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May 11, 2009

Animal Farm

-- Kosher-Style --

Source: Wikipedia
Animal Farm

The Russian Communist Revolution was all about acknowledging "diversity".

Russian society was conciously divided into hard-line classes of people and each class was turned against the other, in order for the Jewish Pharisees to reshape Russia the way they wanted Russia to look.

And as we shall remember from "Holodomor Denial", the Communist Revolution was an entirely 100% Jewish operation.

  • "Bourgeoisie" was defined by the Jewish media-Scribes as the propertied class.

  • "Proletariat" was define by the Jewish media-Scribes as the working class.

  • "The Suffering Masses" are always defined by the Jewish media-Scribes as all the people they can successfully manipulate and control.

    The stated utopian goal of the Pharisee Communists was a classless, moneyless, and stateless communist society.

    Truthfully, could this be any more of an antithesis to any definition of Jews? -- They define a "money-grubbing", "arrogant ethnic class", of Jews always pushing for a "Promised Land State".

    Hence, in George Orwell's Animal Farm novel, the history of the Russian Communist Revolution is shown in parable to prove the hypocrisy of Jewish propaganda.

    Orwell shows how the upper class Jews, uses the lower class Christians against the upper class Christians, so that they can dominate, and almost always, eliminate the Christian upper classes, leaving them in total control.

    And if one must put people into classes, then George Orwell undeniably characterizes the pigs in his book as representing the Jewish class in Russian society.

    The Jewish Pigs

    Jewish pig Old Major represents either Jewish Pharisee Karl Marx or Jewish Pharisee Lenin, whereas Snowball represents Jewish Pharisee Leon Trotsky. They and all the other pigs from the Jewish class, agitate all classes of farm animals into believing that the farmer Mr. Jones (i.e. the Christian royalty of Tsar Nicholas II) was not taking good care of the Christian farm, and they would be better off without him.

    Later a different kind of Jewish pig would emerge.

    Napoleon, a Berkshire Boar representing Stalin, becomes a tyrant and the main villain on Animal Farm. Napoleon's power base would grow to include the puppies from mother dogs Jessie and Bluebell, which he raises to be vicious dogs as his secret police.

    The Christian ruling class

    The farmers then are the Christian ruling class, which the Jewish pig class characterize and propagandises as inherently evil and needing to be overthrown.

    In Russia, the farmer Mr. Jones represents Russian Orthodox Tsar Nicholas II. Mr. Jones neglecting of his farm represents Tsar Nicholas II neglecting Russia, mainly for the severe financial difficulties of WW1 and the preceding Russo-Japanese War, both wars heavily promoted both inside and outside of Russia, by the Jews, in order to help depose the Tsar, whom they hated. Indeed, Mr. Jones is soon deposed by the farm animals agitated into riots by the pigs of the Jewish class.

    In the Battle of the Cowshed (the Russian Civil War), farmer Jones tries unsuccessfully to retake his farm.

    The farmer of the well-kept estate of Pinchfield, Mr. Frederick, represents Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Battle of the Windmill, could be interpreted as either the Battle of Moscow or the Battle of Stalingrad during WWII. Again the animals win, but at great cost.

    To win the Battle of the Windmill, the pigs of the Jewish class whip the other farm animals into a patriotic fever to save the "Farmland", from Mr. Fredrick of the "Fatherland". In the real life defense of the "Motherland", Russian soldiers were sent facing German machine guns, with Russian machine guns to their backs, should they turn around and run.

    Before anyone could stop to think that perhaps Napoleon was far worst than Mr. Frederick, Squealer, the Jewish pig who represents Pravda media-Scribe propaganda, told them stories of Mr. Frederick throwing dogs into a furnace.

    Obviously a reference to the Holocaust stories.

    Naturally, Squealer never mentions the Holodomor performed by the Jewish pig class against the other animals nor the horrors of Katyn Forest.

    Foxwood estates is ran by Mr. Pilkington, who represents all of the British empire, including America. Mr. Pilkington is characterized as relaxed but sneaky.

