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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2018 CE (Christian Era)

December 2018 AD

Jesus has to be in the Public Square

Since atheists by definition, don't believe in religion, then they have no right to object about anything being religious. How can they object to religion from their own mouth if they are not also objecting to Aquaman as being fake, as was presented to Christians this Christmas season by Jewish Hollywood producers?  On the other hand, Christians do believe and are commanded to never deny Christ, so how is it possible that a manger cannot be in the public square. By all definitions, religious symbols has to be in the public square.

First Right was not the First Amendment

Our First Right in the original, not 10. but 12 Bill of Rights was the right to be represented in Congress by someone who truly represented our interests, and we have lost that right. Today, we largely vote into office someone who has been highly paid to represent New York City and Jewish interests, not to represent our own local Christian interests. The answer of course is to expand the size of the House to such an extent that each representative is backed by only 50,000 citizens instead of our current 650,000 citizens.

Inter-Parliamentary Union

Proof that globalism got its start prior to both World Wars. The IFU was created in 1889, The League of Nations was created after WW1 and the United Nations was created after WW2. This helps to show that the World Wars were created to create World Government, as the League of Nations was never a groundswell of support from the devastation of WW1, and the UN after WW2 as we were told, but an already contemplated goal of globalists.

Manufactured Hate Crime

The real definition of a hate crime would be this case.  A black hater, who used fake hate speech to pursue an agenda of fake racial hate, with a racist hating Jewish MSM totally complicit in this very real racial hate against whites. When exposed pushing fake hate, this hate criminal is never identified so that his sorry life could be drug through the mud as Jewish media love to do with innocent white Christian men such as Justice Kavanaugh.

Trump is a Jewish Nationalist

America is no longer allow to follow her own national interests; hence, Trump is no American Nationalist. Our interests are now only Jewish interests with President Trump only really interested in those Jewish interests. Everything else he does, such as his constant talk and no action about THE WALL is a side show to distract attention from his free reign to his Jewish son-in-law, his Jewish Fed Chairman, his Jewish inspired attacks on Israel's worst enemy Iran and his support for Israel's BFF, fanatical Muslim Saudi Arabia.

November 2018 AD

Free Stuff

Obama voters famously made the term "Free Stuff". As the old saying goes, nothing is free. Along with Free Stuff comes government strings.

Cracker State Florida

Florida, the official Cracker State, is being fed White Guilt and lied to with "Once Upon a Time Fairy Tales which now start with "Once I am Elected."  Thanks for the honesty Judeo-Democrats.

Rabbi for Vice-President Pence

Dammed by Jews if you do and Dammed by Jews if you don't. Our Vice-President Mike Pence made a pious effort to console the families of Jewish victims of the Pittsburgh Squirrel Hill Synagogue shooting, only to find the Rabbi saying prayers was not "Jewish" enough. This not-Jewish-enough Rabbi was invited to the political rally, not by Pence, but by the Jewish politician the rally was being held for. Geez, helping a Jew get elected into office and praying for Jews, only gets you condemned by Jews. Not enough Christian persecution going on to suit the needs of the "Everyone is persecuting me" Jewish lobby.

Democratic Socialist of America

Trump says he's a nationalist and Jewish elites tell us the real meaning is he's a "National Socialist". Notice though - Jew Bernie Sanders says he's a Socialist and the real meaning is he's not a "National Socialist", but just a really dedicated Democrat.  Yes, "Democrat Socialists of America" is a thing. We just learned this from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas investigations where these real-live National Socialists are committing treason deep within the Deep State. The word "Equality" is used equally by both Republicans and Democrat National Socialists, but Republicans want equality of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; while, Democrat National Socialists want equality of government interference in your life, equality of government limitation of your liberty, and equality of government hindrance of your pursuit of happiness.

