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August 17, 2009

What would a Fascist America really do?

Joseph Farah
Who most resembles 'Nazis'?

In the previous article, we speculated what a racist America would look like.

Too bad we do not have to imagine what a fascist America would look like -- we're almost there.

And we got to this sad state by fighting a racist America, a sexist America, a homophobic America, an anti-Semitic America, and an anti-Islamic America.

Christians never realized though that the real fight has always been a fight against Christians.

For instance, in the name of fighting Muslims, President Bush created a national police state in a monstrous Department of Homeland Security that could torture and arrest even American citizens without due process.

It was all done to protect Americans from Muslims, you see.

But the reality is that it will be used to protect more Muslims pouring into America from Christians.

How did we arrive at a Fascist State?

Racism was used to fight racism; sexism was used to fight sexism; the homophobic were the homos; and last but certainly not least, the religious fanatic Jews were used to fight anti-Semites through Holocaust movies and politically correct speech.

So, What would a Fascist America do?

That question is an easy one, since we are quickly arriving there.

Fascists, defined as government control of industries, such as health care, are now accusing people who do not want government-control of health care, of being Fascists.

Same story, different fight.

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily gave a good rendition of the current Fascist State in America with this extensive list:

  • Abortion

  • Infanticide

  • Government deciding life-and-death issues in dispensing medical care for both older people and those with serious illnesses;

  • Unfair treatment of Jews(sic), in Obama's case, with regard to Middle East conflict;

  • So-called public-private partnerships – blurring the line between government responsibilities and the private sector. This is one of the definitions of fascism;

  • Picking winners and losers among corporations and the dispensing of government favors and punishments to them;

  • Hiring and firing of supposedly private corporation executives;

  • Attacking free expression;

  • Secrecy

  • Using taxpayer funds for the hiring of political partisans to "organize" communities and sign up new voters;

  • Demonizing political opponents;

  • Encouraging citizens to "rat out" friends, family members and others who oppose his policies;

  • Keeping tabs on political opponents;

  • Filling top government posts with like-minded political extremists who would normally be regarded as internal security threats;

  • Ignoring the Constitution;

  • Blaming his predecessor and the fundamentals of the American political and economic system for all the problems besting the country;

    -- Joseph Farah

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