into a war with German Christians just to defeat a German leader who was standing up to the Jews.

    Was Hitler surprised that England declared war on him? Heck no. The Jewish Pharisees had been spoiling for a fight.

      The two issues of Picture Post that followed Lorant's visit marked a turning point in the public perception of Churchill as a man whose knowledge and experience were not being used...The theme of the first issue -- The greatest moment of his life is yet to come.

    What do you call it when Jewish media-Scribes orchestrate a "turning point in public perception" in the minds of English Christians?

    You call it propaganda.

    You call it manipulation.

    You call it dishonesty and fraud.

    1936-1939 -- Churchill's Pogroms against the Arabs

    In Palestine, the Arabs were still not welcoming invading Jewish Crusaders with open arms. Perhaps they felt that once the Jews gained political power they would be trapped in Arab Bantustans like ...say the Gaza Strip or The West Bank?

    Churchill was upset that his loving plans were not going so well.

    But he made sure that Great Britain remained the sheriff, keeping law and order, until enough Jews arrived to become self-sustaining.

      Between April 1936 and the spring of 1939...the British War Office statistics claimed that 5,000 Palestinian Arabs were killed. -- Gilbert 157

    Clearly Churchill was not in the same league as Stalin for ruthless suppression by an outside military force upon a native people, but Hitler was still smelling like a rose at this time.

    1939 -- Hitler's first Aggressive Military Move

    In March 1939, Hitler took over Czechoslovakia, the first aggression against an independent, non-German state.

    Let's review what we have here.

  • Churchill is slaughtering 5,000 non-Englishmen in a League of Nations Mandate where England is supposed to be keeping the peace. Of course, England cannot keep the peace, because the leading English politician, Churchill, is busy agitating the native Arabs with thousands of European Jews being resettled in their conquered land, per an agreement he had secretly and undemocratically signed called the Balfour Declaration.

  • Then, with blood on his hands helping the Jews, the Jewish media-Scribes are successfully turning easily swayed British Christians into rabid Hitler haters.

  • Which reaches a turning point in Feb. and March 1939, when Brits start asking for Churchill to rearm England for war with Germany.

  • All because of Nov. 9-10, 1938 Kristallnacht, which although bad, was still an internal German matter.

    OK then, can we ask if Hitler was pushed into war? I don't think he minded being pushed into war, but really -- How far off was Chamberlain after all?

    Hitler knew the real power in England was not Chamberlain, but Churchill, with the entire world's Pharisees behind him.

      Chamberlain had given Poland, Romania and Turkey guarantees against outside aggression and, much encouraged by Churchill, was negotiating with the Soviet Union to bring it into the alliance system.

    Chamberlain was signing protection agreements with Poland and its 3 million Jews, but evidently, Chamberlain had to be encouraged by Churchill to sign a pact with the devil.

    Churchill wanted the Judeo-Communist Stalin to be his partner. -- So much for words of warning of the evils of the "International Jew!"

    Churchill was just showing his true colors. -- All Jews, good British Jews and bad Russian Jews, were allowed to fight the Jew hater.

    (Well, if you call something like the Zion Mule Train to be a fighting unit. To me, I expect the mass of the Jews in the army were supply clerks, writing field manuals, members of staff, and engaged in other non-combat activities. The man in the trench, as Hitler was apt to point out was usually a Christian.)

    The Pharisees were calling for another World War and Hitler was not going to disappoint them.

    1939 -- World War II Begins

    The German invasion of Poland started on September 1, 1939.

    Two days later, both England and France declared war on Germany. That day, Neville Chamberlain brought Churchill back into the Cabinet as the First Lord of the Admiralty, the same position he had in WWI.

    First priority: Palestinian Jews

    True to form, the first thing on Churchill's mind was to arm the Palestinian Jews.

      "If the Jews were armed", Churchill said, "it would be possible to take British troops away from Palestine". -- Gilbert 163

    Chiming in was Chaim Weitzmann.

      "Once the Jews were armed, the Arabs would come to terms with them." -- Gilbert 164

    Encouraging words, but Churchill was unable to persuade the Cabinet. The Cabinet was not about to provide cannon fodder to Arab propaganda that WWII was a Jewish War. The Jews in Palestine were to sit out the war in peace and let the Christians do most of their fighting for them.

    Second priority: American Jews

    FDR was up for re-election the next year, less than a year away. The primaries were coming up in the spring, then the general election in the fall, Nov, 1940.

    There was seen a need to get FDR re-elected, instead of a real isolationist presidential candidate.

    For Churchill, he was fighting patriotic American Christian heroes like Charles Lindberg, as much as he was fighting Hitler.

    Many forget that it was "right-wing" Americans who were the ones most against meddling in Europe's wars.

    "The three most important groups who have been pressing the country toward war are the British, the Jews and the Roosevelt Administration."

    -- Charles Lindbergh 1941

    In the First World War, Lindbergh would have substituted the word "Wilson" for "Roosevelt".

    "For months, the people of the United States have had fear pounded into their brains by magazines, newspapers and motion pictures. No enemy has been pointed out. All the wild cry for the spending of billions, the piling up of armaments and the saddling of the country with a military caste has been based on nothing but fiction."

    -- Henry Ford, a patriotic American speaking out about "Wilson's War"

    It was unwavering, unapologetic, anti-Arab, anti-British, anti-American and anti-Christian, support of the Jews through instruments like the Balfour Declaration, along of course with alliance with Stalin, which prompted the Germans to look to Hitler as their defender, but Churchill was not about to hide his true passion, even at the eve of WWII.

    On Christmas Day, 1939, Churchill wrote this memorandum to the War Cabinet.

