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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2017 CE (Christian Era)

December 2017 AD

2017 Civil War on Men

With Hillary Clinton declaring a backwards "War on Women", she only signaled the beginning of the final decisive battle of the very real "Civil War on Men". When feminist-icon Hillary lost the election last year to Trump, a man's man, feminists rioted into total war. This year, 2017, all normal men have now been re-defined by the woman's movement as sexual harassers. How did we get here?  In 1919, the 19th Amendment was proposed and passed the next year in 1920, where men graciously allowed women the right to vote, because men were told it was "just the right thing to do". Women in politics would be a "civilizing influence" we were promised. Except the legacy of women in politics is neither righteous nor civilizing. Women in politics resulted in the overthrow of "the Law of Man" in regards to the sanctity of marriage, sexuality outside marriage, abortion, divorce, if not in moral dress codes with thong bikini and leggings normalized. The biggest evil? Unaborted men being sent off to die in senseless, winless, gladiatorial wars across the oceans by women voters declaring our wars, while never themselves concerned about going into battle. Now the women have brought the battle home, showing us that for civilization to continue, we must repeal the 19th Amendment.

Roy Moore for Attorney General

Trump needs to say to Dopey Jeff Sessions "YOU'RE FIRED!" and replace him with Judge Roy Moore. In his contentious Senate confirmation hearings, Judge Moore would finally get the rigorous Senate ethics review he needs to clear his sterling reputation, where Fake Lawyer Gloria Allred has personally promised to present the fraudulent yearbook forgery. Once Judge Moore's name is cleared, (they already threw everything they had at him), he would be free to be a raging bull in the DOJ and the FBI and finally we would have a real investigate of Hillary.

Roy Moore challenges Jewish hegemony in Senate

Slavery was defended because it was in the Bible, which modern Jewish liberals rightfully decried. But that was not the only Biblical belief they decried. Jewish Liberals have entrenched a modern slavery onto our society. The pure slavery of the South is now the virtual slavery of an entire country who demands you serve gay marriage ceremonies you don't chose to serve, that force you to feed people you don't chose to feed, that force you to care for the education and health of people not related to you, that forces a previous generation to serve you in your retirement, that forces you to import people not related to your own civilization, that forces you to support the killing of babies you don't want killed.  Their non-Christian morality has to be defended from the likes of real Christians such as Judge Roy Moore, and the Jewish liberals try to defeat him with their own immorality in using Christianity morality to try to bring him down.

Michael Flynn confesses to Israeli Collusion

Israel was worried about the upcoming United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 for December 23, 2016 which would condemn Israel as a criminal, indeed terrorist nation for its genocidal ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem in particular. The Obama administration was going to abstain and thus allow it to pass. Trump was the President elect at the time and Jared Kushner sent Michael Flynn to the Security Council members promising American treasure in exchange for helping Israel block the vote until Obama was gone. Trump failed in that the vote proceeded and the Security Council voted unanimously 15-0 against Israel. Since Obama was bugging Trump Tower, Obama knew what Trump's Jewish brother-in-law was doing to circumvent Obama's foreign policy with Israel and cried treason, but only in regards to Putin's Christian Russia, not Netanyahu's Jewish Israel.

November 2017 AD

The Definitive Explanation of Thanksgiving

We celebrate Christopher Columbus discovering the New World, but do not give Thanksgiving for it. We talk about our own founding at Jamestown, but do not give Thanksgiving for this either. None of us are Pilgrims today, but it is their Thanksgiving which we celebrate. Why? Because their Thanksgiving is the founding story which gave America its real success in the New World and our current economic system. Having first tried socialism and seeing half the colony die, with the Pilgrim's new experiment in a capitalist system enacted in the spring of 1621 AD, the harvest that fall came in full of abundance, which America wisely continued to follow and enjoy for hundreds of years over that of socialist, communist, tyrannical or king-focused nations of the Old World.