Birthright Citizenship - Supreme Court to rule for Trump again

Trump's 3-D chess play again. "Of course you cannot override a Constitutional Amendment with an Executive Order", the idiots will lie to you, except illegal aliens trespassing into this country are citizens of another country, not citizens of this country and not "subject to the jurisdiction therein". Facts are that the 14th Amendment's provision for birthright citizenship is already defined in federal statute Title 8, Section 1452 for Derivative Citizens and requires at least one parent to be a Permanent Resident.

Apu is one of the  only decent adult males in The Simpsons

The character of Apu is very respectful of Indian culture. So why the beef with him? The real problem with the Jewish writers of The Simpsons are their utter hatred toward white men, such as in their portrayals of: angry moron European Scottish Groundskeeper Willie; evil and sinister European Italian mobster; and of course, the Jewish stereotype of the Jewish view of the typical American white man, Homer Simpson. A simpleminded, fat, slob of a man whose only thoughts are of getting drunk.

Cornerstore Caroline - the Racist Jewess bigot

A bigoted, racist Jewish woman walks into a store in Jew York City likes she owns the place, gets innocently brushed by a young black boy with his mother, then this despicable Jewish lady harasses the mother, makes obscene gesters in front of her kids and has the audacity to call the police. You can tell this Jew is an immoral feminist as well in her hatred toward both mother and children. Moral of the story: "NO JEW TO SEE HERE -- WHITE WOMAN IS A HATER".

Wrap Up Smear is what they call it, just so you know

Nancy Pelosi knows the wrap up smear so well, you would think she invented it. Sorry Nancy. This is Jewish owned and operated. How about the wrap up smear of all the Christian users of Gab after the Pennsylvania Synagogue shooting right after all Catholics in Pennsylvania were smeared by Jewish prosecutors or of Kavanaugh being mass gang rapist smeared gleefully recited by Jew Schumer? Seems many Jews already have this technique completely mastered Nancy.

Samsung hosted the rabid anti-Semite

You never know what the rules of the game will be from one day to the next. The rule of law means nothing these days. Like little children on a playground changing the rules the second a rule goes against them, there are the Jews. Over this last weekend 43 blacks were shot in white Jewish nationalist Rahm Emanuel's Chicago and he is not held the least bit responsible, but one guy out of millions on Gab commits a crime, and all users of Gab are censored two weeks before an election.  IF these are the rules, then  Samsung should be ran out of the country, because they bought Joyent 2 years ago, who hosted Gab, who had the Synagogue shooter as a member.

Common theme?  The CFR

When it seems everyone's against you, from your Senator, to your FBI agent, to your national newsman, to your Hollywood entertainer, to your Internet provider, even to your professor, you look for a possible common thread tying them to each other.  And you're in luck - have have that common thread. It's called the Council on Foreign Relations.

Sick Jewish ladies rule

There are some truly sick. perverted and even demonic Jewish sluts out there. Jew Sarah Silverman being one of them. When her brother was accused of masturbating in front of women in the #meto movement, Sarah came to his defense. "Yeh, my brother masturbated in front of me all the time growing up, but he always politely asked my permission and I said, Hell yes, it's science and an awesome thing". Jew Chelsea Handler is even more deranged. She is so White Privileged", Jew privileged really, that she is going to make a documentary about it. I don't know how she finds the time between taking golden showers and accusing Trump of taking them, and making a comedy act out of killing her half Jewish/ half black baby.

Mob Rule coming your way cutesy of Jewish Democrats

This is how it happens folks. You can clearly see Democrat Jews  pushing for another Civil War, this time more in the French Revolution style, complete with French Guillotine for anyone not entirely on board with the Judeo-agenda.

Google, "So your're telling me American Inventors are Mostly Black?"

Google "American Inventor" and you get mostly black men and black women inventors. Even if you specifically Google "White American Inventor", Google purposely redirects you toward black inventors.

Hillary needs to lose more than just her Security Clearance

It has taken over 3 dozen major scandals for Hillary Clinton to finally lose her security clearance? Wow!  President Trump, "Whatever happened to Lock Her Up?"  Here is a list of 42 criminal scandals by Hillary and she is still free as a bird, flipping Americans the bird.

