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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2015 CE (Christian Era)

December 2015 AD

Constitution "allows" Judaic favor, "bans" Muslim Disfavor

With Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, Jews asked America for favorable immigration based upon their foreign religion, saying in turn, that they were discriminated against by Christians based upon their religion, fearing for their lives. Jews did not argue it was unconstitutional to give favorable treatment to the Judaic religion. But when it comes to unfavorable treatment, when it is Americans who fear for their lives from Muslim immigration, these same Jews, like Senator Barbara Boxer, don't miss a beat and tell Americans they must not disfavor the foreign Muslim religion moving into their home to hurt them.

Jewish Gun Control Talking Points Blown Away

Syed Farook in San Bernardino shows us why we must not allow Jews to have our guns. The federal government under Jewish-puppet Obama, Clinton and others, have allowed Muslims into America and when giving them federal gun control background checks on the like of Syed, see no problems ahead. Federal background checks on Mexican gun lords, called Fast and Furious, were allowed. Federal background checks on "moderate Muslims" in Syria were performed with those weapons in ISIS hands now, with Syrians flooding Europe and soon, America. Even Jewish-controlled cities like Rahm Emanuel's Chicago have gun violence like no other cities. They are the cause of the violence, not the solution.  David Alexrod's puppet, Obama, should ask Jews in Israel to lay down their military-grade machine guns first, before asking Christians in America to lay down their shotguns.

Turkish Thievery in NATO's Safe House

ISIS oil flows from ISIS-occupied territory in Syria and Iraq, into Turkey, to a Turkish oil company ran by the son of Turkey's leader, which is regulated by the Energy Minister, who is the son-in-law of the Turkish leader. This wholesale confiscation of Syrian oil is of course international theft of the grandest scale. Something President Bush was faliciously accused of doing in Iraq, but Obama will never be accused of doing with his good buddy and pal Erdogan of Turkey.  In fact, in trying to rationalize all this, this Obama administration thinks it "ironic" that the government of Syria has to buy its own stolen oil.

Universities are not Day Care

A university is where you put away your child's toys so you can learn the real meanings of life. University is not where you come to teach or preach or throw tantrums to get your way, but is where you come to learn, so that later you can teach or preach or properly lead. Even better, Christian universities used to teach as Oklahoma Wesleyan University does today. That you should not hate, but confess your hatred. That you should not have pride against others, but guard your humility to yourself. That you should be selfless instead of childishly self-centered.

Saudi Arabia is ISIS?

Compare punishments under ISIS, the government of Saudi Arabia and yes, even the teachings of Jews under the Old Testament and tell me where there is a nickel's worth of difference?  There are good reasons why Israel and the grandfather of Islam, Saudi Arabia are good friends. There are good reasons why Israel does not invade the House of Saud and vice-verse. Jews and fanatical Muslims get along quite well together, always have. And Israel is not at all concerned to ally with Sunni Turkey and Sunni Saudi Arabia, against Shia Syria and Shia Iraq, in helping fund Sunni-terrorist ISIS.

Who let this Turkey loose in NATO?

Turkey allows its borders to be violated with impunity every day. It is the crossroads for everything terrorist and jihadi. Jihadists from Europe fly into Turkey on the way to the fighting in Syria, ISIS oil trucks roll across its borders with Syria by the hundreds per day, and armies of young Muslim men invade its borders with Syria on their way for Turkey to help them invade the borders of sister NATO member Greece and every member of NATO. Turkey allies with the U.S to overthrow Assad, so Turkey openly violates the borders of their Syrian neighbor. And yet, how dare a Russia plane spend 5 seconds in Turkish airspace! So, American-made fighter jets, and American-made TOW missiles were used to down a Russian jet fighting ISIS Turkmen and then American-made anti-tank rockets in the hands of Turkmen ISIS are used against a Russian search and rescue helicopter. Shouldn't our best interests be to take Turkey out of NATO and beg Russia to join?

Would you have objected to Jewish Immigration in 1938?

