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December 2017 AD

Appoint Roy Moore
as Attorney General

I get it. Democrats (and Jews) want to gain conservative votes by pretending to be all patriotic in attacking the President with fake treason charges.

After years and years of selling America to the highest foreign bidder, "patriotism" seems to be working for them, but I'm sick and tired of conservative Christians tying both hands behind their back in defending themselves from these fake charges, as our very own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, did when he recused himself from the investigations into Trump.

Donald Trump should not be afraid to tell our asleep-at-the-wheel, Disney Dopey character, Jeff Sessions "You're FIRED!"

Then the next step.

Donald Trump should appoint JUDGE ROY MOORE to be our next Attorney General.

In his Senate confirmation hearings, Judge Roy Moore would finally get his constitutional right to meet his accuser -- Gloria Allred -- who refused to present her fradulant yearbook forgery, except to a Senate ethics investigation.

Having cleared his fine name, America would FINALLY have some "FAIR AND BALANCED" government with a man who has the cahones to fight against this cancer infecting Washington.

The entire purpose of a Special Prosecutor is to remove as much bias and as much conflict of interest as possible. To instill confidence that this serious accusation of Russian meddling in our elections is taken away from partisan control by a Republican Department of Justice, or Democrat holdovers from the previous Democrat filled FBI at the highest levels, or Jewish Democrat Deputy Attorney Generals, such as Rod Rosenstein.

How did America get the exact opposite of that basic principle of fairness?

All these roads to perfidy seem to lead back to Jewish Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein; NOW our acting AG.

Which can be fixed with Roy Moore as our real AG.

Rod Rosenstein Corruption

The HUGE scandal we have now discovered is that liberal, Jewish-backed, Hillary henchmen opponents who have not recused themselves from the very frauds they created, from their own collusion with Russians in Uranium One and fallout of their colluding on a fake news Russian Dossier, and using that fraud under Terrorism legislation Section 702 as an excuse for a FAR GREATER THAN WATERGATE level of campaign eavesdropping (excuse me "unmasking") of our own President and his team, using not amateur Watergate burglars, but using our very own governmental intelligence agencies in a BANANA REPUBLIC level of corruption.

So far, this investigation has only shown the bigger-still and proved COLLUSION WITH ISRAEL under Trump's very nose with his Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner sending Michael Flynn out to trade Alaska back to Russia, in exchange for the Russians delaying the vote on UN Resolution 2334 condemning Israel for their ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem, until after Jared's Gentile father-in-law was in office and could veto the resolution for our puppet master Israel.  

After all, his Jewish grandchildren may need a place they can call home one day.

In this Israeli Collusion, both Democrats and Republicans agree - 90-0 in one vote in the Senate praising Israel.
If FBI agent Peter Strzok thought of himself as a self-appointed Superman in the investigation, who was going to take justice in his own hands, as his adulterous affair with his lover, fellow FBI lawyer Lisa Page indicates in their emails, using the secret weapon we now know is a Hillary paid-for fake Russian dossier, then he is trained to know he should have recused himself from the investigation, and FBI lawyer Lisa Page also had a duty not to work on the investigation and further in fact, to turn in her lover Peter Strzok.

For Peter Strzok's failure to recuse himself from either Peter Strzok's WHITEWASHING of Hillary's CRIMES, or from Peter Strzok's BLACKWASHING of Trump's INNOCENCE; for tainting a federal investigation of our very President; for obstruction of justice; both Peter Strzok and Lisa Page should not just be fired from their jobs, but thrown into the Leavenworth federal prison.

Personally, I would have them both lined up against a wall in front of a firing squad, but I know I can't expect perfect justice.

Now what does that say about Jewish Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who knew this for 6 months now,  saw that FBI agent Peter Strzok was reassigned away from the investigation, with no transparency to the American voter of how tainted Peter Strzok had been to his investigation, for knowing that Peter Strzok had an obligation to recuse himself to work on the investigation - and said nothing?  

Yes, yes, yes, government workplace rules say an employee cannot be fired for "political reasons", but even if they are the ones who are hyper political?  