October 2018 AD

Jewish SHOW TRIAL - Kavanaugh for LIFE

Let's be honest. Everyone knows Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh being accused of attempted rape at 17-years of age is a Jewish Liberal Democrat conspiracy to keep a decent pro-life man off the Supreme Court. This "She Said, He's Dead" is to "Kill Brett", so  liberal women can still "Kill Babies" in the womb.  Why isn't anyone asking where Christine Blasey Ford's parents were when this 15-year-old ran wild, un-escorted to a drinking party involving under-aged teens with no adult supervision? Why was she, at 15, out to a drinking party with the wonderful morals she tells us she espouses?  Oh I know. That is such a red-necked Christian thing to expect. Unsympathetic?  You bet!

The Book Burning of Alex Jones

Never in history, can history itself be wiped out with the flip of a switch. Don't like the way you are treated on Facebook?  Fine, you move to another site, until Paypal freezes your account, as easily as we freeze the assets of Iran, deeming you just as evil. Create your own website and MasterCard will refuse to process your payments. So when Alex Jones was shut down by a conspiracy of 26 Internet entities, he fought back. He took his message straight to Senator Marco Rubio, and in doing so, Marco Rubio showed the world that RINOS are in bed with Democrats on Internet censorship.  Please Kavanaugh, get confirmed!!!

Jewish Grand "Inquisitor" Juries against The Catholic Church

What does it say when a Jewish Pennsylvania Attorney General convenes a Grand "Inquistor" Jury against 300 priests, slurring their good name, and obtains only 2 indictments? Jewish Bias? A reverse Jewish Inquisition? What is being alledged here?  That the Catholic Church itself is a criminal syndicate?  That God's Church does not have sovereign immunity, but your local public school filled with abusing teachers is immune?  How does that play with the First Amendment Freedom of Religion? Can a Christian Attorney General go after all the Jewish synagogues the same way? We wanna know.

September 2018 AD

Blood Cotton - How Jewish clothing manufacturers caused slavery

Dinesh D"Sousa's new movie, "Death of a Nation", truthfully states the obvious -- "All Slaves were owned by Democrats". But, in stopping there, Dinesh falls well short of informing us whom truly was to blame for slavery. We need to know this, same as we really needed to know it was Nike who benefited from cheap child labor in Asia. Does not take too much imagination to realize that the textile and clothing companies in the North who used the cotton were the true perpetuators of slavery. And these were mostly Jewish industries. "The Big Lie" then, is that slavery was not the fault of the Jewish slave ships out of New England ports, nor the Jewish sweatshops in New York City who used the cotton, nor the Jewish peddlers out in the West, such as Levi Strauss selling his blood cotton denims to 1848 gold diggers, nor  Joseph Spiegal's post Civil War catalog filled with dresses made of sharecropper blood cotton. Jews cannot be racists. Only Southern white men are racists.

Feds' back door censorship of the Internet

We have been double bamboozled by our federal government. First, we let criminal corporations like Facebook, Twitter and Google dictate laws that tied the hands of good corporations like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast from doing anything to restrain their evil aka "Net Neutrality". Then Secondly, these criminal corporations dictated another federal law which protects them from lawsuits when they do their criminal acts of squelching free speech; hence, making the federal government complicit in censorship of free speech and freedom of the press aka the Communications "Decency" Act.

Crimea never belonged to the Ukraine

Our Russian sanctions over Crimea are a compete Jewish fake-news fraud. It is said by the Jewish Judeo-MSM that Russia "invaded" the Ukraine on March 17, 2018, except the real facts are that Russia invaded way earlier, back in 1783, when Czarina Catherine the Great conquered Crimea from the Ottoman Turk Muslims, whom themselves had conquered Crimea from the Byzantine Empire which before that was settled by Greeks. It was never truly a part of the Ukraine, regardless of what "esteemed" scholars on the take from Jewish money fraudulently say. The real game in town is America defending NATO ally Turkey. It is an abomination for American Christians that we are tied to a NATO treaty to protect and defend Turkish Muslims from Russian Christians to  keep Christians from retaking what belongs to Christianity, that is, Constantinople. That is the real reason for Jewish concerns. Jews do not want Russia to be able to get close enough and powerful enough the retake the centrally located city of Constantinople, placing them within reach of the Holy Lands, also rightfully Christian property.

