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March 2020 AD


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan didn't like it one bit that his trespassing, invading soldiers, injecting themselves into the Syrian Civil War while murdering his Syrian neighbors, actually got themselves killed standing beside murdering Islamacists targeted for destruction by the rightful Syrian government.

Syrian/Russian Air-strikes Kill 33 Turkish Troops in Idlib

An airstrike in Syria’s Idlib province on Thursday killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers and wounded numerous others. The attack was a serious escalation of hostilities and the worst loss of life for Turkish forces during their invasion of Syria.

So he threw a hissy-fit temper tantrum.

Erdogan Opens the Gates: Syrian Migrants Granted Unhindered Passage to Europe

The Turkish government has announced that for the next 72 hours it will open its border with Syria and allow any and all migrants to go to Europe unhindered.

Europe's NATO partner Turkey has opened Europe's borders to millions of non-Christians from non-NATO countries in a historic massive invasion of military-aged Muslim men.

Muslim Turkey takes advantage of Europe.

Erdodan allows millions of foreign Muslims into his country, then turns around and tells all the Christian part of the EU that they have to have open borders.

"It's the rule!!!", he quotes.

This Quran-a-Virus, on top of previous waves of Quran-a-Viruses, is an existential threat to the continued existence of Europe.

This is another 1529 AD Ottoman Empire conquest attempt at the Gates of Vienna, with Vienna this time actually inviting the Muslims to invade.

The Real goal of NATO

NATO is the primary military arm of the United Nations.

This is a fact we have well documented - here.

But why in particular is a Muslim country with a long history of conquest against Europe allowed to be a part of NATO when the stated purpose of NATO is to defend Europe?

Good question.

The answer goes back to the same argument made for the 1854 AD Crimean War by the then Jewish Prime Minister of England, Benjamin Disraeli and by France's anti-Catholic and Jewish-supported Dictator Napoleon III. They both said that the Christian Czar of Russia had ambitions to carve up the failing Ottoman Empire for themselves, mainly by retaking their Orthodox Christian capital city of Constantinople, which would  have the added benefit for Russia of allowing Russia unfettered  access to the Mediterranean.

What sane Christian you know would object to Muslims being thrown out of Europe?

"Let Russia retake the Anatolian peninsula as a service to all of Christianity", everyone I know would say when not drunk on Jewish propaganda.

But Christians fought Christians in the Crimean War to protect Turkish Muslims because Jews commanded it.

"What do Jews have to do with this" you ask?

You see, Jews were bitterly opposed to this idea of the Czar taking Istanbul and reinstating the historic Constantinople to Christianity,  as the Fall of Istanbul would also entail the fall of Jerusalem to Christian's rightful home city of Jerusalem which the Muslims took from Christians in 629 AD and took again from Christians in 1187 AD.

After WW1, thanks to Jews, the "big bad Czar" was gone, so the Jews had to come up with yet another argument to defend Muslims in Turkey.

The argument this time was that Soviet Russia, "atheist and murderous", (but ironically under the control of Jewish Commissar slave masters,) would attempt to again gain easy access to the Mediterranean, and all patriotic Americans were easily convinced that this was entirely a bad idea. So our very own socialist Woodrow Wilson invited them into the League of Nations.


After we defeated the Ottoman Muslims in WW2, instead of taking the spoils of war, that is, making Turkey Christian again, we did far worst. We invited Muslims in Turkey to join us as our trusted co-equal allies in NATO and we promised our Christian American and European soldiers to defend to the death the Muslims in Turkey from the "Judeo-Atheist" hordes from Russia (ran by Jews).

Except today, Russia under Putin is once again a Christian country.

So the argument completely dissolves for having Turkey in NATO to defend against a Christian Russia.

No worries of an evil  Czar or Atheist Communist Russia.

If we have to keep NATO, Russia would be a far better fit for NATO, but will only happen if we could stop the Jews from demonizing Russian Christians.

It is DEMONIC to ask European and American Christians in NATO to defend Turkish Muslims against Russian Christians.

It is sust as DEMONIC to ask Christians to also defend the original sinister culprits of this monstrosity, the Jews of Israel.

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