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July 2013 AD


Mummy's Curse



Christ's Blessing

God will bless those who bless Israel,
and curse those who curse Israel.
--Genesis 12:3

This Jewish curse, written in the first book of the Old Testament, has gotten the majority of Christians trembling in their boots.

And that is because the unbelieving Jews constantly keep throwing it into their face as if it were still a fact and holds sway today over the decidedly anti-Christian nation of IsraHell.

So much Judas-thinking pervades the American mindset that the current American Foreign policy is...

God will bless America if America blesses IsraHell,
and God will curse America if America curses IsraHell.

Sadly, these otherwise devout Christians have had this Jewish Mummy's Curse-verse cherry picked from the first book of the Old Testament, and have revolved their entire religious faith around it.  This is so bad, they can no longer honestly call themselves Christian.

Christ's Blessing

More truthfully and relevant today is Christ's Blessing, which I have encountered in every verse, of every chapter, of every book I have ever read in the New Testament.

Christ's Blessing
God will bless those who bless His Son Christ,
and God will Curse those who Curse His Son Christ.
--All verses of the New Testament

Jewish Mummy's Curse disproved using England example

In fact, this Jewish Mummy's Curse-Verse is so easy to disprove by merely studying the history of Christian England.

Under the Edict of Expulsion, English King Edward I, expelled all their Jews in 1290 AD.

According to the Jews, most of those expelled Jews went to France to "bless" that country.

Map of Jewish Expulsions

Over the next 350 years of "cursing Jews", England did quite well for herself and bested the Jewish "blessed" France at every opportunity.

From this point, England would only gain in strength and stature, culminating in Queen Elizabeth I who died in 1603 AD, overseeing a pretty blessed England

1607 AD would see England's first New World colony at Jamestown planted and prospering -- the beginning of our own country. A country I have always called the greatest country in the world.

Quite a "curse", on those anti-Semite English!

Only starting in 1657, did Oliver Cromwell invade England and encourage foreign Jews to return to England.

In fact, all by himself, Cromwell was a huge curse on English Christian society.

With Jews reestablishing themselves in England, things had gotten so bad for England over the next 100 years, that by 1776 England had lost her most prized possession, the American colonies.

We Americans knew something was not quite right with the England who had mothered us, didn't we?

How's that for a Jewish "blessing"?

It only goes downhill for the English from here.

Flash forward another 100 years.

England allowed an ethnic Jew who had "converted to Christianity", named Benjamin Disraeli, to become her Prime Minster, so tolerant and inclusive the English had become of Jews.

But Disraeli operated far more as a Jew than as a Christian. He was instrumental in helping get the Jew Rothschild made a member of the House of Lords.  The first non-Christian ever in England to rule over England since England had become Christian.  And the most vile thing Disraeli did as leader of the opposition, was trickily helping maneuver English Christian soldiers against Russian Christian soldiers, in defense of Ottoman Empire Muslims in the Crimean War of 1853

By 1868, this treacherous Disraeli was Prime Minister.

As today, it did not matter what the English Christians wanted, Disraeli was going to be a tyrant.  His main opposition was Gladstone, who saw the Crimean issue in moral terms: the Turks had massacred Bulgarian Christians and Gladstone therefore believed it was immoral to support the Ottoman Empire."

Nevertheless, Disraeli still proposed "to clear Central Asia (i.e. Muslim territories) of Muscovites (i.e. Christians) and drive them into the Caspian".

In order to contain Russia's influence, Disraeli launched an invasion of Afghanistan"  The Afghan war did not go so well for Disraeli, so Gladstone was able to defeat him.   Parallels in history. Wow!

Fast forwarding just a few decades more, Winston Churchill, childhood friends with the son of Rothschild, was the ultimate betrayal of England's greatness, and yet, he was portrayed as the greatest Englishman.

He orchestrated more Ottoman Empire machinations for the Jews in WW1, this time obtaining Palestine for the Jews, using the blood of young English boys.

Events which led to England's total demise as a world power in fighting his Jewish World War, when he championed total war against Hitler - in the name of Rothschild.

Churchill's last act was the establishment of IsraHell in 1948. A point at which England's empire literally ceased to exist.

A country who once boasted of colonies upon which the sun never sat, was now a mere colony of the United Nations.

How is that for being "blessed" for helping create IsraHell.

God "Bless" America

Americans never knew the "real" meaning of God Bless America, until we started supporting IsraHell in 1973.

Oh sure, after only 200 years,starting with only wilderness, America had become the strongest nation on Earth, with the greatest standard of living the world had ever seen, and we enjoyed great liberties, we often took for granted.

But America had not been truly "Jewish Blessed" yet!

America's "blessing" by supporting IsraHell began in earnest in the 1973 Yom Kippur War. President Richard Nixon dumped massive amounts of U.S. military supplies on IsraHell, and we have been doing nothing but negotiating for peace ever since, while throwing away billions or our tax dollars in aid to both warring factions every year.

What a "blessing"!

Say Farewell to the Mummy's Curse of the Jews

The Pharaoh's Mummy Curse is now a joke, to be made into Mummy movies.

So should not this Jewish Mummy's Curse also be laughed away, since it has been supplemented by the blessings of Christ for all of us, believing Jews and Gentiles alike.

And if you are still not sure. I welcome you read the accompanying subsequent article about the real meaning of "Root, Vine, Branch and Fruit"


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