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May 2013 AD

The Jewish States of America

State Politics
sorted by % Jewish Occupation of State

(% liberal or % conservative on the left axis)
(% Jewish on the right axis)

Moving Average Red-Blue States by Jewish Population

THEORY: If the Jewish occupation of your State exceeds 2%, as they are in 10 States, you are all but guaranteed to live in a Blue State. 

(Caviot: Florida being a swing State, half blue in the southern half of the State where the Jews live, half red in the panhandle and central parts of the State where the Jews do not live, and then there is Nevada, whose every county voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984, as seen in the concurrent post Iowa's Drugged Mind )

THEORY: If your Jewish occupation of your State is less than 0.5%, as happens in 19 States, you are all but guaranteed to live in a Red State

(Caviot: Iowa being the lonely exception in the 19 States having the fewest number of Jews residing within it. We explain the special case of Iowa and why Iowa is a Blue State in special separate post this month entitled Iowa's Drugged Mind)

As the Jewish population increases, so does the likelihood of you living in a Blue State.

In reverse, as the Jewish population decreases, so are you more likely to live in a Red State.

Note: The chart above correlates well with the observation that Jewish population within a State has a direct influence upon the political party affiliation of that State.
  •  Note a steep drop in Blue States corresponds to a deep drop in Jewish occupied territory; while, a slow drop in Red States corresponds to a slow rise in Jewish occupied territory.
  •  Note that the national Judeo-MSM media plays a part in influencing all States, imposing a nationwide leftist bias in each State, even the Red States. (Especially in "first in the nation" Iowa)
  •  The actual data used from the Jewish Virtual Library.

If you love freedom,
pick a State to live in
which does not have
a large number of Jews.

Freedom in Red
Repression in Blue

Most Represive States plotted against Jewish occupation of State

From the chart above, (taken from: the George Mason University Mercatus Center study,  And the least free state in America, is…), we can see a correlation between the percentage of Jews in a State versus the chances it will be a highly regulated and repressive State. Michael Bloomberg comes to mind as one reason why New York is the most repressive State in the United States.

Of course, the graph is heavily influenced by the percentage of other minorities as well; hence the reason it is weighted down by States like Louisiana and Mississippi.

The screenshot below of the George Mason University Mercatus Center study is below

Dark Blue - Most Regulated States
Yellow - Least Regulated States

Most Regulated States in America

Percentage of Jews by County in the United States

2008 Red Counties vs Blue Counties
  Barack Obama vs John McCain
2008 Red-Blue election by County

  1984 Red Counties vs Blue Counties
Ronald Reagan vs Walter Mondale
1984 Electon of Reagan

Blue States colored as Blue
Red States colored as Red
Freedom State Jewish
1 North Dakota 0.10%
2 South Dakota 0.00%
3 Tennessee 0.30%
4 New Hampshire 0.80%
5 Oklahoma 0.10%
6 Idaho 0.10%
7 Missouri 1.00%
8 Virginia 1.20%
9 Georgia 1.30%
10 Utah 0.20%
11 Arizona 1.70%
12 Montana 0.10%
13 Alaska 0.90%
14 Texas 0.60%
15 South Carolina 0.30%
16 Indiana 0.30%
17 Delaware 1.70%
18 Alabama 0.20%
19 Colorado 1.80%
20 Nevada 2.80%
21 New Mexico 0.60%
22 Nebraska 0.30%
23 Florida 3.40%
24 North Carolina 0.30%
25 Iowa 0.20%
26 Kansas 0.60%
27 Kentucky 0.30%
28 Oregon 1.10%
29 Washington 0.70%
30 Massachusetts 4.20%
31 Pennsylvania 2.30%
32 Arkansas 0.10%
33 Ohio 1.30%
34 Minnesota 0.90%
35 Michigan 0.80%
36 Wyoming 0.20%
37 Louisiana 0.20%
38 Wisconsin 0.50%
39 Maine 1.00%
40 Connecticut 3.20%
41 Mississippi 0.10%
42 West Virginia 0.10%
43 Vermont 0.90%
44 Maryland 4.10%
45 Illinois 2.30%
46 Rhode Island 1.80%
47 Hawaii 0.50%
49 New Jersey 5.70%
49 California 3.30%
50 New York 8.40%

SOURCE: The Jewish Virtual Library
              And the least free state in America, is… by George Mason University Mercatus Center

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