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August 14, 2009

What would a Racist America really do?

Bill O'Reilly
Bill O'Reilly Slams "Birther" Story Defends Lou Dobbs's Free-Speech Rights

It has been a long time since I have heard the mass-media tell us that America is the "Land of Opportunity".

How long has it been since I have heard anyone say that "America is the greatest country on Earth".

I must have been a child when I last heard a regular TV program say "God Bless America".

Has America not made any progress lately in becoming an even better opportunity for foreigners, an even greater country, more fair, more just, or even more blessed by God?

After all, our President is a black man; women are leading our biggest corporations; we have immigrants from every country on earth, not just White Europeans; over half of the graduating class of the Yale Law school, one of our most prestigious schools, is a minority - Jews.

What is America doing so wrong to still be condemmed on a daily basis by the mass media?

Is it really as they say, "There is just no pleasing some people!"?

Jewish Pharisee Richard Cohen of the Southern Poverty Law Center got me to thinking about what our society would be like if America were half the racist, xenophobic, anti-semitic, sexist society he accuses America of being.

So here is my take on it.

Sexist Men

Today, in our brow-beaten society

  • Our women can either run a company or stay at home to raise kids.
  • Our women can either hide themselves from us men by wearing a chadoor or drive us crazy as they run on the beach with a thong.
  • Our women can accuse us of abuse and ask for a divorce and there is not much we can do about it.
  • Our women can abort their unborn children and there is no man, not even her husband, who say say a word about it.
  • Our women get special treatment in admission to college, hiring, promotions and firing.
  • Our women will never be forced to serve in the armed forces, but can if they want to.
  • Our women will never be expected to ride down into a coal mine or work as a rough-neck on an oil well during a storm, or even climb a skyscraper to install bolts into I-beams, but you cannot stop them if they want to do it.
  • Our women will be fed, no matter what, so long as they have kids.
  • Our women will be protected if a stranger molests a woman, with the police searching the ends of the Earth to find, arrest and prosecute the offender.
  • Our women live longer.
  • Our women are better balanced and hence end up in prison less often

    In a sexist society,

  • Women would have their right to vote taken away from them.

    Since the 19th Amendment in 1920 gave them the right to vote, our government has not gotten any better. In fact, it has gotten much worst as politicians learned to play women against men! So, we men will once again be the representatives for our families at the voting booth. Women, as a whole, are too ignorant of or too uninterested in politics to make informed decisions anyway.

  • Women will stay at home when she gets married

    There is nothing more important to a father than to insure he has raised the best possible children he can. That can only be achieved by having his wife devote herself to raising them. Besides, we are not any richer by having both the man and the woman work. It just created a "keeping up with the Jones" mentality. We men slacked off on our jobs and allowed foreigners to out-compete us. With the advances in productivity gained by the computer revolution, we should be far richer and more prosperous than our fathers and grandfathers who had their wives stay at home. The government just taxed away the entire wife's salary anyway, since "we could now afford" to pay more in taxes and regulations.

  • Women will once again have to respect their marriage vows.

    No more "no-fault" divorce. We have found that kids are not better off with divorced parents. They are better off with both biological parents whenever possible. Allowing an easy "escape" from marriage, only freed us from working things out as a couple and then living a good life with our families.

  • Women will be submissive to men again

    How many submissive women have you seen at work when their boss tells them what to do? We men at home should expect the same respect. Sure we can delegate our woman to decide what to eat and when and where to eat out, but with only two members in a democracy family, democracy is an impossibility. Families are dictatorships! We men are bigger and stronger, so we win! Sorry sisters, take it up with God.

