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Sept 6, 2009

Eisenhower's Death Camps

Eisenhower's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans

A look into WW2 leaders and their bloodlines

General Patton wanted to take the battle to Communist Russia's Stalin, who he knew was far more evil than Hitler.

In fact, scholars have suggested that Patten was assassinated.

Today, there is talk about the Department of Homeland Security setting up concentration camps across America.

Not in America, you say????

Eisenhower the Swedish Jew

Now, I find that General Eisenhower was "Jewish and Swedish", not "German and Christian" as I once thought.

That Eisenhower never wanted to invade communist Russia led by Uncle Joe, and fought against General Patton who strongly suggested fighting Stalin.

And that Eisenhower allowed 1.7 million German soldiers to die of dehydration and famine in barren concentrations camps which made Hitler's camps look like a Hyatt resort hotel in comparison.

Often, young German boys and old men, who were the last to be called into service of the Fatherland, half starved, were the ones marched into Eisenhower's death camps.

Patton, by comparison, released all his German prisoners as soon as the war was over.

I love the basic question raised by Eric Hufschmid.

Why didn't Hitler do as General Eisenhower and just withhold water for a few days until they all perished "of natural causes?"

Or why didn't Hitler do as the Muslim Turks did to the Christian Armenians after WWI, by just marching 2 million Christians into the Syrian desert without water until they dropped.

Hitler's camps also had barbed wire perimeters and men with submachine guns, but in addition, they had showers, beds, barbers, latrines, dining rooms, water --- all the luxuries one needs to survive, given at some time and expense.

In Eisenhower's camps, there were no latrines to deposit one's filth, there were no beds, barbers, tattoo parlors, dining rooms, showers, or water -- quickly done with little expense.

The brutality is almost unbelievable for our God-fearing Christian country to have done such a barbaric act to other Christians, but then we must not forget that Truman dropped atomic bombs on two teeming cities in Japan, while FDR and Churchill firebombed Tokyo, Dresden and other German and Japanese cities.



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