    The Tehran Conference where pig Napoleon (Stalin) and Mr. Pilkington (i.e. Churchill and Roosevelt) play a card game in the old farmer's farmhouse, that is the royal palace, as old friends, represents the ultimate betrayal of the farm animal's uprising (communist uprising). The Jewish pigs are now treating the other farmer animals as Mr. Jones had once treated them. (Actually, FDR's friendliness with "Uncle Joe" represents the betrayal of America's ideals.) Yet, the card game turns ugly when one accuses the other of cheating and they begin fighting. This fighting between Mr. Pilkington and the pig farmer Napoleon, represents the start of the Cold War.

    Napoleon (Stalin) drives off Snowball (Trotsky) and consolidates power using the Jewish media-Scribe pig Squealer.

    Squealer, representing the Jewish media-Scribe propaganda of Pravda, manipulates the language to excuse, justify, and extol all of Napoleon's actions. He represents all the propaganda Stalin used to justify his own terrible acts. Squealer limits debate by complicating it and he confuses and disorients, making claims that the pigs need the extra luxury they are taking in order to function properly, for example.

    However, when questions persist, he usually uses the threat of the return of Mr Jones, the former owner of the farm, to justify the pigs' privileges.

    Squealer uses statistics to convince the animals that life is getting better and better. Most of the animals have only dim memories of life before the revolution; therefore, they are convinced.

    The Christian Masses

    Boxer, the workhorse, represents the Christian working class (proletariat).

    Loyal, kind, dedicated, respectful and hard-working, Boxer is also naive and slow.

    The Jewish class of pigs knows that this working class horse is physically the strongest animal on the farm, so the pigs are always sure to praise him in public, least Boxer come to realize his strength and kick out the pigs.

    Sure enough, eventually this middle class workhorse Boxer gets sick and Napoleon takes advantage of the situation to quietly send Boxer to the glue factory.

    Boxer (the working class) is killed through his ignorance and blind trust towards his Jewish pig leaders, which leads to his death and their profit.

    Now, there is no more working class.

    Leaving only the easily manipulated lower classes of Sheep, hens and cows for the Jewish pigs to rule over.

    The Sheep, Hens and Cows

    Below the working class proletariat of Boxer are the masses proletariat of the Sheep. They are easily manipulated with Napoleon's treachery.

    Representing the Kulaks of the Ukraine, nearly wiped out by the Holodomor, are the Hens. Hens are known to hide their eggs instead of handing them all over to the higher powers. The real Kulaks were known to kill their livestock and sabotage machinery instead of allowing themselves to be collectivized by the Jewish pigs.

    The Cows are another proletariat whose mild production is greedily stolen by the Jewish pigs and not shared equally.

    The Jewish Pigs turn into the Farmer

    The Jewish pigs tricked all the other farm animals into rioting against the farmer, using the seductive words of "equality".

    Little by little, the farm animals witness a slow controlled transformation of the Jewish pigs morphing into farmers.

    Any animals who complained disappeared.

    Turned out that the Jewish pigs wanted neither the Christian Bourgeoisie upper class nor the Christian Proletariat middle class to rule.

    The pigs only wanted the Jewish pig class to rule.

    With a failed communism known to enlarge the lower classes, they used their much enlarged, but ignorant, Christian lower class to keep control over the greatly shrunken smaller middle classes and what was left of the upper classes who had not been slaughtered in the Red Terrors or the Great Purge.

    The Jewish pigs turned out to be self-serving manipulators of the innocent, far worst than what Russian Christians ever had before under their own Christian leaders.

    Differences between Orwell and Huxley

    George Orwell also wrote 1984.

    Aldos Huxley wrote Brave New World.

    Hear is a comparison of their ideas about who we should fear the most.

    O: Fear those who ban books
    H: Fear those who would make us no longer want to read a book

    O: Fear those who would deprive us of information
    H: Fear those who would drown us in information overload

    O: Fear those who conceal the truth
    H: Fear those who conceal the truth in a sea of irrelevance

    O: Fear those who would enslave us
    H: Fear those who would be our slave

    O: Fear those who would control by inflicting pain
    H: Fear those who would control by inflicting pleasure

    O: Fear those who hate us, as they would ruin us
    H: Fear those who love us, as they would ruin us

    --- Roughly adapted from Neil Postman's 1986 book Amusing Ourselves to Death, contrasting Orwell's book 1984 with Huxley's book Brave New World.

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