    Racist Men

    Today, in our society,

  • There is no appreciation of 625,000 white men dead from a Civil War to free them
  • There is no appreciation that the South did not implement a "Final Solution" to rid themselves of blacks, after they found they could not win
  • There is no appreciation that the North allowed blacks to stay and live in America
  • There is no appreciation of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments giving blacks the right to continue as free men and giving them the right to vote
  • There is no appreciation for the Civil Rights laws that the white majority voted for and implemented
  • There is no appreciation for the white majority not jumping ship when affirmative action was shoved in their own faces
  • There is no appreciation that the white majority let blacks stay in our society to live with us as equals
  • There is no appreciation for the election of a black President, since even now we are still being called racists, even by this black President
  • Every item above is rationalized away for some other reason

    In a racist society

  • Black men do not like or appreciate us, so we no longer have any commitments to treat them special
  • Black men will never feel whites are treating them right, so we must now divorce from each other
  • Black men must be shipped back to Africa where we wrongly disrupted their African utopia centuries ago

    Homophobic Men

    Today, in our society,

  • Bruno can be seen at the theaters
  • Homosexuals are in most TV series
  • San Francisco has been adopted as their homeland
  • Gays are being given company benefits in most corporations
  • Gay marriage and civil ceremonies are popping up everywhere
  • Homosexuals do not appreciate the tolerant society Christians have given them
  • Yet, Christians are vilified as evil for objecting to their practices out in the open

    In a homophobic society

  • Homosexuals would be shipped over to Africa with the blacks who also do not appreciate the society White Christians have created for them

    Anti-Muslim Men

    Today, in our society,

  • We bomb Serbian Christians, to help Kosovo Muslims claim the Serbian homeland as their own
  • We give Stinger missiles to the Taliban to shoot down Russian Christians (of an atheist government, I know)
  • We defeat a secular Iraq leader, so that the Shiite Muslim majority can enjoy their religious freedoms more
  • We defeat a radical Muslim Taliban in Afghanistan for political reasons, but will probably "lose" this war.
  • We see that Muslims are fighting Americans at the World Trade Center, sniper killings in D.C, US embassy attacks worldwide
  • We let let more Muslims enter America to live
  • We set up Muslim prayer rooms at our places of work, when politics and religion were always unwelcome before
  • We let our leaders tell us that America is not a Christian country anymore

    In an anti-Muslim society,

  • The imaginary Separation of Church and State principle is destroyed, replaced by a Democratic State that supports the majority -- Christianity
  • Our Muslims are invited to find a Muslim home
  • Russia is allowed to retake Constantinople from the Muslims, the 1,553 year old center of their Christian religion, and we jump for joy
  • Serbia is allowed to retake Kosovo and do anything they want with it, we're not looking
  • Europe is allowed to rid themselves of Muslims and we say it is none of our business

    Anti-Semitic Men

    Today, in our society,

  • Pharisee Rahm Emanuel is the Obama White House Chief of Staff
  • Pharisee David Axelrod is Obama's top adviser
  • The Council on Foreign Relations controls Washington and is controlled by Pharisee Sadducees
  • Most broadcasting is owned by Jewish media-Scribes
  • Most newsprint is owned and controlled by Jewish media-Scribes
  • Most of Hollywood is owned and controlled by Jewish media-Scribes
  • Most of the nation's finances are owned and controlled by Jewish Sadducees
  • Rich Jewish Sadducees are getting richer importing cheap goods from China
  • The Jewish cabal are strengthening the Muslims, befriending them, as they live next to them in Israel
  • The Jewish cabal keeps all our nation sores picked and bleeding -- women against men, blacks against whites, straights against homosexuals
  • We support and defend Israel at all costs in the mean time
  • Christians are powerless, penniless, brow-beaten, and are still made fun off by the Jewish cabal.
  • The Jewish cabal have us convinced that all this is a silly conspiracy theory

    In an anti-Semitic society,

  • The imaginary Separation of Church and State principle is destroyed, replaced by a Democratic State that supports the majority -- Christianity
  • America becomes the number one priority, not Israel
  • America gives her heartfelt support for a Christian Crusade to retake the Holy Lands
  • America Christians retake all her institutions of power and influence
  • Jews are escorted to Africa with the blacks and homosexuals, whom they like so much better than white Christians
  • However -- Jews in Africa, being a dangerous group on the loose, are strictly forbidden from helping Muslims or from doing anyone else to harm Christianity -- in a word, they are contained to their sphere of influence over perhaps Ethiopia and no more, where they can no longer do anyone any harm.

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