Jewish Rosenstein should have seen to it that Peter Strzok had have no further FBI responsibility in the department until the matter was completely investigated, but no, Rosenstein knew Strzok was reassigned to HR and said nothing.

What does that say about Jew Rosenstein's sense of justice?

What does that say about Jew Rosenstein's bias?

What does that say about Jew Rosenstein overseeing a special investigator who refused to first investigate his own staff?

What does that say about a special prosecutor who only when confronted with the facts, did not even slap the criminal Peter Strzok on the wrist, but merely reassigned him to Human Resources to do who knows what -- bleach-bit clean the FBI's records?

And finally, what does that tell us when, after hiding these facts from the American voter only to be exposed 6 months later, Jew Rod Rosenstein still tells Congress he has personally done a superb job overseeing a superb special investigator?

At the top of this dung heap was the chief dung beetle, Rod Rosenstein.

Rod Rosenstein should not just be fired, but he should also be in jail with Peter Strzok and Lisa Bloom.

Jewish Rod Rosenstein saw no reason to recuse himself from any investigation, like his Christian boss had done.

Naw, Jews cannot be biased. They are the very definition of fair and balanced. (sarcasm here OK) 

In the spirit of the season, I say "Bah Humbug!!!!!"  

Rod Rosenstein was not about to recuse himself from anything.

He came to the Hill and testified this week to Congress about all this. He did not testify that he had any biases, nor did he acknowledge the Robert Mueller team to be totally compromised, but instead testified that Mueller was doing a superb job.

Rosenstein repeatably refused to dissolve the investigation; instead, Jew Rod Rosenstein doubled down and lied and lied and lied.

FULL: Rosenstein, Intel Chiefs Testify at Senate Hearing on President Trump and Russia Investigation

0:00 House Chairman Goodlatte begins by relating:

0:40 Rosenstein has special relationship in appointing Robert Mueller and SUPERVISING him.
1:00 Bias on Mueller's team is troublesome
1:30 Extreme bias of FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page, employed as member's of Mueller's "Dream Team". High ranking officials in the Clinton investigation were now on the Trump investigation.
2:30 Former FBI general counselor and current Mueller investigator Andrew Weismann was in "AWE" of a former DOJ official for shunning the President and in failing to faithfully execute the law. We are in AWE that Weismann remains on the Mueller team.
3:00 DOJ Prosecutor Jeannie Rhea served as an attorney for the Clinton Foundation, showing a conflict of interest and impropriety. A former Clinton employee is now investigating her opponent Trump.
3:30 Bruce Ohrs has been reassigned after discovering that him and his wife was associated with the very own infamous Russian Dossier being investigated under Fusion GPS.
4:00 Rosenstein has failed to appoint a special prosecutor for the Clinton email scandal which continues to surface, and other events surrounding the 2016 election.

7:00 House Member Jerrold Nadler from New York wanting an (unrelated) investigation into allegations against Trump for sexual harassment (and goes downhill from there.)

14:30 Trump is wasting our time trying to discredit the "totally honest" free press and dishonor the "integrity" of the Department of Justice. Time which could be spent  (for liberal causes), such as:
- Finding a solution for the Dreamers (ie illegal aliens)
- Curbing a vicious spike in hate crimes (ie not Muslim extremists though)
- Preventing dangerous individuals from purchasing fire arms (i.e. conservative Christians?)
- Stopping the President from further damaging the Constitutional order (not that illegal alien invaders, Muslim extremists or violating the 2nd Amendment doesn't do that)
15:15 Rod Rosenstein: takes the oath of office

20:00 Rosenstein: says his department's job is justice

21:15 Goodlatte: says DOJ protocols were not followed in the Clinton investigation email server, so would the investigation be reopened by Rosenstein.

21:45 Rosenstein: IG investigation needed to be completed for an investigation to be reopened. (so no)

22:15 Rosenstein: wrote memo to fire FBI Director Comey indicating wrongs. Would he open an investigation into Comey?

