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Oct 19, 2009

How Christians
on the left and right
can re-unite

Drew Zahn
Why can't Christians unite to change America's ways?

Analysis by John C. Green, Robert P. Jones, and Daniel Cox
Faithful, Engaged, and Divergent:

Lydia Saad
Conservatives Maintain Edge as Top Ideological Group

    'Most of us are not really approaching the subject
    in order to find out what Christianity says;
    we are approaching it
    in the hope
    of finding support
    from Christianity
    for the views of our own party'

    -- C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis accurately observes that what divides us today is no longer our religious beliefs.

The premise of this article will be that liberals and conservatives are inherently different, but need each other, just as much as men and women are also inherently different, but need each other.

In fact, the conclusion of these surveys will point to the fact that the leaders of families (largely men) have been pulled into the Libertarian political camp, while the providers of structure in families (largely women) have been pulled into the Socialist political camp. Or put more mildly, Republican and Democrat.

We forget that the family provides the majority of the liberty and Independence needed of Libertarians; while providing most of the security needed of Socialists.

Libertarians are talked into believing that government-ordained no-fault divorce is family liberty; while Socialists are talked in believing that government food stamps is family security.


Our Politics divides us,
not our Religion

In the charts below, taken solely from a study of Conservative and Political Activists, you can see that Evangelical Protestants line up with conservative Catholics on one side, while mainline Protestants line up with liberal Catholics and Jews on the other side.

In this divided state, we only return to our Bibles to pick out verses we like that will to support our side of the political argument on the left or on the right.

We do not look at the exact same Bible the exact same way.

The fact that Catholics can split along political lines and that Protestants can split along the same political lines, only proves that TODAY, our politics are more important in our lives than our religion.

It didn't used to be that way.

It used to matter whether you believed in Christ, as Christians do, or if you rejected Christ, as Jews do.

Today, it is right-wing international-thinkng Christians supporting Jews in Israel and left-wing internal-thinking Christians supporting the socialist agendas of Jews here in America.

Conservative Catholics and Protestants are closer together in their religion than they are to people in thier own churches who are liberal.

Which should surprise no one.

The question is how can all Christians, both liberal and conservative, join together as brothers in Christ?

I believe I have a possible anwser.


Our Outlook on life divides us,
into our Politics

Another major difference between conservative and liberal Christians are our outlook on life.

Conservative Christians are indivisualistic lone wolves, believing that individuals are responsible for morality and ethics.

Many become Libertarians, believing one should be able to smoke anything, have sex at any time, divorce if both agrees.

In the old days, he would be the natural leader of the structure of family, yet he focuses today on the individual.

Whereas, liberal activists have more of a herd mentality, believing that social groups are responsible for morality and ethics.

The liberal Christians used to be the one holding the family structure together.

Today, the liberal Christians are the ones who have forsaken any hope in the family and look to the government for structure and support.

Right-Wing Religious

Left-Wing Religious


Our Dedication towards Faith varies

Conservative activists are more focused on religion, than liberals, who when they do have faith, are more distracted by other considerations than by faith.

This alone of course makes it difficult to pull liberals toward Christianity, but as I will show, Conservative activists are making it even harder for liberals to put much faith in faith.


Blame for Economic Mess

At first, you may be taken back by seeing that the Left blames government for our economic ills more than business and even believes this more so than the Right.

Remember though that this data was taken while a Republican was in the White House.

Now that the Left controls all three branches of government, the Left will most likely now say that government is NOT the cause of our economic crisis.

In fact, the Left will most likely say that government is now fixing our economic crisis, while the Right will more likely than before say that government is wrecking our economy.

Since the Right believes that individuals have a lot to say about outcomes in corporations and government, conservatives blame individuals much more than the Left does.

The Socialists believe power resides higher in corporations and government, while the individual is relatively powerless.

Both sides will probably agree that Corporate Madison Avenue campaign advertising has elected government officials who are not sympathetic toward the middle class.

However, conservatives will say to the middle class that the gov officials favor the lower class (where you will be after the liberals get done taxing you of everything you worked hard for).

While liberals will say to the middle class that gov officials favor the upper class (where you will NOT be after the conservatives get done with you, because with no income tax redistribution, they will have all the money and yes again, you will be in the lower class).