August 2018 AD

The life of a single Jewish Terrorist in South Africa

Using his "whiteness" as a Jew as cover, Arthur Goldreich "helped locate sabotage sites for the black terror group  Umkhonto we Sizwe" against innocent white citizens in 1961, in order to incite the white- minority apartheid government of South Africa into over-reacting to protect innocent whites from massacre, all so that his Jewish buddies in the world Judeo-MSM could denounce the whites in South Africa as evil. This Jew, trusted by whites, used that trust to help black terrorists kill and maim innocent whites. Turns out this was a pattern in Arthur Goldreich's life, as prior to 1948, Goldreich used terror in Palestine, to agitate the "brown" majority into self-defense, so that Jews would have a world-approved excuse to create the Jewish WHITE-minority Apartheid government of Israel. Arthur Goldreich did not just do terror against Palestinian Muslims, but terror against the British mandate Christian peace keepers as well. In both cases, white American Christians helped Jews create a white minority Jewish-led Apartheid government in Israel, and then later, helped Jews destroy the white minority Christian-led Apartheid rule in South Africa.

Headline? "Woman Overturns Roe v Wade"

Should President Trump select Judge Amy Coney Barrett tomorrow for the Supreme Court, he could laugh in the face of the enraged feminists by insisting , "I did not overturn Roe, a WOMAN did!!!"  Sorry women, our only judicial precedence is the Constitution and it's powerful statement on Right to Life.

Black Widow #MeToo Abortionist Feminists

Black Widow spiders eat their mate after copulation, but babies are expected afterwards to continue the species. Feminists reverse that logic and instead, eat their babies through abortion, while their liberal Democrat men could count on not being eaten alive. Only conservative men were digested and pooped out by feminists. Not any longer, since #MeToo has arrived. Harvey Weinstein was a very powerful Jew who was destroyed by the #MeToo movement. Count on other powerful Jewish men to be paying attention and  to stop supporting the feminist line, which may well include Roe.

Christianity is now a Crime in the Mother Country

Per UK's finest legal minds, you absolutely do have a right to pray your team wins the World Cup, but don't you dare expect the right to be in front of an abortion clinic so that you can pray for the soul of the mother about to knowingly violate the Ten Commandments prohibition on murder, or pray for the life of her child, or even to help the mother gain God's salvation by partaking in the Great Commission to those who are unfaithful to God's Will. I would expect a priest would not be allowed to give the child the Catholic sacrament of last rites as well.

July 2018 AD

Yes, Trump is Hitler

If we need a new Hitler, why are we ignoring those who are, by highly proclaimed Jewish definitions, far worst? Poland proudly announces it will not admit a single Muslim, making it a despised Christian nation; Denmark is identifying Ghettos (as in the Jewish kind), and imposing a white supremacist culture on their immigrants; while here in America, Democrats are crying that they will no longer be allowed to separate babies from their mothers after Roe v Wade is repealed. So why all the heat onTrump as the next Hitler when there are so many others more "deserving" of the title?

Consent by Marriage

Sweden's liberal #MeToo lawmakers have pointed the way to the ultimate "protection of women".  No man, at any time, is allowed to have sex with any woman, without iron-clad guarantees she has consented. In a word, liberals have embraced God's Sacrament of Marriage once again.

Right to Life, not a Right to Death

The next Supreme Court appointment may revolve around Roe v. Wade. In a word, it will pit the Constitutional principle of Right to Life against the Judeo-Marxist principle of Right to Death.  Anyone who tries to get in the way of Judeo-Marxists bringing in foreign babies to replace those American Christian babies they plan to kill, will be killed.

Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism

Killing America babies has already been normalized by Jews like New York Times propagandist Michelle Goldman. Replacing aborted American babies with foreign babies, often non-Christian babies, is the latest propaganda move and her kind is in open rebellion calling for mob violence against the federal government. And she fears a Christian uprising. Really? What would give her innocent Jewish heart such a silly idea?

Take the Holy Land Tour of Mamilla Pool

Actually you can't. There is no Mamilla Pool Holocaust museum displaying Jewish cruelty in massacring the entire Christian population of Jerusalem in 614 AD, all old men, women and children. I'm afraid Jews have the monopoly on Holocaust Museums. A Mamilla Pool Genocide on Christians by Jews would distract from Jew's carefully cultivated image of perpetual victimhood. In fact, everyone on the Jewish side are also portrayed as "victims" by Jewish Propaganda - blacks, women, gays... the list seems endless.

June 2018 AD

Freedom of Association has become an Upside-Down Cake

Government ran by Totalitarian Democrats has never really changed its stripes. Democrats used to be a power to FORCE blacks and whites apart with Segregation. Now government ran by Democrats is a FORCE to keep straights and homosexuals together. Once again, the Supreme Court is proving that it is not an instrument for protecting citizens' freedom of association or religion. While this Christian cake baker is personally off the hook, the rest of us are not, because the Supreme Court refused to back the Constitution and instead totally kicked the can down the road. Yesterday Democrats locked you up in prison for baking a cake for a black couple, now Democrats want to lock you up for NOT baking a cake for a homosexual couple. Does not matter if you are the bake store owner or his employee.

Ozone-killing Supervillian

The CFC-11 scare is not over it seems. A mysterious manufacturer is releasing large quantities into the air, where this 5 times heavier than air molecule somehow floats like helium up to the ozone layer, 8 miles above sea level where the temp is 135 Deg F colder what it takes for CFC-11 to boil as a gas and the CFC-11 gas even seems to have a mind of its own because it does not diffuse all over the Earth's atmosphere as you would expect a normal gas to do, but instead  it accumulates above the Antarctic in winter where there are no air conditioners, never over hot Houston in summer with all their air conditioners leaking CFC-11, at which point, this ozone-eating molecule burns a hole in our ozone layer.

Huffington Post's "Angry White Jew Dude"

Nothing like a good Huffington Post smear in the morning. I'm a WHITE Christian DUDE and I just got more blame for a Jewish rant of hate than any Jewish dude would ever receive. Stereotypes also work well when Judeo-MSM Goebbels-style propaganda creates those stereotypes. How many reader's first thoughts to the Huffy Post slime were, "There you go, another Jew full of HATE!!!"   Hard to do when the guy is not ever identified in the Huffington Post as a Jew. Jews are mostly identified picking up Nobel prizes don't you know. But he was CLEARLY identified as WHITE and a DUDE.  The Huffy Post audience needed to know those facts of the case, but were denied that knowledge by Judeo-Goebbels-speak.

May 2018 AD

Iran is the New Jericho, TRUMP to blow down Iran's Wall of Defenses

This is biblical. Gabriel's Trumpet knocked down the walls of Jericho, so that Jews could enter, slaughtering every man, woman, child and fetus within.  Now, America's Trump will knock down the walls of Iran, so that Israel can wipe Iran off the face of the Earth

Being Whitey Wong is Wrong

A nice teenage girl goes to her high school prom and gets cruelly denounced for the dress she chose. Only in our Christian culture are the majority always denounced as wrong.

Dogs of War are always Jews

For every single war America fought before Israel was born, American Christians were allowed to win, while those wars were all against other Christian nations. (Non-Christian Japan just to get at the real Jewish target - Christian Germany under Hitler). Every war since Israel was born has been against non-Christian nations and we Christians have not been allowed to win.  Now American-Jew Israel First patriots want America to fight both Christian Russia and Non-Christian Iran over Syria to keep Syria down on the border with Israel.

