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June 21, 2009

Obama Breeds
Climate of Hate
Against Jews

Source: Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz
Rabbi: Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews

Taboo #1

Question: What would be said about a Catholic priest or a Baptist minister denouncing the President over his foreign policy?

What am I saying???? -- I know exactly what would be said -- "Keep your *&^%$# religious nose out of our foreign policy".

"What is it about 'Separation of Church and State' that you don't understand?", the atheist (spokesmen for the Pharisees) would bellow.

But this Jewish media-Scribe imposed taboo is totally false.

Under the First Amendment, of all people, more than other Americans, religious leaders are allowed to express religious sentiment, under the 1st Amendment of both A) their freedom of free speech and B) their freedom of religion.

Hence, Rabbi Morton Pomerantz, in his article "Obama Breeds Climate of Hate Against Jews", should be allowed to speak -- but then, so should Christian leaders be allowed the respect of their free religious speech.

Taboo #2

    Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz is a member of the Reform movement of Judaism and serves as a chaplain for the State of New York. A former Navy and Marine Corps officer and chaplain, he has also served as deputy national chaplain for the Jewish War Veterans of the United States.

Technically, by the strict letter of the law, Rabbi Pomerantz does not violate the taboo of military officers expressing their personal opinions in public.

But Rabbi Pomerantz does allow his past affiliations as an officer in the U.S. Navy and as an officer in the U.S. Marines to lend credibility to the comments in his foreign policy article.

Therefore, I believe Rabbi Pomerantz has opened himself up to a "spirit of the law" violation of the policy of the United States which prohibits the military from positioning itself as above the civilian leader of the United States.

Former military leader Pomerantz may be inciting a military coup d'etat.

CORRECTION: This time I am wrong, and I have done so on purpose to make a point.

This should not be a taboo, as many fine officers have served their country admirably and they, of all people, have earned the right to speak of America's foreign policy.

By placing Rabbi Pomerantz into this second taboo, I am only trying to get ahead of the next Jewish media-Scribe taboo against former Christian chaplains of the military expressing their opinions.

In military parlance, this is called -- offence.

Does America have a Hitler today and could it start a Holocaust against Jews?

But Rabbis can and do tell America and American Christians how to run her foreign policy when it comes to the country of Israel.

We are not Obama supporters here by any stretch of the imagination, but consider this denouncement of American foreign policy by a religious leader.

    Our new president did not tell a virulent anti-Semite to travel to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington to kill Jews, but he is most certainly creating a climate of hate against us.

    It is no coincidence that we are witnessing this level of hatred toward Jews as President Barack Obama positions America against the Jewish state.

    Just days ago Obama traveled to Cairo, Egypt. It was his second trip in a short time to visit Muslim countries. He sent a clear message by not visiting Israel.

    But this was code....

    --Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz

What an amazingly irresponsible statement!

Hitler created a climate of hate against the Jews, and this is the closest I have ever heard anyone come to equating our President with Hitler.

The event memorialized in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum actually took place, in another country, by another people, under another system of government. Americans fought on the side of the Jews against Hitler, yet this is the respect we get?

Likewise, this is the closest I have seen anyone accuse American Christians of being capable of enacting a Holocaust against Jews.

And these accusations came from a Jewish Rabbi.

Do not the Jewish yeshivas train their Rabbis in logic, history, religion, and diplomacy better than this?

All Christians get pounced on anytime some half cretin makes the slightest racist remark; and yet, a rabbi with a Ph'd comes along with this racist stereotyping?

I'l tell ya! Saddled up next to this cockeye Rabbi, makes our Christian cretins look like mighty fine folk.

"The Krystalnatch has begun", Rabbi Pomerantz screams

According to this Rabbi, the fact that Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia was the code all American home-grown terrorists were looking for as their approval to begin the extermination of the Jews in America.

(And in a unrelated event... Obama giving the commencement address at Notre Dame was the signal for Catholics to begin exterminating all abortion doctors in the United States.)

This is pure hate, even if Obama was doing what he is accusing Obama of doing, which he is not doing, for Obama is neither anti-Israel nor pro-life.

