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May 2013 AD

Minnesota Twins

Michele Bachmann

and their

Jewish New Yorkers

The State of Minnesota is a study in split personality.

Minnesota does not have an especially large Jewish population, (see : The Jewish States of America), and yet it may be our most ultra-liberal State and most pro-Jewish.

Minnesota was the only State of the 50 States who did not help re-elect Christian-American inspiration Ronald Reagan in 1984. (They did not vote for him in 1980 either)

You understand that EVEN New York and Massachusetts re-elected Ronald Reagan in 1984!

Albeit, Ronald Reagan came within 3,761 votes of 2 million cast in Minnesota and the Democrat nominee he was running against was Minnesota favorite son Walter Mondale.

But who they do elect is an indication of where Minnesota lies, and on the surface, Minnesota seems to have a split personality between ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative, but deep down, we will try to show that there is a unifying structure to their thought processes.

Representing the great State of Minnesota, as its last two United State Senators, are Norm Colman and Al Franken, both arch-liberal -- New York City -- Jews.

About as far from representing the heartland as one can get.

Norm Coleman

The first Jew to represent Minnesota won election when his opponent Paul Wellstone mysteriously died in a plane crash just weeks before the election. (Mossad operation anyone?)

Norm Coleman had never stepped foot in Minnesota until after law school, where he had grown fiscally conservative enough living outside New York City to eventually switch party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

He had attended a Jewish university on Long Island New York, and I presume, attended a Jewish high school where he counted ultra-liberal Jews New York Senator Chuck Schumer and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as his fellow alumnus.
Norm Coleman

Coleman was born in New York, a son of Norman Bertram Coleman, Sr., and his wife, Beverky (Behrman).

His family was Jewish, his paternal grandfather having changed the surname from Goldman to Coleman.

He was a graduate of James Madison High School in Brooklyn and Hofstra University on Long Island.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, attended high school with Coleman; Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are both graduates of the same high school.

During his time at college, Coleman was an active member of the 1960s counterculture and a liberal Democrat. "Carting a bullhorn around campus, he'd regularly lecture students about the immorality of the Nixon administration and the Vietnam War."

He admitted to smoking marijuana, and he celebrated his 20th birthday at the Woodstock Festival.

He worked as a roadie for Jethro Tull and Ten Years After, amongst others.

Early career Coleman attended Brooklyn Law School from 1972 until 1974 but later received his Juris Doctor from the University of Iowa College of Law in 1976.

Coleman then joined the office of the Minnesota Attorney General as a prosecutor, eventually rising to chief prosecutor and then solicitor general. Coleman left the Attorney General's office upon being elected the mayor of St. Paul.

2002 Senate Election in Minnesota

Norm Coleman (now a Republican) and Paul Wellstone (the Democrat opponent) were neck-and-neck in most polls for most of the campaign. Wellstone died in a plane crash on October 25, 2002. The Democrats named former Vice President Walter Mondale to replace Wellstone on the ballot. Mondale had held the same Senate seat from 1964 to 1977. Coleman narrowly defeated Mondale in the election, winning by just over 61,000 votes out of over 2 million statewide.

-- Wikipedia -- Norm Coleman

Al Franken

After the grand battle of the Jews, Al Franken barely squeaked out a win over Norm Coleman running for reelection (again under mysterious circumstances, but this time over allegations of ballot stuffing), and now it would be Al Franken representing the ordinary good folks of Minnesota.

Except the guy is a total Jewish loon.

Like Coleman, Al Franken is not a native Minnesotan. He was born in New York City, was brought to Minnesota to be raised, but then left back to greener pastures in New York City and Las Angeles as soon as he was able to leave Minnesota, to spend his entire adult life being a comedian for a living, before returning to represent the good folks of Minnesota as their esteemed Senator.

Before you totally write off the gook folks of Minnesota though as being completely off their rockers though, you have to explain the ultra-CONSERVATIVE Michele Bachmann also hailing from Minnesota.

