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November 7, 2008

Frankenstein and Rahmbo

Rahm Emanuel: The House Rahm Built

Obama's chief a closet hawk?

Al Franken Clings to Recount Hope

It's a Mitzvah

Obama Fundraising Sealed Election Win

Source: Ameircan Thinker
The Soros Connection in the Minnesota Senate Race Vote Count

Since the election, we now have "Change we can believe in". -- Obama, the President-elect, who no longer has to make campaign promises, can now freely speak his mind and in doing so, we are now finding out what his is definition of change truly means.

And to the media-Scribes, change sounds sweet. Very sweet! The deal was sealed on June 4th, 12 hours after defeating Hillary for the Democratic nomination, exactly six months ago.

When talking to the Jewish AIPAC back then, Obama came out as a full-pledged Israeli Hawk. Far more pro-Israel than Hillary, Bush or McCain. (and in my estimation, far less pro-American) This article below can now show how his promises back then are now coming to fruition since the election.

Obama had unequivocally labeled Iran as a terrorist state (I guess it takes a terrorist to recognize a terrorist). And now states that he will not sit down to talk to Iran, just for the sake of talking. Blew Hillary the finger with that one. She was almost as anti-Iranian as Obama now says he is. - In politics, the best liar wins!

On Obama's first day in office, Iran can just as well expect a Bush-style pre-emptive war (to protect the safety of the nation of Israel). If I were Iran, I would be the one starting the preemptive war now to preempt Obama's preemptive war, but that would just make me the aggressor and the bad guy in the press. --Oh sorry, Iran is already the bad guy in the eyes of the media-Scribes!

Israel will get $30 billion dollars in military aid immediately. You black Americans who voted for Obama will have to stand at the end of the line for your federal handouts.

Obama would do everything in his power to make Jerusalem a totally Jewish Crusader city, over the objections of the Palestinian Muslims who have claimed it ever since -- well, -- ever since they kicked out the Christians thirteen centuries ago and once again when they kicked out the Christian Crusaders ten centuries ago.

As for the thoughts about Obama's plan for Christians, the ones who are the real descendants of Judaism and who believe that the Holy Lands are their inheritance from God, not much is heard as to their feeling on the matter.

Jewish Terrorists

If Jewish media-Scribes cannot talk Christians into violating their own best interests democratically, then the next best thing for Jewish activists media-Scribes always seems to engage in terrorist violence against Christians.

What we got in this election was an Obama, whose political best friend was Bill Ayers, a Marxist Jewish terrorist who loved to terrorize American Christians, and an Obama who has make his first political appointment, the gatekeeper of the White House, Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff. Rahm is the son of an Israeli Irgun Jewish terrorist who loved to terrorize British Christians maintaining peach in Judea, and Rahm is one who proudly used his dual citizenship allegiance to not fight in the United States army, the country of his birth, during the first Gulf War, but to fight in the Israeli army.

The story of Rahmo is the story of Neo-Con Rahm Emanuel. It is the story of this Sadducee taking control of the Democratic Party, as other Neo-Cons had already taken over the Republican Party in the last decade. Party principles mattered for nothing -- A winning majority mattered for everything. It is an orchestrated see-saw game. Lose your principles but win Congress, only to lose Congress in the next election or two because you have no principles. The only guiding principle was in what was good for Israel and AIPAC.

Anyway, you probably know all of that.

I want to cover an old time story. I want to cover how it all happened. And I have to begin with the story of Frankenstein.

Stay with me, because it is very fundamental to the current issues.

Hollywood created the image of Frankenstein that we will always remember.

------ No, not the movie Frankenstein -- Al Frankenstein (commonly called Al Franken).

West Coast Hollywood stars and directors, all Jewish media-Scribes, and all from the State of California, gave millions of dollars in campaign contributions to this center of the country Minnesota State race that former SNL media-Scribe Frankenstein partook in, and much better than that, they gave Frankenstein their "star treatment" in their media-Scribe outlets. Almost as much as they did Obama. Frankenstein's East Coast media-Scribe connections from his SNL days no doubt helped as well.

With Republicans generally smart enough to know how to cast a ballot and Democrats generally having a difficult time of it, I predict that the results of the Minnesota recount will give Frankenstein the additional 475 votes needed to win the Minnesota Senatorial election which Hollywood bought for him.

Why did Hollywood support Al Franken?

Wouldn't be because Al Franken is a Marxist Jewish media-Scribe like they are, would it?


But, whose interests will Frankenstein represent?

You can rest assured that he will represent the interests of Hollywood. While located in Minnesota, Frankenstein will promote California Hollywood's "freedom" to create more porn, more Marxism, and more anti-Christian films.

Again, it would be a safe bet that he would represent the interest of the non-Christian country of Israel. Perhaps even over the interests of Christian America.

