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June 2014 AD

Alan Mually

Our Next

President of the United States

Exactly one year before the last election,
November 2011,

we strongly urged this country to
elect Alan Mulally
for our next
President of the United States. 

Obviously, that vital post never went viral
and we got 
Barrack Obama 
Alan Mulallay

For the Presidential election of 2016, we have another chance to do the right thing.

Two and a half years before the next Presidential election, you have another opportunity to make this article viral, so that every American, Democrat or Republican, will be competing to name him as their own party's candidate.

Every single one of your family, friends and co-workers need to know of this man who is profoundly perfect to be our next President -- with the supreme qualities of...
  •  Outside of Washington politics
  •  Successful in getting Americans back to work
  •  A moral Christian family man
  •  Incorruptible to special interests

Alan Mulally just announced his resignation from Ford Motor, having turned Ford around and hed it survive the 2008 crash, as he had already turned Boeing Commercial  around, stemming from competition from the new boys on the block -- Europe's Aerobus years earlier.

Alan Mulally has the time now to campaign from President and we should all encourage him to do so.


Mulally was named recently by Fortune magazine
as the world's third greatest leader,
behind Pope Francis and
the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Mark Fields, the man who will slide into Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally's driving seat

Slash the workforce in half and get better results?  --- Can you imagine that in Washington?

Sold off foreign concerns and just focus on fixing America?  Surely not like our Presidents would support for every other country but our own country!

Turned a dinosaur around from losing $30 billion to making $42 billion?  -- Would be nice to see a positive balance of trade for once in this country, other than having a President who says "It's not such a bad thing?"

Had Ford make cars again?  How about letting Mulally in "the CEO of America" spot to help America make things again?

Ended internal fiefdoms?  -- Hence, this guy would end Obama's fiefdom and return America to the people!

One Ford?  -- translated as Prez to "One America" again

Alan Mulally Years at Ford

When since Ronald Reagan has our President left office with...
  •  His dignity intact?  
  •  His reputation intact?
  •  A better place left behind than he found it
  •  Accomplished with morals, ethics, and caring for others?

Alan Mulally's resignation from Ford comes largely on his own terms,
and he can walk away with confidence.

He not only leaves the company in a better place than he found it,
he leaves with his reputation intact.

In another contrast with your average tech CEO,
Mulally's reputation is not just that of a driven, successful individual,
but that of a genuinely nice guy.

Having interviewed and spoken with the man on multiple occasions,
I can confirm that reputation is well-deserved.

-- Alan Mulally:
-- The CEO who mortgaged Ford's legacy for tech's sake


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