Both sides believe that the other side will impoverish you.



Everyone knows the vast divide between conservatives and liberals on abortion.

I will later show how the conservatives can reduce abortions to the point where they are never even asked for.

In an interesting point, this chart also plotted how the general public felt on the subject.

It shows that the general public is neither in favor of abortion as much as liberal activists, nor are they as opposed to abortion as much as conservative activists.

This of course shows how sample populations are pulled that do not match the general population.



Conservative views on torture are like their views on the death penalty and prison -- that is, if you are a terrorist (criminal), there are ramifications.

Yet, even conservatives have never been for torture of American citizens even AFTER conviction of horrendous crimes.

This evil may be the "abortion issue" liberals target conservatives with and we need to delve into this topic deeper in our main discussion.

Torture has done quite a lot to level the moral playing field between conservative and liberal religious activists from the previous lopsided abortion issue.


Views on the Bible

Turns out that Conservative and Liberal Christians differ as much in their Bibles as they do in their Constitution

  • A political Conservative is known to be a strict interpretor of the Constitution.

  • A religious Conservative is known to be a strict interpretor of the Bible.

  • Surprise!!! They are the same person!

A political Liberal who believes that the Constitution is to be stretched to fit his current lifestyle when needed, also believes the same when it comes to his Bible -- a living breathing Bible to go with his living breathing Constitution.

                                              Conservative                 Liberal


The Numbers

Conservatives outnumber Liberals 2 to 1. -- Conservative 40% / Liberal 20%

Actually, this is a distorted number. There are more who would identify with the liberal side, if the Pharisees did not make the word "liberal" such a dirty word.

The number should be more like 50-50; much as 50% of our population are men and 50% are women.


Issue Priorities

This is a central chart for discussion.

It shows how the conservative activist and liberal activists fell on each major subject.

Please note that conservative activists gave more than 50% concern for abortion and same-sex marriage.

Please note that liberal activists gave more than 50% concern for poverty, health care, and the environment. The economy and the Iraq War were close contenders.

Please note that immigration were the only area they agreed on, and at less than 25%, the majority were not that concerned about immigration over other issues.

Main Statement

How Christians have been disunited

Liberal Fighting Words

The only time that a liberal Christian can be counted on to fight-to-the-death for absolute, never-changing, bedrock, moral and ethical principles is when someone questions "A woman's right to choose."

Over abortion, these liberal Christians will engage in religious jihad to the death!

While these beliefs in "A Woman's Right to Choose" cannot be found in either their Constitution nor in their Bible, nor in what their parents taught them, nor even in plain old common sense, it behooves us to come up with a satisfactory explanation of where their ethical and moral beliefs actually originate.

And I can tell you from talking to these liberal Christians, they don't really know themselves why they believe as they do.

If a liberal does not receive his belief from a Bible or a Constitution, then where exactly do their real beliefs come from?

Conservative Fighting Words

Conservatives can be found fighting to the death against Iraqis and Afghanis, 6 thousand miles away from the home and family they really want to defend, for absolute, never-changing, bedrock, moral and ethical principles.

Yet these beliefs have changed to allow torture.

Nowhere does Jesus condone torture. Nowhere does the Constitution condone extreme and unusual punishments of anyone. This was not taught to conservatives by their parents, nor does it make a lot of common sense from a country who wants to lead by example.

If a conservative does not receive his belief from a Bible or a Constitution, then where exactly does his real belief come from?

I can answer where our real beliefs comes from

These beliefs come from what we see, experience and are told.

  • The majority of Americans, liberal and conservative, receive their news from the media-Scribes.

  • The majority of Americans receive their opinions from the media-Scribes.

  • The majority of Americans receive their stories of love and compassion from the media-Scribes.

  • The majority of Americans receive their stories of war and heroism from the media-Scribes.

    Let us be clear -- Christians get their information and entertainment from the Jews who control the media.

    Let us be clear -- Jewish media-Scribes are not necessarily pro-Christian.

    In a word...
    • American Christians have been brainwashed!!!

    • American Christians have been brainwashed into opposing camps.