22:40 Rosenstein: IG also looking into this. (so no)

23:15 Goodlatte: House oversight important to protect the privacy of American citizens.  Section 207 allows for eavesdropping of non-US citizens outside the US, but not of US citizens inside the US. For incidental US citizens, can you start an investigation without a search warrant?

25:30 Rosenstein: Critical for national security (so yah), FBI can put 2 and 2 together to investigate as they please.

31:00 Nalder: IG gave email messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to Special Prosecutor Mueller, who reassigned Strzok. Did Mr. Mueller take appropriate action in this case?

31:30 Rosenstein: Yes he did. (actually, no he did not. Strzok should have been fired and cited with criminal obstruction of justice)(

31:38 Nadler: You (Rod) said you would only fire Mr. Muller for good cause. Do you see any good cause to fire Mr. Muller?

31:50 Rosenstein: No

31:50 Nadler: Would you fire Mueller if told to do so?

32:00 Rosenstein: No

34:30 Tx Rep Smith: Concerned about Mueller's investigation (Stalin's Find me a man and I will find a crime), does Mueller need Rosenstein's permission to expand the investigation beyond a Russian collusion?

35:00 Rosenstein: Yes he does.

35:00 Smith: Has he made such a request?

35:05 Rosenstein: (Did not answer)

35:50 Smith: Asks again

35:50 Rosenstein: Again, does not answer, but there are "clarifications" that have been made.

36:40 Smith: Do the American citizens have a right to know if the investigation has been expanded. Do you agree?

36:52 Rosenstein: Sorry, on-going investigation, cannot answer.

37:00 Smith: Any expansion?

37:00 Rosenstein: I need to investigation the difference between the words expansion and clarification, but I'll get back to you.

37:35 Smith: OK, you're off the hook, I'll let you go back to law school to figure out the meaning of what is is.

37:40 Smith: Can you investigate Trump finances?

37:45 Rosenstein: Can't talk about investigation,.

38:30 Smith: Have the crimes which have been leveled been crimes not associated with the investigation? (I can answer that, NO!!!!)

38:35 Rosenstein: Don't ask me, go watch the news.

38:55 Smith: Can Mueller investigate personal relations of staff unrelated to the investigation into Russia?
39:00 Rosenstein: Only with my approval

39:30 Smith: Has an appearance of impropriety been created by allowing Clinton thugs to run the Mueller investigation?

40:00 Rosenstein: No improprieties at all. Not even the appearance of impropriety.

41:10 Lofgen: Do you hire by the merit system under the Civil laws?

41:45 Rosenstein: Yes they were

41:50 Lofgen: You would not hire or fire based on politics would you? You would not be discriminating based on political affiliation would you?

42:50 Rosenstein: Naw, we would not do such a thing. Just so happens that everyone of my political persuasion is eminently qualified and everyone against me is totally unqualified.

46:30 Chabot: Beyond me why the others were not removed for impropriety. These unbiased members were

- 9 of 16 members of Mueller's team made political contributions.
1) Greg Anders: $1000 to the Democrat running to take Obama's Senate seat; $2600 to Gillibrand who led the women Senators demanding President Trump resign; $0 to any Republicans
2) Russ Adkinson:  Contributed to Clinton campaign, none to Republicans
3) Kelly Freemy: Contributed to both Obama campaigns and to Hillary's campaign; none to Republicans
4) Andrew Goldstone: $3300 to both Obama campaigns, and to Hillary; none to Republican
5) Elizabeth Frelogger - Clerked for liberal justices Ginsberg and Kagen; contributed to Obama and Clinton campaigns; none to Trump
6) James Karel - $20000 to Dukasis, Kerry, Obama, Gore, Hillary and other Democrats; to Chafes and Senator Alan, but none to Trump
7) Jamie Reed: Represented Hillary and the Clinton Foundation in several lawsuits. $16000 to Democrats, $5400 to Clinton campaign; none to Trump
8) Brandon Vangraph: Contributed to ACT BLUE to elect Democrats; contributed to Obama; none to Trump
9) Andrew Weismann:  $2000 to DNC; $2300 to Obama; $2300 to Clinton; none to Trump  -- ALSO, praised the holdover acting Attorney General Susan Yates for defying President Trump on the travel ban (The Supreme Court said Trump was right, but the top lawyer in the country did not already know this???  How is that "faithfully executing" her oath of office ?)