April 2018 AD

Trump-led Jewish Lynch Mob

Trump's Judeo-Lynch Mob military was formed with no Congressional oversight to go to war with Syria over an alleged chemical attack.  A Syrian doctor said that a severe desert storm arrived, suffocating the children with dust, then someone yelled "CHEMICAL ATTACK" causing "Fire in the Theater" pandemonium to break out. But let's not let truth and justice get in the way of a righteous Jewish-led lynch mob.

Abortion question never asked

Why do rapist never get to say, "I have a Constitutional Right to do with my body what I want to do with my body!" Women who believe in "Keep your masculine politician and religious hands off my abortion killing" do not side with these men, (or any men for that matter). But let's have the aborted generation of women ask their mothers about why it's OK for her mother to kill her sister...with the $500 million dollars, "buck stops here" President Trump just handed over to Planned Parenthood abortionists.

March 2018 AD

Congress - Do your job already!!!

We carefully crafted a Constitution to equally distribute power between three branches and what does Congress do? They hand over all their power to the President and the Supreme Court. Or rather, they hand over all the difficult problems they don't want to have to vote on, such as Roe v Wade.  Abortion is a federal law, but not a single vote was cast in Congress to make it a law. (And don't even start with the lie that abortion is a part of the Constitution)

Trumpian Pardons

What do all of Trump's pardon to date have in common? The pardon of Sheriff Arpaio; the pardon of the sailor sentenced for a selfie on a sub,Kristian Saucier; the pardon of Jewish owner of a Kosher meat packing plant, Sholom Rubashkin; and finally the virtual pardon of "Lock Her Up" Hillary? More than you can imagine.

Twitter Censorship abuse

It's a shame that conservative engineers from DARPA research who conceived and invented the Internet have had it high-jacked and turned into a Jewish controlled entity.

Death Wish

Bruce Willis' movie remake of Charles Bronson's Death Wish is stuck in Charles Bronson's more innocent time if you can believe that, but otherwise is quite timely in our recent gun debate over the St. Valentine Massacre by Nicolas Cruz  in Broward County Florida.  With a near total collapse of any government protecting and defending of the poor students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, when is a better time to push back against the socialist-government-loving gun grabbers?

Swamp Alligator bites GOP RINOS

Filthy rich Jewish donor swamp alligators are on a feeding frenzy over gun control. Not content to threaten Republican RINOs behind the scenes, they are so blatant they publicly expose their anti-American agenda to disarm citizens.

Race Card played in Israel and Jews built a Wall

Israel had a problem. Blacks were immigrating to Israel from their southern border. So without consulting American Jews like Feinstein, Shiff or Schumer, they build a solid fence along their entire southern boundary with Egypt. As for the blacks who entered before the wall was built. Sorry guys, you cannot use the race card against the Masters of the Chosen People Race Card!  You will have to go to Canada, because unlike us Jews, good Christians will put up with you.

Poland was the victim

Jews freely support the censorship of German free speech in discussions of the Holocaust. Only when censorship goes against their wishes do they cry foul. Their is no such thing as Polish Concentration Camps nor Polish Death Camps. Poland has a right to take back its good Christian name, Jews be dammed!

February 2018 AD

The REAL Fiddler on the Roof

You don't know his name, but Solomon Mikhailovich Mikhoels is famous among Jews and a prime example exposing the propaganda about Jews being abused in the atheist Soviet Union. In fact, shows he had quite the life as a Soviet Jew while Christians starved by the millions in Gulag Concentration Camps.

FISA Star Chamber

When a single federal judge in Hawaii holds up the entire country from deporting DACA illegal aliens and does it IN OUR FACE, knowing that Congress would not dare impeach him, how then does this country stand a chance against massive Watergate spying through secret Star Chamber courts created under FISA?