    • American Christians have been brainwashed into opposing camps in order to divide and conquer.

    Main Statement

    How Christians can be re-united

    I like analogies.

    Man-Woman analogy to Conservative-Liberal beliefs.

    Men and women are entirely different. And yet, neither could survive without the other.

    Men are independant and leave home to hunt game (take a job.)

    Women are structured and stay at home to create a family structure.

    Men are domineering and protective of their wife and children.

    Women are submissive to her husband and nurturing to her children.

    At least, that is the way a family has traditionally worked throughout history.

    Many times, we find that conservatives are men and liberals are women.

    From our surveys, we would expect to see this.

    Men are independant and Libertarian principles appeal to him.

    Women are structured and Democrat Party principles appeal to her.

    But things are not that simplistic.

    At work, we also have a need for both the independant and the structured.

    The structured man is the boss who makes all the pieces work together or the operator who fits into the structure.

    The independant man is the engineer or technician who goes off to make things happen.

    Both needs the other.

    Issues that divide

    Do you remember what the issues were that divide us?

    For liberals, it was poverty, health care and the environment.

    For conservatives, it was same-sex marriage and abortion.

    Liberal Issues

    The environment is not a moral issue dividing Christians, so this topic will not be discussed.

    As for poverty and health care, they are the exact same issue. If you are not poor, then you could afford health care. Or health care is making you poor.

    So the only ethical concern of liberals is poverty.

    Poverty is not helped by Government-backed Unions

    Many of the arguments on the left have been that the rich owners of huge multi-national corporations have kept all the money for themselves, leaving scraps for the meager workers. Liberals believe that government can level the playing field by backing unions.

    So unions get tons of benefits and become as arrogant as the owners they complained of.

    But most Americans do not work for large multi-national corporations and neither the owner nor the workers of small companies are paid anyway near what their counterpart makes in the multi-nationals.

    Unions tell their non-unionized comrades that their pay and wage benefits will "trickle down" to them, but it doesn't.

    Hence, unions are resented even by common workers.

    Ultimately, all the poor are not helped, so the government solution did not work.

    Poverty is not helped by Government Progressive Taxes

    The problem hear is that liberals forget that the rich are the ones who decide the pay rate of the poor.

    The more tax on the rich, the more the rich pay themselves to compensate for the extra tax.

    The more tax money given to the poor, the less the company sees that it has to pay for the worker to survive.

    So the extra money the rich give themselves comes from the reduction in pay they give all their workers.

    The net effect is exactly the same, minus the government middle man take for the tax transfer.

    The problem that liberals get into is that they only see the extra widening of the gap between rich and poor, without realizing that they are causing it.

    One cannot fight the Laws of Supply and Demand.

    A hospital cannot pay a doctor $40,000 per year in take home pay, after taxes, if he has delayed his working lifespan by 10 years and has $200,000 in med school bills.

    No one would bother to stress themselves out attending med school.

    Likewise, a public beach will not have to pay a lifeguard $40,000 for the summer, if he has no taxes to pay, receives free medical, housing, food stamps, and $10,000 in earned income from the government.

    Everyone will want that job!!!

    Liberal GOVERNMENT has failed the poor

    For all they want to help, liberal Christians have failed the poor by using government to help them.

    They need another way.

    Conservatives need not be so greedy

    Conservatives have reacted toward liberal attacks.

    Conservatives learned the Constitutional lines about everyone being "equal" and having a "right to property", using both in their defense.

    Conservatives have defensively learned the Biblical lines about the poor always being with us.

    Liberal government was trying to take their money, so conservatives told the liberal government that government had to recognize their "equality" and their "right to property".

    Conservatives would say that "If you want a piece of the pie, then get an education and work hard like a conservative to earn it."

    There is a reason why an accountant making $80,000 per year is almost always a conservative; while a teacher making $40,000 per year is almost always a liberal.

    A conservative would say that choices matter and so the liberal should have majored in accounting if he wanted more pay; while a teacher would say that he had just as much education, or more, than an accountant and should be paid the same.

    Thus poverty became a way to wedge society against itself

    Sad Little Truths

    The sad truth is that we are not really equal in life, and even liberals will not argue these points.

    The old cannot work as hard as the young.