Well, no thanks to the MSM, but thanks to this website, we know that American Jews were never opposed to mass immigration. And at the same time, we find that Jews hate majority rule -- when the majority rules against them. In a The Washington Post article, it believes it is making a great compassionate point comparing the majority of American Christians of past days having what can only be described as "hatred in their hearts" in rejecting non-Christian Jews, to the majority of American Christians today having "hatred in their hearts" in rejecting non-Christian Muslims. Perhaps this allows us today, a wonderful opportunity in understanding the thinking of our grandfathers and grandmothers back in those difficult days of the Great Depression with Europe about to implode upon itself once again and Judeo-Communism running rampant. In reflection, what has America gained by allowing millions of Jews into this country?  Or more to the point, what has America lost and still losing?

Edward Snowden: Falsely Maligned

We may now know why the US government could not stop the Paris attacks or stop any of the previous Islamacist attacks after receiving card blanch for unlimited spying after 911, Even with failures in 2002 (Bali), 2004 (Madrid), 2005 (London), 2009 (Mumbai, 2013 (Boston Marathon), they all think Edward Snowden did it, even before anyone had ever heard of Snowden. How can they connect dots to terrorists if they cannot correctly connect Snowden? In fact, how did these guys get their job in the first place? Terrorists always knew we were spying on them, What Snowden showed was that our intelligence agencies were spying on all of us. And really, could there be anything more despicable than for an entire government to blame their massive failures on one man?  -- the exception being the President of the United States whom is never blamed for any failure?

Communism and Oligarch Capitalism

The Jewish-commissar dictated Soviet Union fell apart and the "Capitalism" which came out of that fall was the Jewish Oligarchs. From Jews in control of the State which was in control of the people, to Jews in control of the Oligarchs who were in charge of the people. What changed?  Putin, the next Russian Christian Czar. But here in America, we have moved from a free market economy of our forefathers, where everyone participates in individual ownership, to a mixture of Jewish Communism and Jewish Oligarch Capitalism where American Christians are penniless and powerless in their own country.

Putin, the next James Bond 007?

Doesn't Putin look like Daniel Craig? James Bond singlehandedly saves the world from Scepter. And Putin now appears to be the only man capable of saving the world.

NPR's 10 Questions it should ask Bernie Sanders

As a follow-up to NPR's last interview with Bernie Sanders, here are the 10 hard and tough questions never asked of a normal liberal, let alone a Socialist running as a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders, Socialist, Pro-Muslim, and of course - Jewish

Our fatherly Jewish Bolshevik, with the open and loving arms of the Democrats, running for President of a Christian nation -- founded upon Christian Individualism -- is a full pledged non-Christian, anti-Individualist, Socialist. He's never been afraid of the Socialist label but never explains why Socialists are always so anti-Social. He is anti-Christian in that he roundly dresses down all Christians who SOCIALIZE around  concerns about Muslims invading this New World or German Christians who SOCIALIZED around concerns about Jews who had invaded Europe; so if he had to choose which side he would SOCIALIZE with, we would all agree he would SOCIALIZE with Muslims against American Christians, while of course, still having American Christians defend Jewish Israel at all costs against the same Muslims he defends.

San Francisco -- time to invade and wipe out this rats nest

There are none more sanctimonious than San Franciscans, They are the nation's greatest environmentalists, yet they have raped their own habitat, an eyesore worst than any American city. They scream about the South disobeying "THE LAW" on gay marriage in Kentucky, which had been on the books all of 5 minutes before they appealed all the way to the Supreme Court as if they would ever travel to Kentucky, yet, they violated all manner of laws on the book at both the State and federal level in terms of drug possession, gay marriage when it was illegal, and made themselves a sanctuary city in violation of federal immigration laws. All laws on the books for centuries. These Neo-Hicks need to be invaded by the next Republican President, the city leveled, and then turned into a national park for all Americans, not just for the filthy rich who can afford a million dollar, ugly run-down shack on the side of a steep hill.