49:30 Chabot: Given all this, how can you with a straight face say that this gang of biased Democrat partisans are unbiased and can give President Trump a fair investigation?

49:40 Rosenstein: No bias that I can see. Just political views

52:00 Socialist Demagogue Jackson Lee: "Shocked and baffled" by Right Wing media for their contempt of the fine leadership of the DOJ and the FBI. (Meanwhile, Socialist Demagogue shocks and baffles us in her mixing of the despicable evils of Jewish-inspired Communist Russian (shooting down KAL007, building the Berlin Wall)  against the appropriate actions of a free Christian Russia ("annexing" their own naval base at Crimea as Jews have done in Jerusalem; propping up Christian defender Assad against Muslim ISIS fanatics, killing journalists (OK, I may have to agree with her on this if really forced to it.))

53: 45 Lee: Are you in the business of helping secure the election of 2018 and helping the states have secure elections.

53:55 Rosenstein: Yes

55:00 Lee: Are you going to expand the Russian collusion investigation into Trump grabbing P*ssys?

55:50 Rosenstein: Hahaha - Not our concern

58:10 Issa: Do you have to identify yourself at the FBI?

58:30 Rosenstein: Not a bad idea to know who the witnesses are?

59:00 Issa: For Peter Strzok, if not impropriety, then what was it?

59:15 Rosenstein: Well, he was taken off the investigation. IG looking into this

59:20 Issa: IG Michael Horowitz says he has no authority to look at lawyer impropriety.  That is the OPR authority, truth?

1:00 Rosenstein: True, but can look at misconduct by lawyers.

1:00:50 Issa: The entire purpose of a Special Investigation is so there can be no accusations of conflict of interest in DOJ or accusations of political bias at the FBI.  Fair to say?

1:01:40 Rosenstein: Yes, on either side

1:02:00 Issa: Should we wanting someone to look into the truth about the DOJ and the FBI as well?

1:03:30 Rosenstein: Yah sure, if we believed Democrats would do wrong, we would act. And since Democrats cannot do wrong, we are not acting.

1:03:40 Issa: But since there has been found to be improprieties enough to warrant dismissal of Strzok for wrong doing, and other problems, and an ongoing investigation by the IG, the elements to need the truth with a special prosecutor is met.

1:04:10: Cohen: rant, rant, rant, blind as a partisan bat

1:09:00 King: How many people in the room to investigate Hillary. Who selected that team?

1:09:30  Rosenstein:  I don't know.

1:10:10 King : Would there be records made of that. Video tape, audio tape?

1:10:10 Rosenstein: Summaries is all. I know nothing.

1:11:30 King: April/May 2016 Peter Strzok interview Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills   May 2, Comey emails FBI officials, including Peter Strzok, a draft statement a couple of months ahead of his recommendation not to prosecute Hillary Clinton (draft has criminal violations). Strzok changed the memo from Gross Negligence to Extreme Carelessness. July 24th, FBI interviews Micheal Flynn by Peter Strzok. Mid summer, Strzok taken off Trump case. What about the lack of the fruit of the poisonous tree. Reads emails from Strzok. Does this

1:14:00 Rosenstein: Waiting for the IG report

1:23:40 Gohmert: Are you good friends with Bruce Ohr, who was demoted, whose wife was employed by Fusion GPS employed by Hillary Clinton to produce a Russian colluded Russian Dossier.   

1:15:00 Rosenstein: Some more than others.

1:22:30 Gohmert: Were you aware of how biased Strzok was ?

1:26:00 Rosenstein: No, I was not aware.

1:26:20 Gohmert: Does the FBI use material prepared by partisans

1:26:30 Rosenstein: Looking into it. Not that I know of.

