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November 7, 2011 AD

Alan Mulally for President!

UPDATE 1 May 2014: 

Alan Mually 

Our Next 

President of the United States

We have real American rags-to-riches heros right in front of our noses, but we totally ignore them when we are in dire need of a national leader.


Capitalist Hero Steven Jobs - American profiter

Capitalist Hero Steve Jobs created highly profitable products that changed the world and his Apple Computer company was "rewarded" by having to pay its "fair share" of federal taxes on its "evil" profits.

Capitalist Hero Alan Mulally - American profiter

Capitalist Hero Alan Mulally made first Boeing and then Ford profitable again so they could both be "rewarded" by being forced to pay their "fair share" of federal taxes on their "evil" profits.

(A double "evil" in the minds of liberals because Boeing and Ford both run on hydrocarbons!)

Communist Commissar Villain Barrack Obama - Killer of American profiters

Taking these Apple, Boeing, and Ford taxes, and without even a thank you, Communist Commissar Villain Obama used those taxes to "loan" $535 million dollars to his political buddies who started "green" but truly evil Solyndra and $737 million dollars to "green" but even more evil SolarReserve.

Take from the productive and give to the unproductive. Where have we seen that before?

Capitalist Hero Steven Jobs - Fiercely Independent

Capitalist Hero Steven Jobs NEVER asked for government loans to design, build and operate Apple.

Capitalist Hero Alan Mulally - Fiercely Independent

Capitalist Hero Alan Mulally did ask for government loans during the Great Recession, but he repaid them. The important difference here is that he came into Ford AFTER the damage was created to clean up the damage, and even more important, he did not have Ford declare bankruptcy and dump their huge, bloated, AND UNFAIR pension load of the already over-paid UAW union members, onto the backs of the American under-paid, non-union taxpayer whose only "company pension" is mostly Social Security, like GM and Chrysler did.

(But then Democrats have to get re-elected and bailing out the union "masses" and the Jewish banks are the best way to do that!)

Communist Commissar Villain Barrack Obama - Welfare Dependant

Solyndra and SolarReserve are corporate welfare queens surviving only on handouts from Uncle ObamaSam.

Capitalist Hero Steven Jobs - personal accountability

Capitalist Steve Jobs took full responsibility for all the products Apple made by accepting a salary of $1.

Capitalist Hero Alan Mulally - personal accountability

Capitalist Alan Mulally also took full responsibility for Ford products when asking for a government loan by only taking a salary of 1$.

Can't be accused of corruption if you only work for a dollar, can you?

(Heh Mulally! Let me help you out. Even if you take a vow of poverty, as Catholic priests do, a way will still be found by the Jewish media-Scribes to slander every one who took the vow of poverty.)

Heck, Mulally couldn't even fly into Washington on a corporate jet without the Jewish media-Scribes excoriating him, so on the second trip he drove from Detroit to Washington in a Ford hybrid-electric car.

Green as the Irish.

Hypocrite Commissar Obama still travels everywhere by way of the worlds biggest gas guzzler -- Air Force One.

Communist Commissar Villain Barrack Obama - no personal accountability

Government bureaucrats were not responsible for insuring that Apple iPods and Ford Excursions worked well. But those products did work very well.

Government bureaucrats were however directly responsible to insure Solyndra and SolarReserve did well. But neither has given the American consumer a single product yet to judge them on - Solyndra never will.

As for bankrupt Solyndra, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney blamed rogue "career professionals" at the Department of Energy for giving $535 million of taxpayer money to Solyndra.

Commissar Obama takes no blame for Solyndra, as he takes no blame for anything.

The Obama Commissar administration assures us that there is no "cozy relationship" between the Obama Commissar administration and the green energy industry racket headed by his buddies and contributers. Hypocritical, since last year's Deepwater Horizon oil well disaster was blamed by Commissar Obama on oil companies being too cozy with federal regulators from the Bush era.

Commissar Obama and his not-so-innocent friends even cut themselves in line for the bankruptcy proceeds, being first place in line to receive money -- ahead of even the innocent taxpayers who were defrauded in whole sordid affair.

Obama has extended the “cozy relationship” argument throughout this year, as when often charging Republicans with wanting to "let corporations to write their own rules," but he seems unconcerned over potential conflicts of interest between his administration and his favored green energy industry.

For instance, a major fundraiser for Obama’s campaign, George Kaiser, owned a large financial interest in Solyndra LLC. Energy Secretary Steven Chu gave the company a $535 million loan guarantee – and restructured that loan so that Solyndra would repay private investors before repaying the taxpayer dollars – even though officials had warned that the company appeared financially insecure.