November 2015 AD

Putin, Savior of Western Civilization

Putin is now bombing the ISIS destroyers of Western Civilization in Palmyra, months after Obama was  asked to do the same.  The Roman  Empire gave Syria what little civilization it had and ISIS was bound and determined to wipe out every last vestige of that civilization. So what's Obama to do? He sent 50 "advisers", unconstitutionally of course, into Syria to take out what the world has really been shaking in their boots over, Assad. (That's a joke about Assad being a concern of anyone other than Israel, who wants to take out all allies of Iran before they wipe Iran off the face of the Earth.)

Red-necked Jews resorting to Lynch Mob mentality

Gotta love those Israeli hypocrites. Proving in their very own Promised Land that they can be as racist, segregationist, gun-totting red-necks -- with a lynch -mob mentality -- and can you believe it -- anti-Semite -- as any White Southerner from Georgia or Alabama, against whom they have loved to hate for the last 100 years.

License to Kill

A young inexperience (white) motorist, Devan Guilford, meets an adult, highly-trained government police officer, Sgt. Jonathan Frost, and due to his inexperience pays with his life with a taser and 7 bullets to an unlawful arrest. The office is promptly cleared of any wrongdoing by government authorities over him, the blame placed on the 17-year-old boy, and the family sues in federal court.  Typical story, but remarkable in the response about governmental authorities covering up wrongdoing, when compared to the lack of response the police had in the priest molestations of the past, and who had to pay the price for that law breaking.  Again, not the government taking responsibility, don't you know, but the government attacks those whose power interferes with its own power.

The Martian -- White Man's a Burden

Oh Matt Damon was innovative while stranded on Mars, but he required the United Nations of peoples to rescue him. A turnaround from the days we talked of White Man's Burden.  In this Jewish produced movie, the white man is once again wiped out of the story of the advancement of mankind.

Smith and Wesson travels to Israel

Common Jewish citizens can openly carry fully automatic machine guns and carry tear gas grenades -- to protect them from knives in the hands of Muslims. Meanwhile, in America, Muslims bring  suicide bombs, and we must be disarmed, so says the President who is arming Syrian Muslim terrorists with surface-to-air missiles. Reality is that Jews want all non-Jews disarmed -- Christians in America and Muslims in Israel.

"Administrative Detention" brought to you by Jewish Masters

We are getting the wish of Christian Zionists  --- to live under Jewish justice. As can be seen in Israel and in Chicago ran by Rahm Emanuel, all you have to do to rid yourself of pesky Constitutional provisions is to call your prison by the innocent sounding name of administrative detention.  Even political dissenters can be locked up if you are a Jewish-approved federal judge.  From Guantanamo, to family court, to TSA, to DHS, our rights are being eaten away by Jewish-influenced politics.

Rich Media Moguls again whining about Rich Oil Men

Nice that the filthy rich Jewish media mogul at the New York Times is warning Americans about the influence of rich oilmen funding Republican candidates. How dare anyone but filthy rich Jewish media owners or filthy rich Hollywood producers tell us who to vote for!

October 2015 AD

Gun Controller Obama is the World's Greatest Gun Runner

The Oregon shooter Christopher Mercer was no white supremacist, but hunted down white Christians to slay at a 100% gun controlled campus in liberal Oregon. What more gun control laws can you get?  Yes, sure Obama's feds allowed this mentally ill "son of Obama" to have 14 guns, but whose counting anyway?  Obama ships tons of guns and ammo to boys on the streets of Syria to kill policemen, mayors, librarians, government clerks and other "dictatorial bogey men". Oh, so expand gun free zones to all of America, only to find that Obama cannot control our borders for guns any better than he controls our borders for people and drugs. Or worst, decides to gun run inside the country -- OK, OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS comes to mind -arming murderous Mexican drug gangs.

The Concept of Central Banking ?  Busted by China

The Fed is never blamed for 100 years of economic turmoil because it is labeled too weak in a free society to prevent economic calamity.  But China's massively Central Bank is a liberal's wet dream come true, and it has failed, and soon on a massive scale, taking us along for the ride. America was stable and prosperous while on the gold standard from the creation of the Constitution in 1789, until the Central Bank Federal Reserve was created in 1913. It has been nothing but devastating 7-year Jewish-inflicted Shemittah cycles ever since.