1:27:00 Gohmert: Character slandered by Cohn, wanted noted that he was against Mueller from the start

1:28:00 Bass: Black Congresswoman worried about Black Identity Extremism.

1:33:00 Jordan: Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele for the Dossier and use the fraud to investigate. (Love this guy)  Intent is displayed in Strzok email. Are you concerned that one campaign came after the other campaign. What is it going to take to get a 2nd special counsel.   

1:39:00 Rosenstein:  Waiting for IQ

1:40:00 Poe: After Snowden, why is the NSA still giving out info by unmasking, committing a felony.  Has anyone been indicted under PRISM or under the unmasking?

1:49:30 Rosenstein: no one

1:49:50 Poe: FISA courts give out search warrants. Deadline on re-authorizing 702. Poe thinks unconstitutional.

1:53:00 Rosenstein: Did not answer

1:53:30 Gutierrez:  Sex abuse. Franken resigned, so why not Trump?

1:58:00 Rosenstein: Submit evidence and we will investigate

2:04:00 Deutch: Putin prefers Trump. Is that right?

2:05:00 Rosenstein: Yes

2:05:00 Deutch: rant, rant, rant

2:10:00 Gowdy: Love this guy. What can I tell my constituents about a fair and just investigation is being done?

2:15:30 Rosenstein: We'll do our job.

2:18:00 Cicilline:  What the Heck???

2:23:30 Labrador: Previous AG said he was the President's wing man. to be loyal, as long as everything is legal. Reason for the special investigation. Spy agencies said that "the Russians were trying to interfere with the elections by undermining American public faith in the democratic process. Is that true?

2:25:00 Rosenstein: Yes that's true.

2:25:00 Labrador: I believe there is no one more responsible for the undermining belief of the American Democrat process than the Democrats and the press in some cases. They move from case to unproven case to unproven case.

2:27:00 Labrador: Was there collusion between Global GPS and anyone in this investigation?

2:27:20 Rosenstein: I don't know. 

2:28:00 Labrador: So there could be an investigation where the DOJ and members of the DOJ actually colluded with the enemy of an enemy political party and enemy political campaign candidate to undermine the elections of the United States.

2:28:05 Rosenstein: If there's any evidence that warrants that we'll do what's appropriate (but don't count on it)

2:28:30 Labrador: Would this be the greatest crime in America?

2:28:40 Rosenstein: Sure.

2:32:30 Swalwell: Is there good cause to fire Bob Mueller as we sit here today?

2:32:40 Rosenstein: No.

2:32:50 Swalwell: Blah, Blah, Blah

2:34:30 Farenthold: 24/7 investigation, no results, but plenty of crimes themselves. Let's beat another dead horse. USA Liberty Act. Why is it such a problem with getting warrants?

2:37:00 Rosenstein: You should see the great job we do.

2:38:30 Farenhold: What are you doing for Cyber security.

2:38: 40 Rosenstein: We're working on it.

2:39:00 Lieu: Current FBI Director has contributed 39 thousand dollars to Republicans, and others. So Republicans are hypocrites, right?

2:39:30 Rosenstein: OK

2:44:00 DeSantis: Sally Yates wrongly stood up to President Trumps, right?

2:44:10 Rosenstein: I disagreed with her decision.

2:46:00 DeSantis: Who started this Russian investigation into Trump?
2:46:30 Rosenstein: I don't know. We'll look into it.

2:49:00 DeSantis: Can American voters have confidence if they see the FBI "smelling Trump supporters at Walmart" and not allowing them vote in the president of their choice?

2:49:40 Rosenstein: We are the good guys.

2:50:30 Raskin: Blah, Blah, Blah  Thinks President is being paid by foreigners.

2:55:30 Ratcliffe: Why does Mueller get credit to put Strzok away when he appointed him in the first place. We cannot loose trust in the FBI or we loose our Republic.

