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January 2018 AD

Donald Trump 
Groomed to be President

Reagan Attacck on Trump
Trump as Genius

Trump's tweets always have some sense of truth to them.  Fake News have always portrayed Republican Presidents as utterly stupid. Not just Ronald Reagan but President Bush was trashed even more so.  So the Fake New trashing Trump as being stupid is nothing new.

Opposing that, Fake News outlets are always tells us everyone on their side are Jewish Albert Einsteins. From Presidents Obama and Clinton, to Hillary Clinton, to Hollywood stars on every topic under the sun, to any scientist bribed by the global warming crackpot theory, to any Federal Reserve chairman telling us why the last Federal Reserve Chairman was so wrong when he messed up the economy, to any professor at any token Ivy League school scolding America about the wisdom of allowing more illegals into the country and why we are doomed as a society if we do not flood this country with all the rejects even the third world doesn't want.

Off the subject, but about illegal immigration, where is the compassion in allowing DACA kids to remain in America? Our wise leaders tell us it is compassionate to keep the DACA kids, and everyone seems to agree, even Trump.

However, Trump should be saying that any truly compassionate policy of this country is to return these run-away kids back into the loving arms of their poor family looking for them, to the country they came from.  

Trump should be saying that anyone harboring run-away kids are criminals and are probably exploiting them.

Instead, Trump harboring "compassion" for criminals harboring run-away kids, shows how easily Trump is misled.

Yes Trump is smarter than you and I, but undoubtedly easily manipulated, and on that everyone agrees.

On that, the Jewish Oligarchy here surely depend.

The Jewish elites count on the fact that they can manipulate The Donald.

And sure enough, his biggest backer, Bannon has been turned into Donald's worst enemy, and he doesn't even suspect how he was manipulated.

The Jewish elites know they have him under their control.

Jared Kushner, married to Donald Trump's daughter since 2009 is seen by the Jewish elites as a "moderating" influence on Trump.

In other words, Jewish Sanhedrin running this country knows Trump would not ultimately hurt Jews, but instead would have a tremendous drive to help the future of his Jewish grandchildren.

But let's look closer at that Trump tweet.

Trump Quote:
I went....
1) from VERY successful businessman,
2) to top TV star
3) to President of the United States (on my first try)

His own three accomplishments he attributes entirely to himself, when in fact, I am of the belief that Donald Trump has been groomed by Jewish interests all his life to be a Manchurian Candidate.

Whether Trump is smart enough to know he is a Manchurian Candidate, doesn't matter either way. What matters is the American people being duped.

All Trump failures
are outside NYC

Many have scoffed at Trump's business failures.  Time Magazine writes about several Trump failures:

            Trump Airline (bought Eastern Air Shuttle 1988-1992)
            Trump Vodka 
            Trump Mortgage (April 2006 - didn't see the looming housing crisis coming)
            Trump the Game: (1989 - never met sales projections)
            Trump Casinos (1980's - Feb 2009 - Gamblers went to closer casinos)
            Trump Steak (2007-2012 - health code violations did not help image)
            Trump Magazine (2007-2008)
   (2006-2007, Luxury travel search engine ran by Travelocity)
            Trump University (2005-2010 - sued by students saying they were infomercials)

None of these failures are centralized in New York City, so outside NYC, Trump is a royal loser, right?
But Trump does have billions of dollars and having those billions implies some form of success, some sort of genius, correct?

All Trump Successes 
are inside NYC

NYC Grand Hyatt Hotel
Turned deteriorating Commodore Hotel into lavish Manhattan cornerstone.

NYC Wollman Rink
Renovated for Mayor Koch $350k under budget.

NYC Trump Place
Initially intended to become “Television City.” Following years of negotiation, residential complex opened on Upper West Side.

NYC Trump Tower
Iconic skyscraper stands on 5th Ave., just below Central Park. Labor lawsuit concerning controversial construction settled in 1999.

NYC 40 Wall Street
Bought for $1MM, renovated for $35MM, worth $500MM.

Trump International Tower Chicago
2nd tallest hotel in Chicago was named best large city hotel in North America in 2010.

NYC Trump Model Management
One of Manhattan elite boutique model agencies. Currently the defendant in multiple lawsuits.

NYC The Apprentice
Successful show spawned “Celebrity Apprentice” spin off. NBC cut ties with Trump in 2015, but show expected to continue.

How Trump is Groomed
by Jewish Elites

1) from VERY successful businessman,

Trump's real estate "successes" are in building real estate for Jewish NYC Jewish residents, using NYC Jewish bankers, and NYC Jewish marketeers.

2) to top TV star

Trump's TV Apprentice star was all through NYC Jewish NBC.  Arnold Swartzeneger flopped as Trump famously pointed out. Richard Branson's Rebel Billionaire and Mark Cuban's The Benefactor both flopped doing the same?  But NBC promoted Donald Trump, and The Donald "succeeded" against all odds, right?

3) to President of the United States (on my first try)

Trump says he became President on his first try because of his genius insight into what American voters desired and needed. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were both far better on these counts, but they never got the 24/7 coverage Donald Trump received the second he threw in his hat. Every time Trump said some simple truths (which would have gotten any other candidate heartlessly smeared as heartless), all the NYC Jewish media would do is say, "Oh my!!!  There's nothing we can do to stop this guy!!!"   Knowing full well that reverse psychology works every time it's tried.  

Trump Groomed to be President

Just as Teddy Roosevelt was groomed to be President the second he allowed Jews to be policemen in NYC, while he was the NYC police commissioner, so was Donald Trump groomed by Jewish elites over the years to be President, or at least to be the controlled opposition to Hillary Clinton whom they really wanted.

So far Donald Trump has not been a disappointment to his Jewish masters.

  1.  Trump totally controlled by CFR National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster
  2.  Among control by other Council on Foreign Relations One-World types
  3.  Embassy move to Jerusalem, against all Christian advice of "mind our own business" in a place we have no national interests.
  4.  Collusion with Israel, trying to get Russia to put off a Security Council Resolution against Israel, until after he became President.
  5.  Veto for Israel, after becoming President when all other Christian countries are opposed.
  6.  Attacks on Iran, in Israel's desire to "Wipe Iran off the Face of the Earth"
  7.  Continued hatred of our greatest Christian ally, Russia, when his instincts are to ally with Russia and Putin
  8.  Hatred of his biggest America-First supporter Steven Bannon, when his instincts are to ally with Bannon
  9.  No criminal indictments against any member of the entire Jewish-elite/ Hillary-Clinton cabal.
  10.  Status quo on much of the CFR agenda. Still fighting UN wars. Still allowing the Federal Reserve to run the economy. Still funding the government through the Income Tax on American citizens with no tariffs against foreign Communist China. (Jarad Kushner's Jewish sister is busy enriching herself by selling American H5-E visas to ultra-rich Chinese.) For all his rhetoric about stopping illegal immigration, still allowing American babies to be aborted, while foreign babies are deemed citizens the second when illegal mom delivers her baby here.

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