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August 27, 2009

Microsoft caught in another Racist Act

The Associated Press
Microsoft apologizes for altering photo to edit black man out of picture

In our previous post, Microsoft subsidiary MSNBC was caught cropping out the face of a black man carrying an AK15 rifle, showing only the rifle, so that they could sell gun owners as white supremacists.

Now, for the American web advertisement shown below, Microsoft followed the normal racist and sexist arrangement Americans have regrettably come to expect from Big Corporations -- one Asian man , one black man and one white woman.

However, for the exact same advertisement, in Poland, Microsoft beheaded the black man and put on the head of a white man.

So, for corporate boardrooms in America, a representative white man was not welcome, but Microsoft figured that they could not get away with such blatant propaganda in a totally white country such as Poland.

Interesting! At least there was no racism against the Asian man in Poland, which has few Asians as well.

Or, you can argue that Microsoft was forced to "show" diversity by the American government and was free to do as it pleases in the Polish ads, but I'm not buying into that argument after the crop job on the guns at the Obama bash.

Fact is that Microsoft is quickly establishing a pattern of racism against white (Christian) men.

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