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"If ever this vast country is brought under a single government,
it will be one of the most extensive corruption,
indifferent and incapable of a wholesome care,
over so wide a spread of surface.

Thomas Jefferson to William T. Bary in 1822 (Believed small State governments would care more)
If he were alive today, what Thomas Jefferson would say about the United Nations

"Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws."
Jewish financial Sadducee Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild

"If I can tell a nation's stories, then I care not who makes it's laws."
Jewish media-Scribe reporter or Pharisee editor for The New York Times?

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square,
formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea,
they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

Judas-bought Herodians agitating against one of the first Christians (Acts 17:5-13)

"If God were your Father, you would love me, for I am from God."
"I know the slander of those who claim to be Jews and are not, but rather are members of the assembly of Satan."
Jesus speaking to Jesus-deniers whom today follow the Talmud and whom we call Jews (John 8:39-44/Revelations 2:9)

"The Kingdom of Heaven will be taken away from you and given to a people that will produce its fruit."
"It is not the children of the flesh who are the children of God, but the children of the promise."

Jesus, the Promise fulfilled, proclaims Christians to be the true Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-43; Romans 9:6-8 )

2012 CE  (Christian Era)

December 2012 AD

    Have a laugh with this spoof on 'modern version' of the Christian Reason for the Season.

    Everyone knows that the Jewish media is ramping up yet another movement for national gun control, this time revolving around the Bushmaster AR-15 assault rifle found lying un-used in the trunk of the boy who killed 20 children with mere hand guns at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown. But few know that Stephen Feinberg is the Jew owns the company which makes the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, nor can they imagine ironically how filthy rich Feinberg is getting selling even more Bushmaster AR-15s to scared Americans worried about a Jewish tyrannical state -- and he makes all these OBSCENE PROFITS off the suffering of these 20 poor dead children in Newtown, just before Obama's tax-the-rich scheme takes effect!

Queen James Bible -- The Protestant-HomoSexual Reformation
    The recently produced new version of the bible written by homosexuals and called the 'Queen James Bible' is an interesting analogy with the King James Bible, because King James created the King James Bible so he could modify the bible to be much more king friendly, as opposed to the 51-year-old, King-unfriendly, English-translated bible, the Geneva Bible. The King James Edition emphasized the passages about Kings ruling by divine right, literally making the King into a Pope. Now we have a new Bible which makes homosexuality a divine right, and hence, with our new-found Christian tolerance toward the sin of homosexuality, begins a brand new Christian religion.

    America invaded the biggest continent in the world, across the biggest ocean in the world, to fight communism in the Korean and Vietnamese Civil Wars, with Chinese troops and Russian advisers attacking our troops. Yet, when Fidel Castro took over a relatively tiny Caribbean Island, still within the Continental Shelf of the United States and Cuba's refugees started washing up on our shores begging us for our assistance, we quivered in our boots, saying that to do such a thing would cause a thermo-nuclear war. Never mind that we are still not lifting a finger to get rid of this murderer of priests and nuns, after the fall of the Soviet Union and after China became a regular capitalist pig.

    Marc Rich and many other Jewish commodities traders got filthy rich, in part, by avoiding paying African taxes on his commodities trading in African mineral wealth, where he paid dirt poor wages, then got his Jewish Hollywood elites to con American tax-payers into paying his tax bills, so that starving African children would have the food, clothing and AIDS health-care he refused to provide. Bill Clinton would even give the man a Presidential pardon for his utter gall.

    Steven Spielberg is winning accolades with his movie about Lincoln, but in freeing the slaves, Americans have enslaved their own States. In replacing one level of immoral corruption, a much larger immoral corruption was began.

November 2012 AD

    Brace yourself! You have never heard this theory of the JFK Assassination. Forget Catholic Cubans and Catholic Italian Mafia wanting to assassinate the first Catholic President. Forget the guilt placed on Protestant Dallas wanting to kill the first Catholic President. Forget the Federal Reserve conspiracy of rich white men wanting a fellow rich white man done in. Even forget LBJ's ambitions. You are about to realize exactly why some thought John F. Kennedy had to be stopped, at all costs, in his presidency.