Clever Constructs

Compare the first clever construct which Rabbi Pomerantz makes of "Obama visiting Egypt but not Israel is code for Holocaust", to this second clever construct Rabbi Pomerantz makes between the Holocaust and the suffering of the Palestinian People.

    Just last week, Obama told his worldwide audience -- more than 100 million people -- that the killing of six million Jews during the Holocaust was the equivalent of Israel's actions in dealing with the Palestinians.

    This remark is incredible on its face, an insult to the six million Jews who died as a result of Hitler's genocide -- and it is a form of revisionism that will bode evil for Jews for years to come.

    While Obama acknowledged that "six million Jews were killed -- more than the entire Jewish population of Israel today" -- his discussion about the Holocaust was followed by this statement: "On the other hand, it is also undeniable that the Palestinian people -- Muslims and Christians -- have suffered in pursuit of a homeland."

    "On the other hand . . . "?

    Obama's clever construct comparing the mass genocide of six million Jews to the Palestinian struggle will not be lost on the estimated 100 million Muslims who tuned into to hear him.

    Perhaps it was not lost on James W. von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist identified as the alleged attacker Wednesday at the Holocaust Museum. He apparently felt that he could easily take retribution against the Jews for the atrocities Obama implies they are guilty of.

    --Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz

When it comes to using the powerful condemnation of the Holocaust, this Rabbi uses it coming and going.

Per the Rabbi, "Obama will start a Holocaust by being nice to Muslims and by understanding their sufferings; while on the other hand, understanding Muslim suffering cannot morally be equated to the Holocaust". (Quoted out of context)

Rabbi Pomerantz slips up

This quote from our silver-tongued Rabbi is way outside the Jewish media-Scribe talking points.

These are no-no stances, for which I am sure the good Rabbi has been taken to the woodshed over.

  • "Islam is a violent religion"

  • "The Christian Crusades were good deeds done to repulse a Muslim onslaught of Islamic Crusade"

    Even though we all know Rabbi Pomerantz slipped up here, we shall take these wonderful comments and cherish them.

      ...Islam has a long and bloody history of violence against fellow Muslims, Jews and Christians.

      Has Obama not heard about the Muslim's violent conquest of the Middle East, Spain and half of Western Europe? Was he never taught that the Crusades sought to turn back this Muslim onslaught that demanded subjugated populations convert or die?

      --Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz

    America was not the worst slave-trading country

    Here is yet another slip-up from Rabbi Pomerantz.

    (He could have gone further in discussing the intricacies of Muslim slavery, but I will fill in the details for the audience.)

    Fact: For the last 14 decades, the Jewish media-Scribes have placed America as the worst enemy of the black man.

    Truth: Finally, the black slave in the Arab and Turkish worlds are shown to have been far more cruel and barbaric.

    America worked her black slaves in the cotton fields of the South. Indeed, hard work was expected of American black slaves, but only while the fields were being planted or while the cotton was being picked. Most other times were relatively relaxing for the American slaves.

    In contrast, the Muslim world worked their emasculated black men till they died in salt mines or rock quarries.

    You will find few blacks living today in the Muslim cities of Cairo, Baghdad, Istanbul or Tehran because their black slaves were castrated before being brought onto Muslim soil.

    In ensuring that only emasulated slaves were brought into the Muslim world, when slaves in Muslim lands died, their "black problem" disappeared as well.

      Ironically, the American president offered plenty of references to what he sees are America's evils, such as its "colonialism" and history of slavery.

      "For centuries, black people in America suffered the lash of the whip as slaves and the humiliation of segregation," Obama told his audience, citing a litany of American shortcomings. He failed to mention that Arab Muslims were the greatest slave traders in the history of humanity.

      --Rabbi Dr. Morton H. Pomerantz

    Neither is it duly noted that it was the Royal British Navy which enforced a global ban on the slave trade, at the moral behest of Wilberforce.

    And then the good Rabbi descends into typical Jewish talking points...

    Fallacies in the Rabbi's arguments

    First fallacy: Pro-Islam == anti-Israel

    Since Rabbis are telling our President how he should conduct foreign policy, should we be allowed to point out where he is dead wrong?