      It was not for light or sentimental reasons that Lord Balfour and the Government of 1917 made the promises to the Zionists which have been the cause of so much subsequent discussion.

      The influence of American Jewry was rated then as a factor of the highest importance, and we did not feel ourselves in such a strong position as to be able to treat it with indifference. With a Presidential election only a year away, and when the future is full of measureless uncertainties, I should have thought it was more necessary, even than in November 1917, to conciliate American Jewry and enlist their aid in combating isolationism and indeed anti-British tendencies in the United States. -- Gilbert 165

    Hitler was right. The Jews were running the world.

    We isolationist and anti-British Americans need to have American Jews convince us to be neither isolationist nor anti-British.

    And it worked, proving that "free will" is just an illusion.

    If you remember, America was being swamped by Russian Jews from the 1880s through the 1920s. America was in no mode to help Jews even more and the American Jews had to be approached delicately, least "unfavorable elements" in America install their own Hitler.

    Chaim Weitzmann was the man picked to travel to New York City to enlist the support of American Jews, and he writes a telegram back to Churchill.
      "I am sure, Churchill wrote, "that it is his whole desire to bring United States opinion as far as he possibly can on to our side, but the line indicated in the draft telegram may well make his task impossible, and he will find himself confronted with the active resentment of American Jewry. Their anger may become public and be readily exploited by all unfavorable elements in the United States. This may do us great harm there; and when the repercussions of this outcry reach this country the Government will have to face a debate in the House of Commons which will be not only embarrassing, but dangerous and damaging to our common interests." -- Gilbert 166-167
    Darn, don't want those "unfavorable element" Christians to get the full grasp of this Jewish Conspiracy, because they will endanger Jews living in America, then the British Christians will find out and we will be in trouble here as well.

    Third priority: Polish Jews

    On September 17, 1939, just 16 days after Hitler invaded Poland, Judeo-Communist Stalin invaded. All 3 million Polish Jews came under his protection.

    Not protected were the Polish Christians. All leading Polish Christian leaders were declared as members of the bourgeois class and were deported to Siberian Gulag work-camps. They would never be heard from again. 230,000 Polish soldiers were taken prisoners, their bourgeois officers would all be taken into the Katyn Forest and massacred.

    What a master-stroke for Stalin to form an alliance with Hitler instead of his suitor Churchill. Churchill's Polish Jews were much safer with Stalin pretending to be friends with Hitler.

    1940 -- World War II Expands

    On May 10, 1940, German forces began their famous Blitzkrieg manouvers, attacking Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

    Palestinian Jew, Ben Gale, relates one example of how the Palestinian Jews handled the tragic news.

      During a lecture, the chairman interrupted the speaker to read a note handed to him by a messenger. The note read, "Chamberlain has stepped down and Winston Churchill is now Prime Minister."

      Everyone in the large hall stood up and cheered wildly. With Churchill at the helm there was now hope for the Jews of Palestine.

      -- Gilbert 171

    Regardless of the intense suffering about to beset all of Europe, Churchill would make sure the the Palestinian Jews were armed, so that British troops could be freed up to fight Hitler, leaving them in charge of the place.

    Statehood for Israel was all but guaranteed.

    Already Chaim Weitzmann was having good effect in America.

      Churchill received a telegram from Lord Lothian, the British Ambassador in Washington, stating that the Jews in the United States want Jews in Palestine to be organised under British command to defend Palestine from outside attack and to help the Allies.

      If Palestine were overrun and Jews had not been put in a position to defend their country, there would certainly be a most deplorable effect on American Jews' opinion. -- Gilbert 173

    A selfish opinion just after most of Europe had just been overrun by both Germany and Russia.

    By June 7, 1940, the British Expeditionary Force was being overran in France and had to evacuate from Dunkirk.

    Still Churchill had optimism of winning the war.

      On August 20, 1940, Churchill declared in a wartime speech, "from the moment the Germans drove the Jews out -- and thereby lowered their 'technical standards' -- our science is definitely ahead of theirs. -- Gilbert 176

    1941 -- Russia attacked -- The Atlantic Charter

    On June 21, 1941, Germany attacked Russia.

    And a few months later, in August 1941, Churchill and FDR signed the Atlantic Charter

    On August 20, 1941, the President presented Churchill with the Atlantic Charter, his vision of the postwar world.

      Under this, Britain and the United States would pledge themselves to respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live. -- Gilbert 184

    Well, Churchill wanted one exception made in Roosevelt's words "all peoples".

      Churchill supported such a promise, but not with regard to the Arabs of Palestine, explaining to Roosevelt that the Arabs might claim by majority that they could expel the Jews from Palestine, or at any rate forbid all future immigration. -- Gilbert 184

    Well at least the Arabs knew that even though they were the majority, the Jews would still rule over them. Lucky for them, they didn't have to concern themselves with conspiracy theories -- It was all out in the open for all to see.

    Not so lucky were the the average Christian in Britain or the United States. They had no idea that they are not ruling as the majority, but that the Jews were ruling them by guile and deception.

    Which then makes the entire idea of the Atlantic Charter a cruel deceptive joke, right?

    Let's reminisce on a few facts.

  • Let's remember that Churchill was the man who documented the barbarity of the Judeo-Communist Red Terror, the Holodomor, the Katyn Forest massacre, Stalin's Purges and did nothing about it.

  • Let's remember that Churchill knew that Stalin and Hitler, signed together, an agreement between them to split up Poland.

  • Let's remember that Churchill never once warned about building up the British Army to fight Stalin.

  • Let's remember that Churchill did not declare war on Russia for invading Poland.

