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November 13, 2008

Our First Jewish President

Some Chicago Jews say Obama is actually the 'first Jewish president'


Obama's pick for White House chief unsettles Arabs

In my article, Obama - President of the World, I point out the prominent position given an Israeli national in our White House, son of a Jewish terrorist against British Christians, and himself a volunteer for the Israeli Army instead of the American Army.

This new Chief of Staff Rahm Israel Emanuel has already started forming domestic policy for the White House. He has stated that he wants every single American teenager to be drafted into what I would characterized as a Jewish Youth Corp, modeled on Hitler's Nazi Youth Corp.

This is where Obama gets his proposal for a civilian defense force. Nice that the President's policy conforms to that of his Chief of Staff.

I have said many times, that if we had Monroe Doctrine that Muslims would not be allowed into the New World, then we would have little need for a civilian defense force.

Speaking of Muslims, Palistinians in particular, they had shortly felt love and jubilation towards Obama for being from an "oppressed people" like they are. Obama was going to stick it to the white man. Why, he even had a Muslim middle name, Hussein. The honeymoon now seems to be over already, after Obama selected a guy with "Israel" as his middle name, and one at that who has volunteered to fight and kill Muslims for Israel, the Crusader-Apartheid nation.

Now it is becoming clear that Obama was promoted into the Illinois statehouse from a predominantly rich Jewish district of Hyde Park. Then into the US Senate and immediately thereafter into the Presidency.

Looking more and more like the 95% of dirt poor blacks who voted for Obama to "feel their pain" and represent them as the first REAL black President, are going to be sorely disappointed.

Especially now that the media-Scribes are now characterizing Obama as "the first Jewish President".

I love these quotes from the Chicago Jewish community of filthy rich Hyde Park:
  • Quite a few of Barack Obama's "friends from the past" have popped up recently.

  • Some of the older people in the community say that they "raised him"

  • Others half-jokingly call Obama "the first Jewish president."

  • They raised contributions for him

  • Provided him with contacts,

  • Enjoyed hosting him

  • Believed in his glorious future in politics

  • Turns out that 78 percent of Jews voted for Obama

One name who I'm sure will be popping up is Alan Solow. Solow, an attorney from Chicago, a leader of the Jewish community and a veteran Obama supporter, was one of the few who gained access to the president-elect after his speech in Chicago's Grant Park last week.

Alan talks of the Jewish Agenda. Wow! That sounds like some kind of a wacko, nutcase, conspiracy-theory. Someone check to see if he really is Jewish.
    "As a local senator, he was very effective and helpful in what we call 'the Jewish agenda,'" --Alan Solow

Alan continues about how much of an "intellect" Obama is. (The formal media-Scribe definition of smart is "anyone who supports the Jews". The corollary is if you do not support the Jews running the country, then you are not very smart -- which would be me!)
    The first thing that impressed me about him was his intellect - he's one of the smartest people I've met -- Alan Solow

Reading between the lines, it does not take one long to figure out with all this Messiah-flattery that Obama will achieve many of the goals of the "Jewish Agenda". Expect to be steamrolled if you get in the way of this Einstein-incarnate. You will be characterized to be dumb as --- Bush? (And that is pretty smart -- Einstein was Jewish)

Yes, Alan also defines the "first Jewish President" as one who deeply understands Jews and will help them gain even more of a stranglehold over America.
    "I said with a smile that he will be the first Jewish president. He also has a deep understanding of issues that confront Israel and the Jewish community. And I think his personal story reflects the story of Jewish immigration to the United States. -- Alan Solow

Another figure we may be hearing from is Michael Bauer, a political activist from the community who has known Obama for over a decade and supported his presidential campaign. Bauer identifies Jewish issues - A) Keep the government out of Synagogues while massive government regulations attack Christian Churches, 2) Insure those Christian women keep slaughtering their babies, etc.

Oh, and this is a black man that is smarter than Jews.
    domestically, issues that many of us are concerned about, be it the separation of Church and State, women's right to choose, etc. It was always a natural fit between the Jewish community and Barack Obama. He understands those issues. Frankly, he's so smart he understands them better than most of us," -- Michael Bauer.

And the most important issue in American politics? Michael may believe that Obama will protect America, he doesn't say, but he is totally confident that Obama will give unconditional support to the Crusader-Apartheid state of Israel.
    If you ask me whether I have confidence that he'll continue to be committed to Israel's existence as a Jewish state within secure borders - I have absolutely no doubt." -- Michael Bauer

In the final analysis, it is good that Michael Bauer understands that you do not have to brainwash 100% of Christians in a democracy to obtain unconditional support for the non-Christian, Crusader-Apartheid state of Israel.
    There are still people who don't believe [Obama will support Israel], but the great thing in democracy is that everyone has an opinion and you don't need 100 percent consensus. -- Michael Bauer

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