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March 28, 2009

Valkyrie: The Real von Stauffenberg

Source: Selwyn Duke of The New American
Valkyrie: The Real Col. von Stauffenberg

Source: Victor L. Simpson of The Associated Press (Today - March 26, 2009)
Valkyrie (film)

"Etiam Omnes Ego Nom"

"Even if all, not me"

Saying of the anti-Nazi German Catholic Resistance

  • From Hitler's Stalag
  • to Stalin's Gulag...

    • from the Holocaust sentence by the Neo-pagan religion of Nazism,
    • to the Holodomor sentence by the Neo-Judaic religion of Judeo-Communism,...

      • real Jews and real Christians have greatly suffered in the twentieth century.

    Hitler and Stalin Compared

    Hitler was weak.

    From the 7-part documentary below, Hitler partly allowed and hence suffered through open and public Protestant and Catholic protestations of his rule.

    On the other hand, Stalin was powerful.

    The Russian Orthodox Church could never protest, since Stalin ordered all its priests and bishops to be immediately taken to the Gulag as Kulaks, long before having a chance to protest.

    For Stalin, there never was a serious resistance; hence there never was a serious attempt upon his life.

    For Hitler, there was Valkyrie.

    Klaus von Stauffenberg

    The only moral convictions we see Tom Cruise display of his character of Claus von Stauffenberg during the movie Valkyrie was a moral conviction displayed at the very beginning of the movie of a sympathy for the suffering of the Jews.

    MINOR DETAILS completely glossed over are the deep moral convictions of Roman Catholic von Stauffenberg.

    Jewish media-Scribes would rather tell the world lies, like the lie that the Roman Catholic Pope was in Hitler's back pocket, rather than to tell you true-life stirring stories of Catholics fighting Hitler, as you can see in the 7-part YouTube story below.

    The director and producer of Valkyrie does admit to being biased in his movie making. Wikipedia says of Jewish media-Scribe Bryan Singer, "He is Jewish and openly gay, and has said that his life experiences of growing up as a minority influenced his movies."

    So then, is it any surprise that a Jewish media-Scribe attributes the only driving force behind the entire elaborate Valkyrie plot to German soldiers wanting to save Jews.

    This saving of Jews indeed would be a truly noble deed --- if only it had any sense of actually being even close to the truth.

    So I do throw Valkyrie into the humongous pile of Holocaust movie rubbish, 5 released in last few months, 253 since inception.

      Holocaust Movies Released (Fall of 2008)

    • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (Released Nov. 14, 2008)
      -- German boy befriends Jewish boy - join in Holocaust camp
    • Good (Released Dec. 11, 2008 )
      -- German man befriends Jewish man - reunite at Holocaust camp
    • Defiance (Released Jan. 16, 2009)
      -- Jewish men not wanting to go to Holocaust camp
    • The Reader (Released Jan. 09, 2009)
      -- German boy discovers German woman friend was SS in Holocaust camp
    • Valkyrie (Released Dec. 25, 2008 )
      -- German man wants to kill German Hitler for Holocaust camps

    But, the real driving force behind von Stauffenberg and his followers was not a deep sense of German nationalistic pride. Hitler was giving that to them in spades already.

    What unified them was a deep sense of Christian morality.

    They were all offended in their Christian beliefs by the neo-paganism of the Nazis.

    Filling in where Jewish media-Scribe movie producers often leave off, von Stauffenberg was associated with a joint Protestant-Catholic German resistance group called by the SS as "Kreisau Kreis" or "Kreisau Circle".

    Von Stauffenberg himself was a Roman Catholic.

    In fact, the Catholic Church was very vocal throughout Hitler's reign in condemning the public murder of the mentally ill and the physically deformed, as Bishop and future Cardinal von Galens bravely sermonizes upon below:

      "On the 28th of July, I lodged a complaint to the public prosecutor of Munster and to the police superintendent with such letter:

      'According to informations that I received this week, a lot of patients from the nursing home of Marientall, will be moved as unproductive compatriots to the mental hospital of Eckberg to be, intentionally, killed. Have you or I the right of life until we are productive? Until we are considered productive by the others? If you accept the idea of today that the unproductive man could be killed, who betide when we will be elderly and decrepit. If they can kill unproductive beings so woe betide to the disabled that in the productive process have worked with their strength, their healthy bones, sacrificing and losing them. Woe betide our soldiers that come back mutilated, disabled. Nobody will be never more self-assured of his own life.'"

      --Roman Catholic Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galens -- 28th of July, 1941 -- from the pulpit of the Church of St. Lambert in Munster

    The near collapse of the entire region of Westphalia to these eugenics protests causes Hitler to take his Jewish problem underground.

    Von Galens could not possibly have known about the extent of murders in the concentration camps.

    Sadly, the Jewish Holocaust movie Valkyrie has turned a Roman Catholic hero into a Jewish hero.

    According to Director Singer, von Stauffenberg was not fighting to restore a Christian existence, he was fighting to restore a Jewish existence.

    And that is just flat-out wrong.

    Hitler could be resisted by Christians because most of the German soldiers at the top were Christians.

    Stalin could not be resisted by Christians because most of the Communist Commisars at the top were Jewish Pharisees.

    And that is the moral of the story. With a solid Christian military, tyrants can be overthrown.

    If not for a few minor blunders, Hitler would have been dead and his bloody regime destroyed by Valkyrie.

    The Church against Hitler

    (Hint: Part 7 is about von Stauffenberg)

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