  • Let's remember that Churchill knew that American Jews wanted to be careful about promoting their own self-interests with such a large influx of Jews into America already.

    How does all this relate to America?

    But now was the time to pull America into the war.

    And why now?

    For the first time, Hitler was attacking the Judeo-Communist Jewish Commissars of Russia.

    For the first time, the millions of Polish Jews were in danger.

    For the first time, the millions of Russian Jews were in danger.

    And for thse facts alone, Churchill knew the time had arrived for the American Jewry (as Churchill liked to call them) to be asked to help -- they could now be easily swayed to enter the war on the side of Britain.

    Jewish Propaganda begins in Earnest

    For the next several months, America found itself being softened up by the American media-Scribes with the anti-Hitler propaganda of Winston Churchill.

    The propaganda was worst than the singular acts of the First World War, such as -- Posters painted of a fearful menacing-looking Hun. with a baby baronetted on the end of his rifle.

    Germany didn't have a Hitler in the First World War to focus attention on.

    With atrocities being played on the nightly radio broadcasts against Stalin's forces, then the orders of magnitude greater atrocities of Stalin would be soon forgotten or the mild atrocities of Churchill would be forgotten.
      On August 24, 1941 Churchill broadcast, "whole districts are being exterminated. We are in the presence of a crime without a name.

      None has suffered more cruelly than the Jews. The unspeakable evils wrought on the bodies and spirits of men by Hitler and his vile regime.

      -- Gilbert 186-187

    Getting America into another World War was a done deal, only in need of a spark to ignite it, and that was only 6 months away.

    1941 -- America Attacked

    On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour.

    Marking the last time Americans were so unified as a nation on war, Congress declared war on Japan.

    Germany in turn declares war on America.

    Before the invasion of Russia --

  • The typical American could not see that Hitler was worst than Stalin.

  • The typical American could not see that Hitler was worst than Churchill.

  • The typical American saw no good that came out of their involvement in the First World War.

  • The typical American did not want any part of this current European mess.

  • The typical American was led to the polls in 1940, thinking that FDR would be the man to keep them out of Europe's Wars.

    After the invasion of Russia with the Jewish media-Scribes swinging around, capping it off with Pearl Harbour, Americans were on a blood lust.

    What an awesome powerful weapon propaganda is!

    1942 -- The Allied Declaration

    With every country in the world now with or against Germany and with vile, often exaggerated, if not entirely untrue, propaganda of war crimes, Hitler finally decided to "join the Katyn Forest / Gulag Siberian death camp club".

      By mid-1942 the tide was turning against Hitler.

      In German-dominated Europe, the deportation of Jews to their deaths in distant camps in German-occupied Poland, deportations that had begun in July 1942, was reaching a crescendo.

      "The systemic cruelties to which the Jewish people -- men, women and children -- have been exposed under the Nazi regime are amongst the most terrible events of history, and place an indelible stain upon all who perpetrate and instigate them. Free men and women denounce these vile crimes, and when this world struggle ends with the enthronement of human rights, racial persecution will be ended." -- Churchill

      -- Gilbert 190-191

    There you have it.

    An entire world went to war with Hitler for what Hitler did, based upon evidence of what Hitler did 'after they went to war with him', and 'after they started to defeat him'.

    Boy were they smart to see that far into the future.

    The Holocaust movies of what happened after mid-1942, are now exhibit A of the reason for going to war with Hitler in 1939.

    To be more specific, A Roman Catholic, Jan Karski, had testified to Britain's War Cabinet, in December 1942, that he had witnessed Jews being rounded up and moved to some other location.

    The speculation even then, as told by Anthony Eden, was that Hitler was exterminating the Jews.

      "It was known, "he said, reporting the most recent information to reach London, "that Jews were being transferred to Poland from enemy-occupied countries, for example Norway; and it might be that these transfers were being made with a view to wholesale extermination of Jews." -- Gilbert 195

    "might be" implies that there was no evidence of such an act happening.

    And what do we do with the loser of a war, that Europe has never, ever done before?

    Why we call them Genocidal war criminals and hang them.

    Based upon no facts, Churchill pushed a joint Moscow/London/Washington Allied Declaration released on December 17, 1942.

    One focus of the Allied Declaration was Churchill's call for retribution.

      Despite initial hesitation from Washington, which would have preferred the word "alleged" to be placed before the word "crimes", Churchill had insisted that the declaration make clear, not only that the Germans were pursuing a 'bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination', but that those committing these crimes against the Jews would be hunted down after the war and brought to trial. -- Gilbert 195

    So to sum up, Churchill was not interested in impartial juries after the war.

    Churchill knew that Jews were considered to be an internal security risk to Hitler during the war and were being rounded up to be placed into concentration camps, much as Roosevelt thought that Japanese Americans posed a security risk for the United States and were being rounded up to be placed into concentration camps.

    But in Churchill's mind, he somehow knew that Roosevelt would not exterminate the enemy Japanese in his concentration camps, but knew that Hitler absolutely would do such a horrible thing to his enemies -- the Jews.

    True, Hitler already had a record of rounding up and disposing of innocent disabled Germans under a then world-wide popular eugenics program, much as America's abortion eugenics program has exterminated 50 million unwanted babies, and much as Stalin was already on record as rounding up bourgeois upper-class people who were a threat to Jewish commissar rule and exterminating them.

    1943 -- The Moscow Declaration

    On November 1, 1943, the Allies issued the Moscow Declaration.

    It stated to the effect:

      The Allies would compile a list of the 'abominable all possible detail' from throughout Nazi-controlled Europe. They would then pursue those who had joined 'the ranks of the the uttermost ends of the earth', and would deliver them to their accusers 'in order that justice may be done.' -- Gilbert 201.