    Jews and Christians are not united in the Old Testament, they are divided by the New Testament of Jesus Christ compared to the unbelieving Jewish response to Christ, we see contained in the Babylonian Talmud written hundreds of years after Christ. Written at a time when it was fast becoming evident to unbelieving Jews that their attempts at nipping Christianity in the bud was not working, but instead, the loving words and heart of Christ were poised to conquer Jerusalem with more finality than any enemy sword and chariot. Under this backdrop, unbelieving Jews started a Jewish 'New Testament' filled with stories of how unbelieving Jews could cope with the gathering brushfire of Christianity quickly spreading across the known world. The moral of the story is that is is critical for Christians to know what Jews really worship today, not what they worshiped at the time of Moses, for unbelieving Jews are not stuck at the story of Moses any more than Christians are.

    You learned that 'Salvation is of the Jews' in the parable of the Samaritan woman, but did you get the rest of the story? Jews looked upon Samaritans as imperfect worshipers of the God of Abraham, a fact which should not escape a Christian view of Judasim, as Jesus turns this story around by saying that the Jews themselves are only marginally better in their imperfect worship of the God of Abraham -- until they have become perfected as 'true adorers [who] shall adore the Father in spirit and in truth', with The Messiah being the spirit and the truth to which both Jews and Samaritans should both cling. Christ was saying to the Samaritan woman that the Jews of old she was accustomed to treating her with great disrespect and contempt, were now under new management - the new management of the Messiah. In fact, Christ was setting a personal example of the Great Commission where his Jewish followers were tasked, by Christ, to go forth to all nations baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For 'Salvation is of the Jews', only in the sense that 'Salvation is through Christ'.

October 2012 AD

    You learned the parable of the Good Samaritan in your 5th grade Sunday School. But how well do you really know it? Did you know that Christ not only told you how you should treat your neighbor, but he also very clearly told you who would never treat you as a neighbor? Jesus Christ said that in our direst hours, we can better count on the mercies of a non-Jewish Samaritan, than we can count on the mercies of the most holy of unbelieving Jews, their priests, or than we can count on the mercies of the most Chosen of the 12 Chosen Tribes Of Israel, the unbelieving Levites, when we most need their help.

    In this year's 911 blowback story of vicious Muslim riots all across the Middle East, using weapons given to them by our own 'Fast and Furious' bad-guy-arming foreign policy, the moral of the story is that Muslims should stop acting like rattlesnakes biting everything which passes their way and start acting more 'Christian' in 'turning the other cheek' to deliberate Jewish movie-making provocation. And forget that according to Josephus, Jews violently rioted themselves at Caesarea in 66, provoked by Greeks sacrificing birds in front of a local synagogue, just a few decades after Christ told them to 'Turn the Other Cheek'

September 2012 AD

    In heartbreaking news to many Christian Zionists, they are saddened to learn that they are actually despised by many conspiracy-minded Jews, who feel that the ones Jews should fear THE MOST are the Christian Zionists, Jews' own useful idiots. Do most Jews feel that Christians are in a conspiracy to kill all the Jews? Does not Jews supporting Obama prove this? Does not the creation, acceptance and lavish praise for countless Holocaust movies prove this great conspiracy theory mindset among Jews to be true? Does not the adulation and love of millions of Christians toward Jews mean nothing?

    Why would people ignore 613 Jewish Rabbis throwing their support to Obama, a man whom we are led to believe hates Jews and hates the home of the Jews, Israel, and finally whom loves Jews worst enemy the Muslims? Well, only goes to show the propaganda and deception we are fed by the Judeo-Matrix-MSM

    The vulgar-named and vulgar-acting punk rock group exhibiting their pornography at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Russia bit off a little more than they could chew. They received a two year prison sentance. But the Judeo-Radicals know this is the Christian Wailing Wall, the Russian Orthodox Christian's Temple, named the 'Cathedral of Christ the Savior' and built as Russia's National Thanksgiving to Christ having saved them from the ungodly armies of Napoleon. The Judeo-Radicals thought they had destroyed the Christian Temple once under Lazar Kanganovich, but the Christians rebuilt it. Now they are trying a different approach and meeting resistance from Christian men.