Statute of Limitations - On political gamesmanship

Unlike what you watch on the TV Perry Mason courtroom show, there are no "October Surprises" in modern court cases. All questions either side wants to ask have been raised and answered before the trial even selects the jury. This has been deemed fair and just to both sides in a constitutional court case. Should we not have the same standard in a constitutional election? Should not all questions about all candidates be asked and answered before the campaign season begins? Which naturally leads to the principle of a "reverse" Statute of Limitations. If an accusation of criminal behavior brought up after the expiration of these legal limits is forbidden in a constitutional courtroom, then too should there be a "reverse" Statute of Limitations to forbid "trials in the media" delivered as a "gotcha" accusation just before an important election deciding the fate of the entire country? Especially, if the "trial in the media" are all done by NYC media outsiders, 40 years after any scandalous allegations, which highly influence internal Alabama elections, as is being done in the Judge Roy Moore case. The media control the elections by playing their games, and that cannot be constitutional for constitutional elections, as they had their freedom of the press 40 years before Judge Roy Moore ran for the Senate and never exercised that right, so they lost that right in an election. The right of voting is now more important than their right to put any garbage they want into their publications trying to throw the election in their favor. 

"Alabama" Newspapers are really NYC Newspapers

Jeffery Epstein took the men of both 2016 Presidential campaigns to his child-sex-slave pedophilia private island. Bill Clinton at least 23 times. Of course pedophile Epstein took videos of the orgies to use against both of them to obtain Jewish favors, as all can tell from just watching how Trump and Hillary fall over each other agreeing on all Jewish and Israeli matters, when they disagree on any other matter. "But Judge Roy Moore honorably dating girls 40-years-ago we cannot have," so says friends of pedophile Jeffery Epstein. So to says CBS, reporting on the three leading so-called "Alabama" newspapers who reject Judge Roy Moore. Except the three leading "Alabama" papers are all owned by out-of-state Donald Newhouse, a Jew from New York City, who endorsed Hillary Clinton and whose GQ magazine just named anti-American, cop hater Colin Kaepernick as GQ's "Citizen of the Year"; a NYC Jewish man who single-handily gets to define what decency is for all the people of Alabama.

The new National Enquirer digging into people's trash cans for their dirty underwear is the Washington Post under Jeff Bezos. But they are not as truthful as the National Enquirer ever was. The National Enquirer has been reporting on the depraved indecency of Hollywood for decades. Are we now surprised that even Hollywood elites cannot stand each other any more and are ratting each other out right and left..mostly left? No one is surprised in this news. No the real news would be the shock to discover that Judge Roy Moore was really the Hollywood actor playing the part of Judge Roy Bean, and he was using "guns" oh my, to shoot up Hollywood actors in cold blood, and boozing it up with floozy Hollywood actresses playing slutty saloon girls.

October 2017 AD

Can Jewish Campaign Donations buy the Supreme Court?

What if I told you Democrat Presidents were corrupt and would do anything for tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions? Would you believe me? What if I told you that Jews donate tens of millions of dollars to Democrat Presidential elections? What if I told you Jewish donors wanted to name the Supreme Court justices - in return for handing over all that money? What if I told you that, indeed, 6 of the last 8 Supreme Court appointments by the last 4 Democrat Presidents were Jews and a 7th one was of Jewish decent? What if I had told you that Democrat Presidents have not appointed a real Christian since Thurgood Marshall, 50 years ago? Would you just write me off as a conspiracy nut?  Or would you believe that Mueller should be investigating Jewish Israel's influence in American politics instead of Christian Russia's alleged influence?

September 2017 AD

Trump gives Sheriff Arpaio a pardon, as well as millions of immigrants

A federal judge "judged, jury and executed" Sheriff Arpaio for the sin of doing his job of enforcement of our immigration laws.  In other words, Sheriff Arpaio had no right to a Constitutional trial by jury, just the situation for justice served by a Presidential pardon. Jew Mark Rich was pardoned by a million dollar bribe to the Clinton Foundation and never spend a day in prison. But we are here to attack President Trump on only doing symbolic correction of wrongs against one man when there are 60 million immigrant wrongs he is doing nothing to address. By doing nothing on immigrants, Trump is giving them all a pardon as well.

Media screams FIRE! - as they Fan the Flames in America's Crowded Theater

The Civil War on American History has begun. The far right used Tiki torches, the far left used flamethrowers and then cried for sympathy with their own torch lite procession. The Confederate statues collected pigeon dung during the entire Obama Administration and Pelosi rule of the House. Now Republicans are in power and there is unrelenting outrage. The media which by the way, also was totally asleep during our first Black President's tenure by allowing Confederate statues to stand on the same soil as Obama, has now found religion. White Russian devils are vanquished, White American devils now in their sights. Nasty Pelosi shows she does not understand the meaning of Free Speech. All of a sudden, the Jewish media does not stand behind free speech -- for the common man.  All of American History is about to undergo a Stalinist Purge of our history books.

