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January 2, 2009

You Don't Mess with the Zo-Rahm

Source: America's First Freedom

Obama radio critic finds talk show time slashed

    The White House chief of staff is known as the "second most powerful man in Washington" and even the "co-president." He decides who gets to meet with the president, supervises the entire White House staff, advices the commander-in-chief on policy and negotiations with Congress, interest groups and the rest of the executive branch. If the president is not a hands-on manager---and Barack Obama has little executive experience other than in heading his own presidential campaign--the chief of staff can be like a de facto prime minister.

    --Dave Kopel, NRA

Jewish Pharisee Rahm Emanuel as the "co-president". What a scary thought!

We have already covered the fact that Rahm Emanuel's father was a Christian-killing Jewish Irgun Terrorist during WWII, and that Rahm Emanuel chose to serve Israel during the First Gulf War, when he could have served America. And that Rahm Emanuel wants our sons enlisted in a form of Jewish Youth Corp. based upon the Nazi Youth Corp. (see Our First Jewish President)

We have also already covered the fact that Rahm Emanuel was Bill Clinton's point man on creating millions of new Democrat voters, just in time for the elections, by naturalizing legal and illegal immigrants faster than the INS could handle the cases, bypassing all the rules and regulations in the process. Personally, my own wife's derivative citizenship was denied in this Rahm love-fest with truly illegal immigrants. (see My Personal Vendetta Against Obama)

We have an unfolding story about Rahm's involvement in the Blogvoivich Senate corruption scandal with Obama's Senate seat, but already, Rahm is proving himself to NOT be a Jewish Boy Scout. (see Corrupt Senate? Thank the 17th Amendment!)


Now, let's add the fact that President Clinton made Rahm Emanuel his gun czar. (We have had an energy czar, but no energy Independence, we are talking about a banking czar, but that czar will not fix banking. After Waco, the word "czar" had real meaning to patriotic freedom-loving Christian Americans)
    Under Clinton, Emanuel was appointed assistant to the president for political affairs, and was later promoted to senior adviser to the president for policy and strategy. He was the White House point man for the offensive against the Second Amendment.

    In 1998, Clinton forbade the import of 58 types of firearms and their accessories. At the time, Emanuel proudly announced, "We're bending the law as far as we can to ban an entirely new class of guns."

    --Dave Kopel, NRA

Actually, on the surface, how could any patriotic American be opposed to an import ban on guns, (or anything else for that matter,) which would guarantee our guns and ammo were "Made in the U.S. A."? And hence the genius of the propaganda in banning them. By first allowing the importation of cheap Chinese military knock-offs into the U.S. economy, with the government then turning around and prohibiting them, this last step made the government appear to be looking out for our safety. How sweet of them.

Time after time, Rahm Emanuel was the man pushing government regulations, meant to completely smother out our Second Amendment Right. From Brady background checks, to Brady check waiting periods, to gun locks, to load capacities. If only Emanuel were as vigilant in attacking the First Amendment protection of the media-Scribe Press, when they use their press monopoly to daily engage in the political massacre of millions of American Christians.

To be fair, when Rahm was placed into the position of coordinating the 2006 Democrat takeover of the House, Rahm placed pro-gun Democrats on the ballot in strongly pro-gun districts. I would say that is more of a matter of pragmatism. Those pro-gun Democrat House members can be bend later.

But let's get this clear. -- Janet Reno took the heat for Waco, in place of Clinton. -- But, if anyone deserves the heat for destroying an entire Christian denomination, then Jewish Pharisee Rahm Emanuel played more of a part than just about anyone.

Why gun control?

Why are Jewish Pharisees like Rahm and his Jewish media-Scribe back-ups so dead set on getting rid of guns?

Can a man with a six-shooter really scare a modern government that has GPS-guided bombs that can destroy half your city block without any warning. Just your typical soldier has tons of video-surveillance, bullet-proof vests, night-vision goggles, hand-held rocket launchers, sub-machine guns, and can still call for massive air strikes in a squeeze.

Civilian National Security Force

One has to wonder why our State provided National Guard units are overseas playing Army in an undeclared war, years after the war is over, when Pharisee Rahm Emanuel and his puppet Barack Obama are planning for our Army to play the part of a "Federal" National Guard inside America.

In the Posse Comitatus Act, our State National Guards were deemed sufficient in any emergency. Certainly, State National Guard units are not against coordinating with other States if needed. They do it all the time, as when the Texas National Guard helped with Hurricane Katrina, after being invited to help by the State of Louisiana.

Why are our State National Guard units being bypassed and cut-out of action within the State they signed-up to protect?

Why are they not only out of the State they are to protect, but outside the country, overseas where they cannot perform their proper State duties?

Seems that Jewish Pharisee Rahm Emanuel and his puppet Obama fears American Christians, more than they fear Muslims in Iraq.

It would also appear from all these purposeful actions, that Christians are diabolically being pushed into civil disobedience.

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