    Albanian Muslims saved some 2,000 Jews in World War 2, due to their social code for visitors in their home called Besa. This concept of Besa has given Albania the rights to the next Stephen Spielberg Holocaust movie, in which to once again rub Christian noses in the mud, but this time to help cement former historic ties between Jews and Muslims.

    On August 10, 2012, President Obama signed the “The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act of 2011”. Many remarked about the dictatorial powers Obama was assuming. None remarked that the law originated with Two Jewish Senators, Chuch Schumer and Joe Liebermann

    Before Israel, our only friend, was created in 1948, did we have enemies in the Middle East?
    Why did we trust Jewish Marxists from Russia in IsraHell?
    From the Jewish perspective, was 9/11 a bad thing?
    Are Christians really being persecuted in the Middle East?
    Why do Jews always win every battle, even regarding evil against the good?
    Do Jews in IsraHell ever need to let a crisis go to waste?

    All argumnents that NAFTA, GATT and all the other free trade agreement arguments woull lead America to even greater wealth and prosperity have been completely debunked. Canadians are now richer than Americans, a country with no Apples, Microsofts, Intels, Googles, or Facebooks

    Ari Ryan is a typical young Jewish activist punk who trespasses on a Muslim hotel and then sues for discrimination when asked to leave, but in learning his to-be-expected 'Holocaust story', we inadvertently learn that his ancestors were from the land of the Holodomor, raising questions about what horrendous crimes against humanity his Jewish ancestors were guilty of performing upon Christians

    The GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney surprised the mainstream media and the American people by hosting an unprecedented fundraiser in Israel July 30, which was attended by 20 to 30 people and raised over $1 million for his campaign. The event is just another example of Romney’s sworn allegiance to the nation of Israel. -- The New American ....and then he promised Israel all the military might of the United States

August 2012 AD

    Our Founders knew that government was not a religious institution. Government is force and forceful socialization is not Christian. Christians freely giving your things away is Christians charity; however, Christians forcibly having others' belongings taken away from them to be given to others is not social justice and is instead a violation of two of the Ten Commandments: Do not Steal and Do not Covet

    Dr. Julian Heicklen informs us that most Americans believe their only duty on a jury is to decide the facts of the case. Jurors do not realize that the only reason for a jury in the first place is to insure justice for their fellow man, and in order to do this, they must have full power to decide not just the facts of the case, but to as well decide if the law itself imposes justice or imposes tyranny. Their rights and duty on the jury is to nullify any unjust laws for that is why juries exist.

    George Zimmerman looks like a saint compared to these Jewish Brown-Shirt Gestapo thugs

    United Technologies (UT) was 'caught' selling military technology they had developed using taxpayer dollars, to our enemy, Judeo-Communist China. For a two billion dollar windfall for selling to the Judeo-Communists, the fine (tax) was seventy-five million dollars. To be sure, United Technologies will now go to Congress for funding the next generation of military technology, since the Chinese have now, amazingly, 'caught up to us'. The Congressman, who by the way, has received boatloads of campaign contributions from UT, will now fund UT with even more taxpayer dollars, and then brag about protecting the country when running for reelection.

    Classic Jewish deception is David Axelrod's discrediting of Larry Sinclair's accusation of Obama taking cocaine and engaging in homosexual behavior. Sinclair was offered $100,000 to tell the truth, to a rigged lie detector, which would automatically say he lied and thus discrediting him.

    Pigs, chickens and cows have been breed here for hundreds of years, with untold millions spend by Agricultural colleges. Now China is importing, not meat, but breeding stock for practically free, and after feeding them raw human sewage and poisons, we will import our own livestock back as our future food supply.

July 2012 AD

    If you have to ask permission to have or carry a gun, then you are not trusted by your government and therefore you are not free, for what the government is controlling is you, not your gun.