Robert E Lee used to Unite U.S.

Robert E Lee put down his sword and was the most important Southerner who helped heal the wounds so afflicting this country after the Civil War. Both North and South respected his integrity and honor. Today, there is no one who wants to defend this great American. On top of this list is Donald Trump who did nothing to use his massive powers under the DHS to prevent the violence at Charlottesville which Trump's DHS had to have known would happen. Can only mean that Donald Trump wants the agitation to happen, which moves us to another Civil War and can only end with him as dictator.

Grand Mother of all Conspiracies

What if the Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul, was a Jewish agent provocateur?  What if his epiphany on the road to Damascus was really an insight on how to take down the Roman Empire using Christianity? So does one Marcus Eli Ravage  weave a  master conspiracy of the Jews to take over the world through having the world worship the religion of Israel. And a master tale to create heresy among the Christian world.

Jewish Comedian Shahak Shapira writes hate speech against Jews

Jews are a funny lot. They purposely write agent provocateur hate speech in public places against Jews, in of all places Germany,  then expect us to take them seriously that they are the innocent targets of hate. And Shahak Shapira really takes the cake. Guess I should have known when the headline said he was a comedian, so yes, that does mean we should not take him seriously..

August 2017 AD

Division and Conquest

What if Jews and their fawning entourage, liberals, were to hold themselves to the same standards to which they hold others? 
Sean Spicer portrayed as a  woman - OUTRAGE! 
Ron Paul portrayed as a homosexual cross-dresser - OUTRAGE!  
Donald Trump portrayed as a friend of Russia - OUTRAGE!
Google firing a man who says there are differences between men and women, and then using affirmative action to promote women because, well... they need a leg up somehow -- NOT SO OUTRAGEOUS!

Reverse Slavery

If the government forces tax money out of my earnings and gives it to a black man, then that black man has my money and I am forced to earn it back by providing him with my services, which will again be taxed to provide more to this black man. Thought slavery was made illegal by the 13th Amendment?  If the Feds want to reverse enslave me to this black man, does that make it now legal?

Fake History - The Spanish Inquisition

Fake History portrays Spain as torturing and burning at the stake heretics on a massive, never before seen scale. Truth is that Spaniards who were born and raise Catholic in a Catholic country under a Catholic king, remained Catholic; hence, a Catholic country such as Spain would have relatively few heretics. The ones who would have the most problems with heretics are the Protestant countries under Protestant kings at the time who had entire populations who were born and raised Catholic and could easily be switched back to a more comfortable faith.  In fact, no more than  5,000 people were convicted of the crime and burned at the stake over the entire Inquisition compared to over 150,000 women burned at the stake just for the completely imaginary state of being a witch. Spain never burned anyone for being a witch, since they decided their Inquisitions based upon facts and witchcraft does not exist.

The Handmaid's Tale

Only secular Jewish Hollywood would portray their horror show of a Christian uprising against Jewish secular rule, where Christians insist upon having America follow Jewish Torah religious law. Imagine a world where gays get stoned to death, handmaid slaves are forced to have your children when your wife cannot, doctors who allow precious sperm to be wasted (aka abortions) are hanged. All done with no Christian forgiveness and all done with the justice of an eye for an eye. A true Judas-like Christian dystopia I tell you.

Fake Ratings for Fake News

Nielson rating service conspires with the entire Main Stream Media to fraudulently prop up their ratings in the eyes of advertisers, in any lawyers' law-book, amounts to Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization and would be leveled by government with RICA charges.  But these mega-corporations oligarchs have a GET OUT OF JAIL card called The First Amendment.

July 2017 AD

Divided We Fall

The voices guiding America today are not words of United We Stand, but Divided We Fall.  Removing statutes of Confederate generals because they owned slaves, only invites a condemnation of the generals of the American Revolution who also owned slaves. Condemning the Confederate generals for treason only begs for the condemnation of the American Revolution generals for treason on this American Independence Day. Condemning Americans for worshiping Christ only leads this country in one direction. It leads to Civil War with an overthrow of what we have remaining of our Constitution. And let no man tell you otherwise that this was the plan all along.  You can read below about the coming global censorship, and what evil nefarious group is occupying America today, performing these evil, nefarious and divisive acts.