And being Jewish, he would probably not represent the liberal Protestant Christians of Minnesota as well as he would represent Jewish interests.

Minnesota will no doubt be represented enough to keep Al Franken re-elected every six years, but if I lived in Minnesota, I would not otherwise expect much representation of my interests.

The Christian Solution

Frankenstein represents a clear failure of the democracy that the media-Scribes told us would make America a better country -- the enactment of the direct election of Senators.

Since the 17th Amendment was enacted in 1913, for the media-Scribes, it is a better country. Today, they get a two-fer. Once they brainwash the electorate with their mass-media to "feel their pain", then they win both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Not only that, but the power of the States are bypassed in the process. A three-fer! It was a brilliant plan of the media-Scribes and Pharisees!

Therefor, the most important reform we need is the repeal of the 17th Amendment, restoring State power.

"Oh my God! Restoring State Power! Why, if we did this then we will have the KKK and segregation and slavery return ---and worst, anti-Semitism!!! Why is is anti-Semitic to even think such a thing!!!", so would say the media-Scribes.

You can count on the media-Scribes constantly bellyaching about this. The media-Scribes would incessantly nag us that we were making the wrong decision!

In fact, this was exactly how Americans were talked into passing the 17th Amendment in the first place?

Our Founding Fathers knew that power corrupts the souls of men.

They also knew that money corrupts the souls of men.

So at a time where the States had all the money and power, evil migrated to the States. Since the federal power had no direct means of taking our money (16th Amendment also not enacted until 1913) and had no direct police power over us, the fed were considered harmless. In fact, they indeed had great morals. Evil did not bother with the Federal government. Evil stayed at the State level.

What a better way to convince Americans, who did not think through the ramifications of their actions.

If the States were corrupt, then the media-Scribes convinced us that the answer was to take power away from the corrupt States and give all that power to the non-corrupt Federal government. Enact the 17th Amendment, so that the States cannot tell the Federal government how to "police" the evil out of the States.

"Life would be beautiful and we would have utopia on Earth".

I know, you are well ahead of me.

Since the States lost most of their power and money, evil simply left the States behind and migrated up to the centralized Federal government. And you can see how well that worked out for us.

The beauty of the Founding Fathers, and why their original system worked so well, was because evil was decentralized as best as possible. The secret was that the 50 States became their own checks and balances against evil. If one State became too evil against citizens, then state citizens were free to move to another State. If one State became too evil against business, then the businessman relocated to another State. The States had to clean up their government, or lose all their best people and best businesses. Not a perfect plan, as it is hard to relocate coal mines or hydroelectric power to another state, but it was the best system the world had ever known.

Most patriots believe the best reform would be the repeal of the 16th Amendment, the income tax, but they would be wrong. Perhaps, they are being deliberately misguided by the media-Scribes who have infiltrated their ranks, for it was solely the 17th Amendment that caused the destruction of Federalism. Without the 17th Amendment, then the 16th Amendment would have no power. The Senators representing the States would never enact tax hikes on their own citizens for the Federal government to spend. The States would insure that it was them who took in all the tax money from their citizens so that they could spend it. This self-centered interest, or greed if you wish, was indeed the very essence of our Founding Fathers' theory of Checks and Balances.

Out Founding Fathers gave us two sets of vertical checks and balances to protect us from the awesome power of the Federal government.

The first vertical checks and balances was the House of Representatives.

The House would "represent" us, or more precisely, would represent us and our neighbors in the small geographic areas where we lived. We were allowed to directly vote for our Representative, so that the House of Representatives was the vertical checks and balances against absolute power in the Federal government against us as individuals.

The second vertical checks and balances was the Senate.

The Senate was not elected directly by us, but indirectly by us. We would first elect state representatives, and then our state representatives would vote (commonly called appoint) two state representatives to the Senate. The Senate became the vertical checks and balances against the absolute power in the Federal government against our State.

In order to take control of all government, the media-Scribes knew they first had take control of the Senate. (It was easy to first take control of the mass media, as they are the best talkers around.) The Senators were selected by state representatives who were not so easily swayed by the silver tongues of the media-Scribe, as the ordinary population were. Most citizens have families to raise and work to perform and do not have the time to keep up-to-date on all political issues. We are not close enough to the political decision making to make an intelligent decision. We are easily swayed by the silver-tongued media-Scribes. Our State representatives however are much better prepared to know politics. Some may be evil, but at least they were our evil.

A new twist to the construction of the Senate

In enhancing state power, I would propose not just a return to the original construction of the Federal government given to us by our Founders, but I would add one more Senator for each State, giving each State an odd number of Senators. Then, I would propose that the majority vote of the three State Senators would represent the "one vote" of the State when passing laws in the Senate.

If you believe I am in error in my analysis, please contact The Christian Solution and propose a better idea.

Any words of encouragement are appreciated as well, as I work for appreciation.

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