    At a time of increased sexual assaults in the military, a Marine squadron was required to change the Crusader cross on their insignia to that of a rapious Werewolf. Now they have reinstated to the original cross of the Crusaders, over the objections of Jew Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (who probably wants a Star of David insignia instead as we illegally protect "religious" Israhell)

June 2012 AD

    The movie 'For Greater Glory' details 1926 Mexico, where Judeo-Communist President Calles, of Jewish descent, violently suppresses Christianity, only to be met by the resounding rebel call of ¡Viva Cristo Rey!. It does not chronicle the exact same fight for Christian religious freedom in Mexico's mother country of Spain in the 1936 Spanish Civil War, where a secularist "Republican" government under Manuel Azaña armed death squads to kill businessmen and priests.

Forget the Puritans - Catholics established religious freedom
    The Puritans did not leave England because they were being religiously persecuted as commonly believed. Instead, they left England because they were too religiously intolerant! Intolerant of the perceived corruption of any other religion besides their own. Instead, religious freedom in the New World as we know it was established by Lord Baltimore, a Catholic, in the colony of Maryland.

    The Kings of Medieval Europe had no need for the Catholic Church to help them decide guilt or innocence inside their realm. Justifying his decision by saying 'God made me do it! - She was a witch!', the Kings simply said 'Off with her head' and it was done; no trial, no jury. The Catholic Church was not about to allow themselves to become an accomplice to Kings conveniently getting rid of their enemies by abusing their good Christian name, so they established a board of inquiry - An Inquisition -- to prove INNOCENCE.

May 2012 AD

    Jack T. Chick and his Chick Publications, in 1970, started publishing an anti-Christian, pro-Zionist comic strip for Christians to read who are not as sophisticated as they should be in their Christian beliefs. Since these vile comic strips are still making the rounds in the Internet, the fallacies of his arguments are examined in this post.

    Texas Republican Senator Cornyn's STAR Act allowing STEM immigrants to flood the engineering market, will cause American engineers to suffer greatly, as the American labor market is flooded with even more un-christian, un-american foreign engineering immigrants and further cause America's technology decline.

April 2012 AD

  • Muslim-on-"Judeo-Christian" attacks - INTOLERABLE!
  • Christian-on-Jewish attacks - INTOLERABLE!
  • Jewish-on-Christian attacks - Just political libs vs cons

    Contrary to the Judeo-MSM image of Muslim Iran chopping at the bit to 'Wipe Israel off the face of the Earth', truth of the matter is that Jews love Iran (and hence Muslims)-- Always have!

    Conservatives were so grateful to finally have a conservative news station, they didn't mind that it was, not an American News Corporation, but an One-World News Service, born of a Sex Scandal Sleaze Tabloid, and built through extensive criminal activity by an international Jew.

March 2012 AD

    With a deeply mysterious past, hushed up by a willing Jewish media accomplice, surrounded by multitudes of Jewish sympathizers in his executive branch, what may have a hold on all these powerful Jews is the fact that he is "one of them."

    In the Sudan, Poor Weak Black Christians have yet to be saved from Rich Strong White Muslims, now a small band of Christian resistance fighters in nearby Uganda under Joseph Kony are villainized by the new Judeo-Social-Media as abusers of children and Social Media registers 40 million hits in a week.

    Catholics have suffered for decades under withering Judeo-Media attacks on Pope Pius XII with the vile label "Hitler's Pope". Now the truth about this saintly Christian Pope emerges.

    The only real way of viewing Jews with Dual Citizenship, is to admit they are Citizens of Israel, and to address all that means to America's security

How to Change a Christian into a Jew               

(Must Read Classic)
    Evangelical Christianity is dissected and Jewish manipulation behind the scenes is analyzed.

February 2012 AD

  • 1) Overthrow the Religious Class
        (Promote and enforce a political belief of no religion)
  • 2) Overthrow the Ruling Class
        (Leverage lower class to overthrow ruling class)
  • 3) Exterminate the Opposition
        (Kill off the Religious and Ruling Classes)

    A Christian view of America's Golden Era
    And a vile anti-Christian rebuttal

    New DNA technology has proved that 75% of convictions based on witnesses were wrong and 36% were wrong based upon multiple eye-witnesses. If this is true, what does it say about Holocaust eye-witness testimony?