Global Censorship

What power over thought is now greater than all the great publishing houses of the past, all the great radio and Television MSM conglomerates of the past, greater than the think tanks in Washington?  To answer that question, you have to ask yourself where all those older entities are migrating. Yes, the Internet. And who controls all the Internet?  ICANN, now under United Nations influence, if not soon, outright an arm of the UN. If ICANN wants a site such as this one shut down, they simply pull control over it and its as if the site never existed. In fact, this did happen to this site for 2 weeks and makes for a really scary story about world control of thought and global censorship.

Occupied America

For poof that America is an occupied country, just look around at who is calling all the shots in this country. Not Irish American, philosophers of life, like Patrick Buchanan. Not Patriotic American, Constitutional guardians, like Ron Paul. Not Christian American, moral leaders, like Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. Not Free Market American, business leaders, like Alan Mulally who rescued Boeing from upstart Airbus and then rescued Ford from bankruptcy during the Great Recession.  The ones calling the shots these days are worthless guys nobody ever heard from before, such as community organizer Barack Obama, or butt-of-jokes Donald Trump, or utterly corrupt individuals such as Bill and Hillary Clinton. But you peel back the enablers of the Obamas, the Clintons and the Trumps, and all you see are Jews, Jews and more Jews. Jews have had a silent coup to take dictatorial control over this country and America has become a vassal state of Israel.

Jesus was White

Are not the Jews guilty of cultural approbation when they claim Jesus was both a Jew and a man of color?  If you believe what the Jews tell you, then neither of these can be true. Jesus never had a Bar Mitzvahs; instead, Jews tried to kill him as a boy. Jesus was born Christian and from looking at quite a few Jews in Israel today, then Jesus Christ must have been as white as any German.

June 2017 AD

After THEY came for the Jews, THEY stopped

After you come for the Communists and the Jews, you have pretty much done your job haven't you?

America's Jewish Commissars

We have often spoke of how Jews divide us, but with President Jared now in office, there is talk of Jews uniting us. Without the Jewish ability to make connections, there will be no chance to Make America Great Again. Only Jews think in terms of America First, we are now told. Of course, this is the same hogwash Russians were fed when Jewish Commissars destroyed their culture during the days of the Soviet Union.

May 2017 AD

Trump the Failurenator

Arnold Schwarzenegger won the governorship of California and let his Democrat wife lead him into governing as a Democrat. Arnold became the Failurenator. Now we have another Arnold in office. Trump's flip-flops are already legendary.  

Trump the Fraudulent RINO

All bets are now off as to what Trump truly believes and does. First came his attacks on his own supposed base, the Freedom Caucus over a sham Obamacare replacement, second came his sham appointment of Gorsuch, and now again with his World's Policeman role in Syria, next door neighbor to Israel. Trump is just another Israel First President who used trusting Americans to get elected. 

No Nuclear Option for Gorsuch

On this day, April 2, we predict the Democrats will not filibuster Gorsuch, as Gorsuch is the best guy they could hope to get. He calls the Founding Fathers racists and sexists, and he threatens to walk out of the room if the man who nominated him asks if he would repeal Roe V. Wade. What's not to like from a liberal perspective?  And proves that President Trump is all the fake and fraud we feared he would be.

Russia: Much more deserving of US friendship than Israel

Here is the real deal. Jews have Christian Democrats fighting Christian Republicans to fight against Christian Russians. Guys, this is how Jews have operated for 3,000 years!!! A  great measure of how much Russia is a friend or foe is to compare Russia to our BFF, Israel. Having done so, you determine for yourself if Russia should be a friend or not.  Or for that matter, if Israel should be a foe instead of a friend. 

Extradite the Israeli Cyber-Terrorist for Crimes Against Humanity NOW!

Inciting civil war riot with a Jewish black flag operation and besmirching the good name of 300 million Christians are Crimes Against Humanity.  We STRONGLY DEMAND THE EXTRADITION of the  Israeli man the nation of Israel, in conspiracy with the Jewish MSM, in conspiracy with our own FBI, has hidden from us by name and hidden from us by face, the Jewish-American responsible for bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers.

April 2017 AD

Jewish Jihadist frames millions of Christians

In a nationally televised speech to a joint session of Congress, President Trump singled out Americans as capable of heinous threats against Jewish Community Centers. Silent after Black Muslim was arrested for bomb threats, but now a Jewish jihadi living in Israel, framing millions upon millions of American Christians, will not even be worthy of condemnation in a tweet. Nor will he suggest an electronic wall to protect America from the Apartheid nation of Israel.

