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August 26, 2009

General Electric and Microsoft,
the parents of MSNBC,
caught provoking Race Riots

Michael Calderone
Righty bloggers slam MSNBC over 'gun' clip; network responds

MSNBC Crops Video to Incite Racial Tension over AR-15 at Obama Rally

Joe Kovacs
Glenn Beck's fear of Obama: Seize power overnight

  • There can be no doubting it -- this was a deliberate crop job done to fit the story the owners of MSNBC wanted to report.

  • There can be no doubting it -- General Electric and the propagandists of NBC have been caught defrauding their "customers" before.

  • There can be no doubting it -- Corporate responsibility is driven from the top -- from General Electric and Microsoft.

  • There can be no doubting it -- this MSNBC story was edited to provoke racial tension, if not racial riots.

  • There can be no doubting it -- The Boards of Directors of GE, Microsoft and all the editorial propagandists of NBC and MSNBC are racists against whites.

  • There can be little doubting it -- Jewish Sadducees GE CEO Jeffery Immelt and NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker are racists against white Christians.

    The fraud occurred on the August 18th broadcast of MSNBC "Morning Meeting" where Hostess Contessa Brewer, along with Toure, and Dylan Ratigan discuss the story on air, where they tar law abiding gun owners as white supremacists out to assassinate our black President.

    In the "apology" MSNBC commits yet another fraud by stating that the gun in question was an automatic weapon.
      An MSNBC spokesperson responded to POLITICO: "Contessa was speaking generally and not about that specific person with the automatic weapon."
    FACT CHECK: Automatic weapons are against the law and this man would have been taken to jail by the police if he had one.

    FACT CHECK: There was no admission of fraud on the part of MSNBC.

    FACT CHECK: There was no admission that the admission was a fraud on the part of MSNBC.

    Now, sexy Contessa Brewer was not hired for her deep convictions to journalistic truth and justice. She was hired to look good and say what she is told.

    The conspirators against American stability include NBC News President Steve Capus, Chairman of the Board and CEO of GE Jeffrey Immelt, and the boss of Capus and Immelt, Jewish Sadducee and media-Scribe Jeff Zucker, president and chief executive officer of NBC Universal.

    NBC has moved from being a watchdog of government, to being the watchdog for government.

      If you watch what could only be called the administration's organ – anything involved with GE or NBC – you've got [GE CEO] Jeffrey Immelt on the board of the Federal Reserve, you have him in the Oval Office consulting not only on health care, but the financial situation, and they are an organ.

      --Glen Beck

    NBC is in bed with the Obama administration to help implement the new "diversity" standards of the FCC.

    One can only hope that America ends up with a news source who represents white Christians, because NBC certainly does not qualify.

      The pair analyzed Obama's appointment of Mark Lloyd, the nation's first "chief diversity officer" at the Federal Communications Commission, and both agreed he is looking to severely limit free speech in America through a series of new initiatives without ever having to revive the "Fairness Doctrine" that was abandoned in 1985.

      -- Rush and Glen Beck

    Our White House is not being ran by any black people, even Obama.

    Rush Limbaugh knows the media-Scribes bow to the puppet masters behind the throne at the Obama White House, who are Jewish Pharisees like themselves.

      They take dictation from [Obama Chief of Staff] Rahm Emanuel for the most part, and they simply run with it. It's who they are, too."

      -- Rush Limbaugh

    You can skip to "2:13" in this first video, as all the first half of this video, (taken from Behind the Big News) reminds us of how NBC has lied to us before and had promised to be better. The two which follows are the original two stories which were spliced into the first.

    Racist part starts at 2:13

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