3:00:00 Jayapal: FBI leaks during Hillary's campaign were done by Republican insiders, but outside Republicans were loving it.  She believes Republicans are hacks.   (Except she forgot to add, that Hillary is a crook who was getting away with injustice and Trump is not guilty and is being attacked)  (She also forgot to add that the anti-Hillary bias quotes she gave were by outsider amateurs, not by FBI professional members investigating Hillary)   (She is concerned with attacks on Mueller's credibility, but not on the credibility of the President -- she would have been the first to have pit dog attacked as racist, anyone who questioned President Obama)

3:05:00 Jayapal: Do you believe that the FBI is political?  (What?  After just saying that the FBI is Republican????)

3:09:00 Collins: When did you find out about Strzok?

Rosenstein: I knew about Strzok on July 27th  (Meaning he hid this from us)

3:10:00 Collins: Why do you put someone in HR?  Did he possess a security clearance and was it revoked?
3:10:50 Rosenstein: Yes he had a clearance and No it was not revoked. My hands are tied by government rules because we would not want to fire someone "for political reasons", lol

3:12:50 Collins: Why put into HR?  Why not totally sidelined until an internal investigation has cleared him of wrongdoing?  Has he been polygraphed?

3:13:00 Rosenstein: There is a report coming.

Stacking the deck with anti-Trump staffers is proving to be a really bad idea

Special prosecutors, investigators, and counsels are usually a bad idea. They are admissions that constitutionally mandated institutions don’t work — and can be rescued only by supposed superhuman moralists, who are without the innate biases inherent in human nature.

The record from Lawrence Walsh to Ken Starr to Patrick Fitzgerald suggests otherwise. Originally narrow mandates inevitably expand — on the cynical theory that everyone has something embarrassing to hide. Promised “short” timelines and limited budgets are quickly forgotten. Prosecutors search for ever new crimes to justify the expense and public expectations of the special-counsel appointment.

Soon the investigators need to be investigated for their own conflicts of interest, as if we need special-special or really, really special prosecutors.

Special investigations often quickly turn Soviet, in the sense of “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has led what seems to be an exemplary life of public service. No doubt he believes that as a disinterested investigator he can get to the bottom of the once contentious charge of “Russian collusion” in the 2016 election. But can he?

A Mandate Gone Wild

Something has gone terribly wrong with the Mueller investigation.

The investigation is venturing well beyond the original mandate of rooting out evidence of Russian collusion. Indeed, the word “collusion” is now rarely invoked at all. It has given way to its successor, “obstruction.” The latter likely will soon beget yet another catchphrase to justify the next iteration of the investigations.

There seems far less special investigatory concern with the far more likely Russian collusion in the matters of the origins and dissemination of the Fusion GPS/Steele dossier, and its possible role in the Obama-administration gambit of improper or illegal surveilling, unmasking, and leaking of the names of American citizens.

Leaks from the Mueller investigation so far abound. They have seemed calibrated to create a public consensus that particular individuals are currently under investigation, likely to be indicted — or indeed likely guilty.

These public worries are not groundless. They are deeply rooted in the nature and liberal composition of the Mueller investigative team — whose left-leaning appointments just months ago had understandably made the liberal media giddy with anticipation from the outset.

Wired, for instance, published this headline on June 14: “Robert Mueller Chooses His Investigatory Dream Team.”

Vox, on August 22, wrote: “Meet the all-star legal team who may take down Trump.”

The Daily Beast, two day later, chimed in: “Inside Robert Mueller’s Army.”

Whose ‘Army,’ Whose ‘Dream Team,’ and Whose ‘All-Stars’?

Special Counsel Mueller was himself appointed in rather strange circumstances. Former FBI director James Comey (now reduced to ankle-biting the president on Twitter with Wikipedia-like quotes) stated under oath that he had deliberately leaked his own confidential notes about conversations with President Trump, hoping to prompt appointment of a special investigator to investigate a president — whom he said, also under oath, that he was not investigating.

Comey’s ploy worked all too well.