Apartheid Israel

When the majority cannot vote, how then do you call yourself "The Only Democracy in the Middle East?"  The same United Nations which created baby Israel, now feels responsible for the criminal Israel grew up to become. The UN report Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the Question of Apartheid outlines the calculated systemic inhumane crime against humanity the Israel minority employs to maintain Jewish dominance over the Palestinian majority. Israel has a 4-prong divide and conquer methodology. Dominion 1 are Palestinian "citizens" who have no nationality rights. Dominion 2 are Palestinians in East Jerusalem who only have a permanent resident status, easily revoked, and indeed permanent down to even children and grandchildren. Domain 3 are Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaze living under martial law, while Jews in the West Bank live under Israeli Civil Law. Dominion 4 are all remaining Palestinians living as refugees from their own homes and towns, without the "right to return" Aliyah rights all Jews enjoy who have never lived in Israel.  Humm, Jewish minority ruling the majority -- America anyone? 

Dead White Jews

All United States Senators from all 50 States signed a measure condemning Jewish cemeteries being desecrated, seriously believing America was in the throngs of a Kristallnatch and about to place all Jews in gas chambers. The message?  America! STOP being an antisemite! Meanwhile, not a single one of these Senators proposed their fellow Senators sign a measure with them condemning the on-going genocide of 60 million American Christian babies.

New World Order, Phase 1, 1917 AD

The New World Order was actually created in 1917 AD, destroyed the Christian World Order, and replaced it with a Jewish-inspired secular world order in which Christianity no longer had a place. Phase 2 of the NWO is what we actually refer to as the New World Order. This would have been inescapable and many people were sensing this, causing the fall of the Soviet Union and the election of Donald Trump. There is a H-U-G-E reason why Jews are so interested in getting Trump and Putin to viciously fight each other; because, united, Trump and Putin could together be instrumental in leading the world into a New Christian World Order.

Jewish Hoax on America

Never letting a crisis go to waste, Jews create a straw-man who is KKK, Nazi, racist, white, conservative,  antisemite, and threatens Jewish Community Centers. Then the Jewish fake news press viciously attack the straw-man they have created, even demanding the President of the United States to condemn his own people. When the investigation finds the real culprit to be a black, anti-Trump, liberal Muslim, the Jewish press fails to report their own Hoax on Christians

Jews are World Class Illegal Immigrants

Expelled 76 times and illegally re-entering 96 times across several dozen countries, Jews are the world leaders in being illegal immigrants. In past centuries, their excuse was they did not have a country of their own, but no more with Israel available, and yet, Jews are still in every one of these countries they have repetitively invaded, have worn out their welcome and have been expelled.

March 2017 AD

Hitler Explained!

Interesting how the reign of George W Bush, Barrack Obama and Donald Trump matches the reign of the Kaiser, the Wiemar Republic and Adolph Hitler.  The difference is only in degree of fight, death and destruction. The ideals of good versus bad are the same.   In the end, we sided with Stalin, a man backed by Jews, who intensely hated, despised and destroyed the Christians of his own country, in order to fight "the good fight" against Hitler, a man who dearly loved his own people and proudly defended them from illegal immigrant Jewish outsiders spouting fake news about his people and committing acts of Judaic-terrorism.

Finally ---  The Christian Solution!

Jews leaving France in record numbers provides a clue to how good decent Christians the world over can retake control of their own country without resorting to a very sun-Christian Hitlerian Final Solution.

"liberté, égalité, fraternité" are no longer allowed in France

Mass censorship of French Christians in the land of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity has long been established and imposed by Jewish elites in regards to discussions about the Holocaust or the wisdom of Muslim immigration into France. Now, Jewish elites are split in whether to prosecute one of their own who dares questions Islam.

Medici: from Christian Lords to Jewish Star-Lords

The Medici dynasty marked the precise point in time where Christian control over society would be overturned by a Jewish master control. Other than that, Netflix's Medici, Masters of Florence was wonderful to watch.

20 Jewish Rabbis arrested protesting in favor of Muslim Importation

What is the equivalence to what just happened with 20 Jewish Rabbis protesting Trump's immigration ban?  OK, 20 persecuted-under-socialism Venezuelan Roman Catholic priests will travel to Israel, insisting to be admitted entry to Israel purely based upon human rights; and then, will immediately start a protest blocking traffic to DEMAND unlimited Muslim immigration into Israel.  What will not happen to these 20 Jewish Rabbis, is that the 20 Roman Catholic priests will be not-so-politely asked to leave Israel.