Michele Bachmann

I read her book Core of Conviction and can attest that everything her ghost writer Jim Pinkerton puts in her book, paints Michele as a rock solid, conservative, Christian-American.

Albeit, I have been all over Michele's case many times for also being a Christian Judas in the pockets of Jewish interests, by stating in her Presidential run to the effect of, "GOD DAMN AMERICA, if we do not support IsraHell!"

Minnesota is also a paradox?

How did the good people of Minnesota, who elects on one hand, a Judeo-Liberal not-so-funny idiot comedian like Al Franken to represent them to the nation as their esteemed Senator, but who could on the other hand elect one of the most soundly fundamentalist Christian politicians we have ever had outside the South, Michele Bachmann, former Lutheran turned evangelical, having obtained her law degree from uber-conservative Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma and whose husband obtained a degree in Christian counseling from Evangelical Pat Robertson's Regents University?

One answer of course is that Michelle won in a conservative House district in Minnesota, thereby proving that Minnesotans are not a monolith in either their political or religious beliefs.

But from reading Michele's book, it is evident that she was groomed since a teenager to be sympathetic Manchurian candidate to Jewish interests. She spent the summer of 1974 working on Judeo-commune kibbutz Be'eri in Israel, where she made many Jewish friends who kept in touch with her over the years. In this respect, she has the exact same evangelical lip-sync to IsraHelli interests, which all the other Evangelicals seem to have.

My explanation for the paradox of Minnesota?

For the two New York City Jews, the answer as to why they are there as Senators of Minnesota is patently obvious.

Jewish interests need more support from the heartland to maintain their influence over the country and the people of Minnesota are easily talked into electing Jews who do not represent their interests.

As for the opposite extreme in Michele, who on the surface would appear to really represent Minnesota, it is indeed wise for our Jewish powers in this country to bring up a handful of Conservative political Manchurian candidate useful idiots like Michele who would step in to protect IsraHelli interests at all costs, if the need arose that the American population ever became extremely conservative and wanted her instead of Obama or Mitt RINOmoney. 

While Michele Bachman may indeed be a good conservative Christian, she has everything a Jewish Oligarchy would love (if they were forced to have a conservative in the White House).

  •   First and foremost, as we have pointed out, she is unabashedly pro-IsraHell, (pg198), over apparently her own country or any other country. In her book, Core of Conviction, IsraHell was the only foreign policy stand she talked about. Pretty convenient that Bachmann thinks Iran is just about America's only real enemy in the world, since IsraHell has targeted Iran as its worst enemy. Just to be sure I was not misreading her misleading intentions wrong, in the very next paragraph, Bachmann singles out IsraHell as our only real ally in the world.
  •  Then there is the fact that she is a lawyer, trained to work in the judicial branch of government, and yet became a member of the legislative, who then runs for President to be the head of the executive branch of government. Love those three-headed monsters, who somehow cannot defend their own checks and balances turf against the other two branches of government because they are chummy with all three branches of government.
  •  Not to forget that she had already worked in the executive branch as an IRS attorney. She explains this away in her book as wanting to know the enemy from the inside, so she can kill her former employer who put food on her table. May not be such a moral move on her part, even if she can be believed. Even a barbarian without any education, knows how to make rubble of anything which gets in their way!
  •  Lastly, did we mention that she is from Minnesota. Yes?  Since  liberal Jews own the State of Minnesota, it would be easy for them to throw  the race  for this  Jewish-admiring conservative who spent a summer on a Jewish commune in IsraHell as a teenager, keeps in touch, and who mentions several times in her book that her best friends here in America even were Jewish.

Where better to "make a Conservative Christian Judas" than in the Jewish-loving, Jewish Senator ruled, heartland of Minnesota.

And this explains why Michele Bachmann is a Minnesota Twin to its Jewish Senators.

SOURCE: Core of Conviction by Michele Backmann

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