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Dec 6, 2009

Who is Responsible for Pushing Socialism on US?


Pat Buchanan
For whom the bell tolls

George C. Edwards III
Government in America

In the post How Christians on the left and right can re-unite it was pointed out that conservative Protestants and conservative Catholics saw eye-to-eye on politics better than the liberal elements of their own religion.

But, who is responsible for pushing Socialism upon the US?

Stats show America to be Conservative

After all, from the stats, one would expect America to be a solidly conservative country.

The voting block above age 30, the ones who actually vote, are greater than 40% conservative, compared to less than 25% liberal.

The economic middle representing about 33%, vote conservative 37%, but only 26% liberal. But the top 30% economically vote 49% conservative to 24% liberal. Again, these are the two voting block who comes to the polls,

Whites represent more than 50% of the population, are known to visit the voting booth more than blacks (other than when Obama runs) and Hispanics, and vote 43% conservative, but only 24% liberal.

Men used to be the only sex allowed to vote, and they still vote 47% conservative to 22% liberal.

Protestants are the largest religion in America and still votes 49% conservative to a very low 18% liberal.

Catholics have become much more liberal over time, but not that much, since they vote 41% conservative to 25% liberal.

Every indication is that Democrats should not win any election anywhere.

But they control the Presidency; they control the Congress; and I would argue they control the Judiciary.

How can this be????

Of course, the answer is that the "Moderates" are overwhelmingly convinced to vote Democrat.

And who is that good are convincing people? -- Humm, I wonder....

Stats show America is not Liberal

Even the ones we expect to be liberal are not that liberal.

The young are usually liberal just before the reality of life and responsibility hits them in the face, but nope -- they are only 34% liberal. Also at 34% conservative, this group completely balances each other out.

The poor are considered to be liberal with other people's money, but nope -- they are only 25% liberal. They are instead 38% conservative.

Black and Hispanic minorities are considered to be the main pushers for equal rights and minority rights, but nope -- they are only 31% and 27% liberal respectively. Still, they are more conservative at 32% and 36%.

Women are known for pushing women rights, but nope -- they are only 27% liberal. Yet, women are 10% more conservative at a total of 37% conservative.

Atheists are a group one would think would be liberal and you would be getting warm if you had agreed to this category, but nope -- they are only 39% liberal -- Not even 40% and still a long way from 50%. At only 25% Conservative, this group is the only group so far who is more liberal than conservative. And they are a small group.

Again, every indication is that conservatives should be ruling the roost, even when looking at groups considered prime liberal hunting grounds, as they are on whole, more conservative than liberal.

Must be those darn whishy-whashy "moderates" again!

In fact, as far as liberals are concerned, there is ONLY ONE category which is over 40%, past 50% and well past 60% even -- Jews at 63% liberal.

These are the facts: Jews are twice as liberal as other so-called liberals -- the young, the poor, blacks, Hispanics and women.

Jews are 3.5 times as liberal as Protestants, yet we see evangelical Protestants jumping over each other to help protect Jewish Christ-deniers in Israel from Muslims; while for the Muslims which the Jews are allowing to enter into America in droves, Christians then have to show "tolerance" toward these Muslims.

I would argue that only our very liberal Jewish population has the keen persuasive ability and consumate skills needed to talk "moderates" into voting for socialism.

I have discussed my conspiracy theory about the Kennedy Assassination where I theorized that Kennedy took his nuclear disarmament responsibilities too strictly and was pressuring Israel to come clean on their nuclear weapons program at Dimona; hence, he was targeted for assassination.

Now, you may say that the next chart does not jive with my assessment of the Jewish terrorism against our President, because Jews loved the first Catholic President more than Catholics did.

Catholics voted for Kennedy 83%, while Jews voted for Kennedy 89%.

So why knock off JFK?

Because of Dimona to be sure, but because they only liked JFK because he had LBJ as the VEEP. LBJ was Israel's best friend, so having him as President was sweet as far as Jews were concerned.

But in the analysis, having JFK on the ticket made the Catholics throw the election for Kennedy.

Not that Jews would have been unhappy if Nixon would have won.

Once Nixon did win the presidency, he had his Jewish Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who was everywhere in the Middle East, negotiated with Turkey for their invasion and capture of half of the Greek Island of Cyprus in 1974.

This so that the Arabs could save face after Nixon airlifted half of America's military supplies to Israel in the 1973 Yom Kipper War, where Israel would have perished without it.

Why else would a Christian America support an illegal Muslim Turkey invasion of peaceful Christian Cyprus?

OK, somethings never change. Cyprus was not all that peaceful, as the Muslims there were terrorising the entire island, but then, that would be a great reason for Cyprus to have its own illegal action -- the expulsion of all Muslims. We had to do it, because it's the only way we could all get along!

    The Greek side has traditionally blamed the U.S. administration of President Richard Nixon, and in particular Henry Kissinger, for supporting Turkey before and during the Turkish military invasion, following a decision by the U.S. National Security Council in May 1974 to bring an end to the Cyprus problem.

    -- Wikipedia -- Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Britain had a colonial role in Cyprus since WW1 when the Ottoman Turks fought England. Britain got both Cyprus and Palestine in the war.

The two would not however be treated equally by Britain.

When the Jews rebelled with the King David Bombing and other Jewish act of terrorism against Christian Britain, Britain did not put in an all-Muslim police force to squelch the Jewish terrorism violence against Christian Brits.

However when Christians in Cyprus rebelled against the British Royal Crown...
    ...when Greek Cypriots rebelled in the 1950s, the [British] colonial administration established an all-Turkish police force, known as the Auxiliary Police, to combat Greek Cypriots.

    -- Wikipedia -- Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Myself? I would have supported a reverse invasion. I would have supported an invasion to free Constantinople from Muslim control and to give it back to the Christian Greeks.

In the end, one can never count on the support of the Jews forever, as both LBJ and Nixon were both hounded out of office by Americans so distasteful of both of them that the Jews could no longer support them.

There are two voting blocks who adored Gore. Blacks voted for Gore 89% of the time, but Jews liked him better at 90%.

They almost threw the election against Bush.

We all know that the way to really throw an election is to actually have a black man on the ticket. Obama got a hair more of both the black and the Jewish vote this last election, along with the white guilt vote, with the result being he took the prize.

From the start, Jews are saying that Obama is anti-Semitic, and yet, he is the most liberal President we have ever had. The 60% of Jews who are liberal should be loving it.

Now, the Jews are against you at the same time you are doing their biding. Why wait?

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