    But this was only the compromise agreement all parties would sign on to.

    The real "scorched-earth" demands, if Churchill had had his way, were shot down as way too harsh a punishment upon Germany.

      It might, Churchill told the War Cabinet, have a "salutary effect" on the Germans if Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union were to make an immediate declaration "to the effect that a number of German officers or members of the Nazi Party, equal to those put to death by the Germans in the various countries, would be returned to those countries after the war for judgement." -- Gilbert 200

    If I am reading this statement from Churchill correctly, if Churchill had his way, 6 million German soldiers, representing the 6 million Jews killed, would be rounded up for firing squads -- After judgement had been pronounced upon them, of course.

    Now that is pure Jewish "eye-for-an-eye" retribution!

    Thankfully, the Churchill version of the Katyn Forest Massacre never happened.

  • 100 million men were mobilized in WWII.

  • 70 million men, women and children lost their lives.

  • 5,000 Germans were executed for war crimes.

    Both Stalin and Churchill died peacefully without ever being judged guilty or innocent for WWII.

    A Monday-Night Quarterback Question

    When constructing rape laws, there are often discussions about the extent of the punishment.

    If the punishment is too harsh, as in death, then the rapist would be better off killing the woman after he raped her.

    A dead woman could not testify against her rapist and he stood a much better chance of walking away a free man.

    On the other hand, even if convicted, the penalty for murder was the same as for rape.

    Hence, he had nothing to lose from killing the woman he had raped and everything to gain by killing her.

    Surely, the same thought must have been going through Hitler's mind when he heard Churchill.

    In Hitler's mind, "I'm a war criminal if I deport them, and I am a war criminal if I slaughter them after deporting them."

    For reason's like this, Saddam Hussein was not pushed to unconditional surrender in the First Iraqi War, for it was not known if he possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. If pushed against the wall, Saddam could have unleashed much death and destruction upon Israel.

    Only after years of weapons inspections, and Israel ramping up a credible missile defense to Saddam's SCUD missiles, would Israel have the United States push for unconditional surrender.

    So, here is my question.

    Question: "If Churchill really cared only about the lives of Polish Jews and others, why would Churchill push Hitler's back up against a wall with talk of war crimes trials after the war?"

    Follow-up question: "Did Churchill's intransigence seal the fate of the Jews in the German Concentration camps?"

    Nice to be on the side of angels like Stalin and Churchill. -- And Roosevelt who often hung around with those two.

    1943 -- Plans for Jewish State in Palestine

    The plans called for leading Arab leaders to be bought off in preparation of the State of Israel being born.

      In the summer of 1943, after discussion with Weitzmann, Churchill put forward a plan whereby Britain would offer King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia the leadership of an Arab Federation throughout the Middle East, and pay him 20 million pound sterling a year, in exchange for his support for a Jewish State in Palestine. -- Gilbert 202
    In Muslim code, this could be labeled as Infidels paying dhminitude to the Muslims.

    When Anthony Eden heard of Churchill's plans for a Jewish state, he was indignant.

      Eden went on to remind Churchill -- who knew this all too well -- that the 1939 Palestine White Paper (which the Jews labeled as the 'Black Paper'), voted for by a large parliamentary majority, was unequivocally against letting Palestine become a Jewish State. -- Gilbert 202

    Always hostile to anything not Judaic, Churchill had this to say:

      Speaking of the Arabs, Churchill remarked that 'they had done very little, and in some instances had made things difficult for us. He would remember this when the day of reckoning came.' -- Gilbert 205

    When the actual day of reckoning came, when the Jewish Irgun and the Stern Gang were routinely assassinating British policemen and blowing up the King David Hotel filled with British diplomats, Churchill would only remember the Arabs making things difficult for us.

    Throwing American Presidential Elections

      In January 1944, Churchill was in Washington to discuss war policy in regards to the D-Day invasion.

      In a telegram from Washington on January 12, 1944, Churchill had harsh words for those Cabinet Ministers who were pressing him to implement the 1939 Palestine White Papers, whereby it had been proposed, as of May 1944, to create an Arab majority government in Palestine, thus making even a partitioned Jewish State impossible.

      "Surely we are not going to make trouble for ourselves in America," he telegraphed to Atlee and Eden, and, looking forward to the Presidential election in November 1944, "hamper the President's chances of re-election for the sake of this low-grade gasp of a defeatist hour."

      -- Gilbert 206

    What a blanket admission that the Jews had the power to keep President Roosevelt in office or to kick him out of office, if they so chose.

    Churchill was simply laying out the blackmail that Churchill and the Jews had over them.

    Just dare to implement the Arab majority government in Palestine by the deadline of May 1944, as you agreed to do in 1939, and see the American Jews throw President Roosevelt's chances of re-election.

    Blackmail and coercion were tactics Churchill never shied away from when it came to defending his Jews.

    Like Father, like Son

    Churchill's son was not too offended to work with Judeo-Communists to help Jews get to Palestine.

      Early in 1944, Randolph Churchill, who had parachuted behind German lines in Yugoslavia to serve as a liaison officer with the Yugoslav communist partisans led by Marshal Tito, also acted as a conduit for a Jewish Agency request that Palestinian Jews should be parachuted into Nazi-dominated Europe.

      The Agency's hope was that they could contact the surviving Jewish communities, mainly in Hungary and Slovakia, and help organise rescue efforts both for Jews and for escaped Allied prisoners-of-war and aircrew who had been shot down.