The first Black Jewish President

Should anyone dare to argue that America neglects Israel, we wish to chronicle all the special attention this country provides to the country of Israel. Attention we give to no other country.  Just so you know, President Trump promises to be no different.

Trump Doctrine: Muslims in America is Hate

A new Monroe Doctrine is needed. This one not one directed at European potentates interfering with the freedoms of the Americas. This time a Trump Doctrine is boldly needed to prevent a Muslim jihad against the Christian world of the Americas. And it would appear all agree in this objective to remove Muslims from the Americas, both progressive and conservative Christian alike.

Hate Trumps Free Speech

The Berkeley riots against a Breitbart journalist named Milo Yiannopoulos display a coordinated attempt to violently suppress and censure free speech and free press, egged on by FAKE NEWS agent provocateurs, with California officials being complicit by not instigating any investigations and for not firing anyone for security negligence. The rioters were not attempting to stop any FAKE free press speech of the DNC propaganda arm of CNN or NBC, indeed, as Ronald Reagan knew, these FAKE NEWs were the instigators of the riot. These riots were attempts to intimidate REAL free speech and REAL free press and put them out of business. Our new Attorney General, under the Commerce Clause, under the Domestic Tranquility clause, under Freedom of the press and speech protections, needs to arrest all the FAKE NEWS agent provocateur riot instigators and all complicit California officials who were suppressing Constitutional free speech and freedom of the press. One press does not have any freedom of the press to suppress the freedom of the press of a competing press.

February 2017 AD

Top Jewish Leaders Schumer and Fenstein stands with Muslim invaders

New York Senator Schmuck Chuck Schumer, leader of the Jewish World Headquarters of New York City, has placed the reputation of all Jews under his jurisdiction on the side of unvetted Muslim invaders from unstable and hostile to America regimes, against a Department of Homeland Security vetted American Christian population.  On the other hand, California Senator Jewish and Israel-First Diane Fenstein comes out against Trump stopping a Muslim invasion of America, but totally in favor of Trump bombing the hell out of Muslims in Iran whom she feels is threatening Israel.

Ann Coulter: She really gets it

Started to lose hope I would ever see this. Ann Coulter has finally shown she is aware that many of our Jewish journalists came here illegally from Russia, who were neither religious nor refugees, but came to America as religious refugees anyway. She understands they hypocritically complain of Muslims being discriminated against, but that these same Jewish journalist neglects to acknowledge Christian discrimination in our immigration policy which they played an overwhelming role in shaping.

Der Spiegel:  Trump is an Islamic Terrorist

German magazine Der Spiegel placed our President on their cover holding the severed head of Lady Liberty in one hand and a bloody machete in the other hand. Can they honestly equate our President with Islamic jihadis really wanting to do the same to Lady Liberty? Makes one desiring a WWIII against Germany to rid them of both liberals and Muslims. Finally doing some good for Germany.

Segregation returns to America because of Homosexuals

Homosexual men wanted to segregate themselves from having to marry women.  Why would this intolerance  and utter lack of diversity in marriage be allowed in modern-day America after all the instability caused by whites wanting to "separate, but equal" themselves from blacks?  But allowed it was in 2015, with a neo-Plessy v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision.

Fake News Jews create Fake Hate Strawmen

Jews don't come after the likes of this website, for we create well documented and grounded logical rebuttals to their many lies and distortions. No, they are not about to give this site web traffic. Instead, they come after "Right-Wing" Strawmen websites they create and control, such as the one created by Mike Enoch, AKA Peinovich, as both a honey trap for many misguided American patriots and as a target they can then point to as examples of vile antisemitism in America.

It is Women who have all the Rights, not Guns

No political constituency is more well protected by politicians than women. Sure, men try to protect their right to carry guns, but even that is so they can protect their women. Now we have a whacked-out feminist who hilariously shows how totally whacked-out feminists are in their misunderstanding of how much guns already are not a right in this country.

