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October 2022 AD

  Ken Burn's Holocaust

Ken Burns has fully crossed over to join the woke and produced a documentary that trashes America for the sake of the Jews.

How about trashing the Jews a bit.

We have covered before the 612 AD massacre of 90,000 Christians by Jews at Mamilla Pool.

We are reminded of the destruction of all Christian churches in Jerusalem when the Persians helped the Jews retake Jerusalem from the Christians.

Considering the discovery of indisputable evidence that the Holocaust was faked, thanks to British code breakers deciphering the daily status reports out of Auschwitz, does it seem strange that we have a Holocaust museum on the federal mall when America had nothing to do with Hitler and everything to do with taking him out of power.

But Ken Burns has just joined a growing list of elites who want to rub American noses in the fake Holocaust.

Hey, Ken Burns, how about a documentary about the massacre of Christians at Mamilla Pool in 612 AD?

All the usual drivel is drug up by Ken Burns in his documentary.

  1.  Jews who could not assimilate well or play well with white Christian Europeans were heartlessly rejected as immigrates to the US, as if they had a God Given Right to become Americans.
  2.  There is Dinesh DeSousa's take where he posits that Hitler modeled his country on an American Democrat policy of Indian resettlement, black segregation, eugenics of the sickly, Jim Crow laws. Unlike Dinesh, Ken Burns though runs his acidic accusal against America without mentioning that these were all Democrat policies, not American ideals.
  3.  Then Ken Burns tries to place blood on American hands that we knew the Jews were being eliminated and we didn't lift a finger to help. OK, Ken, please address the Enigma intercepts we just mentioned a few articles back which actually PROVES the fact that there was NOT a Holocaust going on.
  4.  Then there is the tired argument that FDR might as well have been Hitler"s accomplice as he did not bomb the tracks to Auschwitz. But again, FDR would have had top secret intelligence from British decoders that the daily reports from Auschwitz pointed to NO GASSINGS whatsoever; hence, no mass murders. Why bomb tracks to an actual work camp  which would have all but guaranteed mass starvation at Auschwitz. No tracks coming in, no food coming in. Ken Burns wanted FDR to be a mass murdered by denying the prisoners food.
  5.  Ken Burns of course has to talk about the antisemitism of Charles Lindbergh. Nope, not allowed to have an opinion in free speech America when it comes to Jews. Must be silenced. As Dave Chapelle says, you must never use these two words together, "The" and "Jews".

Why now, Ken Burns? 

This is a quote from a Forbes article.

In the last five minutes of the film, Burns, Novick and Botstein provide a montage of rising white suprematism and antisemitism presently in the US (including the marchers at Charlottesville) that, regrettably make “The US and The Holocaust” all too relevant to today.

Yes, the message from Ken Burns is that we must love and embrace the Jewocracy of the Biden and Obama administrations, or we Christians here in America deserve every bit of what happened to Hitler.

For once, I would love to have an America First documentarian who righteously  trounced on Americans for electing FDR 4 times for all his crimes against humanity such as among others:

  1. Not doing a damn thing when the Jewish bankers were starving the German people with crippling war reparations when the Germans were not the losers in WW1.
  2. Not do a damn thing when the Jewish bankers bankrupted the German people with hyper inflation.
  3. Not doing a damn thing to help the German people when the Jew-backed Stalin supported a violent overthrow of the Jewish Weimar Republic with the Spartacus Uprising and the Bavarian Soviet Republic.
  4. Not doing a damn thing about the millions of Ukrainians Jew-backed Stalin slaughtered in the Holodomore when Hitler was just coming to power having not yet harmed a soul.
  5. Not doing a damn thing about Jew backed Stalin invading Poland to take the Polish part of Poland at the exact same time Hitler did when he came to take the German part of Poland.
  6. Not doing a damn thing when the Jew backed Stalin committed the Katyn Forest Massacre of every leader Poland had from business leaders, religious leaders like priests and cardinals, military leaders  and political leaders.
  7. Not doing a damn thing to prevent the Jew-backed Soviet Union from taking half of Europe.
Why was FDR not responsible to the German reaction to all of this? 

Why do Jews get to denounce the German people for turning to Hitler when FDR could have saved them from all their pain and suffering?

Obviously, this is all outside the expertise of the likes of Ken Burns.

But hey Ken Burns, how about this part of history. Many, many Jews wanted to leave Europe for Palestine, but Jews in Palistine would not allow them to Alyiah there. Please tell us why?

I know why. It's because they were not able bodied and could not help build the country. They would need assistance for old age or disabled. These Jews had to stay in Europe.

Ken Burns, how about you denounce some Jews for once!


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