      -- Gilbert 209

    To the outside world, the emphasise was to be in getting Allied soldiers from out behind enemy lines; the real emphasise however, was in getting Jews from out behind enemy lines.

    Knowing that even his own son was helping Judeo-Communists in countries like Yugoslavia, after WWII, Winston Churchill would be the first "statesman" to decry the "Iron Curtain" that had descended upon Yugoslavia and other countries taken over by Judeo-Communists.

    Help the Judeo-Communists get into power and then have your countrymen believe you are the staunchest Commie-Fighter there ever was -- only a professional politician of Churchill's magnitude could pull off such a feat.

    1944 -- Churchill the Racist

    In the eyes of Churchill, the Germans were an evil race of men.

      On July 11, 1944, "There is no doubt", Churchill wrote to Eden, "that this is probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races in Europe. -- Gilbert 215
    Should it be pointed out at this time that Churchill was the first to start the fire-bombings of German towns using the scientific machinery of air flight.

    Should he not be careful to offend all future Japanese citizens, who were about to have the full force of the Quantum Physics of Jewish Scientist Albert Einstein, used against them at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where men, women and children were targeted?

    Churchill would continue degrading the entire German race.

      On July 13, Churchill would again say, "It had been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great state and one of the leading races of Europe. -- Gilbert 216

    Churchill would characterize the Jewish race in more sympathetic terms as he plotted their revenge.

      "I cannot conceive," he wrote in his letter of July 26, "Why this martyred race, scattered about the world, and suffering as no other race has done at this juncture, should be denied the satisfaction of having a flag." -- Gilbert 217

    The flag of course was the flag of the State of Israel.

    The flag of Israel was the banner under which armed Jews would fight.

    And this martyred race, now armed under the flag of Israel, would soon be martyring British Christian soldiers.

    Greek Communists

    Churchill was all about helping both the Jews and the Judeo-Communists.

      Churchill was warned by the British Foreign Office that money -- provided through clandestine channels by the United States -- was being paid to Greek Communists to protect Jews fleeing imminent arrest and deportation. These Jews were refugees from Hungary who had been fortunate to have had enough money to bribe the Hungarian authorities to allow them to travel to Greece.

      British policy was to boycott the Greek Communists in every way, but Churchill felt that saving Jews had priority over any such consideration.

      "I know it is the modern view that rich people should be put to death wherever found, but it is a pity that we should take up that attitude at the present time."

      "After all, they have no doubt paid for their liberation so high that they will only be poor Jews, and therefore have the ordinary rights of human beings."

      -- Gilbert 219

    Did you follow this twisted logic to justify Churchill's defense of the Jews?

  • Who had the "modern view" that the rich should be killed? -- that's right -- the Communists!

  • Who created communism? -- That's right -- the Jews

  • Who were the rich? -- That's right -- the Jews

  • Who was providing the bribe money to "rich-killing" communists in Greece? -- That's right, rich American Jews

  • Who should we have pity on? -- That's right, the ones who were responsible for all of this!

    1944 -- Jewish Terrorism in Palestine

    All pity the poor, defenseless, helpless, noble Jewish race.

      In Palestine, two underground Jewish organizations, the Irgun and the Stern Gang -- the former led by a future Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin -- had begun to pursue a campaign of assassinations against British Mandate officials and soldiers, hoping thereby to drive the British out of Palestine. -- Gilbert 221

    The deadly toll was not how Churchill described the noble Jewish race.

    • Feb, 1944 -- Two British officers were killed in Tel Aviv

    • Feb, 1944 -- Three British officers were killed in Haifa.

    • Aug, 1944 -- The Stern Gang made a failed attempt to assassinate Sir Harold MacMichael, the British High Commissioner; during the attack, his aid-de-camp and a police officer were killed.

    • Sep, 1944 -- An Irgun force estimated at 150 attacked 4 British police stations.

    • Sep, 1944 -- A senior British police officer of the Criminal Intelligence Department was assassinated while walking to his office in Jerusalem.

    • Nov, 1944 -- Former Financial Secretary at the Treasury and current Minister Resident in Cairo, was assassinated by Stern Gang members Eliahu Bet-Zouri and Eliahu Hakim

    • Jun, 1945 -- A countrywide sabotage of bridges

    • Jun, 1945 -- Five British officers kidnapped from the Officers' Club in Tel Aviv

    • Jul, 1946 -- The Irgun blew up the King David Hotel, murdering 91 innocent people.

    • Sep, 1946 -- British officer killed on attack on Area Security Office in Jaffa

    • Oct, 1946 -- British constable killed during sabotage of Jerusalem rail-road station

    • Nov, 1946 -- 4 British soldiers killed in booby-trapped home looking for explosives

    • Nov, 1946 -- 2 British policemen killed patroling the Jerusalem-Jaffa rail-road line

    • Nov, 1946 -- 4 policemen killed when their truck was blown up outside Tel Aviv

    • Dec, 1946 -- British officer and 3 army sergeants kidnapped and flogged

    • Jan, 1947 -- 5 British soldiers injured when their Jeeps were blown up by mines

    • Jan, 1947 -- 4 people killed when a bomb was exploded at the District Police Headquarters in Haifa

    • Jan, 1947 -- British judge, Ralph Windham, kidnapped by 6 Jewish terrorists

    • Mar, 1947 -- 14 officers killed by a bomb outside the Officers' Club in Jerusalem

    Our not-so-Great Britain would say to the Jews, -- "We are your friends." -- "We feel your pain!" -- "Can't we just get along?"

    If you remember, The Jewish Century started with Jewish radicals terrorising the despotic regime of the Russian Tsars.

    The Jewish Century would end with Jewish radicals terrorising the despotic regime of Winston Churchill.