Sept 2015 AD

The Final Solution for The Promised Land!

Even this website cannot put all the Jewish pieces in place. For instance, why did it never occur to this site that the "Final Solution" of 7 million Christian family members of the Holodomor wiped out by the Soviet Jewish Commissars was to make room for the "Final Solution" of the 6 million Jewish family members Hitler so conveniently relocated to the same region by boxcar, giving them homes to live in until the conclusion of WW2, when  mysteriously, so many "still living" Jews turned up inside the future Israel immediately after WW2 to retake Israel, when Jews for 2,000 years were unable to take it?  This is the month of Shemittah and Jubilee, so we will end it with a possible Final "Final Solution" for the extent of The Promised Land.

The Muslims have been Liberated, Hurray!!!

We just love those Muslims and could not stand seeing them being so oppressed by their heartless rulers. Thanks to an endless string of compassionate American Presidents, we can now proudly say, "No more Shah of Iran, no more Saddam of Iraq, no more Mubarak of Egypt, no more Assad of Syria. Even, no more Kosovo Muslims living under the thumb of Christian Serbians"  Those Muslims are now liberated and living in peaceful neighborhoods all over Europe and America. And don't you know we will all be much better off because of it, since every politically correct brainiac knows Christians and Muslims have gotten along so well over the last 1,500 years. What could go wrong?

MSM mislabels Pollard as Israeli Spy, not American Traitor

In a Bing Search of "jonathan pollard release date", our 58 top news sources incorrectly labeled Jonathan Pollard as an "Israeli spy' 64 times, and none of the 58 news sources identified him as an "American traitor". Even though spy is defined as working for the enemy (Is Israel an enemy?) and traitor is defined as betraying a sacred trust (as in Pollard working as an American citizen for the federal government having taken an oath to protect and defend the United States of America).

Media TRUMPS Republican Archie Bunker "Flavor of the Week"

Presidential Actor Donald Trump is our very own lovable blue collar patriarch who is innocently bigoted, racist, and sexist. In this Norman Lear-style Jewish production of "All in the Family", Donald Trump is center stage in America's living rooms as Archie Bunker -- and we are falling for the great acting abilities of the gadzillioarie loud mouth from New York City being directed by the exquisite story-telling abilities of the New York City-based Judeo-MSM.

Shemittah -- The Jewish Zombie Apocalypse

The entire world is crashing into The Great Fall of China.

We have had our share of Jewish Shemittah 7 year cycles, first with 2001 9/11 crash, then 7 years later in 2008 Housing crash. And now, with this 7 year cycle in 2015 with the Great Fall of China Crash.

We have even had our share of 50 year Jewish Jubilees of 1915 Jews getting Palestine, followed by 1967 Israel expansion in the Six Day War, and now apparently the conclusion with ISIS Muslims destroying Roman temples never before destroyed in Islam's entire 1,500 year Muslim history. Really? Why now?

That is not the most important part. This marks the end of the 40th Jubilee since Christ, the end of the 80 Jubilee since Abraham and the end of the 120th Jubilee since Adam and Eve. It will be exciting to say the least what our Jewish friends ultimately have in store for us next month and beyond.

April 2015 AD

The Jewish Massacre of Christians at Mamilla Pool in 614 AD

Jerusalem was a flourishing Christian city in 614 AD when Jews aligned with Persians to capture the city. Like Muslims who are well known to obliterate all remnants of previous civilizations, so did Jews perform an exorcism of all remnants of Christianity from Jerusalem, destroying not only the basilicas, churches and monasteries, but destroying all the Christians who built that civilization as well. A mass grave of Christians at Mamilla Pool was converted into a parking garage by modern Israel and Jewish genocide was conveniently whitewashed from history.

