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January 3, 2009

The Enemy Within

Source: Arutz Sheva
MK Candidate Dr. Ben Ari: Follow King David's Advice on Gaza

Source: WorldNetDaily
Roseanne Barr blasts Israel as 'Nazi state'

Even Jewish media-Scribe Roseanne Barr agrees. -- The Jews are the new Nazis.

The Jews in Israel are the Nazis; whereas, the Palistinians in Gaza are the Jewish Warsaw Ghetto.

The Gaza Ghetto uprising, to righteously but vainly, fight against the cruel genocidal and overpowering Nazi Stormtroopers.

But don't start believing that Jewish media-Scribe Roseanne Barr is by any means pro-Christian. She still holds Christians accountable, even though it was her own people who had convinced non-thinking evangelical Christians to help her non-Christian Zionists in their Jewish Crusade and Apartheid, and so Roseanne holds Christians in contempt, for not seeing through their media-Scribe manipulations.
    "The Arabs do not invade other countries. The Israelis do. I am sick of Israel and I am sick of Zionists. They are propped up by evangelical Christians who cannot wait for the Arabs to kill them so that their genocidal war god whom they misname Jesus can come back."

If you had believed that the Muslims were the only religion with a martial background, the only religion that was still living in the cruel barbaric past, the only religion where its highly esteemed religious leaders were pushing murderous genocide against other religions, you would be wrong.

It is not just the rants of their youth who openly talk about murdering Christians.

It is also their highly esteemed religious leaders who use the Torah to justify genocide:
    Rabbi Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, the Number Four man on the National Union's Knesset list, thinks the leaders of Israel should follow King David's advice from the Eighteenth Psalm regarding Gaza: "I will chase my enemies and catch up to them and I shall not return until I annihilate them."

This religion is a Crusading religion, practicing apartheid within Muslim lands, and they have always deemed themselves as the innocent lambs of God. In fact, they are only a renegade fringe cult of Jews, who refuse to follow the peaceful teachings of the Son of God, of whom the Prophet Isaiah spoke.

The Enemy Within

Would you believe me when I say that the media-Scribes have a double standard?

I am charged with anti-Semitism if I point out the treasons of "the internal enemy", and identify them as being that of the "Pharisees, Sadducees and media-Scribes with American citizenship."

However, let a Pharisee religious leader point out that "Arabs with Israeli citizenship" are somehow going to be a threat to "the survival of the Jewish people" and the media-Scribes say nothing. They do not report it. They do not call for his censor. They do not call him Hitler!

Let me say such things about American citizens who are practicing Pharisees and who are actively trying to bring down the United States, and I will be labeled a Nazi. Let a highly esteemed Religious Jewish leader say the same about all Israeli citizens of Arab descent, even if they are not actively plotting against Israel, and the media-Scribes cover for him as one who is justly concerned for the security of his people.
    Ben-Ari is also gravely worried about "the internal enemy" – the Arabs with Israeli citizenship. "The enemy is waking up and getting stronger and the danger will only become greater unless we have leadership that is not afraid of the Supreme Court, of the United Nations and of the deranged people in the Left, but is only committed to the survival of the Jewish people."

To Rabbi Ben-Ari, a follower of Zionist Rabbi Kahane, all non-Jews are potential Holocaust perpatrators. -- Guilty until proven innocent.
    If Rabbi Kahane were alive today, he said, "he would remind us that after the Holocaust we vowed never again to let Jews live in fear. He would say - 'A Jew who lives in fear is a great chilul Hashem' [desecration of G-d's Name]."

Rabbi Ben-Ari needs to be reminded that the Jews were the winners in WWII.

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