Trump criticised for failing to "properly" remember the Holocaust

Even honoring the Holocaust will get you condemned for not honoring the Holocaust -- that is, if you are the President of the United States and forget to mention Jews by name in your Holocaust remembrance, but instead only refer to them as "innocent people". Well, I say that President Trump did the Jews a great service, as he also did not mention how concerned Germans were that Jews organized to overthrow the Russian Czar in 1917, totally wiped out his family, totally wiped out the country's economic, political and military elites, totally wiped out the country's Christian priests and nuns, and then the Jews under Stalin, totally wiped out the Polish elite in the Katyn Forest Massacre and totally wiped out the 7 million Ukrainian peasants in the Holodomor -- all Christians.   Thus proving with his weak sissy defense, that he is just as much of a Jewish puppet smuck as all the rest of our Presidents for the last 100 years, for Remembrance is FAKE HISTORY if you only remember parts of one side.

Trump's "America First" Inaugural Address

We loved the stunningly brilliant Inaugural Address of President Trump. For the first time in the lives of most Americans, we have a President who promises, even after the election, to put America First.  Not even President Ronald Reagan promised the American people this grace.

Mohammad: How his poisoning by Jews helped Jews

Still reeling from losing Jerusalem for backing the false Messiah Bar Kokhba against Rome, and now having a double indignity of having Jerusalem filled with blasted Christians, the Jesus-denying Jews were going to be extra cautious in following just anybody who called himself the Messiah. For Mohammad, they would have to see a miracle. And thanks to the Huffington Post, we now know that a Jewish lady provided just that miracle. She poisoned Mohammad and while people around him died instantly, Mohammad did not die. So many Jews converted to Islam and followed Mohammad's armies into Jerusalem. But this only happened after he died 3 years following the poisoning, allowing the non-converted Jews to say, "See, Mohammad is no Messiah, he died of the poison from 3 years back"

Voyage of the Damned - No "Right to Return" to Israel

Israel is the modern equivalent of Nazi Germany. They have just refused entry to Israel of poor downtrodden Jews from the hellhole of Communist Venezuela.  The reason?  These Jews did not meet strict Aryan Superior Race guidelines for acceptance as Jews. Same as the Orthodox Jewish convert of our own President is not Jewish enough to gain aliyah entry to Israel.

Israel's "Feel Our Pain" Campaign

After Israel's Jewish Diaspora filled Europe with Muslims, their "Feel Our Pain" Campaign is finally reaching fruition. The Israeli flag is imposed on the Brandenburg Gate, and on the Paris City Hall and Rotterdam now flies the Israeli flag at half staff for a  terrorist attack, not in Europe, but in Israel. The ones who caused Europe this misery are the very ones Europeans are now pitying. Excellent work Mossad or who ever was behind this!

Church and State - Jewish, Muslim, and Christian

Saudi Arabia has no official Constitution of its own, for its real constitution was laid down 1,500-years-ago by Mohammad. Sharia Law is the constitution of the perfected center of Islam. A biblical Israel, as every good Christian should know, also has a constitution written by God. A perfected Promised Land's constitution is the Torah as interpreted by the Talmud.  Jews and Muslims in every other circumstance are just bad Jews and bad Muslims until they decide to become good Jews and good Muslims. Only in Christianity do we have a actual belief of "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and give unto God what is God's".

Identity Politics - Jewish Style

Identity by way of religion, family, State and nation has given way to a politically correct tribal form of identity. One identity forged by race called African-American or Hispanic-American.  Another identity forged by helplessness, called names like single-mom or dreamer. Yet another identity tied to global concerns, greens or climate warriors. The only identity which counts, the only identity which has stood for 3,000 years, is the Jewish identity. The Holocaust victim class. Jews are the eternal maltreated tourist in all countries while insisting they are the rulers. While everyone else left their home to become Americans, only Jews came here without a country, were welcomed and offered a warm place to call home, and instead went out to recreate their ancient home of Israel from which they now call themselves dual-citizens.  Not a full American citizen, but with one foot in Israel.

Taboo of Christ

Christian countries used to have a taboo against Jews committing blasphemy against Christ. Jew who did so were reminded Jesus-denying Jews were the Grand Jury who convicted innocent Christ to his penalty of death. Jews who blasphemed Christ would often find their shops burnt to the ground in a riot of Christian outrage. Jews in their defense would simply wait until all was forgotten and then point to the riot and cry "POGROM"!!  Actually, Jews have now managed to move the shoe to the other foot. Jews now have their own moral outrage story they call the Holocaust. It is now a reverse taboo for any Christian to mock any Jew for fear of being called an antisemite Hitlerian Nazi stormtrooper, often losing job, fame, and fortune, no matter the truthfulness of what the Christian had said. So why would the world react today to a museum in Israel celebrating the total disrespect of the basis of Christianity?