Despite that poor track record, Chu then gave a $737 million loan guarantee to Tonopah Solar of Solar Reserve, another company backed by Kaiser. Moreover, Solar Reserve receives financial support from a company that includes Ronald Pelosi – Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law – among its executives.

-- Joel Gehrke of the Washington Examiner

Capitalist ?Hero? Herman Cain - Presidential Material?

Does running a "lemonade stand" for low-wage,low skilled high school kids at a pizza parlor qualify a man to run the most powerful country on Earth? Shouldn't we have someone who ran a corporation of national security interest, such as Boeing or Ford Motors? Does Godfather's Pizza with no international competition count? You may stop flying on Boeing planes especially with the TSA problems, and you may stop buying Ford Trucks, but should we praise the success of a business that survived the Great Recession, only perhaps because people still have to eat, and pizza is a cheap eat?

Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily believes we need this lemonade stand manager.

Of course, Joseph Farah is a known flip-flopper. He has endorsed an IRS agent (Bachmann), a NWO Globalist (Perry), and now a Federal Reserve chairman (Cain).

But Herman Cain has other problems as well, as stated by a commenter on Farah's web-site

    "In addition to being a local federal reserve chairman, one of the companies he was on was involved in the North American Union secret meetings - riots in Canada (TCS: Cain attended the NACC North American Union representing Whirlpool).

    Another was involved in the Enron mess itself - with Cain helping to rip people off (see retirement fund story from last week) (TCS: Cain as a director of Aquila).

    His national sales tax is unconstitutional, would tax the intenet, increase the power of the federal governent into every retail transaction INSIDE states and at a local level, and is a bad idea all around. (TCS: Cain's website does not call for a Constitutional Amendment to do these things. And by the way, yes, God does only ask for 10%, so Cain asking for 9-9-9 sounds like 9%, but is in fact, 9% (sales tax)+ 9% (income tax)+ 9% (corporate tax) = 27% The sales tax and corporate tax are just the consumer paying 18% - that is, 9% before he buys the companies product and another 9% after he buys, using 9% less of his money that was taken before he decided to buy)

    He is against auditing the federal reserve, against ending the federal reserve. (TCS: Cain was a local Federal Reserve Chairman)

    Was for tarp, for the patriot act, and flip flops on the issues many times - he lies as much as any politician. (TCS: Ron Paul does not!)

    He is bigoted against Muslims, and doesn't judge on an individual basis, and wants to shut down all the mosques in America, apparently having never read the Constitution, (TCS: OK, he has ONE good point for the wrong reason. No American wanted to bring the problem of Islam into America to add to all our other problems and it is indeed Constitutional to keep out any foreigners we want to keep out! The fraud perpetrated by New World Order criminals to bring the Muslim curse into America does not then make Muslims Constitutional. It is settled law that a fraud cannot benefit from its' fraud.)

    And he pulled the race card on Perry last week - who I am really sure didn't deserve it - although I don't like Perry as a candidate either. (TCS: Agreed)

    He had himself "annointed with God's glory" - so he's taking the "annointed one" stuff futher in the literal sense than any candidate actually every has - and literally had himself annointed - for those that believe in To God Be The Glory Alone, it is blaphemeous - check out his introduction video for the Florida saturday speech - Cain had that "anointing" in there. ETC ETC" (TCS: Reserve judgement on this)

    -- Max Kennedy

To top it all off, Cain did not know we were entering a Great Recession one week before it happened and now tells Americans "Don't blame the Big Banks! If you are unemployed and not rich, BLAME YOURSELF!" Or as I have said Cain has washed himself down the Drain

Herman Cain is not presidential material.

Capitalist Hero Alan Mulally - Presidential Material

Alan Mulally is a devout Christian raised in the central Red-State of Kansas.

Don't know if he is a Democrat or a Republican, but this does help to understand why the Jewish media-Scribes are not all over this guy to run for President.

This helps to understnad why media-Scribe Joseph Farah is not promoting this man.

These are the media-Scribe "liabilities" a Mulally candidacy would bring...

Alan Mulally

  • Alan Mulally
    Devout Christian

  • Alan Mulally
    Free-Market Hero

  • Alan Mulally
    Man of moral integrity

  • Alan Mulally
    Washington OUTSIDER

  • Alan Mulally

  • Alan Mulally
    No track record on Israel

  • Alan Mulally
    Could actually turn America around

How about we draft Alan Mulally!

In fact, Alan Mulally would be a great vice-president to a Ron Paul presidency.

And President after that.

Source: Diana Furchtgott-Roth of the Washington Examiner
Steve Jobs didn't get loan guarantees

Source: Joel Gehrke of the Washington Examiner
Obama blames career bureaucrats for Solyndra loan

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