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December 2021 AD

  The Bad War

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The Bad War by M.S. King.
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This subject matter of 6 million is so important it has its own segment.

The Myth of Six Million Dead Jews

Let's deal with this perennial silly magic Jewish number of Six Million Jews.

First off, the Six Million is in truth, Biblical to them. Meaning, it's fake. Christians watch for the number 666 everywhere, while Jews are busy watching for Six Million.

So, it wasn't just WW2 where Jews were screaming about Six Million Jews perishing. Jews had been saying the sky is falling for Six Million Jews for some time already.

The Jewish-owned New York Times has actually gotten this wrong at least 19 times before the one Holocaust they finally settled on.

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1906 -- Jewish Death by Czar Tyranny

Once in 1906, the Jewish MSM worried that Russia's Czar would kill their Six Million Jews. They hated the Czar with a passion because he was a highly devout Christian, and more importantly, he was the only one in position to get Palestine from the Ottoman Empire and keep Jerusalem out of their hands.

But exactly since the Czar was indeed a devout compassionate and forgiving Christian, those six million Jews did not die but lived to see their lives "imperiled" in many more "Holocausts".

I mean the Czar could have killed all the Jews after they assassinated his grandfather and were found to be behind the 1905 Judeo-rebellion, but he was far too much of a Christian to actually do anything bad to the Jews.

Knowing the Czar was a devout Christian, Jews knew they could push him hard with no real repercussions, and they did, so why were they so worried?

I say it is merely propaganda for Jews to say to the Czar, "Don't even think of persecuting us or the world will come down on your head".  This is the lesson of Hitler is it not?

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1914 -- Jewish Death by WW1 Starvation

And again during WW1, the Jewish MSM worried when Six Million Jews were about to be wiped out once more. This time due to desperate WW1 conditions.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1921 --
Jewish Death by White Russians
fighting Red Russians in Russia

Even with the Czar's entire family wiped out by Jews and Jews are now the ones running the Soviet Union, Jews in America were still idiotically pandering for American Christian aid to the Six Million Jews about to be wiped out by their fellow "JEWS"??? Oh nope, sorry, they would be wiped out by White Christians fighting against the Jews who had strangled Russia to death, should the White Christians have won. So, everyone help us poor Jew Reds fight those mean ol White Christians trying to kill us.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1931 -- Jewish Death by Great Depression Starvation

During the Great Depression, what do you know, but Six million Jews are again about to starve to death. (Forget all the Christians also starving) This time the New York Times finds another newspaper to carry their water. Canadian Christians are begged to help save to poor Six Million Jews from starvation.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1936 -- Jewish Death by not having Palestine?

It is 1936, when even Jew Max Warburg, stripped of his dominance over Germany's Central Bank, freely chooses to stay in Germany until 1938.

Hardly the Holocaust is happening in the eyes of Warburg.

But 5 years ahead of schedule, Jews have jumped the shark and talk about a Holocaust.

"Washington, May 30 -- A petition to Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin expressive of the hope that Great Britain will steer a course favoring the establishment of a free Jewish nation in Palestine such as would provide refuge for millions of persecuted Jews in Eastern Europe and Germany was presented to Sir Ronald Lindsay, the British Ambassador, today by a Christian delegation representing the Pro-Palestine Federation of America...The petition stressed the intolerable sufferings of the millions of Jews in "the European holocaust"

Warburg feels safe in Europe, Germany even, so where is this European holocaust being written about by this obviously Jewish-funded Christian front group?

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1938 -- Jewish Death by Romanian antisemitism

Again on January 9, 1938, 9 months before Krillstalnacht and 7 years before the end of WW2, Six Million Jews are again in peril. This time in Romania it seems.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1940 -- Jewish Death by WW2

Strangely, The Readers Digest had an article published well before the war's end which predicted Six Million Jews would ultimately be killed in WW2.

Six Million Jews

The article in the Readers Digest was written by Jewish propagandist Ben Hecht in his article titled "Remember us".  Ben Hecht's expertise was in writing Hollywood screen plays, so definitely a Jewish propagandist as we have depicted in the Holocaust Movie.