January 2017 AD

Jewish Pivot, finally?

For 100 years and 26 presidential elections, Jews have been more Democrat than Democrat Christians and Jews have been less Republican than Republican Christians, with one glaring exception, they left  the Democrat Party in 1920 to vote Socialist by a margin of 38 Jews-to-3 Christians. Have the Jews who became neo-con Republicans finally made the pivot under Trump they had started with Reagan? The answer is no.

Trump's book, Crippled America  - Make Israel Great Again

This review came away from the book by Donald Trump written to get him elected as not "Make America Great Again", but instead, "Make Israel Great Again". President-elect Trump refuses to recognize any Jewish influence in any of the problems which beset America. Not a hint of that fact being expressed in his book. In fact, Trump goes out of his way to place Israel and the Jewish people on a special pedestal, instead of Trump subjecting them to the stern disciplined business approach to every other issue we face, Israel and Jews will be exempt and privileged.

Can Donald Trump reverse a 15-0 unanimous UN decision?

Would take a tremendous effort to reverse the decision of 15 nations without obtaining a single veto in the deal. Can The Donald do it? Depends upon how much of a Christian Zionist he proves out to be. One thing is for sure, Israel is as arrogantly defiant as I've never seen her. The once self-styled "humble, persecuted people" are now proud and on the attack. Israel will not do the Christian thing of "Turn the Other Cheek". Israel will continue with the Kosher fake news about them being the only victims here. Israel will continue to be proud that the nine largest Christian nations of the world and six other countries heard all the facts of the case and the 15-national-members of the jury found Israel GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS! Still, Israel will not stand by America, while demanding America stand by Israel.

Once again, Judas Shekel-laden Ted Cruz refuses to stand with Christians

On God's day of rest, Sunday, on Christmas Day even, Netanyahu disrespectfully summoned the ambassadors of all the Christian nations of the Security Council who voted against Israel's illegal Jewish settlements. Once again, Ted Cruz would not stand with the Christian nations of Uruguay, Russia, France, England, the Ukraine, and Spain, all members of the Security Council who condemned what Israel is doing with their illegal settlements. Ted Cruz would also not stand with Christian America, the country he is sworn to protect and defend, who merely abstained from condemning Israel, thus allowing a 15-0 decision against Israel, good enough in any court of law. Still, all said, Ted Cruz will only stand with Israel.

Netanyahu handing American Technology to Muslims

Even more respected by Donald Trump than Vladimir Putin is Benjamin Netanyahu, who is secretly giving away American developed technology we have shared with Israel for their survival against Muslims, to the very same Muslims we are trying to defend them against. Isn't it great to "Stand with Israel" - and to stand with every Muslim country in which Israel decides to sell our advanced technology?

Who hacked our elections, Russians or Mossad?

Bill Clinton bombed Slavic Orthodox Christians to save butchering Muslim terrorists in Kosovo who were slitting the throats of every Serbian policeman they could get their hands on, so yes, Putin had a great motive to influence the election against Hillary.  But in the end, a better theory would be the Mossad ran one of their typical black flag operations, making it appear that Russia did the hack, so the ultra-right wing Mossad  of Benjamin Netanyahu could help the conservative father-in-law of an Orthodox Jew, Donald Trump, thus insuring both goals of a) a Trump who cannot  get too cozy with Russia and b) a Trump who will move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and sealing the final 2,000 year Zionist goal of Israelis.

Why did Elie Wiesel never move to Israel?

The man who virtually coined the word Holocaust, describing in great detail the horrors of Christian brutality against Jews, continued to live among Christians for the remaining 68 years of his life AFTER Israel was born. Excuse me, but didn't millions of people die in two World Wars so that Jews could have their own Promised Land for their Chosen People, as promised by GOD himself, never again to be persecuted by Christians, as they cried and cried and cried about for the last 2,000 years? In fact, is not Elie Wiesel a total ethnic and religious fraud, in addition to half the Jewish population who consciously choses not to aliyah to Israel as God himself demands?  Far from chronicling a persecuted people, the Jerusalem Post has a regular section devoted entirely to the continuing Jewish Diaspora, where they clearly show who is really in charge in all these countries they do not belong in.

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