Department of Justice officials, now in the Trump Justice Department but who once served in Barack Obama’s administration, selected Comey’s close friend and long associate Robert Mueller as investigator. From that germination, an innate conflict of interest was born — given that Mueller’s appointment assumed that Comey himself would not come under his own investigation, a supposition that may be increasingly untenable.

Okay but one such conflict of interest swallow does not make a discredited spring.

But then there was the weird position of Comey subordinate and deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe. He ran the Washington, D.C., office that was involved in the Clinton email investigations.

For some strange reason, McCabe did not recuse himself from the email investigation until one week before the presidential election, even though just months earlier his wife, Jill McCabe, had announced her Democratic campaign for a state senate seat in Virginia — and had received a huge donation of more than $675,000 from the political organizations of Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton supporter and intimate. Like it or not, the behavior of the FBI during the Clinton email investigations also extends to the Russian-collusion probe, especially as it pertains to the Clinton-funded Fusion GPS/Steele dossier.

Okay — Washington is an incestuous place, and such conflicts of interest may be unavoidable. Perhaps McCabe himself was not really so directly involved in the FBI investigations of Clinton, and perhaps he had not even talked about the current Mueller investigations.

But then it was announced that at least six of Mueller’s staff of 15 lawyers, who previously had donated (in some cases quite generously) to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns, were now investigating her arch foe Donald Trump.

Okay — no doubt, such apparent conflicts of interests are not what they seem (given the overwhelming preponderance of liberal lawyers in general and in particular in Washington). After all, no one should be disqualified from government service for his or her political beliefs.

But then we came to the inexplicable case of Peter Strzok, an FBI investigator assigned to the Mueller investigation of Russian collusion. Strzok and Lisa Page, a consulting FBI lawyer (part of Mueller’s once-ballyhooed “dream team”), were for some reason relieved from the investigation of Trump in late summer 2017. Mueller’s office refused to explain the departure of either, other than to let the media assume that the departures were both unrelated and due to normal revolving or transient appointments.

Okay — even dream-teamers and all-stars occasionally move on, and the less said, the better.

But then we learn that the two, while part of Mueller’s investigation of Trump, were having an extramarital affair, and exchanging some 10,000 texts, of which at least some were adamantly anti-Trump and pro-Clinton.

One wonders, Why did that information, now confirmed, come out through leaks rather than through official Mueller communiqués?

In other words, if there is nothing now deemed improper about the two Trump investigators’ amorous political expressions or in the anti-Trump nature of their exchanges, why was there apparently such a reluctance in August and September to avoid full disclosure concerning their abrupt departures?

Okay — perhaps indiscreet electronic communications and affairs in the workplace are no big deal in Washington.

But then Strzok apparently was also responsible for changing the wording of the official FBI report on the Clinton email affair. He crossed out the original finding of “grossly negligent,” which is legalese that under the statute constitutes a crime, and replaced it with “extremely careless,” which does not warrant prosecution.

Okay — perhaps we can shrug and suggest that Strzok surely did not have the final say in such verbal gymnastics. Or perhaps his anti-Trump, pro-Clinton sentiments were not germane to his mere copy editing or his reliance on a thesaurus.

But then we learned that Andrew Weissmann, who is another veteran prosecutor assigned to Mueller’s legal team, praised Sally Yates, an Obama-administration holdover at the Trump Department of Justice, for breaking her oath of office and refusing to carry out President Trump’s immigration order (Yates was summarily fired). “I am so proud,” he emailed Yates, on the day she publicly defied the president. “And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.”

Okay — it certainly does not look good that a disinterested government attorney investigating the president was so indiscreet as to write his admiration to a fellow Obama holdover who was fighting with Trump. But to give the anti-Trump attorneys the benefit of the doubt, perhaps Weissmann was merely reacting to Yates’s panache rather than to her shared political views?

But then again, we learned that another attorney on the Mueller staff, Jeannie Rhee, was at one time the personal attorney of Ben Rhodes, the Obama deputy national-security adviser who is often mentioned as instrumental in making last-minute Obama-administrative-state appointments to thwart the incoming Trump administration.