Six Million Jews

Ben Hecht is saying that only 2 million Jews have been killed to date, but puts out that magic number of Six Million as the final number when all is finished. Or to be more exact, he actually says only 2 million more Jews will be killed. But heh, as we have discovered, "Six Million" sounds like a nicer number in a Jew's mind don't you think?

Six Million Jews

Ben Hecht was passionate about getting Americans to fight against Germany, but after the war, he was just as passionate about getting Christian Americans to fight against Christian England in the British Mandate as we talk about in Eisenhower and Psych warfare.

What do you know. Jews would even scam fellow Jews.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1940 -- Jewish Death by WW2

Six Million Jews will perish unless Great Britain resists Nazi conquest. It is a bombastic Jewish-led Great Britain resisting a free Germany that is putting all Jews in danger, but heh!  Jews understanding cause and effect?  Don't think so.

Not a single Jew has been interned and Hitler is still pleading for peace; yet the "Holocaust" and the "6 million" have already been established.

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
  19 NY Times articles --
Jewish Death by everything under the sun

In fact, the New York Times would, in no less than 19 article, talk about an impending Holocaust of 6 million Jews.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
1945 -- Jewish Death by something we guess because we have not liberated a single concentration camp

Now here is the kicker.

Why during the entirety of WW2, did not the Jewish-owned and operated New York Times ever mention the Six Million Jews of the WW2 Holocaust?

And yet, should we now believe, after the 19th attempt to gain sympathy for Six Million Jews, that Six Million Jews were actually killed in WW2?

On January 8, 1945, the New York Times does publish an estimate of an exiled economist named Jacob Lestchinsky that Six Million Jews have perished.

But here is the major problem with his obviously fake estimate. This estimate was given 3 weeks before the first concentration camp was liberated, (that being Auschwitz on January 27th).

According to all accounts, the "death and destruction" discovered when freeing the camps was a complete surprise to everyone.

So how was Jacob Lestchinsky in the know before anyone else knew? Or was this just another Jewish fantasy he pulled out of his ass as was done so many times before in the fake, lying Judeo-MSM New York Times?

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
  FACTS -- Red Cross reports disproves  anywhere close to Six Million Jews perishing

Here is proof positive that six million Jews did not perish at German concentration camps.

The Red Cross had open access to all camps and this would have been the appropriate vehicle for Jews to investigate and get out the word to the world.

Jews who were so worried night and day for half a century,about the possibility of a Holocaust, to come in with the Red Cross for investigations would have been the correct approach. The fact that the Red Cross found nothing should be sufficient proof for most that the Holocaust of Six Million was a sick figment of Jewish imagination and fantasy.

Their Nazi hate was off-the-wall, just as it is today when ever anyone who disagrees with them is instantly labeled a Nazi or a Hitler.

Six Million Jews

Six Million Jews!  Oh My! Oh Me!
  FACTS -- After so many "Sky is Falling!!!!" predictions, Jews have no credibility left

They have no credibility anymore.

We've seen this before.

Has the credibility of the multitudes
who said the Ice Caps were going to melt by now suffered any taint to their reputations, and yet, here we are, still with plenty of ice in Antarctica?

Of course not, just as no one was ridiculed about dire predictions that "another Ice Age was upon us" just a few decades earlier.

Yes, even with many, many disputed "Holocaust facts" we seem to still have plenty of Jews running around messing everything up.

Any of you see a missing Six Million Jews anywhere? 

I say they moved to either Israel or America just before, during and after WW2. During WW2, they were relocated to the empty lands of the 7 million Ukrainians slaughtered by Jewish-Commissars of the Soviet Holodomor and which Hitler had liberated. Plenty of room for 6 million to take up residence in the homes of the 7 million dead Ukrainians until time for Exodus to Palestine in 1948.

After 2,000 years, you are going to seriously argue with me that, finally a decimated Jewish population had enough power, money and population to retake Palestine in 1948 even with a Holocaust???


In conclusion:
Don't believe a word any Jew ever says to you. They lie constantly and lie to cover their lies.

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