    Take for instance the often heard comment that Obama is anti-Israel.

    The proof offered is that Obama is pro-Islam.

    What nonesense!

    Historically, the Jews have lived quite well with the Muslims for the 800-year Golden Era after the Muslims helped the Jews kick the Christians out of Jerusalem in the 7th century and freed the Sephardi Jews in Spain, up until King Ferdinand and Queens Isabella kicked both their tails out of Spain in 1492.

    Even then, many of the vanquished Jews sailed from Moorish lands in North Africa to pirate on Spanish treasure, and showed the Muslims all the Christian military secrets, helping the Ottoman Turks drive to the gates of Vienna, Austria. (See Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean)

    If the Jews can live among the Muslims, does that make them anti-Semitic?

    The only thing the Muslims are mad about at the Jews is the existance of Israel smack in the middle of their countries.

    Otherwise, Jews and Muslims get along great together. This is just a family squabble over who gets the upper bunk.

    If pro-Islam == anti-Israel, then Obama has not been the first anti-Israel President.

    Clinton bombed Serbian Christians to help Kosovo Muslims take over part of Yugoslavia and turn it into a Muslim-ran country inside Europe.

    Was Clinton anti-Jewish when he was attacking the Branch Davidian Christians in Waco? --Just checking my logic.

    Then there was President Reagan who gave Muslim terrorists stinger missiles to use against Russian Christians.

    It was President Nixon who sent Jewish Henry Kissinger in shuttle negotiations for a settlement to the Arab-Israeli problem. In one of those negotiations, Kissinger promised to give half of Cyprus over to the Muslims if the Muslims agreed to something for the Israelis. And sure enough, Turkey invaded Cyprus, taking half of Cyprus from the Greek Christians in order to establish yet another Muslim country.

    Second fallacy: Helping Muslims hurts Israel

    Truth is that helping Muslims is really a bartering tool for helping Israel.

    And the Kissinger sell-out hints at what Obama may be up to.

    What does Obama have to do to help Muslims enough for them to look the other way about Israel?

    American Christians are helping our bitter Muslim enemies, so that we help our deceptive Israeli enemy.

    We all know what Israel is most concerned about right now -- nuclear weapons in Iran.

    How will Obama deceive Sunni Muslims -- or help Sunni Muslims -- to get them to agree to look the other way when Israel strikes Shite Iran?

    I wish I knew.

    We will have to wait until long after Iran is safely de-fanged to know how American interests were sold down the drain.

    Third fallacy: Obama is anti-Israel

    The proof is all around Obama that Obama is pro-Israel.

    If the Jewish media-Scribe press were really afraid that Obama was anti-Israel, then they would not be going to bat for him in all his domestic affairs.

    In the media-Scribe press, gushing about Obama taking over GM or taking over health-care takes a back seat to anyone taking over Israel.

    The fact that the media-Scribe press are not blistering him over taking over GM or your gynecologist is a sure bet they are not the least bit worried about Obama letting someone take over Israel.

    For a second proof, you only have to see who works for him. Name a single Muslim Obama has appointed to work under him.

    Now, think of his White House Chief of Staff.

    During the First Gulf War, Rahm Emmanuel ran off to Israel and signed up for service in the IDF, instead of staying in America to sign up to serve America during that same war.

    Rahm Emmanuel has clearly shown where his loyalties lie.

    If Rahm had any inkling that Obama was anti-Israel, he would either resign or be complaining bitterly to the media-Scribe press.

    Has anyone heard a whimper out of him? -- Not a chance!

    Doesn't mean he may be staying on as Obama's White House Chief of Staff, so as to be a spy for the Israelis against Obama , but I would not count on that in this administration.

    It would be pretty obvious to Obama where Rahm's loyalties lie and Obama would never have hired him for the job.

    A real spy is someone you would never suspect.

    Do Rabbi's lie?

    I am just a lonely blogger out here. All these observations I make are just common sense.

    Surely an intelligent Rabbi could deduce the same set of facts as this lowly blog.

    Which leaves you wondering if this Rabbi is speaking from his heart or if he is deliberately spreading lies and misrepresentations on purpose.

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