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January 2019 AD

Inquisition by Mueller

The headlines below were instantly rebutted by the Mueller investigation, but not before the head Democrat House investigator, Judeo-Adam-Schiff, was caught in a partisan rant about fake justice.

Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff

The purpose of the Spanish Inquisition was to determine the loyalty of Catholics to the Catholic faith, while the purpose of the Mueller Inquisition is to determine the loyalty of Americans (especially Trump) to the American faith.

We have shown (here and here and here) that the Spanish Inquisition is not at all how it is portrayed in the Judeo-MSM.  Seems that the Judeo-MSM is no more to be believed about their own governmental inquisition of our President Trump than they are honest about our own history.

Thinking the Mueller Investigation team would remain silent on this 978th reported cause for impeachment as they had faithfully been silent in the past, the Judeo-MSM confidently reported on what they knew was a lie and confidently figured no body could question them on the lie.  When Mueller's spokesman made his papal invocation that the reports were not true, the Judeo-MSM was caught in the BIG LIE.

Serves them right, as they were the ones who set up Mueller in his Auto de Fa Inquisition with Papal Infallibility.

BY THEIR OWN RULES, questioning the Papal infallability of the Mueller Inquisition is a burn-at-the-stake offense, so these "professional journalists" and head Jew in the House, Adam Schiff, were caught red handed in their own PERJURY! to the American public.

How do we know they all lied?

Well, putting aside the chance that every single one of them could be all totally incompetent to perform their job, even Adam Schiff, then we would have to ask how many of these Easy to detect tails should professional journalists and professional politicians have picked up on to inform them that their reporting was untruthful.

1) Buzzfeed's Lead reporter, Jason Leopold, is a known liar, as in having his own memoir canceled for falsehoods and was already such a known fraud about fake bombshells that Columbia Journalism Review declared him a "known fabulist".
2) Buzzfeed gave us the phony pee-pee dossier
3) We are to believe liar Cohen who plead guilty to lying?
4) Buzzfeed's own reporter reported that he's seen no "evidence supporting our report", but report it he did, along with every other leftist Judeo-MSM source.
5) There was reported corroborating evidence in emails and text, but why did Buzzfeed get to see none of it?
6) But also questions should arise because it is well known that Trump doesn't use email or texts
7) After so many hundreds of bombshells guaranteed to get Trump impeached, perhaps a questioning attitude would be advisable in the Judeo-MSM professional world ?
8) Why would Trump ask Cohen to lie to Congress if his son had already told Congress the truth?

Since indisputable evidence now exists from Adam Schiff's own tweet showing that lead House Jew Adam Schiff was so politically motivated to speak of the impeachment of the President of the United States solely based upon the Buzzfeed article, I would say there was cause to believe that our political system is maybe manipulated by a sinister force!

Dunce Adam Schiff caught in a lie

I demand a REAL INVESTIGATION by Adam Schiff to "do what's necessary to find out if it's true" by delving into who is behind Buzzfeed and what is their motive to interfere with our political system by deceiving him.

But Adam would never do that because he is all in on the fake news himself with this Buzzfeed fed to him as an excuse to continue investigating Trump.

Actually, since Adam Schiff is a dual citizen of Israel, a REAL INVESTIGATION would look into Israel's involvement with Buzzfeed and Adam Schiff's involvement.

And based upon those findings, Congress should censor Adam Schiff, demanding him to resign or even be thrown in prison for sedition against the United States and treason with Israel.

If the Judeo-liberals want a governmental Inquisition, then let them live under it after the decree has been handed down from Pope Mueller

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