    The dumb cannot think as well as the smart.

    The ugly cannot beat the beautiful for the hostess position at the restaurant.

    A Christian cannot make a movie like a Jew.

    A Christian cannot beat a Jew in law school.

    A Christian cannot beat a Jew in trade.

    A Christian has moral constraints that a Jew does not have.

    Christian Approach to Poverty

    Every Christian needs to learn the laws of supply and demand.

    If government gives incentives to to be poor, then there will be more poor, not less.

    Corollary -- liberal Christians who really care about the poor can reduce the amount of poor by reducing government helping the poor.

    Conservative Christians can offer more help for the poor who no longer want to be poor.

    The more government is seen as taking care of people, then the less concern Christians have for helping the poor, because-- "I gave at the tax office."

    Corollary -- the less government takes care of people, the more people will help.

    Encourage Christian families as an incentive for people to help the less fortunate, for people will help their own family members.

    And lastly, encourage your Christian church to take up the slack in charities that families cannot, as was once the case in America.

    Conservative Issues

    The main issued for Conservative Christians are same-sex marriage and abortions.

    Both these issues revolve around the diminishment of the religious institution of marriage.

    In a true Separation of Church and State, God's institution of marriage held is inviolate by government. The Bible begins with the marriage of one man and one woman.

    Where conservative Christians fail on abortion is when they emphasize this last failure of Christianity.

    In a analogy, let me say that a nuclear explosion at a nuclear power plant should be impossible.

    For an explosion to occur, there would have to be a failure of the neutron rods, a failure of the cooling water, a failure of the containment dome, among a number of other failures.

    Do you conservative Christians realize that an abortion is the equivalent of a nuclear explosion?

    For an abortion to ever be contemplated by a young girl, many Christian values had to already have been compromised.

  • The young girl, and the young man with her, were not properly trained as Christians to believe that sex was a sacred part of marriage and should be reserved for the proper moment.

  • This young girl, and the young man with her, had been exposed to many countless hours of media-Scribe entertainment on TV and at the movies which encouraged and glamorized sex outside of marriage.

  • The young girl was trusted to be alone with the young man.

  • The young girl was trusted to take her birth control regularly.

  • The young man was trusted to take proper precautions on his side.

  • The young girl was not demanded to marry when she became pregnant with child.

  • The young girl was not given the right Christian role models, if she had been from a single parent home, where the institution of marriage was not respected, because of no-fault divorce.

  • The young girl was not encouraged to let the baby be adopted by a loving Christian family.

  • The young girl was not made to feel that abortion was murder and sinful.

  • Our elected officials made abortion legal instead of illegal.

    By the time issue of abortion arrives, every Christian this young lady knows has failed this young lady.

    Christian Approach to Abortion

    Conservative Christians need to work with liberal Christians to prevent the pregnancy in the first place and they will both find that abortion clinics would shriveled up and die.

    Christians Re-United

    The enemy of Christians is simple enough -- It is Satan.

    The enemy of Christianity is not the Christians on the left, on the right, conservative, or liberal -- however misguided either side is.

    Neither has our enemy here in America been the enemies we have fought over the last one hundred years.

    The German Christians we fought twice are no threat to our freedom, yet we are being defeated.

    The Asians in Korea and Vietnam who we fought are not causing us to be defeated.

    Today we fight Iraqi and Afghans, but neither can fly an airplane outside their own airspace without getting blown out of the sky. They are no threat, and not causing our demise.

    The Nixons, Carters, Clintons, Bushes and Obamas are not independently causing our demise, as the demise happens regardless of who is in power.

    Our enemy is internal, secret and hidden.

    But our enemy is definitely NOT Christian in nature.

    Christians can only fight this beast by joining together.

    If I may say once again, the individual-based Conservative Christian needs to lead his family pack and focus his strengths there; whereas, the structured-based Liberal Christian needs to regain a faith in the family structure.

    Government is not the answer to neither individual liberty for the strong, nor to structured support for the weak in our society.

    The problem for American Christians is described below in The Problem and the solution is described below in The Solution.

    You can read further at The Problem.
    You can read further at The Solution.
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    Christian Libertarian: Harmonious Union
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