"Thou Shalt Kill"

Islam, created by Jews to retake the Holy Lands from the Christian occupiers, has been nothing but a cancerous growth on mankind, killing 270,000,000 people in its goal of making the world submit to its dictates.

The Jihads which preceded the Crusades

For 400 hundred years Islam had been on jihad capturing Christian lands in a hundred locations across the known world. Islamacists had destroyed entire civilizations, raped, plundered, and destroyed countless innocent lives. Daring even to attack the two great centers of Christian civilization, Rome and Constantinople. Then Christians came to retake the former Christian lands of Jerusalem and environs, never attacking traditional Arab lands, never even attempting to attack Mecca. Guess who the bad guys were?

March 2015 AD

BFF - Israel's Barack and America's Barrack

A few years back, Israel's Defense minister, Ehud Barack, is quoted as saying that our the "so-called Muslim President", Barrack Obama, has been the very best American President to defend Israel EVER. Either Muslims and Jews get along great, as I have been saying for a long time, and/or Obama's "Muslim leanings" are a ruse to make America think that Israel is not getting the sweetheart deal they actually are.

Stalin Made Me Do It!

Jewish Commissars everywhere in the Soviet Union, in charge of the Gulag Concentration Camps, in charge of Stalin's Secret police, in charge of Pravda, all doing so for fear of Stalin's wrath -- they tell us -- an excuse which held no water during the Nuremberg Trials of criminals against humanity saying that "Hitler Made Me Do It". But you would also have to explain how Stalin could only find Jews to do his dirty work. Funniest part is when "non-religious secular Jews" running America say that the "non-religious secular Jews" butchering tens of millions of Christians in the Soviet Union were not Jews because they were not religious.

The True Meaning of Catholic

"One Catholic and Apostolic Church" means the fulfillment by God's Messiah of moving the faith of the fathers from an insular religion meant for a Chosen People in a Promised Land, into a Great Commission fulfillment of salvation to all men in all lands. Catholic means universal and universal means it is suitable for all, not just Jews and Israel, who ironically, by not becoming believers in the universal Catholic faith of Jesus Christ are now apostate without salvation.

Jews are an Invasive Species

There is no other group of people in the world who can invade the nation or region of others like Jews. There seems to be no stopping the invasive Jewish crabgrass from plating its roots in a nation's soil. There is no effective solution of stopping the Jewish infection and plague from spreading to previously healthy inhabitants and destroying them. The native fauna tries to fight the encroachment, but instead, heavy doses of herbicide and pesticide called Anti-Semite-cide are doused on them and they are the ones who wither and die instead.

Wimpy Terrorists of Masada

After using Jewish Taqiyya to slaughter a Roman garrison, and even killing their own Jewish bretheran, these fake "heroes" ran like scared frightened chickens from both Romans and Jews to take refugee in Masada. When Roman persevered they knew their goose was cooked and they all committed suicide -- a grave offense in Judaism making them as evil from every viewpoint you could imagine.

Israel Exports its Black Problem to Sweden

No one is going to accuse white Jews of creating an apartheid system for their blacks in Israel, because Israel simply exports them to lily-white Sweden.  Even empty their prisons of black criminals to export to Sweden just like Fidel Castro would do. No blacks, so no apartheid

February 2015 AD

The Big List of Jewish Soviet Commissars

Jews were the masterminds of the Soviet Union. Grigori Voitinsky and Mikhail Markovich Borodin helped Mao subvert China to Judeo-Communism. Molotov founded their MSM - Pravda. Grigori Y. Sokolnikov was their Goldman Sachs Treasury Secretary. Felix Dzherzhinsky founded the Cheka - the Jewish Red Terror stormtroopers. Lavrenti Beria, head of NKVD - the Soviet DHS. Yakow Sverdlow who killed the Czar's family, thus ending the Czar dynasty. Karl Radek - founder of the Comiterm - a communist infiltration group. Genrikh Yagoda - head of the Gulag Concentration Camps. Lev Kamennev - head of the Soviet Republic. Mikhail I. Kalinin - President of the Soviet Union. Issa Steinberg -  Russia's  Chief Justice. Naftaly Frenkel - head of the White Sea-Baltic Sea canal slave death camp, etc.

