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Sept 6, 2009

America's Reichstag

Eric Hufschmid
Eric Hufschmid

Eric Hufschmid
Huge Questions

Eric Hufschmid
Painful Deceptions

Hitler and his propaganda machine would have labeled anyone who thought "The Government" had blown up the Reichstag as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Today, no "respectable" media-Scribe reporter in America would believe for a second that "communists" blew up the Reichstag, as Hitler had suggested.

Everyone knows that Hitler did this to gain ABSOLUTE POWER after he was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED, and that Hitler blamed the Reichstag fires on the Communist Jews using a "false flag" operation where Nazis pretended to be Stalinists, right?

But that was Germany, the most advanced civilized country in Europe, in another day, at another time, full of hard-working Lutheran Christians.

Can't happen here in America today, right?


We are experiencing a series of Reischstag events in our lifetime, and each time, we lose more freedoms.

Anyone who does not go along with the official line of the government and the mass-media media-Scribes about Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing and the 9/11 attacks are labeled by the entire media-Scribe propaganda industry as nutty conspiracy theorists.

Each one of the Reischstag events of Waco, OK City and 9/11 has brought this country closer to Fascism, but if you say that -- then -- "You're crazy!"

Eric Hufschimid has approached the 911 incident from a scientific perspective that argues well that the government is being less than honest with us. (Refer to video -- "Painful Deceptions")

But first, he asks a very important question, which I paraphrase, "If 9/11 was due to Muslim anger at Americans helping Israel, then why would we want either Muslims or Jews investigating this crime? Wouldn't we want unbiased investigators?" (Refer to video -- "Get Jews out of 9/11 investigation")

Also, before tackling Eric's masterpiece on 911, review what red flag operations mean. (Refer to video - "False Flag Operations for Dummies")

Get Jews out of 9/11 investigation

False Flag Operations for Dummies

Painful Deceptions

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