    Forgotten in fighting the Islamic Jihad, is the deceptive, behind-the-scenes, Jewish manipulation of America into fighting a Jewish Jihad against Israel's enemies, both domestic in patriotic American Christian threats to Jewish dominance of our society and foreign threats to Israel itself

    The Spanish Inquisition gets all the Judeo-media historical coverage, but the Jewish Inquisition was far worst.
    Jesus was crucified for being an "apostate to Judaism", and then Jewish religious leaders convinced the Roman authorities to continue the Jewish Inquisition by feeding Christians to the lions, with the intent to completely wipe out Christianity.

    The motto of the Mossad is, "By Way of Deception, We shall win Wars!"
    The Ten Commandments only apply to Jews, and the Kol Nidre allows them to vacate every vow they take, hence the refrain to tell the truth does not apply between Jews and Gentiles. Only by Jewish Taqiyya deception can Jews survive against hundreds of millions of Gentiles.

    Jewish immigration advocate Emanuel Celler was the real architect of the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the floodgates to America and he was primarily focused on Jewish immigration
    Massive Muslim immigration into America is the work of Jewish interests

    President Ronald Reagan did not just arm the Taliban, he funded the brainwashing of young Afghani children into worshiping Islamic Jihad against the Christian Soviets under control of the Jewish Commissars. Even the brainwashing of children engaging in suicide bombing.
    We still fund Afghan textbooks, but want to scrub references to rifles and killing. While being a nation of Separation of Church and State, when it comes to Muslims in another country, we still keep quotes from the Koran.

    Contrary to Evangelical Christian worship of a fake nation of unbelieving Jews in a Neo-Israel, Jesus Christ commanded us to go to all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

    Social Conservatives are the polar opposite of Social Liberals. Both want the Federal government to make laws to either force a social condition to to prohibit a social condition.
    Where both are mistaken is the fact that "socializing" is best done on a voluntary basis, letting American citizens themselves to "vote" directly on their own social interactions.
    Society is our families, our Churches, the organizations we join -- Society is not government.

    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is well known for his gun-running Operation "Fast and Furious".
    Little known, is that Holder was also involved in explosives-running to Militia groups and supplied the explosives which took down the Oklahoma City Murray Federal Building, in Operation Patriot Conspiracy (PatCon)

    Israel is well on the way to a Nazi state, and the world knows to never let this happen again. Started with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Nazis spitting on 8-year-old Jewish girls who would not follow the Jewish Nazi demands for dress, spread to Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Nazi spitting on Christian Clergy and is now in full blown Ultra-Orthodox terror extremists in the West Bank operating in open rebellion.

  • You say Jews discriminating against Palestinians is OK.
  • You say White Jews discriminating against non-Jewish Black African immigrants is OK.
  • But what about Black Jewish immigrant children scoring lower than White Jewish immigrant children?

    The Ten Commandments is said to be the unifying force in the merging many call Judeo-Christian.
    Only Jews may say that dividing God into a trinity is putting another God before them, so they would have to call Christians to be violators of the Ten Commandments -- and vice-verse.
    Then there is the commandment prohibiting murder - except that Israel wiped out every man, woman and child in Canaan when they took the Promised Land -- AFTER getting the Ten Commandments to not murder.
    Conclusion: The Ten Commandments only apply from Jews to Jews -- not from Jews to Gentiles.

January 2012 AD

The Holocaust Fraud                       (Must Read Classic)

    Eisenhower sent a Jewish Psychological warfare detachment into Buchenwald to plant evidence of Nazi "atrocities" in order to "De-Nazify" Germany by making Hitler appear to be the devil. Eisenhower then brought a Jewish Hollywood film director named Billy Wilder to film the Holocaust "documentary". Didn't hurt that it made Eisenhower look like a Saint fighting Satan himself, and thus winning him election to the Presidency.

    If Iran cannot be trusted with Nuclear Weapons, why can Israel be trusted with them? If there is anyone likely to set off a Nuclear device in this country, Israel would be one of the more likely candidate. Israel is well known to engage in false flag operations, such as the Lavon Affair where Israel had Egyptian Jews blow up British and American owned targets with the intent of blaming it on the Muslim Brotherhood. Many are now saying that 911 was an Israeli false flag operation.

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