Jews have taken over the world

Jews ruling the world do so as any ruler would do. If anyone rebels, send troops to quell the rebellion. When Germany and Japan rebelled against Jewish domination, they sent the world's policemen, America, to squash the revolt. If Muslims do not submit to the construction of the New Israel, then send Troop USA to bomb them with drones.

"Judaism" means "Submission"

Most Christians agree that they MUST submit to Jews and to Israel. Genesis 12:3 states that all must submit to Israel or God will curse them, and only if they bless Israel will God bless them. Of course, they have this completely backwards for Jesus Christ actually commanded the JEWS OF ISRAEL to to forth to all nations baptizing in his name. Only in baptism will God bless the people, which ironically, now makes this Neo-Israel a pariah nation of today, a nation God will curse for they curse Christ and hence, can not obtain Salvation.

Jeffery Epstein - Pedophile Blackmailer Extrodinaire

Previously we showed how the President of the United States in 1912 was blackmailed by Jews into have him select the first Jewish Supreme Court justice. Now  we may know why Bill Clinton also appointed, not one but two, Jewish Supreme Court justices. Adultery was enough of a sin in 1912 for blackmail, but it takes pedophilia to blackmail today.

How Jewish Supreme Court Justice Brandais got his job

Jews are the smartest people in the world, right? So obviously they should be eagerly sought after to give us mere mortals their Solomon-like words of wisdom as our Supreme Court justices. You would think that is how our first Jewish Supreme Court justice Louis Brandais got his job, but in fact you would be wrong. He got his job by old-fashioned Jewish bribery and blackmail, by way of Samuel Untermeyer blackmailing the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson.

Fire and Brimstone --  But, "Jews never hurt anyone!"

Does it really take a Holocaust of 1 million black Ethiopians to say that Jews are just a little bit racist? How about genocidally annihilating entire cities? And what pray tell did the Muslims learn from the Jews? Muslims say that Abraham is their father as well. Indeed, from reading the Old Testament, Muslims seem to be playing their game by the same Jewish play book. Why should this behavior by Muslims bring shock and outrage to anyone?

January 2015 AD

The Interview:  A Potemkin Village

This is a masterful Jewish propaganda film creating an essence that haughty elitist Christian journalists rule the roost doing the real news; while meek humble Jewish journalists are forced into a Jewish ghetto doing only inconsequential entertainment news. So the Jewish underdog has to persevere against all odds to land a real interview with the leader of North Korea. But what we discover in the movie is that the faked "Potemkin Village" of well stocked supermarkets in a country believed to be in famine, is really a Christian journalist created Potemkin Village of mere words. Of course, our meek humble Jewish reporter will expose this fake journalism.  Ironically in real life, it is the Jewish MSM who creates journalistic Potemkin Villages.  In double take, we find in our movie that the bad guys like Christian Czars and Catholic priests are really bad guys and the (Jewish in real life) journalists were right all along.

Self Evident Christian Truths

The Promised Land is now the Kingdom of Heaven; The Chosen People are baptized Christians who obtain salvation through Christ; God Blesses America, not Israel; There is no such thing as a Judeo-Christian, only Jew and Christian; Jesus could never have been a rabbi, because rabbis teach that Christ is not the Messiah; Christ could never be a Jew, because Jews reject Christ; However, Jesus Christ is the Messiah of the Old Testament Jews, no matter what today's Jews say about it.

Sony and Mossad

All the evidence points to Jews and Mossad taking down Sony Entertainment. Plenty of Jews were at the crime scene and had access to all of Sony's systems. Then the motives were all there. 1) Eliminate Jewish information competition 2) Maintain Israel's information monopoly 3) Divide and Conquer enemies of Jews 4) Buy low on the sabotage and sell high on the recovery and last but not least, 5) Jewish revenge for Japan siding with Germany in WW2.

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