    Not that Churchill would have noticed.

      In October 1944, while in Cairo, Churchill attended a conference on the post-war future of the Middle East. On October 20, he told the conference that, ... 'the Arabs have done nothing for us except to revolt in Iraq,'

      On November 4, 1944, in discussions with Chaim Weitzmann, Churchill then referred to Jewish terrorism in Palestine, in particular the recent murder of British soldiers, but, as Weitzmann's record of the discussion noted, Churchill 'had not labored the point.' -- Gilbert 222
    Can I labor the point that Churchill was less concerned about his own British police officers being slain in cold-blood by Jews, than he was concerned about protecting Jews from Arab attacks?

    However, in discussions in front of the British public, the persona of Churchill was much more Churchillian.

      Although Churchill would allow no punitive measures against the Jewish community, he spoke strongly in a statement in the House of Commons on November 17, 1944..."If our dreams for Zionism are to end in the smoke of assassins' pistols, and our labors for its future to produce only a new set of gangsters worthy of Nazi Germany, many like myself would have to reconsider the position we have maintained so consistently and so long in the past." -- Gilbert 226

    The warmth and caring Churchill has for British police officers glows you heart doesn't it?

    And no Neo-Nazi Jews will be tolerated! There -- that's the end of it. -- Thanks for your support, love Churchill

    Oops, Churchill's Nov 17th speech was too harsh for the Jews.

      On December 16, 1944, Eliahu Golomb, the head of the underground forces of the Haganah...met secretly with Nathan Friedman-Yellin, a member of the Stern Gang's ruling triumvirate.

      Two Stern Gang members were then on trial for Moyne's murder, and the triumvirate wanted to carry out some spectacular act of warning and reprisal.

      One possibility being discussed was to assassinate Churchill himself.

      -- Gilbert 228

    There is just not pleasing some people.

    Dedicate your entire political career to establishing a national homeland for all Jews and Jews still want you dead!

    1945 -- Arab concerns over the creation of Israel

    Ibn Saud may have taken bribes and agreed to the inevitable, since is arms were being twisted by Churchill, but he clearly shows he is not naive about the Jews. Speaking to a more reasonable Roosevelt, Ibn says.

      Roosevelt replied that the Jews were 'reluctant to go back to Germany,' and that they nurtured a 'sentimental' desire to go to Palestine.

      Ibn Saud countered by telling Roosevelt: 'Make the enemy and the oppressor pay; this is how we Arabs wage war. Amends should be made by the criminal, not by the innocent bystander. What injury have Arabs done to the Jews of Europe? It is the "Christian" Germans who stole their homes and lives. Let the Germans pay."

      There had never been 'any conflict between the two branches of the Semitic race in the Middle East.' What had 'changed the whole picture was the immigration from Eastern Europe of people who were technically and culturally on a higher level than the Arabs.' As a result, the Arabs 'had greater difficulty in surviving economically.' The fact that these 'energetic Europeans were Jewish' was not the cause of the trouble, the King said, 'it was their superior skills and culture.'

      -- Gilbert 232-233

    Emir Abdullah of Transjordan would explain on March 25, 1944 :

      The Arabs believe as present that the Jews want to have Palestine only as a means of their future domination of the whole Arab world economically as well as politically.

      The 'ambitions of the Jews,' the King insisted, 'are not confined to Palestine alone. The preparations they have made show that they intend to take hostile action against neighboring Arab countries.'

      The Jews were preparing in Palestine 'to create a form of Nazi-Fascism within sight of the democracies and in the midst of the Arab countries.

      -- Gilbert 237

    Fits my model of the world.

    From the time Muhammad founded Islam in the Seventh Century, to the time of the Age of Discovery beginning in 1492, the Jews were a dominant force in Islam. Indeed all the first leaders of Islam were converts from Judaism, who saw Muhammad as their Messiah.

    Planting themselves squarely in Christian Europe to benefit from the Age of Discovery from 1492 to the Present, Jews had largely ignored the Muslim world.

    Now, by establishing a Judaic headquarters squarely in the middle of the Islamic World, the Jews would once again become the dominate force in the Muslim world.

    Yet, it would keep its ties to the Christian world in places like New York City and London.

    Mostly to play the two off each other.

    1945 -- World War II Ends

    On May 7, 1945, the German armies surrendered unconditionally.

    Immediately the Zionists were screaming for the establishment of a State of Israel.

    Having exhausted the British Empire in Two World Wars, Churchill suggests that the United States take up the baton for Israel.

      Churchill then explained to Weitzmann his growing conviction that it was to the United States that the Jews of Palestine should look for satisfaction -- and for statehood...

      It might be a solution of your difficulties if the Mandate were transferred from Britain to the United States who, with her great wealth and strength and strong Jewish elements, might be able to do more for the Zionist cause than Great Britain.

      -- Gilbert 246

    Well, we now know how America got on the hook for Israel.

    And then on July 6, 1945, Churchill adds this slap in his own British face.

      I am not aware of the slightest advantage which has ever accrued to Great Britain from this painful and thankless task. Someone else should have their turn now. -- Gilbert 248

    "Slightest advantage"? How about the disadvantage of having millions of war deaths of British subjects, a lost empire and a broken economy?

    And now America has the painful and thankless task of defending Israel, from which we will also have no benefits and a broken nation in the end.

    1946 -- King David Hotel Massacre

    Always the apologist for anything Jewish, Churchill blames the 91 deaths from the July 22, 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel upon the shoulders of England.

      "All sorts of hopes were raised among the Jews of Palestine, just as other hopes were raised elsewhere.

