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December 6, 2008

God's Choosen Child for White Supremacist Hatred in the Promised Land

Source: Yahoo
Jewish settlers set fire to Palestinian home

I cannot believe God would be happy with one of his own "choosen people" in the first video.

A Child of God

WARNING: Contains graphic language!

After you have watched this video featuring one of "God's Chosen People" in the "Promised Land" of Israel, who is illegally squatting in a Palestinian's home in Hebron and calling it his own, expressed in front of a British film crew, remember how Christians are typically depicted by the media-Scribes here in America.

The media-Scribes portray proud Christians as White Supremacists.

The media-Scribes portray proud Christians as full of hate.

This video should be shown at all Christian churchs to show that no one has a monopoly on hate.

For the record, all Christians, (i.e. real Jews,) who naturally follow the Son of God are God's Chosen People. Whereas, on the other side of the coin, fake Jews like this one who violently reject the Son of God, and whom have rejected the Messiah of whom the Prophets spoke, are frauds. They cannot legitimately call themselves Jews today.

And the real Jews, i.e. Christians, are the ones given the Promised Land, not fake Jews who reject the Messiah.

This Jewish boy filled with hatred cannot even formulate a coherent argument.

He is dead wrong about the British Journalists being Nazis. -- the British fought and defeated the Nazi. Not, I may add, with the help of many Jews in Palestine. Members of the Jewish Irgun in Palestine, such as the father of our next White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, were bombing and killing British citizens, who were simply administering Palistine, which at the time of the Nazi, were under a U.N. mandate. The blood of British men kept Hitler out of Palestine and the bombing of the King David Hotel by the Jewish Irgun were the thanks they received. So, who do you believe were closer to the Nazi in Palestine? -- The British or the Jews? Ironic isn't it?

One point of this video was memorable. This "nice little Jewish boy" was proud of the fact that his fake Jewish ancestors had killed the Son of God.

The media-Scribe double standard

Our media-Scribes have told us that Eric Rudolph was the poster boy of right-wing Christian fanatics. Eric bombed doctor offices of doctors who were consciously murdering millions of innocent life instead of saving lives. The media-Scribes found pacifist Christians to interview on their television stations who told Americans that "real Christians" would never save an innocent baby by killing the murderer who was about to murder a baby. For that matter, neither would "real Christians" march in front of an abortion clinic trying to violate a mother's "constitutional right" to have a "doctor" murder her child.

Our media-Scribes have told us that Matthew Shepard was the homosexual poster boy for intolerant Christians who believed homosexuality was a sin prohibited by God. In fact, the media-Scribes argue that "real Christians" would teach their children to accept homosexuality without question, as if Jesus himself would have. Well let's not stop here. For all the times the media-Scribes were not falsely scandalizing Jesus as lying with Mary Madgelena, then the media-Scribes would imply that Jesus was gay for having never married.

Our media-Scribes have told us that black James Byrd being dragged behind his truck in Jasper, Texas by whites was the poster boy for white Christians who are probably all secret racist supremacist members of the Ku Klux Klan. The media-Scribes ignore the fact that most black Christians have more to fear from blacks who are not behaving in a Christain manner, than they have to fear whites of either persuasion. We can never cound on the Jewish media-Scribes to point out the fact that most blacks are Christian and most whites are Christian. No, the media-Scribes are all about divide and conquer.

Poster boy for Jewish hate against Christians

Now after this video, perhaps we have our own Jewish poster child showing the hatred Jews have towards Christians. Our media-Scribes can now talk on the nightly news every night for the next six months straight how racist, supremacist, murderous, vile and anti-Christian the typical Jew really are. (TCS: The typical Jew is not at all that way, but I want to see the Jewish media-Scribes play this up like they play up other single examples of hate to showcase the entire poppulation's feelings.) Never happen you say? You are right! OK, I will settle for showing this vile excuse for one of "God's chosen people" (sic) for one single night on the nightly news. Still will not happen!

A Country of Hate

Let's examine how this Jewish boy learned his "hate". (Remember the media-Scribes showing how the Muslim suicide bomber boys learned their hate?)

Could his parents be members of a Jewish racist, religiously intolerant, supremist, apartheid right-wing Crusader group who are intent on ethnically cleansing all non-Jews from the Holy Lands?

Al-Jazeera is being nice in its coverage

Are these his relatives?

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