Rhee also provided legal counsel to the Clinton Foundation and was a generous donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Rhee seemingly could not be a disinterested investigator of Trump, given that she has had financial interests with those, past and present, who are fiercely opposed to the current likely target of her investigations.

Okay — but perhaps in Washington’s upside-down world, lawyers are mere hired guns who have no real political loyalties and they investigate, without bias, those whose politics they detest. Why should they feel a need to be shy about their political agendas?

But then again, most recently, it was disclosed that a senior Justice Department official, Bruce G. Ohr, connected with various ongoing investigations under the aegis of the Justice Department, was partially reassigned for his contact with the opposition-research firm responsible for the Clinton-funded, anti-Trump “dossier” — which in theory could be one catalyst for the original FBI investigation of “collusion” and thus additionally might be the reason cited to request FISA orders to surveil Trump associates during the 2016 campaign. And note that it was also never disclosed that Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, whose expertise was Russian politics and history, actually worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign, when the opposition research firm’s discredited anti-Trump dossier alleging Russian collusion was leaked shortly before Election Day 2016.

Okay — perhaps Ohr, as part of his job, was merely learning about aspects of the dossier from one of its owners, for future reference.

But then again, we learned of the strange career odyssey of yet another person on Mueller’s legal team, Aaron Zebley (supposedly known in the past as Mueller’s “right-hand hand”). He once served as Mueller’s chief of staff while employed at the FBI and was also assigned to both the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division and the National Security Division at the Department of Justice. In addition, Zebley served as an assistant U.S. attorney in the National Security and Terrorism Unit in Virginia. Yet Zebley, as late as 2015, represented one Justin Cooper. The latter was the IT staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s likely illegal and unsecure server at her home, and who purportedly smashed Clinton’s various BlackBerries with a hammer in fear they would be subpoenaed. Zebley had come into contact once earlier with congressional investigators, when he was legal counsel for Cooper — and yet Zebley now is on Mueller’s team investigating Donald Trump.

What’s Next?

By now there are simply too many coincidental conflicts of interest and too much improper investigatory behavior to continue to give the Mueller investigation the benefit of doubt. Each is a light straw; together, they now have broken the back of the probe’s reputation.

In inexplicable fashion, Mueller seems to have made almost no effort to select attorneys from outside Washington, from diverse private law firms across the country, who were without personal involvement with the Clinton machine, and who were politically astute or disinterested enough to keep their politics to themselves.

Indeed, the special-counsel investigation has developed an eerie resemblance to the spate of sexual-harassment cases, in which the accused sluff off initial charges as irrelevant, unproven, or politically motivated, only to be confronted with more fresh allegations that insidiously point to a pattern of repeated behavior.

What then is going on here?

No one knows. We should assume that there will be almost daily new disclosures of the Mueller investigation’s conflicts of interest that were heretofore deliberately suppressed.

Yet Donald Trump at this point would be unhinged if he were to fire Special Counsel Mueller — given that the investigators seem intent on digging their own graves through conflicts of interest, partisan politicking, leaking, improper amorous liaisons, indiscreet communications, and stonewalling the release of congressionally requested information.

Indeed, the only remaining trajectory by which Mueller and his investigators can escape with their reputations intact is to dismiss those staff attorneys who have exhibited clear anti-Trump political sympathies, reboot the investigation, and then focus on what now seems the most likely criminal conduct: Russian and Clinton-campaign collusion in the creation of the anti-Trump Fusion GPS dossier and later possible U.S. government participation in the dissemination of it.

If such a fraudulent document was used to gain court approval to surveil Trump associates, and under such cover to unmask and leak names of private U.S. citizens — at first to warp a U.S. election, and then later to thwart the work of an incoming elected administration — then Mueller will be tasked with getting to the bottom of one of the greatest political scandals in recent U.S. history.

Indeed, his legacy may not be that he welcomed in known pro-Clinton, anti-Trump attorneys to investigate the Trump 2016 campaign where there was little likelihood of criminality, but that he ignored the most egregious case of government wrongdoing in the last half-century.

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