      However, when the months slipped by and no decided policy or declaration was made by the present Government, a deep and bitter resentment spread throughout the Palestine Jewish Community, and violent protests were made by the Zionists supporters in the United States." Expectations have been aroused by the Labour Party and ...They cannot say all these things, and then let a whole year pass away and do nothing about it, and then be surprised if these pledges come home to roost in a most unpleasant manner."

      -- Gilbert 256

    Then Churchill strongly tells his Jewish friends to play nice or we Brits will stop playing with you.

      It is perfectly clear that Jewish warfare directed against the British in Palestine will, if protracted, automatically release us from all obligations to persevere, as well as destroy the inclination to make further efforts in British hearts. Indeed, there are many people who are very near that now." -- Gilbert 259

    If only Churchill allowed Hitler to have "a little protracted time to engage in warfare with England", perhaps there never would have been a World War and 70 million people dead. But that is the ghost of Chamberlain speaking now.

    No British War on Terrorism

    On January 31, 1947, a government report was released stating that in the last year, the Jewish Terrorists had killed:
    • 45 British soldiers
    • 29 members of the British Palestine Police Force
    • 63 Jewish civilians
    • 60 Arab civilians
    • 14 British civilians
    • 2 British Jews serving in the Mandate administration

    Yet, Churchill was still cautioning Britain to take the High Road when it came to Jews. This was his response:

      In Churchill's words, "The idea that general reprisals upon the civil population and vicarious examples would be consonant with our whole outlook upon the world of affairs and with our name, reputation and principles, is, of course, one which should never be accepted in any way." -- Gilbert 262

    All Churchill was doing was making the Jewish Terrorist statement for them -- G-E-T--O-U-T--!

      "We are told that there are a handful of terrorists on one side and 100,000 British troops on the other," Churchill related, "The cost to Britain was between 30 million and 40 million pound sterling a year. which is being poured out and which would do much to help to find employment in these islands, or could be allowed to return to fructify in the pockets of the people."

      He saw 'absolutely no reason' why 'poor, overburdened and heavily injured' Britain should continue to suffer 'all this pain, toil, injury, and suffering.'

      -- Gilbert 263

    Winston Churchill, bless his heart -- always thinking about his fellow Brits!

    1947 -- Call for end of British Mandate

    Churchill's Britain had done its job well for the Pharisees. It had created the United Nations and had nurtured a vibrant Jewish community in Palestine.

    Now it was time for Britain to pass out of the scene.

    On January 31, 1947, Great Britain decided to hand over control of the Palestine Mandate to the UN.

    Still, on July 21, 1947, Britain's Royal Navy was deporting illegal Jews back to Europe when President Truman's Secretary of the Treasury, a Jew, made a telephone call to Truman about the fate of the ship Empire Rival.

    Truman was not too happy.

      "He'd no business whatever to call me," Truman wrote in his diary. "The Jews have no sense of proportion nor do they have any judgement on world affairs."

      The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs, or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as DPs (Displaced Persons) as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial, or political, neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog."

      -- Gilbert 265-266

    Powerful words from the President of the United States!

    Truman --> Trueman --> True-man

    Then he made a funny observation worth noting.

      "It has been well said that where ever there are three Jews it will be found that there are two Prime Ministers and one leader of the Opposition." -- Gilbert 266

    1948 -- Israel is Born

    On that fateful day of May 14, 1948,

    • Britain's Palestine Mandate came to an end.

    • David Ben-Gurion proclaimed independence in the name of the State of Israel.

    • The United States and the Soviet Union recognized Israel

    • Five Arab armies invade from four countries.

    Always nice for American to once again be on the side of Stalin, in recognizing a Jewish minority rule in a Palestine coup d'etat over an Arab majority.

    Certainly makes me proud to be an American.

    In the face of an illegal Jewish coup d'etat, Churchill could be counted on to condemn the neighboring Arab countries invasion based upon legal technicalities that the Israelis themselves just threw out!

      Churchill pointed out that opening fire was 'a violation of the impartiality which at least we were bound to observe.' -- Gilbert 268-269

    1951 -- Cold Warrior Churchill

    Having led Great Britain through the Two World Wars, Churchill would not go away into retirement. Instead, he transformed himself into a Cold War warrior.

    On October 26, 1951, Churchill became Prime Minister for the second time.

    Ariel Sharon Reprisal Raid

    Even after hundreds of innocent victims and British soldiers and policemen were murdered at the hands of Jewish terrorists, Churchill could always be counted on to counsel against British reprisal attacks on Jewish communities.

    Not so when Jewish officials carried out bloody indiscriminate reprisals against innocent Arabs.

      Palestinian Arab infiltrators from Jordan had murdered an Israeli mother and he two children, the youngest only 18 months old.

      On October 14, 1953, Israeli military force Unit 101, commanded by Ariel Sharon, a future Prime Minister of Israel, supported by a paratroop company, carried out a reprisal raid on the Jordanian Arab village of Kibya.

      69 Arabs, mostly women and children, were killed.

      -- Gilbert 286

    Having received a telegram of the raid inside Jordan, that same day at a meeting of Defense Committee, during the discussion about stationing a British armoured brigade in Jordan, Churchill urged that :

      It should be 'made clear' to Israel 'that the presence of out armoured force in Jordan would not represent any threat to their interests but would, in fact, provide a stabilizing influence in that area. -- Gilbert 286

    Churchill saw no problems when the Jewish state military murdered Arab women and children.

    Never to be outdone in hypocrisy, Churchill did draw the line in reprisal attacks done by Hitler. When the Jewish Assassin, Herschel Grynszpan ("Herschel Greenspan") assassinated the German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris, Churchill called the Kristallnacht reprisal one of the darkest days of civilization.

