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February 2018 AD

Animal Farm
 A Democratic Socialism

In Animal Farm --Kosher Style-- , we show how "the animals" under Communism organized to drive out their Christian Czar farmer, taking total control of the farm, "one for all" they all said, only to find out too late they had only traded their old benevolent master for new masters, indeed far worse, non-Christian masters, that of the uncompassionate Jewish pigs of the farm.

In Animal Farm Socialism, we will show how the same animal farm works under socialism. Not just any socialism, but the kind of socialism university kids tell us they love to embrace -- democratic socialism.

In a simple democracy, the majority rules and you go from there.  But in democratic socialism, a democractic vote of "the people" determines what social justice will become the standard of measure in society.

In fact, the animals are in charge; one animal, one vote.

In this social justice, food is just as good a measure of social justice as any other; a fundamental right of mankind, necessary for our very survival.

So a city dweller sitting on a quarter acre of land surrounded with inedible grass and inedible bushes is 100% food poor.

Contrasted to the city food poor is the country food rich; the farmer. He usually sites on about 640 times as much land, around 160 acres, and all the land is brimming with food. There are the 40 acres of wheat, the 20 acres of corn, the grazing land filled with cows, the pens filled with pigs and the chickens roaming around laying eggs everywhere.

Contrasted to the utterly destitute city dweller food poor, the farmer is obviously filthy food rich.

Lucky for the city food poor though is that he insists upon adhering to the political principle of democracy -- one animal, one vote -- as he outnumbers the food rich farmer by 99 to 1.

Under communism, an election could be held to decide if the city dwellers would confiscate all his farm land and have the state manage the food production on the farm, so that the food produced could be divided equally in a socially just manner.

But under socialism, the election would not be held to decide if the city dwellers would confiscate the land, then manage the food production, but to let the food rich farmer continue to produce the food, and instead, to "tax" 95% of his food production, to be divided in a socially just manner among the city food poor, as the food rich farmer only needs about 5% of the food for his own family's needs.

Now, the food rich farmer would naturally ask himself why he would work so hard to produce so much food for no reward on his part, so the next year, his production would magically be just the 5% of what he produced the year before. In effect, with the 5% taken out to feed his own family, the farm would fail to turn a "food profit".

You may scoff at the 95% value as far too obsessive. OK, we could quibble among ourselves as to what a "fair" amount of the farmer's food production would be for us to confiscate for social justice redistribution to the city food poor, but the end results are only milder for a little time.

What the food rich farmer quickly learns is that it is not OK to turn a "food profit", for a "food profit" has become a dirty word. Whether that amount amount of profit is 50% or 95%, any amount over that defined amount becomes an evil the food rich farmer dares not to cross, for that is what the election said. The election said that the filthy food rich farmer has been making an obscene amount of "food profit".

Not wanting to be seen as evil, the food rich farmer stopped being a filthy, evil food rich.

At the end of this next growing season, the city food poor would start to see the shelves on their grocery store become empty. Soon, there is no food and the city food poor start to get hungry.

They start to get really hungry.

And after they become ravenously hungry, they remember that they had elected politicians who would impose a "food tax" on the filthy food rich enough to feed them, the food poor.

Why are the politicians not feeding them?

These food poor eventually become desperate, becoming angry at the politicians and talk soon begins about lynching the lying politicians who had promised them food.

Feeling their neck on the guillotine, the politicians know where the problem lay. It's those lazy, greedy, no good, formerly filthy food rich farmers.

So the politicians send out armed thugs to rough up the farmers.

"How dare you food rich farmers allow the food poor city folks to starve to death!"

Your evil will not go unpunished.

Some are hanged for their greed to make an example. Many others are flogged.

Their own food is taken from them as punishment, for no man should prosper when others are suffering.

The morality of equal food for all, suddenly turns into the immorality of torture and oppression caused by mass starvation of all.

And that folks is how all socialist societies end for Democratic Socialist Animal Farms.
A great example of how this turns out, please watch this video about animals being eaten in Venezuela.

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