The Big Lie

Seems to be that if you want to be a fascist, the best approach is to call your opponent the fascist. Everyone would join you to fight against this fascist. Once defeated, you are now in control to implement your fascist agenda.  This is the basis for Dinesh D'Sousa's THE BIG LIE.  To fight Republicans, Democrats employ THE BIG LIE to call them racists, as Democrats are the racists who had every single slave at the time of the Civil War and they were the leaders of the KKK and support genocide against black babies with abortion.  Democrats emply THE BIG LIE to call Republicans white supremacist, yet it was Democrats under Andrew Jackson who fascistly relocated all the Indians to Oklahoma to make room for a superior race of Europeans and locked up all the Japanese in concentration camps. and so on and so on.

Animal Farm under a Democratic Socialism

Socialism works no better when the government runs it under a democracy. City voters with no food vote to take the food away from the country voters with all the food. Equality, regardless of effort, leads to no effort, which in turn leads to starvation. Starvation leads to turmoil, and turmoil leads to scapegoats. Scapegoats leads to oppression, while oppression leads to death and destruction.

January 2018 AD

Donald Trump: Groomed to be "Fire and Fury" President

The book "Fire and Fury" has Donald Trump defensively listing his major life achievements as 1) a successful businessman, 2) a top TV star and 3) winning the Presidency of the United States on his first try. But all three of these could never have been a success for Donald Trump without considerable help from our Jewish Overlords. Contrasted to his multiple business failures outside NYC, all Trump's business successes have been in NYC and all have involved the patronage of NYC Jewish bankers. Same goes for the Jewish-controlled, NYC-based NBC promoting his Apprentice TV show. And who could forget the MSM having uncontrolled epileptic fits on the campaign trail each and every time Trump spoke? Without spending a dime of his own money, Donald Trump received billions and billions of dollars in free media coverage from the NYC-based Jewish MSM.  Works! The CFR is solidly in control of Trump's cabinet, ready to 25th Amendment him; Steve Bannon has been banished, from the entire Earth; Communist China is still our trading partner; Christian Russia is still our enemy; and immigrants are still coming. Meanwhile, Israel now has Donald Trump as their personal bouncer and bully against anyone Israel deems to hate.  Sadly, Donald Trump is either clueless in how he's been played -- or as Clinton's friend from days past, he knows exactly what his duty is to his Jewish overlords.

NATO: The UN's Enforcer

Call me naive, but I never knew NATO, SEATO and the Warsaw Pact were all instruments of the United Nations. The Charter of the UN is to keep the peace, to "safeguard the freedom, common heritage and civilization of their peoples", and it does so through these thuggish "peacekeeping" forces which have been horrible at keeping the peace. Many times, adding to the misery of the very people they are to defend. Its history of protecting Christian peoples is especially atrocious, from Kosovo, to Iraq, to Syria, to our own Christian Branch Davidians, to now to all of Christian Europe being invaded with not a single NATO defender in sight.

A.D. Kingdom and Empire

The last episode of the series also called "A.D. The Bible Continues", was titled "The Abomination" and for a very appropriate reason. For in this last episode, the producers have Saint Peter and all the Apostles kneeing side-by-side with the murderer of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Caiaphas, the Leader of the Synagogue of Satan. 

Against Democracy for UN, and for America

The UN General Council took a Democratic vote on support of the (undemocratic) UN Security Council Resolution #2334 demanding that Israel does not ethnically cleanse East Jerusalem. 12 nations voted to support, for each nation who voted not to support UN resolutions. Besides America and of course Israel, no country of any significance whatsoever  voted to reject these UN resolutions. President Trump, in another Israel First initiative, bashes our true Christian allies to defend non-Christian Israel. If any good will come of this, Trump will completely withdraw the US from the UN, but he will not do such a thing will he. Just as he will not withdraw the US from NATO nor actually build a wall to protect America from invasion. You know, things the average American actually wants. But we do have a 90-0 vote in the Senate to move our embassy to Jerusalem and Trump following through. Or, in other words, can you name the one thing the American people have not asked for. No Democracy for America, and only when it comes to Israel, no Democracy for the UN either.

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