    Legal technicalities

    When Jordan attacked Israel on its first day of existence, Jordan and Israel had no agreements, treaties, understandings or any other legalities between them. In effect, the creation of the new State of Israel was proof positive that all previous agreements made by the Jews were invalidated, as there were never any agreements to have a minority-ruled Israeli government.

    This did not stop Churchill from attacking Jordan for violating prior treaties that became invalid the day Israel cancelled all previous agreements by its illegal coup d'etat.

    Having lost that war, Jordan did eventually sign an armistice agreement with Israel providing for an end to hostilities between both countries.

    Regardless of the Armistice Agreement, the Israeli went ahead with the reprisal raid and attacked innocent civilian women and children in a Jordanian village.

    Churchill's response?

      To send a small British force to Jordan, as Jordan wished, 'might merely provoke Israel.' -- Gilbert 287

    1954 -- The Suez Canal

    Its beginnings

    The Suez Canal was dug by the French, but the Jewish Benjamin Disraeli bought a controlling share in the Suez Canal Company on behalf of the British Government in 1875. As you remember, it was Disraeli who brought the easily influenced working class into the House of Commons.

    Now, 80-years later, as then, to get to the Suez Canal, ships have to enter Egyptian waters both coming and going.

    Israeli ship blockaded from entering Egyptian waters

    Egypt decided that it did not want Israeli ships entering its waters, nor ships from other countries trading with Israel.

      On January 21, 1954, Churchill told his cabinet that such a blockade would lead to increased 'interference' with the passage of ships through the Suez Canal and the blacklisting by Egypt of many ships of all flags trading with the Levant.

    But once again, Churchill was not in the right. Egypt had a right to defend its sovereign waterways from other countries.

      Foreign Secretary, Anthony Eden, told the Cabinet that it should realize 'that the Egyptian Government had legal grounds for their actions, in that their war with Israel had not legally been terminated. It was therefore desirable that we should not take any public position in this matter until we had assured ourselves that we should have the support of some of the other maritime Powers. -- Gilbert 288

    Preparations for war with Egypt

    Many see the overwhelming defeat of the Egyptians by the Jews as God's hand in the matter. The truth is that Israel knew that the massive arms Russia had shipped were worthless, until the Egyptians had time to learn how to use them.

    About this, On April 13, 1956, Churchill noted:

      If Israel was to be 'dissuaded from using' the life of their race to ward off the Egyptians until the Egyptians have learnt to use the Russian weapons with which they have been supplied, Churchill argued, 'and the Egyptians then attack, it will become not only a matter of prudence but a measure of honor to make sure that they are not the losers by waiting. -- Gilbert 294-295

    Israel prepares to nationalize the International City of Jerusalem

    In Egyptians eyes, Israel was establishing a parliament building in Jerusalem, a city under the United Nations Partition Plan of 1947, designated as an international city for all three religions -- Jewish, Muslim and Christian.

      Churchill continued to champion Israeli enterprise. When James and Dorothy de Rothschild asked him to support a project to erect, on behalf of British Jewry, a large ornamental candelabra in front of the new parliament building in Jerusalem...he was keen to participate.

      The Foreign Office reported, "There would be no political objection to your subscribing to this fund if you wished. We are not very happy that the Israeli parliament should have set itself up in Jerusalem, which is supposed to be an international city, but this is rather a fine point.

      -- Gilbert 294

    Egypt prepares to nationalize the International Suez Canal

    The United States and Great Britain pulled funds for the Aswan Dam project on July 19th, 1956.

    Nasser of Egypt reacted predictably, he nationalized the international Suez Canal on July 26, 1956.

    The logic? -- Israel was going to nationalize international Jerusalem, so Egypt was going to nationalize the international Suez Canal.

    Suez Conspiracy plans

    On October 22, Israel, Britain and France meet secretly near Paris.

      The Plan was for Britain and France, having encouraged Israel to attack Egypt, to occupy the Canal under the guise of preventing it from coming under Israeli control. -- Gilbert 298

    Eight days later, on October 30, 1956, Israeli forces attacked Egypt in the Sinai desert, destroying the Egyptian forces there, and reaching to within a few miles of the Suez Canal.

    But Israel's advance came to a halt, as previously arranged with Britain and France invading and occupying the Suez Canal.

    God didn't help Israel defeat the mighty Egyptian armies -- the French and English did.

    Churchill -- A Jewish-made Man

    Some men are self-made men -- Hitler was one.

    But, Churchill was Jewish-made, through and through.

      A Jewish banker was his patron after the early death of his father.

      A Jewish refugee from Hitler was his European literary agent.

      A leading Jewish historian gave him advice on his biography of his ancestor John Churchill. Duke of Marlborough.

      A young Jewish philosopher was among those to whom he submitted his war memoirs for criticism before publication.

      A young Jewish historian was among his small team of researchers on his four-volume A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.

      A constant companion was the Jewish father of Israel, Chaim Weitzmann, President of the World Zionist Organization.

    The Jewish Century

    Hopefully, the reader will find a disturbing history of Jewish manipulation involving the life and death of hundreds of millions of people.

    When watching the nightly news, one hopes it will be watched with eyes wide open.

    Our Founding Fathers had to wrestle with this powerful force and tried to set America apart, but over time, as this article proves, America has arrived where Europe has been since 1492, when the first wave of the third Diaspora hit their shores.

    The Fourth Diaspora was to America and to Israel, as indicated in this article.

    What can be done?

    The best strategy would be to implement the solutions found in The Christian Solution.

    You can read further at Solutions.
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